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Zombie Puke Attack
"Boomer, don't let it puke on you."
Zoey, Left 4 Dead

Somebody's gonna have to clean that up afterwards...

Zombies are slow, both in the literal and metaphorical sense. So, how do you make them distance threats? No, not Deadly Lunge; give them a ranged attack! But rarely you'll expect them to use firearms or similar, because they're often too mindless to use them. Well, stomach juice, being hydrochloric acid, is strong enough to dissolve certain metals, so how about weaponizing their digestive systems?

Note that it doesn't have to be just stomach juice-infected/corrosive blood; parasites, and smaller zombies are also examples, just so long as they choke them out of their stomachs.

This is used mostly, but not exclusively in Video Games.

A Sub-trope of Super Spit, compare Breath Weapon. Involves Vomit Indiscretion Shot. See also: Elite Zombie, which has the "Vomit Zombie" subtype.


Comic Books
  • Red Lanterns can vomit "corrosive plasma." Note that RL's just barely pass on the undead stipulation, they die if they take their rings off.


  • The zombies from Newsflesh will spit blood at you if they can't get close enough.

Live-Action TV
  • The 'zombie' people in Torchwood: Miracle Day were the ill undead thus, many would throw up regularly for effect in hospital scenes.

Music Videos

Tabletop Games

Video Games
  • Bloated Butchers (the fat zombies) from Blood.
  • Defilers from The Zombie Island of Doctor Ned DLC for Borderlands use this most prominently, but most of the setting's zombies can every so often. The only zombie that can't is the Torso.
  • Zombie prince Erik from Breath of Death VII has a technique that lets him puke at enemies to inflict poison. Other zombies can do this as well.
  • Vahzilok zombies, Apocalypse zombies, and Mastermind pet zombies in City of Heroes all have acid vomit attacks.
  • Floaters from Dead Island.
  • Queen Zombies and Gas Zombies from Dead Rising vomit infected blood.
  • Female Slashers and legless Brutes from Dead Space, although it's more akin to an organic grenade.
    • Spitters and Pukers from Dead Space 2. Pukers play this more straight, with the short-ranged jet of acid and all.
  • Wretched Mothers from Diablo III use the "smaller zombie" method of this to act as Mook Makers, as well as the "gob of acid" method to directly attack.
  • In Disgaea, the first special technique that zombies gain is "Zombie Puke", which can also poison the target.
  • Weepers from Dishonored attack by puking on you.
  • In Elsword, Field Boss Bater (a stronger variant of Zombie Glitters) has an attack where he pukes out poisonous gas at you that will hurt continuously.
  • The Putrid Lamassu from Heroes of Might and Magic VI, a zombie sphinx that vomits parasites at opponents.
  • Some zombies from House Of The Dead Overkill puke acid, with Not Using the Z Word explaining this as a genetic mutation in the victims.
  • The blandly but fittingly named "Puker" zombies in Infectonator launch green vomit at humans.
  • Boomers and Spitters from Left 4 Dead. Boomer's puke blinds the player and attracts a horde of zombies if it hits, and they release a blast of it when they die. Spitter's puke is acidic, damaging players who stand in the puddle it creates and igniting gas cans during Scavenge missions.
  • One fan-made scenario in LittleBigPlanet 2 is a Left 4 Dead clone, which has a zombie that "can puke on you and the puke will summon a horde of zombies that will attack you. He can also swipe at you. If you shoot him, he will explode and his bodily fluids will coat you and also summon a horde of zombies, so shoot him from a distance."
  • The end boss in Lollipop Chainsaw chokes up vanilla zombies.
  • Walking Dead in Loren: The Amazon Princess have an ability called "Plague Vomit", which strikes the entire First row for minor (1-3) damage, but inflicts Poison status. They also have the ability Stinking Spit, which is largely the same.
  • In Mass Effect 1, the Thorian Creepers (grotesque clones made from an ancient and powerful alien organism) are a close analogue to zombies. They vomit green fluid onto the protagonists to deal damage.
    • According to the fluff exposition in the third game, Cannibals (grotesque monsters made from both alien and human carcasses) vomit on dead flesh to consume it and grow stronger. This was originally supposed to be their Finishing Move against the players, but that was cut out before the final release.
  • Zombies from Metal Slug attack solely by this method; when a player character is zombified, their grenade attack is turned into this.
  • The Lost Souls (read: Zombies of what appears to be former christian monks) from Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams can sometimes puke orangeish slime as a form of attack. If memory serves me well, you can also get damaged by stepping on it.
  • One Ghoul attack from Phantasy Star I.
  • In Plague Inc, one of the symptoms you can give zombies created by the Necroa virus is the ability to projectile vomit at humans, increasing severity and combat advantage.
  • The "Slimy Transfer" zombies from Quake IV.
  • Retchers from Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare do this, aside from exploding when killed.
  • Zombies from Resident Evil sometimes do this, if an enemy (that is, a player character) runs by them in a hallway or staircase, or otherwise aren't able to be grabbed, such as if the zombie is on a slightly lower platform. In Resident Evil 2, this is the only way they can attack Sherrie, who's significantly shorter than them.
  • The "Lying Figures" in the Silent Hill franchise (the ones that look like they're straitjacketed into their own skin and stumble around like zombies) squirt acid directly from their stomachs. Lore-wise, they are more akin to demons than undead.
    • There are actually several similar monsters - the Lying Figure (Silent Hill 2) sprays a mist of acid; the Armless Figure (from the films) spews a stream of puke; the Straightjacket (Silent Hill Origins) projectile-vomits; and the Smog (Silent Hill: Homecoming) continuously leaks and belches a noxious black gas.
  • Zombie Sputum and Gut Grenades from Stubbs the Zombie, although the latter is more of a Sticky Bomb.
  • Some of the undead in World of Warcraft have a puke attack.
  • In Dark Watch has Oozers which are fat zombies that launch their puke at you.

Web Comics
  • The Zombie Hunters features 7 different subspecies of zombie, one of which can attack by vomiting a sort of corrosive poison up to 50 ft. Suitably, they are called spitters.

Web Original

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