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Word Sequel
A naming convention for sequels in which the sequels follow the pattern of Name, Name II, Name III, Name: Word. The first two sequels have explicit numbers in their names, regardless of what subtitles they may have, thus establishing a pattern that all sequels will be Numbered Sequels or sometimes Lettered Sequel. The third sequel, however, has no number but only a word or phrase to identify it as different from the first, usually linking the two by Colon Cancer. This naming change may be part of an attempt to rejuvenate a dying franchise, but often is a reliable indicator of quality (sort of a franchise equivalent of Names to Run Away From Really Fast). It should be noted that while this explicitly refers to four-work series, it should not preclude examples where the word sequel first happens in the fifth or later work. On the other hand, it should not include remakes of the original work.

The fourth work is often bad enough to kill off the entire franchise. As a consequence, this usually involves Sequelitis. Related to Oddly Named Sequel and Stopped Numbering Sequels. See also Recycled Title.

In Asia, this may also be done because Four Is Death - as a result, it tends to be more indicative of superstition than quality.



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