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Blog: Epic Storytime
Epic Storytime refers to the series of Stories Within a Story from Bronyism.

"Lord Bane" and sidekick Harrison have both turned Storytelling into a regular hobby. These tales can range from general horror stories to "Awkward moments" and from Crack Fics to green-text stories, and everything inbetween. Zane releases his on his tag page while Harrison has his own page titled Epic Storytime when he writes for his own fans.

Regulars on the cast include:

  • Zane: A "badass, rugged mofo" who doesn't play by society's (or physics, for that matter) rules. Well, not actually. Zane sub-universe is often a child with unusual or superhuman abilities who is set off by the smallest of thing where he then going out on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. Either that, or he just does what he does For the Evulz.
  • Harrison:
  • Zane's little brother: A perpetual Chew Toy to his older brother.

This series contains examples of:

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