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     Season 1 
  • Gumball revealing that he lost his pants weeks ago and made new ones out of cardboard. Darwin thinks they make him look like he "went to the bathroom in a space suit."
  • When Gumball and Darwin look through the newspaper for jobs, Gumball asks if Darwin can speak Chinese. Darwin replies with a long sentence in Chinese about how he isn't very good at it, but the hard caption afterward simply reads "NO".
  • When trying to return the DVD, Gumball and Darwin make a hilarious homebrew version of Alligators on a Train which includes cardboard alligators and hand-written, out of focus credits. Larry is not amused.
  • The whole chase scene between Gumball, Darwin, and Nicole.
  • Nicole's solution to the $700 late fee on the DVD: "RUN!"

The Responsible
  • Richard nearly hiring a slimeball (a literal one) he found online who thinks babysitting is actually sitting on a baby.
  • This exchange:
    Nicole: I need you to promise me that you will be responsible.
    Gumball: I promise to be the most responsible kid and will handle my responsibilities in the most responsible way.
    Darwin: Yeah, RESPONSIBLE!
    Nicole: You have no idea what "responsible" means, do you?
    Gumball and Darwin: Nah.
  • Gumball's attempts to protect Anais:
  • Miss Simian asking Nicole, "Are you aware that your husband isn't wearing any pants?"

The Debt
  • When Anais and Darwin decide to help Gumball repay his debt towards Mr. Robinson for "saving" his life. Darwin throws a brick with a ransom note tied to it at Gumball, smacking into his back. The painful spasms and crying made it all the more hilarious.
    Anais: I said throw it near him, not at him!
  • Gumball's many attempts at saving Mr. Robinson.
  • Mr. Robinson getting unwanted CPR from the purple guy at the store.
  • Mr. Robinson holds a high note during his musical number, causing windows in the school to break and to cause his wife (who left on him) to lose control of the car and crash into a lamp post.

The Third
  • Gumball and Bobert playing punchies. Gumball hits Bobert with a loud clang, hurting his own hand, and then Bobert punches Gumball right through a wall.
  • The whole scene of Leslie trying to hang out with Gumball and Darwin, especially the end.
    Leslie: We'll be together (in slow motion) FOREVER!!!
  • Darwin questions if three best friends are weird or not. It'll make you chuckle if you know anything about polygamous relationships.
  • The entire scene of Gumball riding Rosie's tricycle to get to Darwin.

The End
  • Richard, Gumball, and Darwin speed-walking at the supermarket, which Darwin says is "pretty effective."
    Richard: It's an Olympic event, you know.
  • Richard repeatedly trying to use the checkout scanner.
    Scanner Voice: Please scan faster.
  • "Duu~~de! You just got moooooo~ned!"

The Dress
  • The first time Tina opens her mouth. Larynx Dissonance turned Up to Eleven (not to mention pitch-shifted way down).
  • Gumball's attempts at coming up with a Line-of-Sight Name both starting with him seeing someone chewing gum, and then someone playing with a ball. Twice.
  • Darwin's obsessive behavior over "Gumballoopseggwobbleunderpant", like taking a picture which he sticks to his face, collecting "her" burp gas, and squeezing out "her" towel sweat to put into a locket.
  • Gumballnowigbattleaxeninja being in Europe.
  • Gumball imagining what will happen if he doesn't tell Darwin that his love is just him in a dress:
    (cut to house, with Gumball smiling and ironing clothes, with blue and orange fish babies everywhere)
    Darwin, wearing a fedora and holding a briefcase: I WANT MORE KIDS!
    Gumball: *crying*
  • Richard had already forgotten he sent Gumball to school in a dress by the next time he saw him.
    Richard: Hey Anais, who's your friend?
    Gumball: It's me, dad.
    Richard: Hello, Itsmedad. (whispers to Anais) Is she foreign?
    [Anais facepalms and groans in frustration]
  • When Gumball tries to enact his plan with Anais's help.
    Anais: (Deadpan) This plan already reeks of failure.
  • After Darwin gets over Gumballoopseggwobbleunderpant, he immediately falls in love with a fire hydrant wearing her dress and tiara. Even funnier, he doesn't hear Gumball's words on how he "used to be beautiful".

The Quest
  • Gumball and Darwin giving Anais a robotic doll to replace Daisy, which walks back and forth talking in a distorted voice before bursting into flames and falling over, revealing its metallic body underneath.
  • The following line, which also doubles as Nightmare Fuel:
    Gumball: Anais, it's only a toy.
    Anais: (demonic voice) NO, IT'S NOT!
  • Gumball and Anais's cute-off.
  • "My dad eats trespassers."

The Spoon
  • The way Gumball and Darwin say "Yay, adventure!"
  • "I'm bald and I'm proud!" And the weird animesque poses Gumball and Darwin make when they say that.
  • OH MY GOD, HE HAS A SPOON! You Monster!
    • And in the ending: "This guy tried to rob a convenience store... (snrk!) with a spoon! AHAHAH!"
  • Also in the ending:
    Donut Cop: (to Nicole, Gumball's mom) Mam, you'll be free to go. We found the real culprit. All I need to do is fill out some paperwork and you'll be free. It'll be about 5 minutes.
    Nicole: (looking at the criminal) Five minutes is all I need. (pounds her fist in her hand, Smash to Black)

The Pressure
  • Darwin wants to keep Masami from kissing him, so he says he tastes like fish.
  • "Mine is so old that he doesn't have teeth".
  • Banana Joe chopping down the tree and yelling, "Pals before gals!" when he succeeds.

The Painting
  • Richard wakes up after the meeting
    Richard: (wakes up) Uh, what'd I just agree to?
    Gumball: To get a job.
  • Mr. Small's five-step session with Gumball and Darwin:
    Mr. Small: All right Darwin, take a deep breath and let it all out.
    (Darwin breathes and and begins exhaling a giant bubble)
    (Mr. Small pokes the bubble)
    (Cut to a live-action sequence of a house getting blown up)
  • Mr. Small expresses his opinions on art:
    Mr. Small: Take a look at this picture. Is this what you think is painting?
    Gumball: Yeah.
    Mr. Small: Well...YOU'RE WRONG! (Swats painting onto the floor. Begins beating it with a baseball bat.) THIS IS NOT PAINTING! THIS IS NOT PAINTING! THIS! IS! NOT! PAINTING! (Sets fire to the painting.) Burn you relic of convention!
  • Gumball and Darwin learn about painting:
    Mr. Small: All right who wants to go first?
    Gumball: OOH OOH ME PICK ME! (gets drenched in pink paint)
    Mr. Small: The world is your canvas. Now BE the brush!
    Gumball: ...MY EYES! IT BURNS! (starts running into walls)

The Laziest
  • The musical number inside of Gumball's body showing sugar cubes doing the twist on his ribs while other sugar cubes are tickling Gumball's heart.
  • Richard displaying his "psychic" powers to change the channelnote .
    Darwin: Aaaaah! Paranormal activity!

The Ghost
  • The first-person binge-eating sequence, in which Gumball steals a half-eaten chicken drumstick from the Hairy Hobo, knocks over a hot dog cart, and takes a bite out of the Doughnut Sheriff.
  • Richard making fun of Gumball for gaining weight, only to cry when he notices that he's not exactly thin either.
  • Carrie in Gumball's body, going on an eating binge, but pausing to pick the pickle off a burger.
  • "It's a flip-flop, Carrie. A flip-flop!"
  • "Another happy ending!"

The Mystery
  • Some of the students have funny comments on the figure that fell out of Gumball's locker.
    Alan: It looks like a rancid burrito.
  • "How do you sleep at night, Ms. Simian?" "Like a baby. HAHAHA-(gets hit by door)"
  • Much of the chase scene in the library.
  • The running gag of the teachers getting run over by vehicles.
  • Bobert displays what really happened to Brown, insulting some of the students/staff all the way.
    Darwin: What's a nincompoop? (whispering in his ears) Hey!!

The Prank
  • The part where Gumball and Darwin pull the "Put someone sleeping on a raft out in the middle of a lake" prank on Richard, except they send him down a river leading to the sea. When he comes back, he's apparently been out to sea for a long time, evidenced by his beard stubble, sunburn, and lack of clothes (he was using the raft to cover his front). When Darwin asks what happened to his clothes he angrily responds that he ate them.
  • The "I'm a ballerina" scene:
  • The scene with the bucket stuck to Richard's head is also hilarious.
  • "A music video! A music video! Yeah, we are in a music video! This is what we call a music video! Oh baby! We're singin'!"

The Gi
  • The montage of Gumball and Darwin quitting various sports/events, leading up to ice skating, where Gumball throws Darwin on the ice in anger.
  • "Do you know what a true warrior needs for a good warm-up?" "Mittens and a scarf?"
  • The username for the video of Darwin doing karate is SomeKidsAtSchool. Really!
  • "My kids are in danger....of becoming their father!"
  • "Are you crazy?" "No Darwin. I'M MORE SANE THAN I'VE EVER BEEN!!"
  • "Quiet, I wanna hear him fail!"

The Kiss
  • The beginning when Gumball is first traumatized by Grandma Jojo's kiss.
  • The scene where Anais tries to get Grandma Jojo's luggage up the staircase using a rock and plank catapult, complete with schematic nailed to the wall. She miscalculates, causing the suitcase to fly out the front door which Darwin just opened, after which it flies open onto Gumball and closes on him. His scream is what seals it.
  • At the end Anais gets the suitcase up the stairs... only for Jojo to ask her to take it back down again, making Anais furious in a manner similar to the example from "The Quest" above. She then throws the suitcase out the window.

The Party
  • Richard trying to cheer Gumball up over not finding a date:
    Richard: When I was your age, I needed a date for a party, and what I said to her was, "(mumbles with mouth full of food)". And twenty years later, we're still married!
    Gumball: Oh dad, you make it sound so easy...
  • When they get to the party, Penny's just a bit jealous that Gumball's with Tina.
    Gumball: So... I didn't realize you were coming with Hector.
    Penny: I didn't realize you liked lizard breath!
    (Tina sniffs her breath and realizes it smells bad)
    Darwin: (oblivious) I feel awkward!
  • Ms. Simian & Principal Brown crashing the party and busting it wide open.
  • Jamie says she's going to throw a TV out the window, but it throws itself out first.
  • Molly accidentally bursting through the roof, then the Sun comes out from behind the horizon to complain.
    The Sun: Hey dude, I'm trying to sleep here!
    Molly: Sorry.
  • Richard interrupting Penny and Gumball's kiss while honking his horn repeatedly.
  • Darwin's reaction to Tobias' older sister kissing him on the cheek.
  • Tobias and Rachel's parents coming home and finding that the house is clean and nothing happened (though Harold worries that Rachel may have run up the phone bill)...and walk by the closet just as Principal Brown and Miss Simian begin to make out.

