Fridge / Goofy

Fridge Brilliance
  • The Goofy short "Motor Mania" features a "Goofy Everyman" as Mr. Walker, who wears glasses and looks like a stereotypical mild-mannered nerdy man. However, when he gets behind the wheel of his car, he turns into Mr. Wheeler, who is supposed to represent arrogant drivers who think they can do whatever they want when they're driving. In his "transformation", his glasses come off. I used to be annoyed by this because I saw it as a stereotypical "character can't have glasses if they're being tough and wild" scene, but I just realized something about that. Someone who needs glasses should definitely be wearing them while driving, so the fact that Mr. Wheeler takes his glasses off may show that he's being so reckless that he doesn't care if he can't see well while he's driving! - Rainbow
Fridge Horror
  • Goofy is the only classic Disney character to have ever had sex. Think about it. Max looks just like him. Imagine what it looked like. Imagine what it must have SOUNDED like. Oh, god.