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True Tail is a forthcoming Web series project, directed by Zachary Rich, the same guy who directed Double Rainboom.

On the surface, it looks like a story of how a young orphan cat teams up with a hulking brute bear knight, an old phoenix wizard, a half-dragon half-sheep priestess, a thief fox and a Cute But Psycho rabbit bard to fight an evil bird wizard, or in other words, Dungeons & Dragons... with animals. However, it takes place in the fantastical medieval world of Splitpaw, a land inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. Fortune and adventure await those that are willing to claim it! But there is a darkness festering within the land, casting a shadow over any would-be heroes.

True Tail follow the adventures of Caleb Truetail, an orphaned kitten looking for a family, who finds one in the most unlikely of places: a group of mercenaries. Accustomed to working alone, and willing to sell their services to the highest bidder, these mercenaries find themselves being forced to team up in order to obtain an artifact for an evil cockatrice. Will this group of rowdy "heroes" overcome their flaws and work together? Or will they succumb to the treacherous plans of Eldritch the Necromancer? Since its announcement on August 2013, it has grown a reasonable fanbase, and progress on the series resumed after a very long hiatus started August 2014 and ended March 29th 2015. The pilot was scheduled to be completed in 2016, but has been delayed by the creators' efforts to sell the show to a network. However, in May 2015 the creators posted an animatic of the episode.

The Website for Skynamic Studios, the studio that makes True Tail, is found here

The website for True Tail is found here

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