The Refund
  • Gumball attempting to stuff his new game (which looks like a PAL SNES cartridge) into his game system (which looks like either a Super Famicom crossed with a DVD player or a cheap knock-off of an Xbox 360).
  • Gumball using hypnosis on Larry...and Larry still not giving them a refund despite being brainwashed.
  • Gumball and Darwin showing Larry a homemade PSA about kids each year not getting refunds, which is followed by the two of them singing a parody of "We Are the World".
  • The teddy bear manager beating up Richard.
  • The ending where the three prepare to enjoy his game, then it reveals the manager gave them a paper shredder propped up to look like a console.

The Robot
  • Gumball and Darwin are apparently playing with dolls at the beginning, cumulating in an offer for a dynamite cupcake and throwing the dolls about.
  • Gumball's 8-Bit imitation of Bobert.
  • Whenever Darwin tries to help Gumball in the episode's climax, he is simply shot down with little ease. The timing of each occurrence is perfect.
  • Gumball opens his locker by sticking a paper clip in his buttocks and ramming into the locker.
  • When Gumball asks Darwin to attack Bobert, Darwin can't tell who is the real Gumball (Bobert is dressed like him), so Gumball states that it's the one that's not a robot. Not a smart thing to say, as Darwin whacks real Gumball with a shovel.

The Picnic
  • Remember, they are supposed to go around The Forest of Doom.
  • Darwin says hi to a pair of seemingly harmless squirrels:
    Squirrel #1: They'll never make it out of here alive.
    Squirrel #2: We'll feed on their carcasses.
  • Gumball and Darwin's reaction to staring at the sun setting their eyes on fire:
    Darwin: (completely calm) There are no words to express the pains that I feel right now.
    Gumball: (also calm) Sure there are.
    Both: AAAAAH!
  • Gumball setting his hands on fire trying to start a camp fire.
  • Gumball attempts to hunt.
    Gumball: I'm a predator, hear me roar! (meow)
  • Darwin eating Gumball's clothes.
  • Gumball falling off a cliff after he decides to leave Darwin.
  • Gumball and Darwin finally making it to the campsite and then eating from the trash.
  • Tracking Miss Simian by her smell, and finding an outhouse instead.

The Goons
  • Gumball's Evil Laugh when he plots to compete with Anais to become Richard's favorite.
  • Tobias competing in the dumb race only for him to grab dozens of balloons and floats away from the race. He spends the rest of the episode floating above the park and then the hospital.
    Tobias: I'm winning! I'm winning! I'm winning! (grabs the balloons blindly and starts to float away) NOT WINNING!!
  • Banana Joe ran through a steel fence and gets sliced in pieces.
    Banana Joe: I'm a banana split. (laughs) Ooh, it hurts.
  • Larry accidentally proposing to Richard. Richard took it seriously, followed by a melodramatic thinking montage.
  • Gumball tells what appears to be Richard "Dad. I cannot play "Butt Puppets" right now.", only to reveal that the doctor actually looks like Richard's butt and sounds like him.
  • The very last scene of a still-blindfolded Darwin running in circles around a tree:
    Darwin: Did I win yet? Did I win yet? Did I win yet? [crashes into the tree] ...ow.

The Secret
  • Gumball flashbacks to Darwin's schoolbook photo, where Ms. Simian and Mr. Small are seen looking at the photo in amazement as Darwin looks up at them teary-eyed.
  • Gumball attempting to get Darwin to say the secret by making him eat some spicy food and preventing him from drinking anything, until Darwin's mouth is set ablaze.
  • Gumball's failed attempt at reading Darwin's mind ends up making his face very stretched out.
  • The so-called secret is actually a video of Gumball trying to dance to rap music, until he hits something and goes out of control. It immediately becomes a hit online.

The Sock
  • The entire scene where Mr, Small uses his "lie hat" to teach Gumball and Darwin how lying can hurt others.
    Mr. Small: Your mother called!
    (Gumball and Darwin gasp in excitement)
    Mr. Small: She says she hates you! ... So, what have we learned today?
    Darwin: Never trust a man wearing a hat.
  • During Gumball and Darwin's montage of harsh honesty:
    Gumball (to Penny): I love you!
    (Penny does a gasp of happiness)
    Darwin: He'll never make the first move!
    (Penny is annoyed)
  • Gumball and Darwin telling Principal Brown and Miss Simian what they really think of their relationship.
    Gumball: I can't help thinking that your relationship with Miss Simian could be compromising your professionalism.
    Darwin: I completely agree Gumball, and frankly, I fear my education is suffering as a result.
    Gumball: And besides, Principal Brown, you can do so much better than that!
  • Mr. Small's cute little eye twitch when he says "Hippity rap" is perfect, and the whole Piss-Take Rap is great.
    Mr. Small: Each case will require a specific judgement call depending on who you're talking to and the context of the conver-sayshun!
    (Gumball and Darwin look stunned)
  • The fact that Principal Brown needs confirmation from someone else about if his head is on fire, even though it clearly is.
  • Mr. Small, stuck in his cabinet, mentions his problem with his knees bumping into his back.
  • Richard breaking down and admitting he did indeed eat his sons' homework. When asked why, he responds "I thought it'd make me smart!"
  • Darwin's head exploding after Gumball's detailed statement on proper honesty.

The Genius

The Poltergeist
  • Richard apparently managed to squeeze into the cupboards with ease.
  • The ending, where Nicole gets herself caught in another of Richard's ghost traps.
    Nicole: RICHAAAAAAR-!
  • The whole scene of Mr. Robinson getting electrocuted by the Electro-Fat.
  • "Wanna make out?"

The Mustache
  • Gumball and Darwin become men. Anais becomes an even bigger man.
    Gumball: You look like a Mexican wrestler.
  • The supplement's name is "MALE POWER 2000"
  • When the hormones finish changing Gumball completely it has a closeup of his butt suddenly becoming incredibly muscular, then we get a quick shot of Leslie's shocked face.
  • The "Because We're Men" montage.
  • Gumball's pec dance.
  • The sight of Richard and Nicole playing with their "hairy mutant" children happily in the park.
    Nicole: (meekly) They grow up so fast.

The Date
  • Nicole tries to hug Gumball and he tries to block, causing a sort of impromptu sparring match, which Gumball loses.
  • "Welcome to Punchtown. Population: You."
  • Gumball is very insensitive about Penny's pet's death.
    Penny: My dad flushed him down the toilet by mistake.
    Gumball: Pfft..! (holding in laughter) That's terrible! Did he go round and round or just straight down?
  • Gumball paying his respects to Mr. Cuddles:
    Gumball: Well, Mr. Cuddles was Penny's pet. Even thought I never met him, Penny's pretty hot. So I'm sure he was pretty hot too.

The Club
  • Nicole in her weekend anger management class:
    Nicole (to Gumball, still perfectly calm and motherly): Behind this door I'm a totally different person. Trust me, you don't want to see this.
    (Nicole walks inside)
    Mr. Small: Good afternoon, Nicole!
    (Mr. Small goes flying through the door and crashes into another door on other side of the hallway)
    Anais: (poking her head out of the door) Could you keep it down out there?
    Nicole: YOU KEEP IT DOWN!
  • The weird video the Reject Club plan on posting because Gumball rejected them.
  • Darwin easily distracts one of the Eggheads with smooth dance moves. The Egghead then joins in.

The Wand
  • When Richard wishes the sink was unclogged, Gumball and Darwin remove the u-bend pipe, Gumball swallows the sewage, then vomits it on Darwin.
  • "The only thing supernatural about you is your ignorance."
    • "The only thing mighty about you is your ignorance. Heheh, I used the same joke again."
  • Richard wishing that Mr. Robinson looked ridiculous, followed by Gumball and Darwin putting him in a two-piece swimsuit, then stripping him nude, then putting the swimsuit back on. Richard then wishes that Mrs. Robinson's head was a melon, followed by Gumball and Darwin throwing a melon on her head.
  • Richard thinks he's cast a reverse spell on Gumball and Darwin. Gumball repeats his previous line "Its power has overtaken you" as "You overtaken has power its", to which Darwin corrects him saying "Uoy nekatrevo sah rewop sti".

The Ape
  • Gumball and Darwin have very different reaction from Ms. Simian when her car flips over theirs.
    Gumball and Darwin: Coooool!
    Ms. Simian: Noooot cooooool!
  • Miss Simian insulting Nicole at every point in her life: her first steps, her first bike ride, her first F on a school project, her first dance, and her wedding day (Ms. Simian wasn't even invited; she just happened to drive by the church and see the wedding as it was ending). It's cruel at first, but transcends into hilarity.
  • Miss Simian failing to do a proper high-five by whacking Gumball and Darwin in the face with her palm.

The Car
  • Gumball simply touches Mr. Robinson's car with the sponge and it falls to pieces. When he says it can't get any worse, Murphy's Law kicks in and it bursts into flames.
  • Anais and Nicole are coming home, Nicole notices the Robinsons are talking to a police officer next to their burning car. She ducks down as they pass by the house and makes Anais do the same, but Anais's Daisy the Donkey doll is still sticking up, leading to some very confused looks when it appears to the Robinsons and the Sheriff that a doll is driving a car.
  • "This is what happens when you mess with Gaylord!"
  • "I pay my taxes and that pays your salary, ergo I'm your boss!"

The Curse
  • Gumball getting stepped on in the middle of a spontaneous bursting-into-song.
  • Gumball finding a "lucky football" and ending up being punted into the distance, where the goal post then falls on him.
  • Science and reason going down the drain as the world disproves Anais' claim that bad luck's bogus by spontaneously generating a cloud indoors to strike Gumball with lightning.
  • The universe going Rube Goldbergian outer limits on Gumball in an all out attempt to destroy him, leading to a climactic homage to Final Destination.
  • At the end, the family decide to use their minds to get Daisyland tickets. We're then treated to a scene where a family ticket blows away from a stand, into a car, into a plane, then into the hospital room the Wattersons were in at the time. Specifically, right into the table fan it is shredded into pieces by.
    Darwin: Yaaay! I wished for snow!

The Microwave
  • At the beginning of the montage of Gumball filling the "Gross Jar", he's seen blowing his nose and putting the used napkins in the jar. Eventually he sneezes so hard his entire face comes off.
  • Darwin trying to ditch Gumball after learning that he's a father.
    Gumball: Darwin! Where are you going?
    Darwin: Um, buy some stuff... at the shop?
  • Gumball describes Kenneth to their father as a "gross dog thing".
  • The ending, where Gumball and Darwin agree to take better care of Kenneth. Cue the town getting destroyed by a giant Kenneth and Darwin agreeing that they should've killed him.

The Meddler
  • The entirety of Gumball's cheerleader tryout to win Penny back.
    • Mr. Small sees Gumball's cheerleading tryout, scribbles something down on a piece of paper, slides it to Principal Brown, and it turns out to be nothing but a large question mark.
  • Darwin's head exploding (again) at the very end from smiling for a long time.
  • Gumball ends up flashing his butt to his own mom at one point.
  • Tina's high-pitched tone in voice when Gumball insults her on her smell.
    Tina: Oh, I'll have you know that smell is a glandular problem!
  • Principal Brown getting splashed by hot coffee, chlorine, and fertilizer accidently by Gumball.
  • Nicole increasing the detention hours for Gumball up to 8, and when Brown accepts, she gives him a thumbs up.
  • Mr. Small going all out drill sergeant on Penny.

