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Recap: Star Wars The Clone Wars S 5 E 8 Bound For Rescue
Altought Ahsoka saved the younglings from Hondo's pirats, she got captured in the process, and their ship was heavily damaged. After Obi-Wan's rescue mission got twarted by a surprise attack from General Grievous, the younglings discover that their ship will explode if they don't land soon and let the engines cool off, so they're left with one option: go to Florrum and rescue Ahsoka.

This episode provides examples of:

  • The Alcoholic: Hondo Onaka, up to the point where it is played for laughs.
  • Badass in Distress: Continuing from the end of the previous episode, Ahsoka Tano.
  • Chekhov's Classroom/Chekhov's Skill: In the newsreel at the beggining of "The Gathering", the younglings were shown practising acrobatic moves. They used these moves to con their into a traveling circus as acrobats, so they could sneak inside Hondo's base and rescue Ahsoka.
  • Fanservice: The Twi'lek and Togruta girls working in the circus were dressed in rather revealing and form fitting outfits.
  • You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!/My God, You Are Serious: Ahsoka's reaction when she sees that the "Animal Instincts" are actually the younglings in disguise who came to rescue her (though she says it as "Oh no...").
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