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Nightmare Fuel: The Amazing World of Gumball
"I'm gonna' PRANK YOU!"

You wouldn't think an adorable, innocent show like The Amazing World of Gumball could give you nightmares, would you?

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    Season 1 

  • When Mr. Robinson gets crushed by the platform in "The Debt". Of course he's fine, but it's still disturbing to see someone just get flattened like that...
  • In the episode, "The Ghost," when Carrie possesses Gumball, his design is horrifying and nightmarish. The same can be said for Richard when Carrie possesses him at the end.
    • To add more to this there's the expressions of sheer fear when Carrie is possessing Gumball and the cut off scream when she's finally done.
  • Tina.
    • There's also her incredibly menacing father, who is so tall that he can't even fit the frame of the camera, and apparently eats tresspassers. Yikes.
    • AND NICOLE CAN KICK HIS ASS WITH EASE when pissed off. There's a reason Gumball is more terrified of his own mother angry than a freaking T-Rex. Even Tina finds Nicole scary.
  • When Mr. Small wore his skin-tight interpretive dance suit in season one, it was only a little disturbing, but when he wore a similar one in season two... OH GOD. You don't know whether to scream, puke or give the poor bastard a sandwich.
    • Well, he stated himself in "The Job" that he was on a diet where he was supposed to only eat sunshine...
      • And this is the most frightening thing of all. In real life there are actually people convinced that they can live off of just sunshine and water.
  • When Anais freaks out over the loss of her Daisy the Donkey doll, Gumball reminds her that it's just a toy. Anais' Nightmare Fuel response? NO. IT'S. NOT.
    • Can't mention that scene without mentioning this one.
  • Leslie without water. How the hell did they manage to make a flower descend into Uncanny Valley?!
  • Another example in "The Prank", when Richard pretends to snap, nearly crushing Gumball and Darwin with a bucket full of solidified cement and then chasing them through the house giggling like a lunatic, up to the point of bursting through walls.
    • That psychotic Slasher Smile he makes after they are almost crushed is damn terrifying.
      PRANK TIME!!
      • Also the line "I'm gonna Prank you...", as shown in the picture above.
  • Bobert's Kill and Replace attitude toward Gumball in "The Robot".
    Gumball: When I said you could copy me, I didn't say to steal my life!
    Bobert: But that's the logical solution of this course of action. Observe, assimilate...REPLACE.
  • Half the stuff Gumball and Darwin encounter when they get lost in the forest in "The Picnic".
    • Especially this freaky looking thing.
    • The predators make some really freaky sounds when they're eating each other in the Always a Bigger Fish montage.
  • The premise of "The Genius", in which the government takes Darwin away for testing, apparently including brain dissection, simply because he's too smart.
    • They would likely do the same with Anais.
    • In said episode Nicole gets very disturbing. After Darwin is taken away, Rocky says that he has nowhere to stay and asks if he can crash with them. While under their roof, she makes him wear Darwin's clothes, fake flippers and tail, changing his name to Rockwin and to top all that the incredibly creepy way she says "Just call me Mom...." while her eyes get more and more insane looking.
  • There's a bit of Fridge Horror in "The Mustache", where Gumball and Darwin completely shave themselves to rid them of hair. In the next scene they're both seen with pink skin, implying that Darwin ripped his scales off.
    • That whole episode itself can be considered Fridge Horror since their bodies were changing and it was terrifying them, but not through puberty, their bodies were literally physically aging through Richard's testosterone pills. How scary is it to be a kid one day, then have an adult body the next, too afraid to tell anyone and run away to get a job and move into a crappy apartment to never be able to face their friends and parents again? If you've seen "Big" you'd have that basic idea of Nightmare Fuel.
  • Anton, the toast kid, always ends up getting eaten by birds or similar creatures. It's his body. Now imagine it happening to yours.
  • "The Microwave" gives us the blob creature that Gumball and Darwin created, who they call Kenneth, which proceeds to swallow live creatures (like Anais, the postman, a pigeon, etc) whole.
    • And after he is returned to his normal size and everyone is freed near the end of the episode, Gumball and Darwin decide to raise him again, claiming he will not be hostile because they will do it right this time. Cut to Gumball and Darwin standing at the outskirts of the neighborhood with Kenneth, who is the size of a Kaiju, in the background with houses on fire and sirens blaring. The episode ends with Gumball saying that he should have went with Dad's plan to kill Kenneth with a shovel.
    • Heck, the very fact that dumb, lovable Richard was even justifiably driven to kill with a blunt object.