The Helmet
  • Nicole has a particularly, hilariously epic tantrum as she trashed her bosses' office in the middle of her promotion interview.
  • Tina has her lunch ruined, and she eyes Gumball and Darwin angrily, where Darwin points at Gumball nervously. Cut to Darwin with Gumball shoved right into his mouth.
  • Gumball putting chemicals into an ant farm of all places, causing an explosion when stirred and it makes the ants attack Gumball.
  • By the end of the episode, Richard and his family ride down the street on a speedboat, which he won on a game show. As they drive down, the pavement suffers a good deal of damage.

The Fight
  • What Nicole did to Tina Rex's father will forever be a Moment of Awesome, and one of her funniest over-reactions as well: Nicole closes the doors on Tina's garage house, with Tina's father's eyes glowing in the darkness behind Nicole, each larger than her entire body... and then "I'm glad we had this little talk." As she walks away, the building collapses. She beat a giant T-Rex so badly the building collapsed.
  • Gumball actually begging to get a detention to avoid fighting Tina.
  • Mr. Small freaking out whenever Tina is in sight or is mentioned.
  • All it takes to scare Richard apparently is Gumball's little "mew".

     Season 2 

The Remote
  • Near the beginning of the episode when Nicole is showing why she needs a new microwave, she puts a potted flower next to it and turns the microwave on. The radiation from the microwave causes the flower to disintegrate.
  • The Wattersons besides Anais end up in a big kung-fu fight over the titular device. Right before it starts, a sign on the wall behind Nicole says this:
  • Later in the same battle, Nicole performs a Matrix like leap to the roof of another building. As Gumball and Darwin stop short, Richard attempts and fails to make the same jump. By the sound, his Epic Fail was rather painful.

The Colossus
  • The Bowdlerised version of Captain Punch:
    What's this? Looks like three ski enthusiasts have just withdrawn their hard earned wages from the bank!
    Take this...
    (handwritten on whiteout over a picture of someone with a hand drawn bouquet) lovely bunch of flowers!
    I'm gonna take you guys down... to a nice restaurant for a Swiss fondue!!
    (close up shot) My treat!''
  • Gumball prepares to give chase to Hector by grabbing a nearby broom and mounting it, and then he falls face first to the ground. Hector's mom says that the broom is a normal one she has because she's a cleaning lady, then adds that 'the witchy ones are over there', to which Gumball replies with I Knew It!.
  • When Gumball is in the middle of climbing Hector, Darwin smugly tries to get Gumball to learn a lesson.
    Darwin: You know, next time you want to judge other people's life choices, maybe you should take a long hard look at your own.
    Gumball: Well, maybe you should take a long, hard look at that duck!
    Darwin: ... duck?
    (duck comes from off-screen and slams into Darwin)
  • At the end of the episode Hector sends Gumball and Darwin a friend request. Since he'll destroy the town again regardless of if they say yes or no, Gumball smashes the monitor with a hammer.

The Knights
  • The entirety of Gumball going ballistic on his family so that his study with Penny is perfect.
  • Gumball running out of toothpaste at the beginning and trying to brush his teeth with a bar of soap.
  • Gumball's various attempts to win over the respect of Mr. Fitzgerald, including, but not limited to: making him a cake, a mixtape, a ukulele song (complete with an a capella version for when the listener destroys the ukelele), wiping the sweat off his forehead while out jogging, and vandalizing a billboard for his construction firm to read "WAtteRson AND Fitzgerland Co.-FRieNDSHip UNLimited"
  • When Penny's dad is about to accidentally drive into her, Gumball attempts a Diving Save, but once he does Penny's dad veers off-course looking like he's about to hit Tobias. He brushes just past Tobias, his mirror comes off and he crashes into the Wattersons' house.

The Fridge
  • A crocodile lady brags to Gumball that she managed to find a half-price salmon at a grocery store, and Nicole stares at him as he walks toward her. Cut to the car, where Gumball is holding the salmon and has a salmon-shaped red mark on his face.
  • Because "a winner stares fear in the face", Nicole makes Gumball stand on the roof in a lightning storm, holding a golf club.

The Flower
  • At one point Jealous Gumball calls Leslie a "neck-to-face, CO2-breathing, self-pollinating, photosynthesizing, soil-eating, root-drinking, deciduous petal-headed punk". Similarly, when Penny becomes jealous of seeing Gumball with Carrie she calls the latter an "undead, ectoplasmic, transparent, paranormal, spooky, floating, fringe-flicking freak".
  • Gumball's locker opening to reveal that it's stuffed with herbicide, weed killer, vandalized photos of Leslie and a book titled "The Root of All Evil".
  • After trying to subdue Leslie by gluing him to a bench and feeding him to slugs, Jealous Gumball makes three bad Bond One-Liners before giving up.
    • The day after, while eating lunch with Penny and Darwin, he says a better Bond One-Liner before switching back to normal, cheerfully adding "Naaaailed iiiiiit."
  • Leslie's failed Big Damn Heroes moment, where he tries to vacuum the jealousy Ghostbusters-style but ends up vacuuming Carrie's face instead, causing it to become stretched out. She pulls a hair out of her mouth and in a completely deadpan voice says "Gross."
  • When the jealousy is expelled from Gumball's body it goes flying around Carrie's room saying it wants all the stuff she has like a spoiled kid who wants a toy his best friend has. It then starts Body Surfing and making its hosts admit their desires; Leslie wants his own room like Carrie, Carrie wants her own body like Darwin, and Darwin says he's actually quite happy with his life.

The Banana
  • Banana Joe gets glue on his hand. He keeps getting his hand stuck on things but just makes a bad pun and pulls it off, until his hand gets stuck on his face, and when he tries to get it off he tears his own eye off.
  • Darwin orders Gumball to get "justice" against Banana Joe by chewing on his jockstrap.
  • Gumball and Darwin beat themselves up so Joe thinks they had an even fight, culminating in Gumball's idea for finishing it:
    Gumball: Hey dude, pull one of my teeth out!
    (Darwin reaches into Gumball's mouth)
    Gumball: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa that's completely over-the-top isn't it?

The Phone
  • Gumball whacking things out the window with a golf club in favor of the new phone.
  • Gumball's pants falling after putting the heavy phone in his pants.
  • The duo's phone number is apparently "poop" spelled in binary code.
  • Gumball squishing his face against a locker, where his face then spills to the floor.
  • This:
    Gumball: (in a ladylike voice) Hello?
    Ocho: I know you're behind the door.
    Gumball: (still in weird voice) Wha? No door here. Bye.
  • "How do you spell "LOL"?" "J-E-R-K!!"
  • Mr. Small thinks he has meditated too long and has become one with the universe.
  • Darwin making emoticon faces.
  • "MY CELL PHONE!!!"
  • When Gumball and Darwin are repairing the roof after Ocho damaged it, Darwin says he's over his cell phone addiction, until Gumball imitates the phone, and Darwin picks up a brick and whacks himself in the side of the head.

The Job
  • The mere fact that Richard having a job (and doing it well) inadvertently results in a Reality-Breaking Paradox, and the World Gone Mad that comes from it.
  • Nicole mispronouncing "proud" as "prood", and makes an utterly ridiculous face while doing so.
  • Gumball and Darwin deliver a pizza to a pair of talking pizzas as it's apparently their newborn child. Black Comedy Burst when the pizza falls out of the box and the couple is traumatized.
  • Gumball and Darwin give Mr. Small an ad-hoc vegetarian pizza, covered in mud, grass and some used gum. Mr. Small, who is starved because he switched to a Tibetan diet that calls for eating nothing but sunlight while it's currently cloudy, eats it immediately and faints. Gumball and Darwin assume he's dead, until he blows a bubble.
  • When the Banana family receive their pizza they start singing, and Richard driving by causes them to go on ad infinitum. Gumball then begins asking them pizza-related questions while Darwin is visibly trying to hold in his laughter at their predicament, then when Gumball closes the door and looks at them through the mail slot they're slowed down.
    Gumball: That's one creepy bunch of bananas, man.
    • Later when the family and Larry are going after Richard, Joe floats by the car still in the singing loop, only sped-up this time.
  • When Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Nicole and Larry are chasing Richard, one of his World-Wrecking Waves causes them to switch heads. Gumball with Anais' head says he suddenly feels smart, whereas Anais with Gumball's head says she doesn't.
  • As Nicole chases Richard down to stop him from keeping his job, she goes from switching into various colors to being turned into a live-action cat. Bonus points for Darwin, Anais, and Larry who were de-anthropomorphized into a rabbit tinted pink, a rock with a cap on it, and a goldfish with human legs.
  • An ominous chanting can be heard throughout the episode, which becomes less ominous considering it's actually listing pizza toppings.
    "Margarita! Mexicali! Bean burrito! Marinara! Mozzarella! Gorgonzola!"

  • The first thing Darwin does after being turned into a ghost is kiss Carrie.
  • Gumball and Darwin then go on a haunting spree that includes an attempt to possess Tina Rex. They botch that when they realize that controlling her seems to look and feel like trying to play QWOP.
    • Another one before it has them possess the head of a moose in the Robinsons' residence while messing with Mrs. Robinson - which promptly makes her drop a tray of tea...
    • Which she was about to bring for Mr. Robinson, who asks what's going on. The moose nonchalantly replies to him "Nothing." Cue Mr. Robinson passing out.
  • When Gumball and Darwin (as ghosts) run towards the haunted house to save Anais, a large ghost hand reaches out and grabs Darwin's head and face, determined to drag him back into the underworld. Darwin then spits all over the hand, prompting it to let Darwin go and wipe itself on a nearby tombstone.

The Treasure
  • Gumball pointing out the makeshift items the Wattersons have in lieu of the real thing; instead of an MP3 player they have a calculator with a pair of earbuds taped to it, instead of Kung Fu Panda they have a bargain bin mockbuster called How to Ratatwang Your Panda, and instead of a blender they have a table fan pointed downward.
  • Darwin hypnotizes Gumball to make him remember past lives. Gumball flashes back to his previous life as a hypnotist, then hypnotizes Darwin.
  • When trying to get something out of his parents' room, Gumball bugs his parents into letting him sleep in their bed, gets rolled over by his dad, and spends several seconds completely engulfed by his girth until popping out.
    Gumball: (shivers) Oh, that was like being born.
  • Apparently Gumball was born with a misshapen head, and according to Richard, Nicole stayed at the hospital while the doctors tried to work out why he was so ugly.
    • After the photos of baby Gumball are revealed, Gumball himself finds a baby picture of Darwin, who has a horribly deformed face. Darwin's reaction is the same expression from the picture.
  • The look on Darwin's face before he beats the mailbox with a shovel.
    Darwin: (in deep voice) I'll show you what it's for.

