Film: Escape to Witch Mountain

Escape to Witch Mountain is the Film of the Book of the same name, about siblings Tony and Tia Malone. We are introduced to them as they are admitted to an orphanage/school. They have no memory of where they came from before they were placed in foster care, and try to conceal the fact that they have Psychic Powers. When Tia sees an accident before it happens it draws the attention of a wealthy businessman, Mr. Bolt, who wants to exploit the siblings' powers. They try to remember where they came from, guided by Tia's "star case", a leather box on a strap with a curious double star design on the lid, which she has had as long as she can remember, and which contains a hidden map to a place called Witch Mountain.

Tony and Tia must escape from Mr. Bolt's compound and travel to Witch Mountain in an attempt to find out where they came from. Along the way they enlist the help of an old drifter to conceal them as Mr. Bolt uses his influence to track them down.

Tropes seen in this story and its adaptations include: