Useful Notes / Malcolm X

Malcolm X (born Malcolm Little, also named El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz at the end of his life), (May 19, 1925 — February 21, 1965) was a leader of the American Civil Rights Movement note  and contemporary to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, until his assassination in 1965. While King was known for Mahatma Gandhi-styled civil disobedience, Malcolm X was known for a more militant response, which he deemed necessary to bring about positive change. Summed up in one speech as this:
One of my reasons for going out on a limb as I have is to try and make white people be shocked, awake to some of their senses. Because if they don't awake they're gonna find out that this little Negro that they thought was passive has become a roaring, uncontrollable lion right in, right at their doorst—not at their doorstep—inside their house, in their bed, in their kitchen, in their attic, in their basement. And if you know that in time you can do something about it.

Appears in the following works:

  • Spike Lee made a Biopic about his life, simply titled Malcolm X, starring Denzel Washington.
  • The Ethan Stoller song "BKAB" is named for, and uses, the second quote above, and suggests similarities and inspiration drawn between Malcolm X and the other quoted leader, Gloria Steinem, and the lead character in the film using the song (in the credits), V for Vendetta. On the official soundtrack, the excerpts were removed, due to rights of use.