The Apology
  • Gumball hands Ms. Simian his report card with Richard's signature written as "R. Watterson" in highly stylized letters (similar to the logo for the band Metallica), and she assumes that it's forged. When they show it to Richard, he replicates it on a suspension form signifying that it actually was his signature, so Gumball and Darwin are off the hook; this being Richard, it's not a surprise.
  • Gumball's Imagine Spot of a giant Tina fighting a giant defense-mode Bobert.
    Gumball: Yeah, I'd watch it. But it'd be better if they were in a cage.
    (cue Alan and William suddenly in a cage)
    Darwin: With spikes.
    (cage suddenly has spikes. Alan (who is a balloon) and William get scared.)
    Gumball: And on fire.
    (Alan and William look horrified and start bumping each other rapidly)''
  • Ms. Simian in a church-like building, asking no one in particular whether or not it's right to frame someone you know is a troublemaker... and the reveal that it's actually a natural history museum and she's talking to her father('s skeleton).
  • When Gumball and Darwin try to get into school after-hours, Gumball has Darwin give him a leg up to get through a window. Darwin asks how he gets in and Gumball tells him "Give yourself a leg up!", so Darwin briefly defies physics to stand on the air.
  • "Why do I have to run every 8 minutes of my life?!"
  • Darwin's poor aiming when trying to throw a rock through Principal Brown's window.

The Words
  • This exchange:
    Gumball: You have to promise to do exactly as I say, no questions asked.
    Darwin: (starry eyed) I promise.
    Gumball: I want you to walk like a dog with an itchy butt.
    Darwin: (still starry eyed) I shouldn't have promised.
  • Darwin's first song, "What He Thinks About Us", which is one big insult to the backup singers. Calling Carrie an "emo freak", Jamie "half cow, half troglodyte", saying Masami's friends only like her for her money, and that Joe sings like a dog with rabies.
  • In response to Teri's germaphobia, Darwin tells her that her hand is covered in germsthen licks it.
  • Darwin taking an inkblot test ("I see...a very sad middle aged man wearing sandals"). Mr. Small's extremely pissed off face when Darwin says it deserves a mention.
  • "I'm tired of staring... at your hideous... hairy... MAN TOES!"
  • Darwin and Gumball have a Street Fighter-type insult fight at the end. Darwin beats Gumball in the first round by spamming the same attack over and over.
    • For those curious, here's that scene in Japanese. Aside from the inherent hilarity added by a Japanese announcer making the whole thing even more like Street Fighter, Gumball and Darwin are respectively voiced by Junko Takeuchi and Yumiko Kobayashi, who also respectively voiced Naruto and Black Star. In other words, watching this scene in Japanese is dangerously close to witnessing two of the hammiest ninjas in all of anime history having an insult fight!
    • When Gumball defeats Darwin in the second round, his victory pose is similar to Chun-Li's. He even yells "YATTA!" along with it.

The Skull

The Bet
  • When Principal Brown takes Gumball and Darwin to his office, Gumball argues that what he's doing is a violation of the First Amendment, to which Principal Brown informs him that his preventing Bobert from making out with the school defibrillator and cracking jokes about the nurse's mother is not a violation of their freedom of speech. When he sentences them to mow the football field, Gumball wishes that he would get lost, so Bobert knocks him out and abandons him in the Forest of Doom. Gumball then has Bobert burn a diagram into the football field reading "glasses + horse's ass = Principal Brown".
  • Bobert taking all of Gumball's metaphors literally; when he wishes Ms. Simian would chill out Bobert puts her in the cold storage room, when he wishes there were less skaters in the world Bobert shoots lasers at Mr. Small, and when he tells Rocky to get out after Rocky tells him that school is canceled, Bobert throws Rocky out the window.
  • The Band-Aid nurse telling Miss Simian that she's not a mechanic after fixing Bobert for the second time, and Miss Simian's responsed accordingly:
    Well, I'm not a floristnote  or a meteorologistnote  or some kind of freak show ownernote , but you don't see me complaining, do you?
  • Gumball hiding in cold storage, only to run out screaming after Miss Simian tries to cozy up to him for warmth.

  • The Mood Whiplash after the Wattersons run over the hobo who looks like (and turns out to be) Santa. The opening goes from being cheery and very Christmas-like to hilariously awkward.
  • Richard runs around offering windshield cleanings and distracts Principal Brown, who crashes his car and launches an inflatable tree at an electronic reindeer and it gets jammed, causing the reindeer to burst into flames and traumatizing Rosie in the process.
  • Nicole tells the kids that if the homeless man touches anything, they should clean it with fire.
  • When the kids try to get the homeless man to be Santa at the mall, they ask him what they want for Christmas. He calls them spoiled and tells them they shouldn't get anything they asked for, so they start wrecking the decorations in anger until eventually he joins in too.
  • When Gumball asks Santa's magic bag for a pair of walkie-talkies, he gets them gift wrapped and can't open them in time because they're so well wrapped. He asks the bag for a pair of scissors, which are also gift wrapped, prompting his response of "Are you kidding me?!"

The Watch
  • Gumball's magic hands.
    Darwin: (After slipping the watch into Gumball's hand) Now check your hand.
    Gumball: What, this one? (opens his hand to reveal he isn't holding anything) Or, this one? *opens his other hand to reveal the same* Now check yours.
    Darwin: (Sees he's still holding the watch) WHAT?! (Sees that Gumball is gone) DOUBLE WHAT!?
    • And later...
      Marvin: (Pushes the watch on Gumball) No, I want you to have it.
      Gumball: Check your hands... You keep it.
      Marvin: Check behind your ear... You keep it.
      Gumball: Now check inside your pants...
      Marvin: But I'm not wearing any... (looks down to see he's suddenly and inexplicably wearing pants)
  • Gumball threatens to knock himself out with Marvin's cane and accuse him of doing it, only to end up giving himself a concussion after the first whack.

The Bumpkin
  • The episode begins with Gumball and Richard's conversation about why people go to school and get jobs, while Darwin and Anais are understandably terrified by Richard's driving.
  • Nicole and Anais continuing to sit on thin air after Gumball takes the chairs from them.
  • Richard, Nicole, and Anais tearing up when Gumball says that they have to turn off the TV. Darwin laughs for a few seconds before realizing that Gumball's serious and tears up as well.
  • Richard telling Nicole to punish Gumball for being boring.
  • When the family is singing, Richard manages to break his top tooth in half, then when he talks he whistles through it until it fixes itself in the next scene.
  • When a wasp comes by, Gumball hides from it in Nicole's skirt. Said wasp then stings Gumball's finger, and when he attempts to suck the venom out his lips swell up.
  • Gumball's digestive organs expressing their disdain over Gumball eating dirt.

The Flakers
  • In the opening scene, Gumball tries to trip up a pursuing Tina by spilling soapy water on the floor. This initially works but then she gets up and we ended up with a skating T. Rex.
  • When Darwin flakes on Gumball, the latter tells Tina to just do what she's going to do. Cut to them at home with Gumball in a neck brace and a very pissed look on his face. Even funnier when it's seen that Darwin is playing a Legend of Zelda-style video game where a giant, dinosaur-like beast is constantly squashing the hero.
  • When Gumball drops the computer on Darwin's foot in retaliation for forcing an apology out of him, Darwin lets out a shriek with a pitch-modulation effect so silly and over the top it's hard not to laugh.
  • Richard acting high from dental anesthetics for most of the episode, specifically Nicole messing with Richard by saying the phone receiver he's using as a showerhead is actually an ice cream cone, Gumball's line about how Richard's driving and parking are better when he's high on anesthetics, and Richard's Mushroom Samba of chasing after a hamburger in a magical world of junk food while three condiment bottles chant, "Sauce! Sauce! Sauce!", which turns out to be Richard trying to eat Rocky and Gumball, Darwin, and Anais yelling, "Stop! Stop! Stop!"
  • Darwin and Anais's failed attempts to see what Gumball is miming.

The Authority
  • Nicole taking her anger of Granny Jojo moving in to help raise the kids out on an I.V. stand, then bending it back to the way it was after the doctor tells her that it costs $300 to replace.
  • When Granny Jojo is trying to make the family afraid of everything in "The Authority", she doesn't let Anais close the window, closes the thing herself, then it explodes—because Jojo planted A BOMB in her own granddaughter's room.
    Granny Jojo: And this lesson shows that nobody is safe around windows.
  • While everyone is screaming in Slo Mo, Darwin stops prematurely, and upon realizing everyone is still mid-scream, quickly jumps back into it.
  • When Nicole tells her family to remember what they learned, they all have a flashback of them learning from their mistakes:
    • Darwin puts a bowl in the microwave while a metal spoon is in it, causing an explosion. The next time, he remembers to take the spoon out.
    • Gumball tries to get a snack out of a vending machine by sticking his arm inside, which leads to his whole body getting stuck inside and a worker having to cut him out with a circular saw. The next time, he remembers to put a dollar in.
    • Anais tries to reach a cookie jar on a shelf high up, but falls on her face. The next time, she gets Gumball to do it instead because he's taller, and he also falls on his face but manages to get the jar.

The Virus
  • As an alternative to washing the hand that he high-fived Penny with, Gumball suggests cutting it off and keeping it in a memory box.
  • As Gumball and Darwin impersonate Teri:
    Teri: (turns to be visible to the audience) I'm right here you know.
  • "OH MY GOSH, WHAT IS THAT?!" "That's my mom. This is her website. She's a doctor."
  • The school nurse recalls many times Teri has had false alarms with her, including Teri thinking she got rabies when really there was toothpaste in her mouth.
  • "What the pox?"
  • The anticlimactic ending where the virus is simply stepped on by Gumball as the former finishes his villainous speech.

The Pony
  • The repairmen who refused to help a fat jogger gets crushed under that jogger. Darwin and Gumball not only ignore his plea for help, Darwin adds insult to injury by taking the DVD out of the jogger's buttcrack, then wipes it off on the repairman.
  • When Carrie checks the movie out for them, it accidentally winds up in her case. When Gumball and Darwin come back for it, they find her watching it in her room, transfixed. She loved it.
    Carrie: (anguished) I thought I was a hardcore horror movie fan and I was living a lie! (seizing the front of Gumball's shirt emphatically) Tell me: is it wrong for a punk-rock chick who lives in a haunted, malevolent mansion to be touched by the magical friendship of a pony?

The Hero
  • Richard barged in on a break dance match and started doing his own moves, totally embarrassing Gumball and Darwin. They think back to a Career Day presentation that Gumball brought him to, where he did exactly the same dance.
  • Gumball and Darwin trying to eat and prepare near-expired groceries, only for them to hit their expiration date and rapidly turn to nothing.
  • Gumball is being a jerk to his dad while he's trying to rescue him. When Richard seemingly falls to his death, Gumball get teary-eyed and regrets his jerkiness. However, Richard appears behind him A-OK and Gumball goes right back to being a jerk like nothing happened.

The Dream
  • Darwin's various attempts to apologize to Gumball after the latter's dream, which include a sappy poem, hiding in his locker to surprise him, sending him a video of a singing dog, and locking himself in a medieval stocks as he's pecked by crows.
  • In their dream, Gumball at one point finds that he and Darwin are alone in the family's car slowly sinking into the sea. Darwin tells Gumball that they've been there for 3 days and in that time he's considered eating him, but Gumball notices bite marks on his arm that mean Darwin evidently progressed beyond "considering".
  • When they eventually return to Gumball's dream and Darwin is being forced to repeat his original actions against his will, Gumball tries to stop him by putting a brick wall in front of him, which injures him but doesn't stop him in his tracks, then makes his lips suck in so he can't kiss Penny, which doesn't work, so while Darwin is in mid-kiss Gumball replaces Penny's face with Sussie's. Back in the real world, Darwin is understandably horrified.

