Film / Fantômas
No, that's not the Blue Man Group.

"Humanity. What a wonderful puppet show! How could I get bored of it?"

Fantômas is a French 1960s' film very loosely based on the novels of the same name. It turned the title character (a criminal and anarchist in the books) into a Blofeld-esque supervillain and spawned two sequels, Fantômas Unleashed and Fantômas Against Scotland Yard.

Fantômas (played by Jean Marais and voiced by Raymond Pellegrin) is very angry with Fandor (also played by Jean Marais), a journalist who has written a fictive (and ridiculous) interview of him. After bombing the editorial offices, he kidnaps Fandor, threatens to kill him, but first goes about ruining the journalist's reputation by committing a sensational theft in Fandor's guise. He also kidnaps Fandor's fiancée Hélène (Mylène Demongeot). Hot on the trail is buffoonish police commissioner Juve (Louis de Funès). Fantômas then starts committing robberies with a mask imitating Juve's face to get rid of him.

The Fantômas movies provides examples of: