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"And then things get weird..."
Caius Caligula

In August of 2010, people finally got fed up with Caius Caligula telling them about all the books he read, so he repurposed what was an angry rant blog and started doing book reviews instead. Here he has continued, through Schedule Slip, a move to Tumblr, and a lack of anyone caring what was said, to review weird fiction books for anyone who would care to read. Recently, due to a habit of going to conventions and generally faffing about, Caius has added articles about the various places he goes to and faffs about, including an anime con and a book expo. He plans to do more of this sort of thing. The reviews are strange, normally starting with a "how I found this" anecdote, and Wall of Text usually applies. Now back and updating weekly on both sites.

Blog can be found here, though that one is missing most of the "state of the blog" stuff. A more complete archive can be found here.

Geek Rage provides examples of: