Blog: The Lovecraftian

The Lovecraftian follows a runner later a proxy named pHIL trying to survive Slenderman's stalking. Most conflict, rather than being caused by Slenderman himself, comes from proxies, and pHIL's attempts to fight back.It is unusual in that it begins after the stalking has commenced, rather than before as other blogs do.

This blog provides examples of:

Affably Evil:pHIL himself in the later parts of the blog
And Then John Was a Zombie: pHIL ends up as a proxy
Applied Phlebotinum: Azoth, aka Slendersludge
Punchclock Villain:pHIL
Sanity Slippage: Naturally
Small Name, Big Ego: Craft brags a lot, but rarely kills without an advantage
Split Personality: pHIL and Craft\\