The Sidekick
  • Gumball uses Darwin as a player character for a real life video game. He glitches Darwin and somehow restarts the world to fix him.
  • The entire scene where Gumball and Darwin impersonating each other to prove their respective points.
    Gumball as Darwin: Hey, I'm Darwin! Oh, your shoes are dirty! Looks like you could do with a doormat! (Gumball wipes Darwin's shoes on his own face) Hello, Gumball! Would you mind holding my hand for my entire life? What are we gonna do? Where are we gonna go? What are we gonna have for lunch today? Because I find even the simplest decisions (regular voice) baffling. (resumes impersonation) He he! Look at that beautiful pigeon pecking the mold off that old chicken leg! Isn't the circle of life beautiful?
    Darwin as Gumball: Duh, hey I'm Gumball. Duh! I'm too busy to look where I'm going 'cause I'm in love with Penny, or something! Duh, hey Sussie! While conveniently ignoring my own character flaws, I'm happy to point out that you eat with the grace of a one-toothed camel! Hey Rocky (shoves Rocky over), let me help you with lasagna! (Darwin laughs while throwing lasagna at everyone) What the what? I should apologize, but I won't, because I always assume I'm in the right!
  • Gumball freaking out after Darwin kidnapped Tobias' mother. His delivery of the lines sell it.
    Gumball: You STOLE HIS MOM?!
    Darwin: You said to take something he likes!
    Gumball: Something, not someone!
    Darwin: Uh, did I go too far?
    Gumball: Oh, I don't know, why don't you ask our new house guest?! [Turns Tobias' mom around who is bound on a chair] Do you think he's gone too far? Oh wait, she can't answer, because you TIED HER UP, YOU PSYCHO!

The Photo
  • All of Gumball's terrible photos.
  • Banana Joe tries to keep a pose for the picture. As he is waiting in line. And when the picture is taken, he ends up splitting some of his peel.
  • Gumball takes "smile with your eyes" a little too literally.
    Darwin: Are you crying or drooling?
    Gumball: I DON'T KNOW!!!
  • Some of the faces that Darwin create for Gumball, including Gumball's burger face.

The Tag
  • Richard's attempts at taking out the trash at the beginning.
  • Gumball and Darwin drying up from crying too much.
  • Richard falls for another prank by Mr. Robinson by bathing in cheese. He casually uses it to eat nachos.
  • "What the wasp?"
  • "Margaret? We're all out of canned toothpaste!"
  • The parody of Justin Bieber's "Baby" on the radio:
  • Mr. Small's slo-mo attempt at dodging the runaway trash bin. It doesn't work.

The Storm

The Lesson
  • Gumball and Darwin "studying" by finding all kinds of ways to goof off.
  • Gumball and Darwin trying to absorb knowledge by eating books. What's worse, they're not even math books. Darwin eats a book on how to speak Spanish and begins speaking the language while Gumball eats an Elizabethan poetry book and begins speaking like a character from a Shakespeare play.
    Gumball: Be still, you curd. Imbibe thy portions swiftly. On we face our trial!
  • Gumball and Darwin finding and laughing at Mr. Brown's pin-up calendar for Ms. Simian.
    • The punishment for finding and laughing at the pin-up calendar: spend the day listening to Mr. Small's poetry.
  • Gumball steals the rat kid's rake and his deformed bodyshape makes it obvious that he ate it. When the rat looks at Gumball suspiciously, he nonchalantly points at some other guys, and the rat buys it immediately. Cut to the next scene where the Bomb Guy is waiting outside the bathroom and Gumball hands him the rake he kept in his body.

The Game
  • Darwin's left arm is forced to do whatever Richard's does, causing him to volunteer for a bunch of unpleasant extracurricular activities with Mr. Small, concluding with an eco-protest where they'll spend forty-eight hours chained to a doomed tree, something even he feels the need to give significant warning for:
    Mr. Small: Are you sure Darwin? I'm not gonna lie to ya buddy. We're gonna get maced!
  • The rotten milk under Gumball's bed has gone solid, and when Nicole pours out the contents, it bursts through the floor onto Richard's head.
  • "You don't know what you're doing!!" "Yeah! You didn't write any instructions."
  • Gumball flashbacks to running past dogs in a suit of ham. He outruns them, but then Richard, with fangs, appears and attacks Gumball.
  • Anais thinks that "Dooj or Daar", based on her wording, sounds like an alien choosing a baby name.
  • "I'll have lamb. (sheep bleats) AH, I meant chicken! (chicken in waiter attire appears) I meant the check!"
  • Gumball's card that makes him sing, effectively breaking the mood in several scenes.
    Gumball: Everyone, TAKE A DODJ CARD!
    • And a little earlier, it makes him fail his school presentation.
    Mr. Small: I didn't realize you found global warming a laughing matter. Three hours detention!

The Limit
  • Gumball making a face so sulky, an eye sticks out of his socket slightly.
  • The kids throwing a fuss over not getting candy, and an onlooker looks at Nicole judgementally, likely accusing her of bad parenting.
  • Richard's man boobs sticking up when he goes up to Nicole, who easily scares him off with a sonic boom.
  • Nicole getting crushed by a bunch of overweight men.

The Voice
  • Masami's ElmorePlus comment:
    My grandmother passed away last night. She will be mist.
  • Tobias breaking the fourth wall:
    Tobias: I feel like the supporting character of my own life!!
  • Gumball's attempt at crying, to which Carrie quickly tells him to stop or he'll burn his dignity.
  • Darwin growing hair, which was modeled after J.G. Quintel.
  • The mysterious figure accidently makes a fire extinguisher go loose with his powers and it hits him in the face.

The Promise

The Castle
  • Gumball and Darwin freak out over being late for school, only to realize it's Saturday and Richard is in charge.
  • Gumball making fun of Darwin's cracking voice.
    Darwin: Dude, have you noticed that your voice has changed?
    Gumball: What? You mean how I sound like a man and you squeal like a piglet on helium?
    Darwin: You take that *Voice crack* back!
    Gumball: *chuckle* Sure, when you ask me like a man.
    Darwin: *High pitched* I AM A MAAAAAN!
    Gumball: Really? Cause right now you sound like a mouse whose parachute won't open.
    Darwin: *Goes into a long, incoherent squeaking tantrum, which hurts both Gumball and Anais' ears*
  • Mr. Small admitting to the two construction workers wrecking the kitchen that he's only a vegetarian so he can rub his moral superiority of not eating meat in other people's faces.
  • Anais tossing Tobias's father back in the house after he won't stop poking her.
  • Gumball trying to call the police about the house party, but the Doughnut Sheriff can't help them — because he's at the party.
  • Nicole comes back and demands that everyone clean the house and leave, in a demonic voice.

The Boombox
  • "Dude, you need to type words, not cockroach noises."
  • Gumball and Darwin celebrating Miss Simian's alleged retirement.
    • During that scene, Richard is watching TV when the duo appear running and screaming on every channel he watches. He finally thinks he's watched too much TV and decides to read.
    Richard: (reading aloud) Chapter one. Gumball and Darwin ran through the living room...screaming?
    (Gumball and Darwin do just that, scaring the bejesus out of Richard)
  • ""Jump"! Coming soon to a playground near you!"
  • After Gumball scrapes his hand on the keyboard and searches, Elmore Search says "do you need medical help?"
    Gumball: I'm tempted to say "yes".
  • Alan getting stuck to Principal Brown, where the poor balloon is forced to enter the bathroom with him.
  • The videos Gumball and Darwin use to display what they think/say, including a tired puppy falling over, and a close-up of a man crying.
    • Gumball has the same tears as the man in the video.
  • "What's that? Little Timmy fell down the well?"

The Tape
  • Darwin repeatedly failing to give his intro.
  • The entire introduction segment. "Tobias Wilson as Tobias! Nigel Brown as The Principal! Hector Jötenheim as Hector! Carrie Krueger as Carrie! This guy as...this guy!"
  • The nature documentary spoof of the Watterson household.
  • Gumball using the Konami Code only to glitch up and get stuck in a tank.
  • The entirely of Ninja George II.

The Sweaters
  • Gumball's head inflating to massive size, corresponding with his ego, as Sarah speaks of what she'd heard of him.
  • Gumball and Darwin being Genre Savvy enough to know how the plot of the episode will happen, and it goes exactly as they predicted despite their efforts to make it not happen.
  • The Coach of the two kids briefly appears to be a voice of reason, but turns out to be insanely childish, practically singing about how they would lose if they got in a fight.
    Coach: You scared, little piggies?
    Gumball: Uh, yeah. You're a fully-grown man screaming at us, and if you continue, I'm gonna call the police.
    Coach: Just what I'd expect from a couple of cowards like you! Who's the hardcore one now?
    Gumball: You, I guess.
    Darwin: You know what the worst thing is? This guy is a teacher.
    Gumball: No, dude. The worst thing is that this guy's got two sweaters and he's not wearing either of them.
  • Principal Brown's advice when he's told about kids trying to get in a fight:
    "Now, fighting is never okay... But let's say he's got his arms around your neck like this. It might seem like a bad spot, but you have to take advantage of your environment. 'Oh, looky what we've got here!' His own shoe! You can just grab that, it's really very easy, most people won't expect it. Now you can throw it across the room, and he will release you, because most people usually really want their shoe back.... Another trick is that most shoes are opaque, so you can use it cover his eyes, effectively blinding him. Seize the advantage, spin him round, and spank him with his own footwear! With a 'bang' and a 'bam' and a 'bim' and a 'pow'!"
  • What is Gumball's heart telling him?
  • When a non-moving background character is hit with a tennis ball and falls over like a cardboard cutout. The timing was just perfect.

The Internet
  • One line in Darwin's song pleading for the Internet to stop making fun of Gumball:
    You are adding sombreros and lasers
    to a kid who looks like he was tasered
  • The Internet hacking a traffic signal and Gumball and Darwin inadvertently causing a huge pileup.
  • The Internet tries to impede the duo's process by showing the Sheriff a forged police warrant for them, but thankfully for them he takes Police Are Useless to its fullest extent.
  • Gumball's reaction to the Screamer Prank.
    Gumball: Pfft, it wasn't scary at all!
  • The Internet is personified as a 1990s-2000s style PC and his mother is a modem who communicates in dial-up noises.
  • The Internet's reaction to Gumball and Darwin hugging him.
  • Gumball attempts to get into the Internet by taking off his clothes and scanning himself... only for poor Darwin to get an eyeful of something unpleasant.

