Web Video / Skippy Shorts

Skippy Shorts is a... unique puppet–based YouTube channel run by NearFar Productions. It stars an insane puppet named Skippy (voiced by Greg Harrisberg), who mainly retells classic stories in his own "style" and answers e-mail questions, along with an ensemble of other crazy puppets, including his best friend Finney (voiced by Jack Rennon), a weird white animal, a trigger-happy cop called the Cop and his friend Iggy Iguana, a senile sociopath named Rufus T., a magical wizard and his apprentice, and many, many others. Almost every video ends with Skippy yelling, "STUPID!", which perfectly sums up the channel's whole style and tone. The channel can be seen here.

There is also a second channel called skippythe2nd. It can be seen here.

Tropes seen in their videos: