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Video Game: Spyro: A Hero's Tail

The ninth Spyro the Dragon game, released on the PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube and Xbox in 2004.

There's a new dragon in town named Red, and he's not exactly happy with the other dragon elders. He and his army of Gnorcs and other baddies are planting Dark Gems in the Realm—horrible things that radiate dark energy, warping the world around them! It takes a dragon with tough horns—like Spyro—to break them and return the land to its splendor. There's a bunch of kidnapped dragon eggs, too! By now, Spyro's just gotten used to the whole "world-saving" thing—now if only he could figure out what Red's problem is!

This game contains examples of:

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Exposition FairyStop Helping Me!Mega Man X

alternative title(s): Spyro A Heros Tail
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