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Video Game: Dance Central
Sass to the beat.

Dance Central is a launch title developed by Harmonix for the Xbox 360's new motion controller, Kinect. This dancing game involves moving your body according to the indicators, but thanks to the sensors on the camera, it can read your whole body. This both adds more movement required for the player, but also means the moves had to be simplified compared to other dancing games to avoid physical strain.

The soundtrack is a bit narrower than other dance games, where most of the songs have a variety with the 2000s, but the songs from The Eighties and The Nineties are almost all hip hop, likely to fit with the urban dancing mood of the game.

The game also lacks local multiplayer, although it doesn't prevent friends from dancing along with you.

A sequel, Dance Central 2, was released on October 21, 2011 in Europe and October 25 in North America. It improves upon the original by adding true two-player gameplay in both competitive and cooperative modes, as well as a more in-depth practice mode, allowing players to select specific moves in a routine. Additionally, users can import songs from the original game, both on-disc and downloadable.

Dance Central 3 was released on October 16, 2012.

Compare Just Dance, Dance Masters, Dance Paradise, We Cheer.

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