Heartwarming / Child of the Storm

     Book I: Child of the Storm 
  • Harry and Thor hugging after getting past a few issues (predominantly, the Disappeared Dad thing).
    • Then both going to sleep, Harry on Thor's lap.
  • The numerous Sleep Cute scenes.
  • Darcy's methods of giving Harry a dose of normality - overlaps with Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Darcy being sweet to Harry.
    “Everything you’ve said about Harry’s mom makes her sound fucking awesome,” she said. She ruffled Harry’s hair. “Hell, just look at her kid. He’s all the evidence you need.”
  • The Pepper/Tony shipping.
  • Professor Xavier helping Harry through a few of his unresolved issues, with a brief reappearance of his younger self.
    • And quoting Oogway in the process:
    We cannot change the past, and the future is often murky and unclear. But the present is ours to decide. That is why it is called the present.
  • Harry taking Diana, though she's a couple of years younger than him, seriously, treating her as an equal and simply being nice to her despite the fact he barely knows her. Sif points out how rare that is.
  • Several times, when Thor makes comments about Lily, whether he thinks them or says them aloud, he gets a whispery half-heard answer that is clearly Lily, in some shape or form.
  • Harry Dresden saved Thomas and Martha Wayne from the robber that would have killed them. In exchange, the two of them help to repair his house, restock his pantry and icebox, pay his rent for several years and give him money so that he is not always on the edge of starving.
  • Pretty much every face to face interaction between Harry and Wanda.
  • Professor Xavier gives Harry something to explain why he has not met his cousin Jean yet: a letter from future Harry, who proceeds to raise present Harry's spirits by telling him that things will get better, to stop fearing his powers and instead embrace them, and also gives him small messages for the Avengers, hinting at good things for (at least most of) them.
  • Betsy's teaching of Harry and counselling of Ginny, mixing kindness and compassion with a wicked (but not cruel) wit.
  • Wanda cuddling Harry in chapter 72 and Thor comforting him.
    Daddy's here, Harry. Daddy's here.
  • Carol's 'not your fault' speech in chapter 72 and, immediately afterwards, hugging Harry.
  • President Ellis' gentle handling of the Winter Soldier. That is a good man, as well as a great one.
  • Before he sends them off in what is a quite dangerous mission, Doctor Strange has quite a few kind words for Harry, Carol, Diana, Jean-Paul and Uhtred, telling Jean-Paul not to be afraid of power and giving Harry several pointers on how to deal with his current anger and his growing powers.
    • When Carol heard about what happened in Chapter 74, she immediately called up Jean-Paul and had him run them both over to Harry's side to support him.
    • In chapter 75, also an Awesome Moment, she went nose to nose with Sif simply to ensure that he wouldn't be alone. Fandral remarks, impressed, that that's the longest he's seen anyone stare down Sif in centuries. Subverted somewhat in that Sif had actually been about to extend the offer of travelling to Asgard to Carol and any other of Harry's friends who wished to come on the grounds that they'd be under threat too, but still.
  • Upon seeing Harry on TV, which breaks the telepathic block on her memories of him, Jean immediately rushes to try and find him, with Scott right away going along to help her.
  • Several examples in chapter 77:
    • Stephen Strange doing his best to rid the Winter Soldier of his brainwashing and giving Jason Todd (right hand to Baron Zemo, and now beset by doubts over what to do) the chance to redeem himself by allowing him to handle the Sword of Faith, which he takes.
    • Thor and Harry bonding after the former's almost death. Of course, in this case, it means tag-teaming to destroy demons and dragons by droves.
    • Diana jumping into her father's (Hercules) arms, who she has not seen in years, and the latter loudly praising her abilities.
    • Harry and Thor save a British Army detachment from being overrun by demons, and its captain thanks them, saying that Harry is a boy to be proud of, which Thor agrees with.
    • Thor teasing Harry over his attraction to Carol.
    • Tony, after asking JARVIS to send Pepper a message to tell her he intends to have Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex with her, he adds to tell her that he loves her. JARVIS gently points out that she already knows that, but Tony insists.
    • Tony praises JARVIS when he forces Zola to back off, and JARVIS says, basically, that he learned it from him.
    • Sif and Loki kissing in the middle of the battlefield, prompted by the Warriors Three, who protect them as they do so. And Volstagg encourages them not to do like after New Year and to continue their romantic relationship.
    • The Hogwarts staff (even Snape) risking their lives to save a number of innocents from HYDRA, protecting them from a quinjet attack, while Hagrid covers the innocents with his body.
      • Hagrid's faith that Dumbledore will see the group through, and Dumbledore's pride of Hagrid, thinking that there is no doubt Hagrid is one of the finest products of Gryffindor House.
