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Film: The Hairy Bird

Also known as All I Wanna Do (USA, new title)
Also known as Strike! (original title)

In this film set in 1963, Odette Sinclair is sent by her parents to an all-girls boarding school, Miss Godard's Preparatory School for Girls, after planning to lose her virginity to her boyfriend, Dennis. Odette meets the dynamic young women of the DAR, Daughters of the American Ravioli — Verena, Tinka, Tweety and Momo — and they become friends. The girls get together to eat stolen canned food and share their most secret desires — and then pledge to help one another achieve them, no matter what the cost. One night they find out that the school is going co-ed, joining St. Ambrose Academy, due to lack of funding. Once it's proved that the boys can't be trusted, the girls mount an elaborate scheme to stop the boys’ invasion, hoping that they can save Miss Godard's from becoming "Miss Gonads".

The movie is based loosely on writer/director Sarah Kernochan's experiences at Rosemary Hall around that time.

This movie provides examples of:

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alternative title(s): All I Wanna Do; The Hairy Bird
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