The Plan
  • When writing a fake e-mail to Daniel Lennard, Gumball gets frustrated by Darwin and Anais repeatedly pointing out that he's doing something wrong and when he's done he ends up writing the subject as "Fake email to Daniel Lennard", which becomes a Brick Joke when it's the reason the latter sees through the kids' ruse. Gumball then imagines himself going back in time to convince his past self to avoid making that mistake, only for past!Gumball to be too lazy to do it and both Gumballs getting into a fight using time as a weapon, such as present!Gumball slipping a mouse trap under past!Gumball's hand, past!Gumball eating candy to give present!Gumball bad teeth, present!Gumball putting Crupac the Barbarian's weapons on the computer seat, and past!Gumball licking the keyboard to make present!Gumball sick.
    • What makes it even funnier is the fact that they're imagining it!
  • The first spot of Gumball sneaking into Nicole's room with amazing flexibility, only for Anais to point out how unrealistic it was, then we get a more realistic one where Gumball is portrayed as being much less acrobatic. Gotta love whenever it's brought up how Gumball is out of shape.
  • Gumball getting a wedgie trying to climb the gate into the park.

The World
  • Earth and the Moon vocalize "Also Sprach Zarathustra", to the Sun's annoyance.
    Sun: Do we have to do this every morning?
    Moon: (singing) Yes I do~o... 'Cause~... I can!!!
  • The overly enthusiastic hot dog in the microwave.
  • The overdramatic burger, fries, and soda, who act like they're in a war.
  • Gumball stubs his toe against the coffee table and almost hits it, only for it to ask why he would do that and how is that its fault. Then Gumball notices from the marks on the floor that it did move to be in his way, and the table runs off to avoid answering why.
  • Anais tells her doll Daisy she's her best friend. Daisy talks back, saying the same, and Anais freaks out and kicks the doll.
  • BACTERIA!!!!

The Finale
  • Everyone in town is going after the Wattersons because their antics affected everyone else's lives.
  • Mr. Small is suing the Wattersons for giving him claustrophobia, so Gumball shoves him into an envelope, folds it, then mails him to the smallest country in the world.
  • "Dad fight! (crowd instantly gathers, Spock vs. Kirk music plays)"

     Season 3 
The Kids
  • The episode referencing Gumball and Darwin's change in voice actors by having their voices suddenly screw up, particularly Gumball declaring "Our voices are broke!" in a deep voice that causes the bathroom to reverberate.
  • The anticlimax of the scene with the store security guard. "Actually, I'm not allowed to do anything but ask you to leave the premises peacefully..."
  • The Band-Aid doctor telling Gumball and Darwin that they'll grow up to be strong like Richard, then they briefly turn into him.
  • Mr. Fitzgerald channeling Bryan Mills when he mistakes Gumball for a prank caller.
    • During his speech, his side of the Split-Screen Phone Call starts growing bigger and bigger until Gumball only has a small triangle of his side left, that his head is squished into the shape of. Then when the phone call ends, Darwin starts looking above Gumball's head, which Gumball questions.
      Darwin: I don't know. What are you pointing at? Explanation 
  • When Gumball tries talking to Penny but lost his voice, Mr. Fitzgerald rolls up her window and starts giving the same speech again. Gumball, annoyed, opens Mr. Fitzgerald's door, rolls his window up, and slams the door back in his face.
  • Gumball dejectedly walks along a sidewalk and kicks Rosie off her tricycle without even noticing her.
  • The entire rap segment. ALL OF IT.
    • One highlight is Nicole in tears as Larry cuts up her credit card when it's rejected.
    • When Gumball is in a jacket and low hanging, sagging pants.
      Gumball: I don't wear a suit or a stupid tie/I dress with my eyes closed, and I still look fly
      Louie: *points to Gumball* It looks like you got a leg transplant from a wiener dog.
      Gumball: Oh yeah?! Well you, uh...
      Gumball: ...And when I don't have a comeback/I can always cry...

The Fan
  • During the beginning, Gumball and Darwin are chasing the Rainbow Factory and Sarah keeps showing up, and after dodging her for a few times, Gumball then resorts to pushing her out of the way a lot. At one point, they run past her and Gumball runs back just to push her and say "We don't have the time!"
  • Sarah's tape recorder. And the Running Gag of Gumball throwing it out of annoyance.
  • When Sarah is trying to find out how she can fit into Gumball and Darwin's lives:
    Gumball: Well, at the moment you're more like... the insanely obsessive one.
    Sarah: The insanely obsessive one! I can totally do that.
    Gumball: No, no, no. I didn't mean I wanted-
    Sarah: And I'll be really creepy, and you'll be really scared, but in your final moments you'll realize that we're meant to be.
    Gumball: My "final moments"? What does that mean?!
  • Sarah's video and song, which consists of ways she's been stalking Darwin and Gumball for months, is hilariously disturbing. Perhaps the best part is when it suddenly cuts to her in front of Gumball's closet, wearing his clothes and happily dancing around.
  • Gumball and Darwin's reactions to Sarah's video. Followed by rapid babbling of fear from both of them, a Beat, and ends with Gumball saying in a calm manner:
    I think we need to have a reasonable conversation with this young lady.
  • Sarah's sucky fanart of Gumball and Darwin.
  • When Gumball and Darwin analyze Sarah's locker, they find a drawing of them where Darwin is much taller than Gumball. While Darwin's talking, Gumball makes a puzzled face, quietly compares his and Darwin's height, and checks his eyes. Then comes this exchange:
    Darwin: (sadly) Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
  • The end of the "fight" between Gumball and Darwin that basically invokes Left the Background Music On where Gumball has to extend the fight scene because Sarah can't get her tape player to change tracks and jump in between Gumball and Darwin like she's supposed to.

The Coach
  • When Gumball tries to exercise his organs start flipping out. When it looks like gallons of sweat are pouring out of him, he states that it's his organs crying.
  • The Mass "Oh, Crap!" in response to Coach forcing Jamie to apologize to Gumball. And everyone's mouth stays open until the next day.
  • We flashback to some of Jamie's worst acts of bullying: feeding Anton to ducks, chewing off Teri's leg and spitting it at her, and turning Banana Joe and Sarah into an ice cream sundae.
  • At the end when Coach is revealed to be Jamie's mom Gumball and Darwin are more shocked that Coach is a woman.
  • Gumball can't decide how to address Coach when he and Darwin meet her for the first time, leading to this line:
    Gumball: Hi, miss...ter?

The Joy
  • Just the entire episode in general. It's a parody of zombie apocalypse/survival horror/found footage horror movies and video games but it's not a "cheesy" parody. This episode would be downright terrifying if all the "infectees" didn't have goofy grins and drool rainbows.
  • The episode begins with Richard's "Wonder Hug", which has the appearance of a miniature rainbow-colored nuke.
  • Gumball tries to stop smiling by ripping off his mouth and putting it back on upside down, only for his head to horrifically rotate and turn his mouth back to its original position.
  • When Simian realizes that there's something wrong with Gumball and Darwin, the camera starts to zoom in on her reaction, only to have it zoom in too much and hit her, as if there was an actual camera.
  • When the nurse tells Ms. Simian that she's been shining a flashlight in Gumball and Darwin's eyes for half an hour Ms. Simian asks what time it is, then the Running Gag time stamp prompt hits her.
  • When the virus breaks out, Tobias asks the infected girls to contaminate him, only for them to walk past and attack Leslie.
  • Gumball and Banana Joe are chasing Penny into a dead end in the library, and Gumball first pushes then kickes Banana Joe away so he can infect Penny himself.
  • Tina has Miss Simian cornered, and is about to infect her with the Joy (similar to what happened to Ripley on Aliens), but Tina can't hug her because of her short T-Rex arms!

The Puppy
  • Richard entering the house with a box and a sandwich. He then explains how he saw a commercial about washing powder that made him wonder how much he'd need to wash a monkey. Then he thought about how cute monkeys are with their furry little faces, and then he thought about how puppies are cuter than dogs. So he bought a sandwich.
  • After the turtle tears the head off the Kupok action figure in its flaming terrarium, it makes a tittering sound which is officially subtitled as "[imitating Hannibal Lecter]"
  • After the turtle's "death".
    Darwin: (surprised) He was revived by my tears!
    Gumball: (horrified) HE FEEDS ON MISERY!!!
  • When Gumball is used as bait:
    Gumball: Why am I the bait?
    Darwin: (emerges from a bush) Because you're the one he likes biting the most.
    Gumball: Alright, but why am I not allowed to wear clothes?
    Darwin: (emerges from the bush again) Because he could choke on them. (disappears back into the bush, then reemerges and places leaves and twigs on Gumball's head)
    Gumball: What was that for?
    Darwin: Presentation. It's important!
  • Not only is it awesome, but what Darwin says to the turtle is pretty damn funny.

The Recipe
  • Anton's death montage includes getting crushed by a bowling ball, suffering a heart attack after seeing a screamer Internet video, getting stomped on by Tina Rex, Tobias unknowingly eating him as part of his lunch, getting blown up in chemistry class, getting hit in the face with a baseball, getting a door slammed on him, getting put through a paper shredder, exploding while playing a slide whistle, and getting pecked to death by the birds that emerge from his locker.
  • When Gumball and Darwin see Anton reincarnate in his home, their minds are literally blown.
  • When their first attempt at making an Anton with the toaster results in a burnt one:
    Darwin: He deserves a righteous farewell.
    (cut to the trashcan)
    Darwin and Gumball: (Ant-1 is tossed into the trash) Bye! (trashcan is closed)

The Name

The Extras
  • One of two stiffly-animated crowd members from "The Sweaters" discovers that he can actually move, but ends up angering the crowd because he's "different" and ends up carrying his second friend out of the stadium.
  • The construction workers over-reacting to another worker's pink hair.
  • The rainbow colored bird performing a dance to attract what he thinks is a female crow. The crow, through subtitles, says he's male, much to the dismay of the rainbow bird. The crow tells the bird to keep dancing, which he obliges. You'll definitely laugh once you realize the homoerotic overtones.
  • "No one asked you, magic talking fire hydrant!"

The Fraud
  • The flashback of how Gumball and Darwin ended up wearing body-painted clothes: Richard mistakes the dishwasher for the washing machine and vice-versa.
  • Principal Brown found out they painted on their clothes because of the pixellated portions of their bodies... which for Darwin, for some reason, is his feet. Again.
  • Said clothes result in Principal Brown telling Gumball and Darwin that they can't walk around school looking like they went to sleep at an art student's party.
  • Principal Brown dressing like a student and trying to act cool so he can be Gumball and Darwin's friend.
    Principal Brown: Swag! Rap music!... Piercings! YOLO! Hashtag! MP3! Tweets! Selfies! Skinny jeans! L-O-
    (Mr. Small smacks him in the face with a lunch tray)
    Mr. Small: I'm sorry, Principal Brown, but you look like such a jerk that even a granola-crunching pacifist like me had to something about it.
    Principal Brown: That is so refrigerated! You guys are riddled with disease! We should very much be suspended in an exterior environment.
    Gumball: Did you mean to tell us that that's cool, we're sick, and we should totally hang out together?
    Principal Brown: For sure! Uh, izzle.
  • The awkward slumber party Principal Brown has with Gumball and Darwin, where he tries to tell them stories about his relationship with Miss Simian and realizes how inappropriate that is mid-sentence, followed by him throwing himself out the window and landing in a dumpster.
  • Gumball pulling a pair of high heels out of Principal Brown's safe and concluding that that's how a furry slug with no visible feet can make noise while he walks.
  • Principal Brown is trying to blow up the school, and Mr. Small eagerly tries to block his path a la the protesters of the Tienanmen Square Massacre, even grabbing some grocery bags to look more like Tank Man, but ends up getting walked on like the Extreme Doormat he is.
  • The other teachers admitting their lies: Miss Simian lied about her age to get the job, Mr. Small isn't a U.S. citizen, and the Coach is not a woman... who can say she's never lied on her resume.

