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"I met this fucking dude in person, I was working on some awards show and there he's standing, right there, and I was like fuck! I was blown away. Like, Jesus Christ, he's fucking beautiful. And he looked at me and he's like: 'Hello' and I was like, I fucking shivered, I started shivering, like fuck! Fucking gorgeous!"

Ewan McGregor is a popular Scottish actor, internationally known for his role in the Star Wars prequels but spends just as much time with niche, indie and art house films.

List Of (Some) Works

Theatre roles


  • I Am Not Spock: I Am Not Obi-Wan Kenobi. He does prefer to distance himself from the famous Jedi Master, though that's not to say he didn't enjoy working on the Star Wars prequels.

Alternative Title(s):

Ewan Mc Gregor