Funny: Star Wars

Star Wars has inspired uncountable parodies, homages and spoofs, but the source material itself has some classic laughs as well.

Works with their own pages

Unsorted and Other Examples:

The Prequel Trilogy
  • The bloopers from the prequels are utterly hilarious.
    • Liam Neeson taking out his lightsaber...only to lose his grip and send it flying over his shoulder.
    • In the Gungan scene, R2 falls over. The funniest part is that the animators bothered to animate Ahmed's reaction.
    • Yoda forgetting his lines.
    • Qui-Gon torturing Jar Jar.
    • "Let go of me."
    • Hayden breaking the handle of his speeder.
    • R2 getting stuck and Ewan McGregor going to help him.
    • Jango Fett tap-dancing with an umbrella is now canon.
      • He later slips while fighting and falls off camera.
    • If Hayden Christensen and Christopher Lee fighting with toy lightsabers wasn't funny enough, Hayden ends up tripping.
    • Hayden tripping during the chase scene, and then when leaving Padme's room. The guy has no luck.
    • "God, that's hot!"
    • Ewan dancing while driving a speeder.
    • "This is ridiculous! This is just a mean joke! This isn't part of the movie at all!"
    • C-3PO crashing into the set, and both Natalie and Ewan's reaction to it.
    • Samuel L. Jackson's many falls. "Oh my God, I'm awake! It's morning!"
    • Hayden going to the wrong door.
    • When Anakin is about to kill Dooku, instead of Palpatine yelling to Finish Him! it's some random guy. "He got the job!"

  • Darth Vader is such a smartass.
  • Pfft. That's nothing. [1].
  • This is what happens when Star Wars goes Totally Radical. It only gets better every year.
    • 2009's dance off got even crazier.
    • 2010 had Vader dancing with a Michael Jackson glove as a tribute to the late singer. The crowd went nuts.
    • 2011 got a much bigger stage to accommodate even more characters!
    • 2012 gets the gang dancing to "Sexy and I Know It", of all things!
    • The 2013 show, and the Grand Finale, gets everyone in on the fun. Cue Darth Maul free styling to a mashup of "Gangnam Style" and "Too Legit", Vader serenading Padme with "Locked out of Heaven", and a final scene featuring none other than the franchise's new emperor, Mickey Mouse.
  • You will never take Darth Vader or Soviet Russia seriously again.
  • "Prepare for weapons test!"
  • Salacious will be with you. Always.
  • The Star Wars Radio Play, which is performed by some of the voice acting industry's finest actors, which also crosses into Moment of Awesome.
  • The Star Tours opening commercial. Darth Vader wants to ride the Star Tours. It's not open. So he spends the day at Disneyland! Even funnier when it goes from the normal Imperial March to a whimsical variation! Then, there's the end.
  • Backstroke of the West. Just... this Translation Train Wreck of Revenge of the Sith is hilarious.
    • R2, do you is fucking?
    • He is in my behind!
    • Reaching the west of reaches... or as we call him, Darth Vader
    • The Presbyterian Church like enjoys you not
    • I should really feeds you all dog
    • The geography I stands compares you superior!
    • DO NOT WANT!
    • You are a sacrifice article that I cut up rough now
  • The White House's response to a petition to build the Death Star
  • Star Wars: Uncut has many such moments:
    • The text crawl at the beginning of the films... And then below that are the characters using chatroom names and criticizing the text crawl as if it were an actual online post and one even complimenting it.
    • When Obi Wan is giving Luke his lightsaber, it suddenly changes into a commercial format.
  • The behind-the-scenes documentary Empire of Dreams has the cast relate some pretty amusing moments from the film's production. One of the funniest is when Mark Hamill talks about the moment when the Executive Meddling just went a little too far. They got concerned that Chewbacca was not wearing any clothing, going so far as to suggest that he wear lederhosen . His summation of it became something of a meme and possibly the only reason why there is a page on pants in Wookieepedia at all.
    Mark: Of all the things to worry about...The wookiee has no pants.
    • The casting of Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca. According to Mayhew, his English-raised nature helped clinch the role: He stood up when George and Gary Kurtz arrived to meet him. Naturally, a seven-foot man standing up to greet you is quite significant.
  • About 18 minutes into this featurette (just as the credits start rolling), we have a funny unscripted moment with our heroes in the Ewoks' net.
  • It seems Han and Chewie had a falling out over Leia. Watch them argue on Jimmy Kimmel Live here.
  • Carrie Fisher roasting George Lucas at the reception for his AFI Lifetime Achievement Award
    And in conclusion, your honor, I hope I slept with you to get the job, because if not, who the Hell was that guy?
  • At last, we KNOW EMPEROR PALPATINE's name. What is it? Sheev!
  • This little series of videos....
  • In Marvels Star Wars. When Jabba learned that the one who destroyed the Death Star was a mere farm boy from Tatoonie, he asked Darth Vader if he knew anyone else like that.