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Marvin Finklehimer is the red guy that won the academy award in the Family Guy cutaway when Peter admits to stuffing the ballot box.
The reason he's so old in The Amazing World of gumball could either be because the Family Guy episode happened much earlier (As well as the fact that the cutaway is supposed to be a flashback) or really good makeup artists. Compare Mr. Finklehimer with the creature in the bottom left corner: [1]
  • Mr. Finkleheimer is round though, the other creature is raindrop-shaped.
William communicates through telepathy...
...and Gumball and Darwin are simply too stupid to hear him.
  • That actually makes a lot of sense since he only came after Gumball and Darwin. If nobody could hear him, why didn't he come after anyone else too?
    • Because he was interested in becoming friends with them. He probably doesn't interact with a lot of the others (least in school.)
Gumball is from the world of There she is!!.
Nicole and Richard just happen to be pro-Interspecies Romance
Darwin isn't a pet and really is Gumball and Anais' brother.
The family had him registered as a house pet to hide the fact that Nicole had an affair with a goldfish.
  • Wow.
  • No... just no.
  • Yeah, definitely not. Even if it was true, that would be monstrous.
Masami is secretly a lesbian.
Am I the only one who thinks that all of Masami's rainbow connections have a...you know...deeper meaning? The way she was treating lady Gumball in "The Dress" was a little suggestive, especially the "I could fly you over" part. She's supposed to think she's better than everyone, so why is she worshipping this pretty new girl? And in "The Pressure", she might have been talking up boyfriends so much and trying to seem better than everyone so that she could hide her sexuality

  • I don't think so in the storm she's clearly in love with Alan.

Elmore is not just a city.
It's a planet. FUCKING ELMORE STREAM. If it's supposed to be their universe's parody of YouTube, wouldn't that be the same for the entire planet? Only, they say Elmore is a city. This can only mean that Elmore is really a city-sized planet.
  • Nope, I'm afraid not. Look closely at the spine of the blue book. About Elmore Stream, it's possible that it's a city-specific section of a website similar to Youtube called Stream-It. Maybe the rest of the world is segregating Elmore because of how insanely weird it is, which could be a WMG in and of itself.
  • Ditto. In one episode Richard looks at a magazine that looks like TV Guide and you can see "www.elmore-tv-playlist.com" on one page (the link doesn't work btw).
  • Isn't Juke an immigrant from another continent?
Gumball's Mom is apparently a very young mother who's in her 20's

So it all started when Gumball's Mom became pregnant by some guy during the age when she was in High School (possibly younger), she gave birth to Gumball. However, the guy didn't seem to last long with Gumball's mom, so he left her all alone to take care of her son. After she finished High School, she managed to get a job at the Rainbow Factory, which is a pretty good job to support the both of them. Later in life, Gumball's Mom met and married Gumball's Dad. Gumball's Dad and Gumball's little step-sister joined the family. Together, they currently live in a nice family home (along with Darwin).

The Evidence:

  • Gumball and his mom are blue cats, while Gumball's dad and sister are pink rabbits.
  • You could sense that Gumball's mom is in her 20s by just looking at how young she looks along with observing her personality.
  • There's a pretty big age difference with Gumball and his sister (8 years apart).
  • It's no surprise that Gumball's mom's first wedding dress seems to fit Gumball almost perfectly at age 12.....
  • For some reason, Gumball's mom was extremely angry when Gumball said "she 'chose' to have kids".
  • "The Gi" shows Nicole and Richard went to school together, meaning unless Richard was held back a lot they're around the same age. According to "The Laziest", Richard proved he was lazier than Lawrence in "the summer of '83"; assuming the show is set when episodes air that makes him at least 28, almost definitely older.
    • He's Richard. I'd be more surprised if he didn't get held back that long.
  • Maybe Richard was Nicole's fallback man meaning that after she became a single mother she got with Richard, not for financial assistance because we all see how useless Richard is, but for some companion consolement.
    • Jossed. In The Party episode, Richard mentions that he and Nicole were married for 20 years.
      • Simple, Richard is an idiot, so who's to say he didn't mean to say the word "4" instead of "40"
    • Also, "for some reason?" Nicole got mad because Gumball used a piss-poor argument to shirk his responsibility of returning the DVD.
      • Don't you fuddy the theory with your assumptions.
      • Out of simple curiosity, what does "piss-poor" mean?
      • Really, really bad. Like, "not even trying" levels of bad.
      • The gumball wiki clearly states her age as 42

