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Animated Credits Opening
"[Pom Pom will] spend a 30 million dollar budget, trying as hard as he can to make it look like he only spent a few hundred thousand. The first step is to spend millions on a hand-drawn title sequence that looks like it was made by some Junior High kid during Pre-Algebra."
Strong Bad, Strong Bad e-mail 203, "independent"

A live-action movie or TV show that has an animated Artistic Title sequence with all sorts of wacky hijinx. It may foreshadow the plot, set up the backstory, or just be emblematic of the story's theme.

Very popular in the films and television series of The Sixties, with a nostalgic, Retro revival in The Eighties. Since The Nineties, filmmakers' desire to get to the action as quickly as possible has resulted in this trope largely being discarded in favor of Creative Closing Credits.

A subtrope of Medium Blending. Compare Bait-and-Switch Credits.


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  • Inverting the above-noted trend of CGI features having 2D-animation credits, Justice League uses CGI character models in the opening credits for an otherwise 2D-animation show.

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