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Blog: Ask Brainy Twilight
Ask Brainy Twilight is an Ask A Pony Blog, starring a version of Twilight Sparkle that has, for various perfectly logical reasons, turned herself into a brain in a jar. Other supporting figures include her assistant Spike, and her "daughter" Sparks.

Brainy Twilight often crosses over into the universes of other blogs, such as Ask Serious Rainbow and the Reading Rainbowverse.

This Blog Provides Examples Of:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Sparks, originally created to control Twilight's body so that her friends did not suspect anything was wrong with their friend.
  • Brain in a Jar: The main gimmick. Twilight actually did this to herself because it let her become stronger and think more clearly, and thanks to magic she can move around easily. Oh, and her body is now a cyborg named Sparks. She's willing to do this to others if asked, and the process is reversible.
  • Creepy Good: Brainy, who despite being a Brain in a Jar, is still sweet Adorkable Twilight.
  • Cute Machines: Well, if you replace machines with cyborgs, Sparks and any of the brain jars definitely count.
  • Interspecies Romance: Brainy is currently in a relationship with Carapace, a Changeling from the Reading Rainbowverse.
  • Mad Scientist: It took a bit for her to come to terms with this, but Brainy definitely qualifies. However, she doesn't do experiments on anyone against their will, and will only make someone a Brain in a Jar if they ask.
  • Reformed But Not Tamed: Brainy has recruited an assistant for her lab named Kaede, who had cannibalistic tendencies in the world she came from. Brainy is trying to reform her, but Kaede still seems to be quite wild.

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