Everyone lives in The Land of Ooo.
Why the hell not?
  • Because Gumball's world is even weirder.
    • How do we know our Gumball isn't Princess Bubblegum's great-uncle Gumball?
  • Why not? Because the manager of the game store from "The Refund" is Meep from Phineas and Ferb.
    • Maybe it's in the Land of Aaa instead. Gumball could be a relative to Prince Gumball, counterpart to Princess Bubblegum.
The Amazing World of Gumball's universe takes place after Chowder.
  • Think about it. Gumball and Anais's father looks like one of Chowder and Panini's children, bunny ears and all. If this is true, it would make Gumball and Anais the grandchildren of Chowder and Panini. Not only that, a gumball is a candy, and Chowder's universe revolves around food. You know what else I've noticed? Some of Gumball's classmates are food, so this could mean something....
    • Also, Anais looks a lot like Panini.
      • Exactly. They have that same look.
    • Alex is a balloon. So maybe he's Mr. Fugu's descendant.
    • Also, in Chowder's world, there are many times where certain characters are rendered in CGI, and in Gumball, animation fluctuations are so common that any fluctuations nowadays are treated as normal. Also, Chowder's world has had many points where the world's properties border on the impossible, and Gumball's world has them too (ie. The Void).
  • Hi, this is the OP here. After seeing the recent episode with Grandma Jo-Jo, I'm pretty convinced that she is, indeed, Panini.

Alternately, everyone lives on Living Island
Pufnstuf's just developed it a bit since the '70's.

"The Kiss" is a Lighter and Softer version of Regular Show's "Brain Eraser".
Excuse me if this is obvious, but their story-lines are so similar to each other.

Mr. Small is a refugee from The Problem Solverz.
  • Am I the only one who thinks that Mr. Small looks a lot like a Problem Solverz character? I guess he read the reviews, knew a sinking ship when he saw one, and decided to escape to the next door show.
    • I would like to mention that Tobias looks like a Problem Solverz character as well...
      • Really? I always thought that Tobias came from Lumpy Space.
      • He could be a mix of both. Who knows?
      • So, are you saying that Tobias is the result of a Lumpy Space Person doing it with a Problem Solverz character, or are you saying that Tobias is a Problem Solverz character who got bitten by a Lumpy Space Person?
      • I actually had another theory in mind: Tobias was originally from Lumpy Space. He gets bored and tries to find somewhere else to stay. He finds out that the Problem Solverz was being promoted 24/7, so he jumps in on the action by painting himself the appropriate colors for the show. After he realizes that the show wasn't really liked, he goes to another anticipating show, which is The Amazing World of Gumball. And the rest is history.
Carrie is a relative of High-Five Ghost.
  • Because why not. If Gumball and Anais are Chowder's grandkids, there's no reason why this can't also be true.
    • Although, it's gotta be noted that High-Five Ghost's extended family all have high-five hands sticking out of their hands. Carrie doesn't.
      • It's hidden under the hair.
The Robinsons are Gorgs
  • Also, Why not?
    • I guess that could make sense, since they have kind of a Jim Henson vibe. They do look kind of like shaved gorgs, don't they?
    • I highly doubt this, Gorgs are over 20 feet tall, all fat, and have different noses, from the moment I first saw them I thought Squidward, the Bigheads, and the Don't You Put It In Your Mouth puppets poured their DNA into a magic pot and got someone to use Irken powers to turn it into a hideous mutant couple.
      • The only thing connecting Chowder and Gumball is the fact that Anais and Panini look vaguely similar, why couldn't the vague similarities apply to the Gorgs and the Robinsons?

