Nightmare Fuel / Galaxy of Fear

Galaxy of Fear is a horror series. Stands to reason that there'd be some horror, right?

  • While Tash tapping into the Force in Eaten Alive was a calming sense of being connected to something vast, in Ghost of the Jedi she feels the same kind of thing in a very different way.
    It was like suddenly being plugged into a computer that could tap into all the information in the galaxy at once. Or maybe like becoming part of a starship's sensors, reaching out hundreds of light-years into the universe.
    This strange sensation suddenly made Tash feel as if she were slipping, falling away into the cosmos.
  • While Tash says at the end of The Brain Spiders that being in a brain spider wasn't that bad, the fate of the villain of the book...
    Above their heads, on the fourth shelf from the top, in the third jar from the left, one of the brains almost seemed to shudder frantically in its pool of yellow-green chemicals.
    I'm here! Grimpen screamed. But he had no mouth to yell with. Help me!
    No one heard him, except perhaps for a few very enlightened monks. But they ignored him. They knew that Grimpen would remain on his shelf until he became enlightened, or until the end of time.
    Whichever came first.
  • Spore is the scariest main threat yet. It's The Virus, but unlike the virus in The Planet Plague the infected still look and sound like themselves. In some ways it's like some kind of Expy of The Thing (1982); someone it's infected can go around for a while acting normal, then...
    Hodge's eyes seemed to explode with thin, dark, vinelike tentacles. More dark vines burst from his open mouth. They lashed out violently, wrapping themselves around the doctor and sinking right into the Ithorian's skin.
    • It assimilates people instantly. It infects Hoole, who the kids trust, and then Zak. And it talks to Tash. The words it use remind her of her desire to connect to the Force, but twisted and awful. She runs and feels horribly alone and betrayed, and hides while it searches for her. Spore exists to assimilate minds and will not let any escape it. It can control thousands, maybe millions. When it was unleashed on Ithor long ago, it took a hundred years and much Jedi intervention to stop it - and not only are the Jedi gone now, but the Empire wiped the records of how they did it, and thinks it can cut a deal. Hell, Jerec wants it to infect the crew of his Star Destroyer so it will enslave them and get them to do what he wants, and in return he'll give it planets!
    "You will join me. You'll be a part of me. Didn't you want to become one with the Force? Isn't that what you told me? [...] The Force is nothing. If it ever existed, it belonged to Jedi who died years ago. I can offer you something more. Join me, and you will join thousands, millions of others. [...] You know, you're not strong enough to stop me. Not nearly strong enough. Once you're under my control, I'll make you my primary host. I will be you."
  • An aspect of The Doomsday Ship. When the alarm sounds that the ship will melt down and explode, Hoole puts his charges into an Escape Pod before going to help others. While he's doing that, the two leave the pod to help reunite a mother and her Crying Little Kid and try to get back, but a Jerkass thinks they're cutting him in line, so he locks them into a storage closet - by the time they break out the escape pods have launched.
  • Y'ever wonder what could have caused Dr. Evazan to get the death sentence on twelve systems? You will after reading this series.
  • If you have any sort of phobia about insects, especially swarming insects like locusts and carrion beetles, or biting ones like swarms of ants? The Swarm is Exactly What It Says on the Tin and your skin will crawl.