The Gripes

The Vacation
  • Nicole's idea of a scary story for adults is "The tale of the 16 hour shift, with no paid overtime!".
  • Richard thinking the engine is the "front hood" of the car...and a good place to store marshmallows.
  • When Nicole states she only gets five days off a year, we get a montage of what happened on the other four days:
    • On Christmas, Richard and Anais decorated the house in whipped cream instead of fake snow, and Nicole comes home and slips on it.
    • On the Fourth of July, Richard lit some fireworks, which blew up the backyard.
    • The day Granny Jojo came to visit, she made Nicole follow an incredibly strict schedule for driving her around town.
    • On Halloween, Richard tried to scare Nicole with a wolf mask. Her reaction was to karate kick him down the stairs. When she realizes her mistake, Richard cries out "There's some liquid in my lungs!"
  • "If I was after brains, I certainly wouldn't be chasing after you people, would I?"

The Void
  • The entire episode can be considered one, since it's all one big lampshade hung over the fact that Molly was phased out of the show after the first season. Apparently the universe decided that she was a mistake because she was too boring, so it sent her into a blank void and wiped everyone's memory of her.
  • Darwin describing the cheerleaders:
    Darwin: It's not that I'm not supportive but... they're kind of a trainwreck. That, like, a truck crashed into... and then the whole thing sunk into a lake... and managed to catch fire... and exploded.
    (cut to cheerleaders trying to do a pyramid, and crashing.)
    Darwin: Alright, I guess they didn't explode, but you have to admit that-*BOOM*
  • When Gumball and Darwin look through a yearbook for clues as to the identity of the missing student:
    Gumball: Stop, look! (he points to a picture of Principal Brown standing with his arms crossed, showing only his upper body. Below, someone has drawn a skirt and slender legs in line with Principal Brown's body. Gumball snickers.)
    Gumball:I mean-stop, look! (this time he points to a picture of the school cheerleaders in a pyramid formation. Someone is clearly missing from the bottom right.)
  • After finding out Mr. Small was right about Molly, Darwin and Gumball come to tell him he's not crazy...and find he's wearing only a loin cloth, tinfoil hat, and has eyes drawn on his chest.
    Mister Small: The six nipple-eyes see the past, the present, and the future.
    Gumball: ... (under breath to Darwin) Six?
  • Among the terrible ideas relegated to the void are jorts, the mullet, Rob (the blue cyclops background character who Gumball and Darwin couldn't remember in "The Pony"), disco, 1980s hairspray, the Microsoft Word paper clip assistant, and The Crazy Frog ringtone mascot.
    Gumball: Run him over.
    • Then Crazy Frog gets chased down by two dodos. They wince, followed by Mr. Small saying this:
      Mr. Small: Ooh, that won't be necessary, he's gone the way of the dodo.

The Boss

The Move
  • One of Tobias's many failed attempts to hits on girls in resulted in Teri splashing her glass of water in his face, but he insists it was because "She knew I was hot." So Penny takes her glass and dumps it out on the floor.
  • "Say hello to DARKWIN!"
  • Tobias talks about Clayton dating sextuplets all at once. Gumball deadpans back that it "Sounds complicated. And repetitive."

The Law
  • When Masami gets a brain freeze, she starts snowing and Idaho catches it on his tongue before realizing where the snow came from and trying to scrape it off.
  • The Sheriff using his taser on a kiddie ride, causing it to go incredibly fast. When it stops, Gumball is stuck in motion blur and Rosie walks by calling them wusses. This is followed by a montage of the Sheriff using the taser on various objects:
    • A vending machine, which starts spitting out cans until the window breaks and it starts launching them like rockets.
    • Bobert, three times; the first two times he dances, the third time he enters defense mode.
    • Two inflatable men, which causes them to catch fire.
    • An ATM, which sets off its alarm while it sprays a green ooze on them.
    • Another taser, causing them to explode.
  • The Sheriff scares people with his sirens. They jump so fast they disappear, but after about the dozenth one they all start coming down at once.
  • The Sheriff, Darwin, and Gumball get Mrs. Parham off the road using a PIT maneuver. She was driving an ice cream truck. They were driving a baby carriage.
  • The Sheriff's boss is a bucket of fried chicken. According to the video description on the show's website, "Chicken Bucket" is his name.

The Allergy
  • Teri's latest hypochondriac fit has the Band-Aid nurse prescribing two weeks off from school and some heavy sedatives—for herself—and telling Teri to leave so she can crawl under the desk and re-evaluate her career choices.
  • When the nurse tells Darwin to hold in his sneeze, he does so and it causes his head to inflate before going to his feet and causing his shoes to burst.
  • Mr. Small bursting through the door when Gumball suggests an alternate approach to curing Darwin of his sneezing.
  • The Take That! against holistic medicine: the "unbreakable" crystal breaking, Mr. Small telling Gumball that the magazine he ordered the crystal from shut down after two editions, the ridiculous costume he wears, and the line about how holistic medicine was started by near-criminal bozos.
  • Mr. Small trying to cure Darwin through acupuncture, then when Darwin is clearly in agony Gumball comments that on a scale of 1 to 10, he scores a "Somebody please finish me off, every second of my tragic existence is pure agony". Darwin sneezes, causing the pins to fly into Gumball and Mr. Small, then Gumball adds "I can smell dancing and taste purple" while Mr. Small says something in a foreign language, saying that he meant to moan, and collapsing.
  • At the start of the episode, Gumball had it all planned to land a perfect blow against Darwin during their pillow fight... only for Anais to attack Gumball from behind before Gumball will execute it.
  • Nicole doing the same as Gumball while planning to throw the two from their room down to school bus, only for Anais to inform her that the two already got to the bus even before Nicole finished thinking her plan.
  • The Bananas being poor victims of Darwin's sneezing and getting blown all the way to the Great Wall of China.

The Mothers
  • "We put our Moms in a cage! Three go in, one comes out! Three go in, one comes ouuuu..."
  • The sheer amount of abuse Banana Joe's mother goes through puts Anton's death montage from "The Recipe" to shame.
    Banana Joe: You're the super-est, mom. At least in my heart.
    Mrs. Banana: (slurring) No, you're the super-est mom!
  • At the end of the episode, Tobias pulls out the card he was making for his mom at the beginning of the episode... then tears it apart in front of her because she got showed up by Nicole again.

The Password
  • Richard's reading Nicole's card after being asked if Mom forced him to lock the computer, including the threat that he'll be sleeping on the couch if he doesn't read the card.
  • Richard yelling at Gumball and Darwin for burning him, choking him, and feeding him an undercooked steak (the last of which was actually bait for the dogs).
  • Nicole paying Larry for the computer and the damages done to the store with a cracker.
    Larry: Ohhh, you've gotta be KIDDING ME- *takes a bite out of the cracker*

The Procrastinators
  • Gumball gripes about having to take out the trash on Elmore Plus, and then asks Darwin whether he should add "YOLO". Darwin then tells him to "have some self respect"...before saying that he should add "#swag" instead.
  • Gumball and Darwin draw portraits of each other, but Gumball is confused as to why his has a horrifying clown in the background. So he turns around... Turns out the clown is a telegram delivery man—Nicole apparently really wanted to make an impression with her reminder to take the trash out.
  • Gumball meows while chasing a laser on 4 legs with orchestra music playing... then claws his face snarling at the laser and jumping out the window while playing a cat scream.
  • Gumball and Darwin performing a rhythmic melody with everything around the house, including Gumball armpit-farting. Then the microwave's clock hits 5, and the final noise heard afterwards is his armpit fart.
  • The end where the entire family eats trash for dinner after Gumball throws the groceries on the garbage truck.

The Shell
  • The way Penny's shell cracks in the first place - she improvises a kiss between her and Gumball in a school play, and Gumball takes the invitation - but is so nervous he ends up headbutting her by accident.
  • Richard loudly narrating what's going on in front of him in 100% earnestness somehow fails to get annoying...for some viewers.
  • Gumball doesn't go along with Richard's convoluted plan for the family members to share food to make sure no one gets jealous of the one sitting next to the other.
  • Penny's minotaur-like form stops Jackie and Harold in traffic. When Jackie screams for Harold to do something, Harold assures his wife he'll take care of it — and runs out the car, leaving her alone with the creature.
  • Mr. Fitzgerald, shocked at Penny being outside of her shell, inadvertently says things that are hurting her feelings. Gumball tries to fix his sentences.
    Mr. Fitzgerald: What have you done? You've turned her into a freak!
    Gumball: A freak…ishly beautiful young lady. (Laughs nervously)
    Mr. Fitzgerald: She looks like a pig...
    Gumball: -ture of beauty. Ha ha, absolutely!
    Mr. Fitzgerald: You turned my daughter into a monster!
    Gumball: -truck! ...Of prettiness?
  • Gumball bursting into what looks like Banana Joe taking a bath (after bursting in on Banana Barbara painting a picture that predicted the event), but it turns out to be his dad Banana Bob without his mustache, as when he puts it back on, his high-pitched screaming goes down a few octaves.
  • Gumball bursting in on Banana Joe watching an online video of a peeled orange slowly being spread apart with a box of tissues next to his laptop, then Gumball quickly closes the door again.
  • After giving Penny's dad a well-deserved talking down for how he's been treating his daughter, Mr. Fitzgerald apologizes. Gumball then tells him not to beat himself up over it either because "Parenting is hard!", and he's still yelling like when he was calling him out.
  • Nicole gets shot by the pest controller's tranq dart, paralyzing one half of her body, so she tells Darwin and Anais to "teach him a lesson", which they do by grabbing her limp arm and leg, stretching them out like noodles, and slapping him in the face with them.