The Amazing World of Gumball is an idealized form of Ink City.
Mainly, a world made up of variously animated characters who all live together in relative harmony, as opposed to the not-so-perfect society slowly being cobbled together in the City.

The Amazing World of Gumball takes place several years after There she is!!
  • After Doki and Nabi's struggle, people began to accept inter-species romances. First cats and rabbits was accepted, then dogs where allowed to love anyone they wanted. Soon after, paper, balloons, dinosaurs, donuts, goldfish, fish, brick walls, etc.
Darwin's story.
  • We know Darwin used to be the pet fish and he sprouted legs one day. Why? Gumball simply overfed him and fed him all sorts of junk food. Darwin then got too large for his fishbowl and had to grow limbs learn to breathe air and talk so he could adapt to his new environment. He is *Darwin* after all.
    • Wouldn't that be more Lamarckian than Darwinian?
  • Or maybe because somewhere across their family they had a fish in it.
  • He's adopted.
    • Well of course. Virtually all family pets are technically adopted.
    • Only "virtually" all? Is this counting human slaves, 'cause otherwise I'm pretty sure ALL pets are technically adopted.

Tina and her father were once models.
That is, they started out as models of dinosaurs, on display in Elmore's museum. Just like everything else in Elmore, the dinosaur models came to life and became sentient, and were cast out of society after the resulting rampage.

The writers of The Amazing World of Gumball are Yaoi Fans.
Seriously, the amounts of Ho Yay between Gumball and Darwin that the show got away with is so astonishing that someone or some people have to be this.
  • I believe you.

Banana Joe is related to the smart banana who befriended IM Weasel
Apparently, the banana who befriended IM Weasel in "My Friend The Smart Banana" had a wife and kids. One of the kids grew up to be the mother or father of Banana Joe so that means.....Banana Joe's grandfather was a good friend of IM Weasel.
  • Alternatively they could be related to the banana aliens from rockos modern life.

Gumball only has a name that's weird because his dad named him
Richard seems to frequently fantasize about food-people, so naming his kid after a kind of candy is pretty much what you would expect.
  • Jossed by "The Name." Gumball is actually just a nickname, and his real name is Zac. He gets it legally changed to Gumball by the end of the episode.

Bobert is being used for scientific research.
A group of scientists created him to report on the behaviors on his classmates, the scientists want to know how an incredibly diverse group of children are able to co-exist peacefully. This also explains why Bobert has an Erase Memory button, when he is done with his reporting on Elmore Junior High, the scientists will erase his memory and start the expriment all over again and place him in another school to continue the research.

Gumball's mother (Nicole) is a workaholic.
We find this out in that episode "The Painting" she's probably got so used to providing for her children, adoptive son and good for nothing husband so much it felt normal to her, and when she had to all of the sudden stop her routine because of Principal Brown's recommendation it caused significant damage to her psyche and decided to go back to 7a.m-9a.m to 5p.m-7p.m lifestyle for her best.
  • Canon.

This show was recycled from its possible predessor "Chowder".
Chowder was pretty good when it first started but as the series got older it really didn't get all that stronger. It started to become very far-fetched and unrealistic to the point of which it became tasteless. That explains why the series ended so early, it was in the not bad but then again not very good category, that's why they didn't just all of a sudden end it like a lot of failed cartoon series. So they ended it very subtly with a movie, it was at least good enough for that. Then very soon after the series cancellation here comes Gumball with his cute little fangs. Even though this show is similar to "Chowder" it is a whole lot more realistic, come on now answer my question. Even if the creators of "Chowder didn't create "The Amazing World of Gumball" it is still recycled from the new classic we all know and love "Chowder". They couldn't just throw away Chowder completely.

Contradicting the The Amazing World of Gumball's universe takes place after Chowder theory this show takes place after Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
  • Imaginary friends don't age, am I correct? also humans exist in the Chowder universe and the Foster's universe so why aren't they here? Because in the Gumball universe; all humans finally became extinct just like wooly mammoths.
    • Scratch that, as of "The Sweaters", humans actually exist in Elmore... I can't believe it took them two seasons just to introduce some human characters.
      • The humans came from somewhere outside of Elmore, can't remember where. Perhaps Elmore doesn't allow them for some reason and this was an exception?

