Awesome / Star Wars: Clone Wars
  • The intro to the first episode. Various scenes of the Republic winning battles.
  • The Battle of Dantooine is one for Mace Windu. He loses his lightsaber while in the middle of a battle surrounded by Super Battle Droids. He then proceeds to Force the SBD army to death, while also punching and kicking them hard enough to shatter their bodies. After that, he recovers his lightsaber, jumps kilometers into the air onto a kilometer-tall flying droid seismic tank, destroys its control center, and then leaps off of it, jumps another few kilometers through the air to a nearby hilltop, takes a kid's offered canteen and drinks from it, and then jumps right back into the fray.
  • General Grievous' debut episode, where he slaughters a Republic army, then dispatches five Jedi single-handedly. Or rather, two-handedly and one-footedly, since that's how he wields three sabers at once.
    • Ki-Adi-Mundi, the last Jedi standing, gets his Crowning Moment of Awesome in the next episode, when a ARC Trooper team comes to the scene, and find him still holding Grievous to a standstill after dueling for who knows how long.
    • Reaches new levels in the final two episodes, where he essentially proves himself to be the Star Wars equivalent of the Terminator, the Crowning Moment being when his two sabers are locked with those of the two Jedi he's fighting, and he simply reveals his second pair of arms, draws two more sabers, and kills them in seconds.
  • Shaak Ti evading Grievous by using the Force to tie his cloak to a passing train. Then she pulls a You Shall Not Pass so the other Jedi can escort Chancellor Palpatine to safety, and proceeds to fight 30 MagnaGuard droids to a standstill.
  • The series also gives us Asajj Ventress killing an arena full of gladiators, Count Dooku then outclassing her in a lightsaber duel, Durge swatting aside dozens of clone troopers, Obi-Wan exploding Durge from the inside, Yoda using the Force to elevate hundreds of droids right into the path of oncoming fighters, followed by causing two massive ships carrying thousands of droids to collide, Anakin demonstrating his legendary piloting skills by destroying a weapons platform and hundreds of fighters by himself, Roron Corobb stopping Grievous in his tracks using only his voice, along with many less notable (but still awesome) moments from the ARC troopers.
  • Mace Windu gets yet another crowning moment just as Grievous returns victoriously to his ship after ripping through Jedi like a monster from a horror flick. He turns to face Windu, who simply crushes his ribcage with the Force. Grievous then turns back around and retreats into his ship. This results in him spending most of Revenge of the Sith wheezing and coughing.
  • Jedi Master Saesee Tiin, during the opening moves of the Battle of Coruscant. An enemy cruiser came out of hyperspace right above his, causing irreparable damage. His solution? Open his cruiser's large hangar, jump through space with his troops towards the nearest enemy ship, and steal it.
    Saesee Tiin: PREPARE TO BOARD!
    Clone Troopers: Hooah!!
  • A few from the ARC troopers. Walking out of their crashed gunship like they've rehearsed it, taking down droid snipers with an X-ray scope and rocket launcher, massacring droids by the dozen, one taking down an AAT by himself while carrying nothing but a rifle, planting bombs all over a massive artillery cannon and destroying it, blowing Durge's armor right off his body with a hail of fire, revealing two rifles that can only be described as More Dakka, driving off General Grievous himself in a gunship that has the best. paintjob. ever. Oh, and remember that one clone holding a point almost by himself before Yoda arrives during the battle of Coruscant? That's their leader, a few years later. Even their uniforms were badass.
  • Season 3 begins with the ceremony of Anakin becoming a Jedi Knight.
  • Count Dooku demonstrates Authority Equals Asskicking in a sparring match with General Grievous, utterly schooling the general and even calling some his attacks predictable.
  • During the first duel between Obi-Wan and Durge, the Jedi Master destroys the various weaponry at the mercenary's disposal, and then delivers the finishing blow, impaling him with his lightsaber. Durge... laughs at this, and starts beating Obi-Wan with his fists, while the lightsaber is still stuck inside him.