    • Steve, Sanya, Michael Carpenter and Dane Whitman fighting to protect a group of people that were not able to escape in time, not letting a single demon past them.
    • Strange's 'faith can be something someone has in you' speech to Jason Todd while offering him the temporary use of Fidelacchius.
    • The interaction between Loki and the Voice of London.
    • Arthur Weasley's ghost forgiving the Winter Soldier for killing him, noting that it was a Mercy Kill and that the Winter Soldier did what he could to prevent HYDRA's victory, saving as many people as he killed (perhaps more), and finally pushing him to do something to begin the path to redemption.
    • Steve meeting once more with Colonel Philips, Howard Stark and the Howling Commandos, fifty years after he saw them last, and getting to lead them again into battle.
    • Young Bobby Drake fighting demons, because he doesn't want anyone to get hurt protecting him like Harry and his friends did in the Rocky Mountains.
    • Nick Fury being uncharacteristically polite to the Flamels, thanking them for their hard work. As he remarks, it is their due.
  • In chapter 78, the event no one (save for Strange) expected: Lily Evans Potter, vessel for the Phoenix, fully manifests in reality. She soothes Wanda, reveals that she was the one whispering to Thor and Harry whenever they thought of her, tells Thor that, as much as she would love to be completely back, she does not hold his relationship with Jane against him, convinces Harry to kick Chthon out while telling him how much she loves him, gives Nick Fury a hug and stays for the post-battle party.
    • Earlier, Jane and Darcy accidentally teleport right into the middle of the battle, not to far from Thor. He and Jane immediately embrace.

     Book II: Ghosts of the Past 
  • Harry giving Carol some psychic counseling to help with her PTSD from the first book, and then the two having a Sleep Cute moment.
  • When Harry reveals to his friends that he can't swim, he expects — due to lingering fears from all the time he was bullied when younger — that they'll make fun of him for it. They reassure him that they never will, and then teach him to swim.
  • In chapter 2, after Harry telepathically crushes the Death Eaters and drives off Voldemort and saves his friends and family who had been banished across the camp after undergoing a "Freaky Friday" Flip - meaning that he separately saved Pepper's mind and her pregnant body Tony silently gives him a tight hug. As the narration notes, by his standards, it's an especially momentous gesture.
  • Thor giving Harry a gentle talk to help him deal with his guilt over being forced to Mind Rape five Death Eaters into oblivion to save his friends, explaining that he made the right choice - the hard choice - and while he will have to live it, he made the right call under the circumstances because the morally unimpeachable route of tracking each person down one by one and defeating the Death Eaters individually would risk something unspeakable happening to his loved ones.
  • Chapter 3 is full of this, after everything that happened in Chapter 2:
    • Everyone's reactions to the birth of Ada Stark. Especially once Tony and Pepper name Steve, Harry, and Natasha as godparents.
    • Harry, Carol, Diana, and Uhtred all cuddle together in the same bed as comfort after the events of Chapter 2.
    • Diana meeting Happy, and comforting him on his feelings of low self-worth in light of being the only non-superhero in Tony's life.
    • Steve finally accepting Carol as his family, embracing her in relief after the events of the previous chapter.
    • Jean-Paul fulfil his promise to go visit Clark, who is elated to finally be able to talk with another superpowered teen.
  • Chapter 4 opens with Harry having a Sleep Cute moment with Wanda as she comforts him over the events of Chapter 2, and later he receives further comfort from Jean.
  • Chapter 6 has several of them:
    • Harry meets with Jean's parents, and they not only express their worry for him as if they were his parents, but also indicate their feelings of guilt over not getting him out of the Dursleys when he was younger, and Harry pointedly tells them it's not their fault.
    • Tony presents his daughter to "Aunt Ali", who turns out to be Alison Carter, Steve's daughter with Peggy. Alison also gets to hug her father after nearly 70 years.
    • When Harry meets Carol's family, the conversation turns to Stevie (Carol's brother) and his love of painting and drawing. Carol's other brother, Joe, states that art is for girls (obviously something he "learned" from his father), but Harry promptly disabuses him of the notion by pointing out that Captain America himself loves drawing and painting, that Tony Stark also draws, and that Harry himself is learning as well. He then suggests, when Joe declares that he wants to learn art (being nine and therefore as impressionable as butter), that he ask Stevie to teach him.
      • Carol's father asks Harry if he can use his powers to "make her take the right path", insulting Jean-Paul and Lex Luthor as an afterthought. Harry nearly explodes with rage, drops a brutal Calling the Old Man Out/"The Reason You Suck" Speech on the man, telling him exactly how stupid he is and threatening to make him regret it for the rest of his life.
      • Afterwards Harry talks with Carol, explaining what happened, then makes her father fall asleep so he won't take his anger out on the rest of her family and offers for her to come stay at Avengers Mansion.