    Season 2 

  • The ending of "The Remote". Anais locks whole family outside the house and she tunes into the Daisy the Donkey show. What follows is a Staggered Zoom towards Anais' dissonantly serene smile, slowly clapping her hands and dancing on the couch as the Daisy the Donkey theme song takes a turn for the worse...
    • How about the fact that almost everything was a cleverly maneuvered plan by Anais just to get the remote/get the family to stop fighting about it. Anais has more of these 'smart people are scary' moments than anyone else. And she's only like FIVE.
  • In "The Job", things get EXTREMELY creepy when Nicole has a mental breakdown, Richard turns everything into chaos and so on. This is by far the darkest and creepiest episode in the series.
    • In the same episode a couple made of pizza watch in horror as Gumball murders their child in front of their own eyes.
      • When Mr Small eats a vegetarian pizza (which is just an assortment of grass and bubblegum) he falls to the floor and his pupils disappear from his eyes. The only evidence that he's still alive is a bubblegum bubble that blows out of his mouth.
    • Remember how Richard couldn't get a job to save his life when Anais' principal suggested he do so? This episode is why. It's entirely possible that the door of the office building not working whenever Richard tried to go through was because the universe was trying to stop him from erasing reality by holding down employment.
  • "Halloween" was very creepy at some points, especially that scene with those ghosts using Gumball and Darwin's lifeless bodies and begin playing with them. Anais comes around the house and sees the lifeless bodies being moved around... it's really disturbing. Sure, it was Played for Laughs but still.
  • "The Treasure" was pretty damn dark for a show like this. They also had some pretty creepy Nightmare Faces.
  • "The Apology" has the scene where Ms. Simian was chasing Gumball in a bout of primal rage.
  • Hector, when Gumball convinces him to let his feelings out. There's a reason his mom tries to keep him level-headed . . .
  • Pretty much the entirety of "The Flower." Gumball, under the effects of Jealousy actually attempts to murder Leslie via a death-trap. What makes this even more horrifying is that he would have succeeded if Jealousy had glued more than Leslie's pot.
    • And then there's the exorcism...
  • Gumball takes "smile with his eyes" to a horrifyingly literal level in "The Photo".
  • Gumball and Darwin when they dehydrate from crying too much in "The Tag".
  • "Dodj or Daar" from "The Game", due to it being a Artifact of Doom that warps the player's reality until they finish the game, especially considering some of the cards one can pull.
    • The worst of them all goes to the Dodj card that prevents all players from breathing for the remainder of the game. It could give Jumanji a run for its money!
  • Nicole when her Berserk Button gets pushed way too many times in "The Limit". The result is not a pretty sight.
    • Particular note for how she was limping this whole time because her spine was rendered crooked.
    • At one point during her rampage, a police officer who tries to stop her ends up being so frightened by her glare that he literally turns white (including his eyes) and ages on the spot. He then faints and has a hard time breathing.
  • "The Promise" has Banana Joe getting smashed under a set of weights. It all gets worse from there.
  • The demonic voice and penance stare Nicole gives Harold at the end.
  • Carrie's Jumpscare in The Tape is this one. Especially to the younger viewers.
  • In "The World", there are a few moments of this:
    • Penny and her family must have freaked out after the trees started talking out of the blue.
    • The living pillow saying that it likes to listen to your dreams.
    • The scene with the living food being eaten.
  • "The Finale." Everyone the family's ever pissed off comes after them with a vengeance for everything they've done in the show! By the end of the episode, the entire town is trying to lynch them.

     Season 3 
  • "The Fan" shows how terrifying a stalker Sarah can be. Like, in her video, explaining how she's been there through most of the events of previous episodes, sneaks into their rooms, watching them while they're sleeping and explaining that there's lots of places to hide in their house, and that their windows don't lock.
  • In "The Coach", an upset Jamie manages to get Anton eaten by a group of ducks. Bites off Teri's leg and spits it back at her! And actually eats some of Sarah and Banana Joe. They're supposed to be visual gags, but thinking about it from their perspective is terrifying. Even Gumball comments on how horrible it is.
  • "The Joy" starts off with Gumball and Darwin getting some kind of Joy-Causing Disease that makes them seem way too happy. It gets worse when their eyes turn completely black, they start drooling rainbow colored slime and start attack-hugging everyone else, infecting almost the entire school. All with those damn smiles on their face.
  • "The Puppy" A turtle is bent on eating the Watterson kids while making creepy faces the whole time. The worst part is probably when he jumps Gumball who was posing as bait.
    • Darwin's face when he saves Gumball from the turtle isn't much better. It's played for laughs though.
  • "The Recipe" has Gumball and Darwin make a clone of Anton. When they lose the first one, they make an army of clones. Gumball later asks where Darwin's group of clones went, and Darwin mentions that he told them to split up to cover more ground and that they may have taken it literally. The clones are just bread, but they're sentient. There's just something really unsettling about the way the screen pans out on Darwin's face as you see silhouettes of the Anton clones killing each other and screaming.
    Darwin: It was "pastricide".
    • Not to mention he montage of Gumball and Darwin frickin' KILLING Anton! Over and over and over! This episode was without a doubt one of the darkest.
  • Zac in "The Name", and how he tries to rewrite Gumball's memories, hoping to make sure that Gumball lost his identity and faded away, especially with how Crazy-Prepared he was in regards to the family's attempts to stop him.
  • In-universe, the background characters staging a Hostile Show Takeover in "The Extras".
  • Molly being erased on "The Void".
  • "The Boss" was chock-full of this, such as...
    • The receptionist morphing into a purple demon lion thing.
    • Rocky's zombified state, complete with white pupiless eyes.
    • The implication that the boss was possessed by the green contractor demon and presumably died when the demon leaves his body, and his "transformation" when he is fully taken over.

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