Alternatively: Foster's preceeds Chowder, which preceeds Gumball
We already know the theory about how Chowder preceeds Gumball, so I'll skip that. Imaginary friends formed their own society hundreds of years after Foster's. After hundreds more years, Chowder happened. In another part of the world, there's a land called Ooo. And, to add to the theory, 200 years before Foster's there was a young sailor named Flapjack.
  • And, Banana Joe's family comes from the world of talking bananas from Courage the Cowardly Dog (which is a different country that exists at the same time as Gumball).
  • Also, at the same time as Foster's, but in a different city, three superpowered 5 year old girls fought crime.
  • Meanwhile, in the same world but under the sea, in a pineapple...
  • Several thousand years after Adventure Time, Marceline's Dad becomes feared among his descendants as Lucius I, and I think Keepaway Island fits in here somewhere.
  • Oh, and the first attempt at an all-imaginary friend society was headed by Mordecai and Rigby.

Later in the series Gumball's and Penny's relationship will be put to a serious test.
Some really attractive boy or girl comes along and one of them will have to choose. Just like in some show when there are two really good friends who's friendship is eventually put to the test, it could happen to these two. Penny is Gumball's only real friend anyway. I said Penny because Darwin is his adoptive brother, even though he is a super good companion.
  • Somewhat confirmed in "The Flower".

One of the members in the help crew, even possibly the creator, has a freaky animal fetish.

Why else would you give anthropomorphic animals attractive human futures. Think of any other show that had anthropomorphic animals - do they have attractive human features like that? The cute faces are alright, but everything down there is somewhat suspicious, don't you think?
  • Y.. you're kidding, right?
  • What in the fuck are you talking about?
  • It would seem that this lies more with the troper than the work...
  • I believe you.
  • Lots of anthropomorphic animals throughout TV's history have been depicted as having sexually attractive features. But whatever the case may be, the characters in this show are not realistically proportioned. Some of their designs are almost cubist in nature, and as such, they are clearly not intended to be fetish material. The above troper is more likely drawn to their personalities and voices.

Bobert is a sly parody of Robot Jones.
He has two robot parents, he is studying the nature of organic... well, organisms, he is trying somewhat to fit in and not be a high tech bucket of bolts, and finally he has super strength. For those of you who watched Robot Jones or at least looked it up just now, does this sound any familiar to any of you.

Carrie is a Slave of the flesh.
Despite the fact that she is a spirit she surprisingly enough harbors the three sins of flesh which are Envy, Gluttony definitely enough and Lust; here's how.

Envy- Her desire for other people's things such as Gumball's body and little appreciation for what she has.

Gluttony- Her immense consumption of food to the point of waste. Remember that Gluttony isn't limited to just food and it has do with keep wanting more of anything.

Lust- Her desire to go on immoral eating binges. Let's not forget that Lust is doing anything immoral for the sake of physical pleasure not just immoral sexual acts.

Elmore is an alternate version of Springfield.
This is very possible by how Gumball's family is like the Simpsons and how almost everyone else is like citizens of Springfield. Like:

Gumball - Bart.

Nicole - Marge.

Richard - Homer.

Darwin - Milhouse.

Anais - Lisa or Maggie. (Most likely Lisa, because of the intelligence.)

And more.
  • I don't think so. That's how lots of fictional sitcom families are. Plus the creator has already established that the Watterson family is based upon his own family.
    • Sort of like how the Simpsons are based off of Matt Groening's family?

Carrie is Carrie White.
Kind of a stupid guess but it could be. She probably has gone emo after what happened to the prom (just see how the movie ended if you're not in the know). However, she was already kinda emo from the start (or just plain shy but not to be labeled emo yet).
  • Though I know that she's only a tween...she might be trying to start a whole new life in high school because everybody was so mean to her when she was alive.

