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Blog: Could It Exist In Real Life
It just might.
Imagine that someone discovered a few things about fictional mediums that could actually exist in the real world. Then you'd have Could It Exist In Real Life. Written by S.T. Filmmmaker, this Blog is dedicated to finding realism to fictional mediums from Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, and much more. But it's not all about Defictionalization; there is also a web comic depicting the fictional adventures of S.T. as he fights evil and those that wish to shut down his site, as well as Straight Up Reviews, in which S.T. gives his honest opinion on certain mediums.

the site itself can be located here.

As of November 17th 2013 S.T. started making audio analysis and reviews which can be seen on his main site above. As well as here.

As of May 1st 2013 S.T. started making live action videos of both Could It Exist In Real Life and Straight Up Reviews.

Could It Exist In Real Life? tropes include:

Straight Up Reviews tropes Include:

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