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->''"They said that came from the press. And the press it came from was what I call The Prestigious Internet."''\\

A work that [[ShapedLikeItself originated on the web]].

Subsets include WebAnimation, WebComics, WebGames, {{Web Serial Novel}}s, {{Podcast}}s, and VlogSeries. TheAbridgedSeries, {{Lets Play}}s, and {{After Action Report}}s also tend to be Web Originals. Most FanFic also originates on the web, but some readers may reckon fan fic as a category apart from web original. Other genres include LivejournalRoleplay and PlayByPostGames.

It is common for Web Original works, especially {{Web Serial Novel}}s, to spawn {{Shared Universe}}s as other would-be writers think the original work is pretty neat and contact the writer for permission to play in his/her sandbox.

There is a [[FanficRecs/WebOriginal Web Original Recs]] page. See also NewMediaTropes.

!!Types of Web Original works include:

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* TheAbridgedSeries
* {{Blog}}
* {{Creepypasta}}
* FanFic
* FanWorks
* GagDub
* GagSub
* JournalRoleplay
* LetsPlay
* {{Machinima}}
* {{Machinomics}}
* NotableFlashVideos
* PlayByPostGames
* {{Podcast}}
* RolePlayingGame
* VlogSeries
* VideoReviewShow
* WebAnimation
* WebComics
* WebGames
* {{Web Serial Novel}}s
* [[OtherSites Websites]]
* WebOriginalFiction
* WebVideo

!!Web Original Works by Genre
* AlternateHistoryWebOriginal
* FantasyWebOriginals
* HorrorWebOriginals
* ScienceFictionWebOriginals

!!Web Original Works by Origin
* FrenchWebOriginals
* GermanWebOriginals