This show takes place in the '90s.
Think about it: The designs of the settings and vehicles. The fact that they have a retro TV stand - with fuzzy-looking programs - rather than a flatscreen (in which you also see a VHS tape labelled "Wrestling" at the top). In "The Secret," there's a scene where Gumball tries to prank-call Darwin by using a telephone booth. A telephone booth— you don't see those around much, anymore; also, the design of their house phone doesn't really look as updated as they do today. In "The Genius," Gumball discovers the Internet for the first time while trying to learn how to use a computer. I don't think having a computer was very common back in those times. And everyone's clothing look quite plain, compared to what you see middle schoolers wearing today. And to top it all off, the title logo looks like it's from a pixel-made video game.
  • Jossed: I forget who, but someone involved withthe show said it takes place in either/all of "1950, 1985, 2010, or 2098"

Anais' genius; she actually got it from her dad
You may think it's absurd but do you know why such a guess? Because in the episode, "The Laziest" Richard was able to change the channel with his mind (or "unique abilities") like someone with ESP (or telekinesis for a more familiar term). It maybe merely an Ass Pull but nobody can do that unless they're really smart (I got that from Matilda by the way). The only reason that he is dimwitted all the time because he's probably autistic but not the bad kind.
  • Jossed on the statement supporting the WMG. The reason why Richard was able to seemingly paranormally change the channel is because as shown in the near end of the episode is because HE HAD THE REMOTE stuck up his ass, and the reason why he's able to manuever it without even looking at it is because all he does is laze around hold the remote and watch the T.V. He might be a lazy-ass remote whiz but that's just about as far as it goes.
  • Of course, it's not impossible that she got her intelligence from Richard's side of the family. Richard's mother seems fairly intelligent, despite being intensely overbearing.

Everyone is on drugs
Yep even the kids. Elmore is supposed to be a town full of guys who sell shrooms, crack, LSD and many more.
  • Dude seiously! There is absolutely NO evidence supporting this theory. Even more jossed in the sweaters there are humans! So no they aren't taking drugs.

Carrie's parents are witches/necromancers
How could Carrie be both a dead girl AND born a ghost? She was stillborn/miscarried, but her parents brought her spirit back.
  • But that means she was once a fetus, which is still technically a mortal creature, before she died.

Gumball will find himself, and get a sex change later in life.
The World of Gumball is the future of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, after a race war rose up between man and the toons for domination of Earth.
The toons won.

Gumball an Penny will eventually become an Official Couple.
  • Isn't this already true? They both share feelings for each other. They just haven't showed it in public. I think most of their classmates already know about Gumball and Penny.
    • If they weren't already, they're clearly a couple as of "The Shell".

Nicole makes a career selling vomit
Masami has been shown to be capable of vomiting rainbows. Misami's father owns the rainbow factory. Think about it.
Penny being curvier in later episodes is caused by puberty.
She is at that age.
Larry keeps switching jobs because of Gumball and Darwin.
They keep getting him in trouble so he gets fired and has to find a new job.
  • If memory serves, this was confirmed as of the season 2 finale.
"The Authority" was supposed to air before "The Fridge."
It would explain Nicole's behavior. In the past, she was overly protective of the kids, but after seeing Grandma Jojo's parenting turn them lazy and helpless, she overcompensated in the wrong direction and tried to make them more competitive.

The Wattersons were Killed Off for Real as a result of "The Finale"
near the end of the episode an Angry Mob stormed the Wattersons home. They would so pissed at the stuff the family did over the series and the episode in question (Witch included two Kaijus let loose on Elmore and stuffing one of the characters in an envelope and folding it with the person inside and other horrible things in that episode alone.) By this point the citizens are convinced that the family as a whole has crossed the Moral Event Horizon and felt it necessary to kill them in cold vengeful blood (even the kids. but then again, they were responsible for most of the damage anyway). The episode ended short because it served as a Gory Description Shot.
  • For the record I know this WMG is a But Grimdark, but the way this episode presented itself and the town's mood makes me think that they wouldn't be let off so easily.
  • Jossed. the cut actually was an invoked Deus ex Machina that saved Gumball and has family from certain doom. and a Third season is on the way, so this episode would be in Negative Continuity.

