Nightmare Fuel / Star Wars

Luke: I'm not afraid.
Yoda: You will be... You will be.


In General

  • Emperor Sheev Palpatine/Darth Sidious is arguably one of the most chilling characters of the franchise.
    • He resembles power-hungry, selfish politicians in the real world (past, present, and future), and his Force Lightning is absolutely terrifying - so terrifying that only Yoda has managed to push it off. And it's stated by him in Revenge of The Sith that it's only Anakin, Chosen One, who's more powerful than him...
      • His most terrifying power isn't in the Force, but in his mind. He created the Empire mostly through his cunning manipulation of all sides, including those who knew he shouldn't be trusted (Dooku, Trade Federation, etc). In Legends, in Dark Empire, when he returned, he acknowledged his mistakes and nearly won.
    • The Expanded Universe shows us that he also killed his own parents and siblings, showing how monstrous he really is.
    • Worse, in the film, Darth Vader himself says that the Emperor is not as forgiving as him. In the Legends continuity, the latter backs it up, as it's shown that he killed Bevel Lemelisk, the chief engineer of Death Star project many times, each time more gruesome than the last, as he hadn't corrected the error in the 1st Death Star, resurrecting him again and again.
    • Throughout the films, we find out that Palpatine's behind damn near every bad thing that's happened he engineered the invasion of his own home planet, started the Clone Wars and used the start of the war to gain considerable emergency powers, nearly annihilated the Jedi Order including the children, turned Anakin to the Dark Side, killed and disposed his loyal Separatist allies when he had no use for them anymore, and made the Republic into a fascist dictatorship, ruling by fear and using planet-destroying superweapons like the Death Star against any potential uprising, and personally destroying entire populations that conspired against him. He's loyal only to himself— it's implied in Episode VI that he saw Vader as expendable when Luke defeated him, and wanted to make Luke his apprentice instead while leaving Vader to die.
    Palpatine: Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design!
    • To get an idea of how terrifyingly evil Palpatine is, Ian McDiarmid directly compares him to the Devil. Not just that, but he claims that Palpatine is far more evil.
    • Aftermath: Empire's End reveals some more unsettling details on Palpatine.:
      • Apparently, during the reign of the Empire, Palpatine sensed a signal emitting from the Unknown Regions through the Dark Side, one that not even Darth Vader could sense. He sent out probes and ships out into the Unknown Regions, becoming obsessed with mapping it, theorizing that what he was sensing was an origin of sorts of the Dark Side of the Force. He established an observatory on Jakku, which housed Sith Artifacts and other such things. What's out there that has Palpatine this spooked and obsessed?!
      • He also planned the Contingency, a scenario where the Empire is to retreat into the Unknown Regions using Palpatine's research in the event of Palpatine's death, and establish a new Empire elsewhere. The end of Empire's End reveals that Grand Admiral Rae Sloane, Brendol Hux, and the parts of the Empire that fled after the Battle of Jakku spent months traveling in the Unknown Regions, before coming across Palpatine's personal Super Star Destroyer, the Eclipse, thus beginning what will eventually become the First Order
      • Above all, an excerpt from Thrawn reveals that Grand Admiral Thrawn somehow factors into this grand plan, with Thrawn telling Palpatine of threats lurking in the Unknown Regions, threats that could pose a threat to the Empire. All of this implies that Supreme Leader Snoke is the Dark Side presence in the Unknown Regions, and that he may be a being who has been around years before the events of the main films, and has been watching everyone all this time. Speaking of which...
  • Supreme Leader Snoke
    • Snoke. Just...Snoke. As if Palpatine wasn't already bad enough, The Force Awakens now introduces us to Supreme Leader Snoke, who, while not a Sith, is an extremely powerful Dark Sider. He's old enough to have witnessed the beginning and end of the Empire, and is implied to have been a Greater-Scope Villain. He's described as a "long-range schemer", with implies that he might be a Chessmaster who's just as, if not more cunning than Palpatine.
    • His appearance makes Palpatine's face look tame in comparison. And the Face Framed in Shadow doesn't make him any less creepy either.
    • He's been said to have known Anakin/Vader's true identity, making him one of the few beings to have known so.
    • Unlike Palpatine, he doesn't keep Kylo Ren's training stagnant, and instead of pulling many instances of You Have Failed Me, he trains Kylo further and makes him an even more powerful apprentice. He also doesn't torment Kylo as the Emperor did with Vader, and seems to be genuinely fond of him. His Affably Evil demeanor fits in with him being described as "wise", and lacks the arrogance of the late Palpatine that led to the latter's downfall. All of this fits in with his statements about learning from the mistakes of Vader, Palpatine, and the Empire, which could make him a more effective and dangerous villain than Palpatine ever was.
  • In-Universe, when you hear this, you. Are. Screwed.
  • Revenge of the Sith especially, but the prequels as a whole, drew some flack from those claiming that George Lucas was taking shots at the current US government (at the time, the George W. Bush administration.) despite his claims otherwise. But anyone who's done their homework knows that the fall of the Old Republic directly mirrors the transition of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire, and its eventual fall...
  • The sound of the TIE Fighters, inspired by the real life Jericho sirens that german dive bombers used during World War II, with the intention of provoking psychological distress on the enemy. Needless to say, both really work.