Nightmare Fuel / Star Wars: Clone Wars
When you see this guy, RUN.

  • Admit it, General Grievous' intro fight scared you. The deaths of some of the Jedi that Grievous fought were very unsettling. The music playing throughout the fight doesn't help things either. The whole episode was treated like a horror movie, the way Grievous kept vanishing only to pop out and tear someone to bits, the tense music, the way the young Jedi freaks out. It's like watching an animated version of Alien with lightsabers.
    • Oh, and another one of the general's weapons is a chainsaw (we don't see it, but in episode 23, a chainsaw noise, which the director added for horror purposes, can be heard from behind the door where Grievous is fighting a squad of clone troopers).
    • Same scene, the short "Montage" of Grievous killing the clone troopers.
    • That Grievous enters the scene by crushing a terrified padawan to death beneath him certainly aids the terror.
  • Anakin's venture into the cave on Nelvaan gives us this rather creepy bit of foreshadowing, as Anakin sees the Story of the Ghost Hand play out before him. It finishes with the helpless hero, his village and family devoured by the Ghost Hand, having an And I Must Scream moment...before the Ghost Hand reforms into the image of Darth Vader.
  • Anakin's rage during his battle with Ventress. The last time he was that angry he slaughtered a village. It's the same rage that would fuel Vader for decades.
  • The Battle of Coruscant shows that the space battle is so full of ships that one of the Confederacy ships coming out of hyperdrive promptly rams into a Republic ship, unable to stop in time.
  • During the assault in the Muunilinst capital we're treated to the big reveal that Durge is more than some healing limb factored armored cladded goliath... Durge's reveal of tendrils of muscle and speed are frightening and the music accompaning the scene sounds appropriately straight out of a horror movie. His form of attack on Obi-Wan Kenobi is grotesque to say the least He uses his body and "consumes" him. Fortunately, though Obi-Wan manages to exscape from within Durge. Albeit, in a brief squicktastic moment.