Underneath her shell, Penny is a jackalope.
A Jackalope is a critter from North American myth. Basically, a rabbit with deer-like antlers. In Penny's case, she has antlers and pawed hands and feet sticking out of holes in her shell. If she was a deer, she would have hooves instead of toes.
  • Then why does she look like a peanut?
  • But that would defeat the joke behind her design. She is a female deer inside a peanut. In other words, she is a doe-nut. A jack-nut isn't as punny.
    • Female deer do not have antlers. This proves Penny is a boy hiding inside the peanut shell and Yaoi with Gumball ensues. (Is Penny Mr. Peanut's great-grandson?)
  • As of 10/9/2014, officially jossed. She is a shape-shifting rainbow fairy who changes form based on emotion, and only a kiss stabilized her.
World of TAWOG is a horribly distorted reality

It would explain what happened to the world in The Job. Basically, the world where Gumball lives is very weird and cartoonish. Richard eversed [[spoiler: by having a job, raised the bar to uncontrollable levels and thus, unknowingly he distorted everything in his path, for example, turning his wife into a blobulous puddle. If he did succeed to give pizza whole and unharmed....
  • Would the original author please unobfuscate this? The preceding paragraph makes little to no sense.

There will eventually be a Token Human character.
  • Confirmed in "The Sweaters", though so far they haven't reappeared.
    • I meant a recurring Token Human character, possibly as a background, minor or possibly major character.

Nicole is a literal. SPAWN. OF SATAN.
I mean come on! The evidence is SO obvious! She is shown to have souls in her eyes. Can burn plastic through mind control. And even suck out someones LIFE FORCE.

In "The Allergy", Gumball gets his amazing reaction skills from none other than....
His mother....seems that Paintball War thing is starting to take affect on him.

Penny's family are really just Shapeshifting aliens that have come to Elmore to "fit" in

Gumball is based off of a religious family
I mean just think of it, Gumball's real name is Zach, Darwin is based off of Charles' Darwin for the own sake of being an evolved fish, right down to the fact that Richard and Anais are religious names.

Gumball somewhat takes place in the world of Spliced!
The residents of Elmore are just not discovered experiments created by the mad scientist.

Richard used to be a high ranking general, and now suffers PTSD
In the episode "The Tape" Gumball and Darwin record a bunch of random skits. Towards the end of the episode, Darwin pretends to be a general, and is wearing a hat with a rabbit insignia on it. This is very unusual, and even stranger is the fact that in the very next cut he's wearing almost an identical hat, but with an eagle on it. So why would they own a hat like this, and why would it have a rabbit on it? Obviously, it used to belong to Richard. We've seen that although there are dozens of races in the show, traits are genetic to some degree i.e. children look at least somewhat like their parents (Banana Joe's parents are bananas, Tina's Dad is a t. rex, etc. etc.). This means that there likely are more people like them somewhere else in the world. From the bunny hat being owned we can infer that there's an entire race of pink rabbits in the world, and that in the near past they were aggressively militaristic. We see this bias towards rabbits being played out in many episodes, where other characters are needlessly cruel to Richard for no reason. For instance, in the episode where he tries to get a job, the automatic door won't let him through. In any other show, it would be a cartoony exaggeration, but in Elmore, everything can come to life, and this door is clearly biased against him. Ms. Simian as well seems to have it out for him and his children.

So why then, is he so dumb now? I propose that this is not a trait inherent to his personality, but the result of severe trauma, psychologically and physically. The idea of Richard as a military genius is supported by the intelligence of Anais, the only child that can be confirmed as definitely his offspring, and the Granny Jojo, who is obviously at least of average intellect. In addition, is it really reasonable that someone as driven as Nicole would waste her life with someone as lazy as Richard? At some point in the past he obviously was more attractive to someone like Nicole. Military benefits would also help explain how the Watterson's are able to support themselves, when only one of them actually works and the other one spends all his time eating up their money.