Awesome / Star Wars Expanded Universe

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Works with their own pages:

  • Unkar Plutt spends his short time in The Force Awakens as a Butt-Monkey and Hate Sink but there's a reason he became the unofficial ruler of Niima Outpost. In the short story "True Love", two of his underlings attempt to scam him out of his wealth through a HoloNet dating service using an AI claiming to be a female Crolute. However, there are no female Crolutes. However, Unkar Plutt plays along, pretending to be lovesick and gullible, until he reveals the location of a stash of valuable chromium ingots. He ends up trapping his employees and promising to come back in one month. He leaves enough food and water for only one of them. He also takes the AI as his personal assistant.


Fan Work
  • The Ryan vs. Dorkman films. No plot, no relevance to greater franchise: just two guys, two lightsabers, and some of the best choreography and cinematography in recent history. Plus, the first duel counts as a Moment of Awesome for Ryan Wieber, who, partially on the strength of the SFX work showcased therein, was eventually hired by LucasArts.
  • If you haven't yet watched Art of the Saber, go do so, and weep.
  • While this may not be as impressive a battle as some of the previously mentioned fanworks, it has one quote that is truly badass.
    Darth Vader: You believe you know the dark side? I am the dark side!
  • Well, if we're mentioning fanworks, then we gotta bring up Darths & Droids, simply for making Jar-Jar likable.
  • Concrete Hustle, in all it's glory.
  • The Brotherhood of Shadow mod for Knights of the Old Republic. Full voicing, an incredible plot, three recruitable characters. Playable flashbacks to the raid on Mandalore's ship, the Star Forge hunt, the and Battle of Taris. A wonderful Anti-Villain for your antagonist, Redemption Equals Death, The Power of Love... it's the king of Game Mods.
  • The Star Wars Radio Play, which is performed by some of the voice acting industry's finest actors.
  • This fan video, while only a work in progress, is still something to behold. It's an anime-styled rendition of an Imperial fleet destroying a Rebel force, paying homage to classic Star Wars games like TIE Fighter while perfectly capturing the style of oldschool traditional animation.
  • The Star Wars video of the hit song "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen. It's awesome because it has the cast's lines used for the lyrics.
  • Gak Attack and Team 2 X's team up, Jedi Ninjas
  • The Fall of the Jedi Trilogy of Prequel fanedits gets this for keeping all Original Trilogy spoilers hidden, so far the only one to do this. Not only that, but Padme lives at the end of Revenge of the Sith.