Funny / Star Wars: Clone Wars

  • When Anakin and Asajj Ventress engage in a dogfight on Muunilist, Obi-Wan and an ARC Trooper both take notice in an incredibly deadpan way.
    Obi-Wan: What was that?
    ARC Trooper: I don't know, general.
    [Ventress flies by.]
    Obi-Wan: That's not one of ours.
    ARC Trooper: No, general.
    [Anakin follows suit.]
    Obi-Wan: That was Anakin!
    ARC Trooper: Yes, general.
  • Roron Corob repeatedly pressing the call button after the room full of clones and General Grievous goes quiet.
    • Earlier, in a bit of Black Comedy, the sounds of combat include a chainsaw, which none of the combatants have.
    • From the same battle, Shaak Ti using the Force to tie Grievous' cape to a train while he's busy gloating. Even Palpatine has to raise an eyebrow at that one. Especially when it works.
    • Earlier, when Grievous ambushes Palpatine, as soon as they flee, Grievous is met with more disposable Clone troops. His reaction?
      General Grievous: UGH.
    • As the Jedi flee into the train station, they run through the ticket barriers, repeatedly causing the machines to announce "Please deposit two Republic credits". This continues as the Magnaguards come through, until Grievous destroys them as he passes through.
  • The stripper music that plays when C-3PO shows off his new gold plating.
  • Anakin eating live bugs for lunch, taking Obi-Wan's advice to "feed off the Living Force" literally. Obi-Wan's grossed-out reaction made it even funnier.
    • From the same episode, Commander Cody cheerfully telling Obi-Wan that the shield over the city they're besieging will be down in three months. He takes this as the siege "going well".
      Obi-Wan: But we've been here a month already.
      Commander Cody: Yes, sir. We're right on schedule.
  • Yoda needs to save Luminara and Barriss, who're trapped in the temple on Ilium, but Captain Typho refuses since that would put Padme in danger. Yoda then uses his power to "convince" him. Typho is parroting back Yoda's exact words, making it extremely obvious to Padme what's going on. You can tell that she's about five seconds from bursting out laughing.
    Yoda: A slight detour. Jeopardize the mission, it will not.
    Typho: *turns towards Padme* A slight detour. Jeopardize the mission it will not.
    Padme: *Gapes at Typho, then smirks*
    Yoda: Be put in danger, the Senator will not.
    Typho: Be put in the danger the Senator will not.
    Yoda: Save the lives of Jedi, we must.
    Typho: Save the lives of Jedi we must!
    Padme: Master Yoda, I am convinced. I will not require my captain's further...persuasion.
    Typho: Huh?
    Yoda: *smirks*
    • Padme wants to help Yoda rescue the Jedi, but Yoda refuses because it's too dangerous. She then uses Puppy-Dog Eyes on him. The great Jedi Master faltering against it is comedy gold, and he tells her that he'll call if he needs help.
  • As part of the montage that plays shortly after Anakin becomes a Jedi Knight, we cut to a Separatist leader conversing with his Battle Droid subordinate.
    General Oro Dassyne: I wonder how many they'll send. We've got so much firepower in here, these walls are ray-shielded. Heh, they can't take this fort. It'll probably be, uh, fifty Jedi! They'll need at least that many. Or maybe a hundred Jedi! They'll never take this base with less! Heh, they'll need an army of Jedi! Ha-ha-ha ...
    Battle Droid: I have a visual.
    General Oro Dassyne: Jedi?
    Battle Droid: I think so.
    General Oro Dassyne: How many? A thousand?
    Battle Droid: No.
    General Oro Dassyne: Eighty?
    Battle Droid: No, sir.
    General Oro Dassyne: What, fifty?
    Battle Droid: Less.
    General Oro Dassyne: Forty? Come on, how many?
    Battle Droid: Two.
    General Oro Dassyne: What?! Give me those!
    [He grabs the macrobinoculars from the battle droid, looks, and sees Obi-Wan and Anakin approaching. Cut to an Oh, Crap! expression as he sees the clones besieging him from above.]
  • It's somewhat Black Comedy, but Palpatine's "Genre Blind" Obfuscating Stupidity during the Battle of Coruscant is a treat to watch. He's clearly enjoying himself.
  • When Durge No Sells all of Obi-Wan's attacks, the Jedi Master has a hilariously deadpan "Seriously?" face.