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Fridge: The Amazing World of Gumball
Fridge Brilliance
  • In "The Fridge" why does Nicole try so hard at making Gumball into a winner? Because throughout her childhood and adolescence she has always been called a loser. So once you think about it, she just wants Gumball to not suffer the same thing she suffered from back then.
  • Why was Gumball so caring towards Kenneth in "The Microwave", even though he was a repulsive monster? Because he was an ugly baby! He knew exactly what it felt like to be ridiculed for being born odd-looking, and so he wanted to keep Kenneth from experiencing the same thing.
    • Or, that could be the way that parents always see their babies as beautiful because they're their babies, no matter what they look like.
  • In "The Flower" during one of Gumball's tirades about Leslie he calls him a "Self Pollinator." If you know anything about repdouction in flowers and plants, he basically just called Leslie a jack-off.
  • When Darwin completely owns Gumball in an exhaling contest by releasing a constant, endless stream of air, why wouldn't he need to stop exhaling? He's a fish! The air was just continually flowing through his gills, so he would only need to breathe normally to continue breathing out.
  • Nicole is at home by herself, Richard having gone to work and the kids to school. She cleans the entire house, waxes the car, 'bleached the fruit', all 5 hours before everyone gets home. Bored and frustrated, she pushes over a vase in order to have something to clean. Nicole is a cat.
    • In the same episode, why does Richard have such a hard time getting to his job? Because as seen in "The Job", if Richard were to get a job, the universe would collapse on itself. It doesn't just seem like the universe wants him to be late-it actually does/
  • In the music video for the Japanese theme of the show called "Yes/No Continue?" by Moumoon, We see the female member of Moumoon Yuka as a marionette performing the song while Gumball and Darwin dance. Why she's portrayed as a marionette? Well one reason is because she's a performer, and second because at the release of the music video, humans did not exist in Elmore until the season 2 episode "The Sweaters".
  • If Elmore Stream and Elmore Plus are their versions of Youtube and Facebook, shouldn't they be global websites? So why are they named to imply that they're just for Elmore? Because as shown in "The Internet", The Internet lives in Elmore. Seeing as he's incredibly narcissistic, he probably has extreme Creator Provincialism.
  • In "The Genius", Gumball's brain is taught how to become smart, yet Gumball is still an idiot. Negative Continuity? Not if you remember that Gumball was the one teaching him (it?).
  • Remember in "The Tape" when Gumball tells Darwin that all he needs to do is be cute? What's the #1 thing people love most about kittens?
  • In "The Joy," Miss Simian mistakenly thought Tobias was one of the infected, since he was so colorful. This is probably why he wasn't jumped by the other infected earlier in the episode. They also thought he was one of them.

Fridge Horror
  • In "The Phone", Mr. Small most definitely would have died horribly in a fiery blaze if Gumball hadn't been there with the fire extinguisher.
  • In "The Mystery", Bobert, who is supposed to be an emotionless robot, is shown laughing genuinely at Principal Brown's predicament. And then, towards the end of the episode, Miss Simian erases his memory, which is never brought up again. However, we witness later in "The Robot" that Bobert desires to feel real emotion, even though we've seen that he can at least laugh. So, is it possible that Bobert was able to feel emotions, and that by wiping his memory, Miss Simian erased them, too?.. Bobert basically was robbed of all capacity to feel, has been trying to regain it ever since, and no one seems to care.
  • In "The Mustache", Gumball and Darwin get rid of their black hairs they begin sprouting by removing all of their fur with tape. Sure, it doesn't sound so bad with Gumball, but Darwin is a fish, and he does the same thing.
  • "Dodj or Daar" from "The Game" is quite terrifying, if a player picks up a dodj card whatever is on the card happens in reality and continues to happen until the game is finished. One of the cards reads "All players must hold their breath until the end of the game". What would have happened if the card was picked before the Wattersons were close enough to the finish to win the game in one die roll...
    • That's just regular horror.
  • According to "The Sweaters" Sarah the ice cream girl was transferred from a school of humans... it's a miracle that she wasn't eaten unless the eating other students rule in Elmore Junior High also applies to Richbank High.
    • It's probably unnecessary since the school doesn't have any actual predators going there.
      • But Sarah is a ice cream... humans eat ice cream...
      • Cats eat fish. And rabbits. What's your point?
      • "The Extras" reveals that there are actually only two humans there. Everyone else is a cardboard cutout, though one of them becomes human during the episode.
  • This is both Fridge Brilliance and Fridge Horror. In "The Dress", Gumball has an Imagine Spot about what his life would look like if Darwin married him. Cut to poorly-looking house, where Gumball is ironing clothes, surrounded by six kids. Darwin comes in and says "I WANT MORE KIDS!"
  • Brilliance part: Fish are known to have a HUGE number of kids, ranging from 100 to 100,000,000. Cats are also known to have many kids, ranging from 3 to 8. When Darwin gets in and says that he wants more kids, it is his instincts, because little newborn fish hardly survive in ocean. Poor kids also hardly survive.
  • Horror part: But there is still six kids. With reproductive genes of cats and fishes combined, that would cause an Explosive Breeder, probably, but there are SIX kids. Where are the other kids? That question causes terrifiying scenarios, such as abortion.......and that is JUSTIFIED, because seeing poor conditions of their house.....yeah....
    • They probably didn't show every single kid. Besides, Gumball probably doesn't know that much about fish biology anyway. Keep in mind it's an Imagine Spot.
    • And maybe Gumball is still "pregnant" with all another kids. It is probably painful. And i still said that they have bad conditions for a house. Childhood of those babies is gonna be really, really, bad. Or he knows? Besides, why would Darwin say "I WANT MORE KIDS!"?
    • Also, Gumball and Darwin are both male, not to mention different species, meaning the kids are adopted anyway. Also, this never actually happened, it was just a 5-second Imagine Spot. Probably not that much thought went into it.
  • All those times Gumball has popped Alan? Sure, it's funny until you realize this means Gumball has been trying to murder Alan for being "too perfect".
  • In the beginning of "The Fan" Gumball and Darwin are running to stop the Rainbow Factory from exploding... which is where their mother works.
  • In "The Limit" Nicole's rage was obviously nightmare fuel. But while watching the episode this thought wandered into my head. Gumball is a blue cat just like Nicole and he's her son. So there's a strong possibility he inherited that ability... Yeah.
  • In one episode it's revealed that the reason Anton is Made of Iron is that his parents keep remaking him in a toaster. So... what happens to the original Anton?
  • The fact that Elmore has a "no eating other students" rule becomes this when you consider that of the animal students, the only herbivorous one is Anais.
  • The events of "The Void": now that Molly is freed from that world, where will she live since her house and locker were folded into space? And how would we know she wouldn't be erased again? Oh and if Sussie doesn't do anything interesting or have a episode to herself she might be next!

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