Video Game: Thief II: The Metal Age

Thief II: The Metal Age is the second game in the Thief series, and the final game created by Looking Glass Studios before it became bankrupt. Four years later, another sequel emerged, developed by Ion Storm.

Following the events of The Dark Project, Garrett returned back to his old profession as he observed more technological advances in the hands of the Mechanists, an offshoot to the Order of the Hammer. When overhearing its leader making deals with a corrupt sheriff, Garrett sought to investigate the intentions of the new sect.

Since Looking Glass folded very shortly after release, Thief II Gold, which similarly to Thief Gold will add levels and bugfixes, never saw release, but there have been attempts by fans to do a remake based on existing documentation.

This game provides examples of:

  • Bad Moon Rising: The second-to-last mission has a red full moon in the night sky.
  • Blow Gun: A certain type of (relatively harmless) enemy uses them
  • Friendly Enemy: Garrett and Viktoria in The Metal Age. They plot devious things together.
    • I wouldn't say they were friendly at all. More like angry enemies. Garrett sees Viktoria as the monster who betrayed and mutilated him, while Viktoria sees him as a pagan jerk who ruined everything and slew her god. Only because Karras is the threat do they work together at all, because there is absolutely no alternative.
  • Insecurity Camera: The Mechanist surveillance cameras can be shut down easily by finding their fuse boxes and pulling a lever or two. However, if there's one central generator room for all of them, then it's usually well guarded or pretty hard to sneak into. An alternative, much noisier way of disabling the cameras, is to simply blow the cameras up with your fire arrows or by placing an explosive mine under them and triggering it with your broadhead arrows.
  • Powered by a Forsaken Child: The mechanized servants
  • Turned Against Their Masters: How Garrett defeats Karras.

Alternative Title(s):

Thief II