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!In General
* [[BigBad Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious]] was arguably the most terrifying character in the entire franchise. Palpatine seems to be the most needlessly evil, and outright cruel character. It is virtually uncountable the number of deaths orchestrated by himself. He orchestrated every atrocity that occurs throughout the franchise.
** He is [[AdultFear a resemblance of power-hungry, selfish politicians in the real world (past, present, and future)]], and his force lightning is absolutely terrifying - so terrifying that only Yoda has managed to push it off.
** The ExpandedUniverse shows us that he also killed his own parents and siblings, showing how monstrous he really is.
** Worse, in the film, Darth Vader himself says that the Emperor is not as forgiving as [[YouHaveFailedMe him]].
** Throughout the films, we find out he is behind almost all the bad things that happen—he engineered the invasion of his own home planet, started the Clone Wars and used the start of the war to gain considerable emergency powers, nearly annihilated the Jedi Order '''including the children''', turned Anakin to the Dark Side, killed and disposed his loyal Separatist allies when he had no use for them anymore and made the Republic into a fascist dictatorship ruling by fear and using planet-destroying superweapons like the Death Star against anything with the idea of dissenting and personally destroying entire populations that conspire against him. He only has loyality to himself—it is implied in Episode VI that he treated Darth Vader as expendable when Luke defeated him and wanted to make Luke his apprentice instead while leaving Vader to die.
** To get an idea on how terrifyingly evil Palpatine is, his own actor directly compares him [[SatanicArchetype to the Devil.]] Not just that, but he claims that Palpatine ''[[UpToEleven is more evil.]]''
* InUniverse, when you hear [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stOjeylx4Fw this]], [[PunctuatedForEmphasis you.]] ''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis Are.]]'' '''''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis FUCKED.]]'''''