Crazy Prepared / Web Animation

  • Red vs. Blue: In the PSA "Planning to Fail", the Red Team is quite prepared for zombies. Simmons has a supply of food stored in his attic in case of zombies and he won't tell Grif what he'll do after the food runs out in case Grif becomes one. Grif's plan is run to Alaska in the hope that any pursuing zombies freeze to death. Sarge however has thirty-seven zombie plans. 36 involve using Grif to distract zombies. For the 37th plan, he willingly becomes a zombie just to kill and eat Grif.
    • Tex shows herself to be this in Episode 18 and 19 of Revelations.
    • Sarge also has numerous plans for just about any event, with at least eleven or so in the event Simmons tries to turn traitor. All of them begin with killing Grif, the eleventh of which involves a steamroller.
  • Homestar Runner: Strong Sad, of all characters, has his moment here when he counters Strong Bad's earlier barrage of water balloons with a barrage of snowballs. When there was no snow anywhere. That he removed from a giant notebook.
    Strong Bad: Where did you get snowballs at this time of year?? And how did you fit them in that notebook?!?
    Strong Sad: I've been saving these in the freezer since I was eight!!