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Fridge: Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
Fridge Horror
  • McFist still has the recording of Randy's voice since Nukid on the Block. Who knows if he'll use it again in a future episode!
    • Not only that, he now knows the ninja's natural hair color since Secret Stache, that hair color being purple. It won't be long before McFist plans on capturing a teenager who has natural purple hair.

Fridge Logic
  • When Randy and Howard went to McFist's movie theater to watch Grave Puncher: The Movie in 6D, they had to sneak in because all tickets had already been sold and yet they managed to find seats.

Fridge Brilliance
  • Waaaaay back when McFist first began to attack the Ninja, after the whole incident was over Randy was disgusted over how his so-called idol was a villain, and yet he still wanted to buy all of the McFist Industries products. This actually gives him a bit of cover, since apparently everyone loves the company, it would raise suspicion if there was even one person who had no interest in it or outright loathing.

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