The Burden
  • Principal Brown gives himself a wax job for Miss Simian, only for his hair to grow back immediately... and Gumball and Darwin seeing everything.
    • Gumball and Darwin's horrified reaction to Principal Brown's temporarily hairless body: Gumball states that he was standing there "long enough for curiosity to turn to regret" and instead of going on a date with Penny over the weekend, he's going to stay home and bleach his eyeballs.
  • Gumball states that Chris Morris is so old, he should be classified as a mineral.
  • Principal Brown immediately dropping his being a principal at 4:00pm — just as Miss Simian bursts in and yells, "ROMANCE, NOW!"
  • While it is also very unsettling, Darwin talking to Chris Morris in the park is pretty funny: he talks about his fears of Gumball not having time for him anymore after the events of "The Shell," which goes from calmly explaining the situation to going Laughing Mad to rocking back and forth in catatonia to angrily telling off Chris Morris to sobbing to accepting the fact that Gumball deserves to be happy and that Darwin should accept it.
  • The Good Times Montage in its entirety, including the in-your-face sudden close ups of Principal Brown's hair.
  • Gumball's strings of Little "No"s to a full-blown Big "NO!" after he realized that he and Darwin kissed and snuggled Principal Brown's hair instead of Chris Morris.
  • Gumball tries to get into the school by carving out a circle in a window and using Darwin's mouth like a suction cup to remove it. Somehow, the rest of the wall falls out in a semicircle and narrowly avoids falling on them.
  • When Gumball and Darwin are trying to chase Chris Morris, they find that he's so slow that walking at normal speed will make it impossible to catch him, so they have to walk at "90s Internet slow", with appropriate visuals.
  • The twist on Outrun the Fireball when Gumball and Darwin jump at the wrong time, fall on the their faces, and get burned (non-fatally) when Chris Morris fills the chemistry lab with Bunsen burner gas and plugs a broken lamp so it will blow up.
  • The Donut Sheriff puckering up when Miss Simian yells, "Romance now!"

The Bros
  • Gumball trying to squat-dance and kicking himself in the face.
  • Penny unzips her bag and sees Darwin was inside it, reading her diary. She invites him talk about it with her and Gumball at lunch, then zips the bag up and carries him off before he can say anything.
  • The ridiculous face and muscle-bound pose Darwin took every time he did something bad to Penny during the basketball game.
    De-fense! (stomp, stomp) De-fense!
  • Gumball's weird laugh and the face he makes. "Ah. Ah. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh. Ah. Ah. Aaaaaaaahhhh."
  • Darwin and Gumball have a "bro wedding", which was Penny's idea.
  • The Black Comedy Burst of the Fitzgerald house being on fire after the heartwarming ending of Gumball and Darwin's bro wedding.

The Mirror
  • Darwin getting so fed up with Gumball blathering about him and Penny that he begins eating his own face.
  • Gumball's message to Penny that she's cool gets passed around to everyone in class telephone game-style and ends with Carmen telling Penny that Gumball said she was fat, causing Penny to shapeshift into her gorgon form and hiss at him. Then Gumball gets pelted with trash, papers, books, and Banana Joe (as in someone just threw him at Gumball).
  • Richard got banned from Elmore's chicken restaurant because he took the "All You Can Eat" gimmick literally and ate a chair.
  • Darwin saves Gumball from the Snatcher by turning on the TV—only to get the home shopping channel and Gumball replying that he'd rather live an eternity of damnation in limbo than watch that to save his life.
  • Carrie's reunion with her dad after he returned back to normal from being the Snatcher being ruined immediately when Gumball talks about how it's like his relationship with Penny. Everyone groans.

The Man
  • Nicole, Gumball, Darwin, and Anais worrying about Granny Jojo's sudden good mood: she calls Nicole "average", which, according to Nicole, is the nicest thing she's ever said about her, Gumball replies that Granny Jojo actually gave the kids real candy instead of her expired fungal medication, and Darwin being surprised that Granny Jojo is capable of smiling.
  • After Richard collapses from hearing that Jojo is dating Louie, Nicole tells the kids to get the first aid kit. It's a bag of nachos, and as soon as she opens it he starts attacking it.
  • Richard disapproves of Granny Jojo seeing Louie because he believes his father could be coming back from buying milk. He left 42 years ago.note  Everyone else's reactions sell it, especially Granny Jojo's, who looks incredibly nervous.
  • Gumball thinking seeing Granny Jojo prettied up (to use the term loosely) is just a bad dream...until Anais and Darwin say it's not.
  • The kids make a Rube Goldberg Device to get Granny Jojo out the window of their room, which only launches her into the ceiling.
  • When the kids attempt to get Granny Jojo out with a Bedsheet Ladder it ends up being too short, so they use her girdle. Darwin can't believe how big it is, Gumball can't believe that he was touching it with his bare hands, and Anais can't believe that she's genetically predestined to wear one someday.
  • When Richard blocks Jojo and Louie's kiss, his hand gets covered in slobber and he wipes it on Gumball's face. Gumball declares "Well, that's that face ruined." then pulls off his head and grows another one.
  • Richard and Louie's "man-off". Naturally, Louie wins every competition:
    • Growing hair: Offscreen, Louie grows hair on his head, ears and nose while Gumball was talking, while all Richard managed to grow was three hairs on his chin.
    • "Man Washing": Richard washes himself with the shower head, but still smells bad enough to disgust Anais. Louie rubs a toothbrush on his head then uses it to brush his teeth, and his breath causes Anais to turn green, her head unscrews, her ears fly off and she melts.
    • "Man Sitting": Richard and Louie are sitting on the couch. Richard tries to relax harder and puts his arms and legs behind his back, causing him to fall on his face.
    • "Man Cooking": Louie makes Gumball a burger with rare meat. Richard tries to eat a live cow and it kicks him.
    • "Man Whistling": Richard trying to whistle with one finger, only to accidentally make himself throw up. Fortunately, the scene cut off before we could see it happen.
    • "Man Dancing": Richard dances but Louie doesn't. Apparently, it was a trick question because real men don't dance.

The Pizza
  • With everyone being pissed at having a bad day, Richard tells Gumball to make dinner because he's "too angry to make a valid excuse". Gumball then pushes it to Darwin who questions why he has to do it. Gumball replies by opening his mouth like a Predator and hissing at him.
  • Nicole being so tense that when she attempts to dial the phone, she pushes the keys with enough force to break them out.
  • During Nicole's flashback, when Larry charges her $100 for a tune-up, she pounds the hood and breaks a headlight causing it to go up to $200, then every time she yells something breaks and the price goes up until it reaches $750, leading to her harsh "Reason You Suck" Speech toward Larry—which she's admit she's unleashing on him since he's the only other person around:
    Nicole: (head grows, voice deepens) You are a worm! You're a thieving, bottom-feeding, money-grubbing crook! People like you are squeezing the very last cent out of hard-working families! You're the reason ice caps are melting and baby polar bears are homeless! (returns to normal) I think that's all there was. Here. (gives him the money)
    Larry: Uh, would you like to add a tip?
    Nicole: Sure, a little extra 12%? (inhales, becomes angry again) You're a worthless maggot, a pointless little—
    • When it returns to the Watterson household it looks like the camera is zoomed in on Nicole's face, when in actuality her head has now grown to massive size and Richard is using the coffee table to push her back.
  • Larry's explanation as to why he can't sell Richard more food:
    Larry: Sir, please! You just ingested 12,000 calories an hour ago! To burn that off, you'll literally have to catch fire.
  • Gumball being so hungry that he begins to digest himself; as in, a black hole forms in his stomach and begins sucking his head in.
  • Darwin being so hungry that he can't do Meat-O-Vision right, so he sees Gumball as a purse.
  • When the Wattersons attempt to drive the car after Larry quits, they find that the gas has been siphoned and everything holding it together is also gone, so it falls apart and a bunch of people come by to steal its parts. Then they drive an imaginary car.
  • Jackie emerging from the wrecked van, clacking bottles on her fingers a la Luther from The Warriors with her Henpecked Husband Harold on a leash and barking like a dog.
  • Mr. Small asking the Wattersons if they've taken any antibiotics, because if he's going to eat others, then the meat has to be organic and free of anything unnatural.
  • The way Nicole dispatches Leslie: she bites off part of his goddamn face and swings him by the neck so she can knock out Carmen's dad.
  • The fact that it took 20 minutes after Larry quit for Elmore to go downhill.

The Lie
  • Richard is so depressed in January that he takes out the trash and throws himself in the can with it.
  • Gumball pitching "Dependence Day" as a holiday and Anais, in a sarcastic Simpleton Voice, replies, "Yay! Where we all celebrate our lack of freedom!"
  • Darwin turning into an early 1930s cartoon character because of how depressing January is: black and white, with wide, pie eyes and Mickey Mouse gloves, a scratchy vinyl sound to his voice, and perpetually bouncing—which, in this case, is a case of the shakes.
  • "You know metalheads: they pretend to be hardcore, but they're just hippies who like leather."
  • Rocky telling the kids about the differences between grindcore, black metal, and Viking metal...when he's supposed to be driving the bus.
  • Mr. Small is so depressed that he forgot how to smile, so he had to force himself to smile with tape. When he rips the tape off, it also rips off the white part of his head revealing a primate-like face underneath.
  • Principal Brown tries to hibernate until spring in Miss Simian's desk, but he finds that he doesn't hibernate. Much like Gumball not originally knowing his own real name, Principal Brown doesn't know what his own species is.
  • Richard creating the Sluzzlewurst in the same fashion as Usagi/Serena does when she transforms into Sailor Moon.
  • Richard's credit card being sucked dry (literally) due to all the groceries he bought for the Sluzzle Tag feast.
  • Richard's Sluzzlewurst is so fattening, it causes Anais to sweat butter.
  • The poorly-animated Sluzzle Tag special has two skeletons saying, "Jolly Sluzzle Ta—" then ends with a message that, because animation is a very lengthy process and Sluzzle Tag is a recent holiday, the very short scene we just saw was all the network had time to make.
  • When Gumball realizes he's going to disappoint everyone when they realize Sluzzle Dude doesn't exist, he imagines the planet exploding, but Anais points out that everyone will just hate him and it cuts to a live-action clay Gumball being pounded flat.

The Butterfly
  • Gumball and Banana Joe trick Darwin into viewing Joe's butt through a microscope. Darwin is so horrified that he sees butts everywhere; Leslie's face, the faces on a poster of a bride and groom, a cropped image of the hands in The Creation of Adam, and Ms. Simian's face, but Darwin decides that the latter is an improvement.
  • Tobias hits on Penny by calling his dance "The Butterfly Effect." Penny comments that it goes great with the dance she came up with, where she waves each hand in front of Tobias like she's holding something. Tobias asks what it's called and Penny answers "The Bug Spray".
  • How Miss Simian demonstrates the actual Butterfly Effect in action: she flicks her chalk into the ceiling fan, which ultimately results in Tobias getting hit over the head by the window.
  • Gumball and Darwin react to the butterfly coming out of its chrysalis as if it was an expectant mother going into labor.
  • While it also crosses into Nightmare Fuel, the appearance of the titular butterfly is just offsetting enough to be hilarious... Not to mention the random squeaky noises it makes.
  • Gumball has a... warped definition of the term "baby boomer":
    Gumball: (in regards to the butterfly) Dude! How can something this cute be responsible for something as bad as a tornado? It's like blaming baby boomers for the state of the world! How can babies going boom ruin the economy?
  • Rocky tries to escape the Crocodile Woman who mistook his falling next to her on one knee with a bagel in his hand as a marriage proposal.
  • During "Elmore Help Desk", Karen answers the Crocodile Woman's question to Mr. Robinson.
  • The epic and overly long domino fall of everyone in Elmore, ending with Hector falling on top of Sussie's dad and getting him caught in his nose.
  • The episode took the most well known example of the Butterfly Effect (a butterfly flapping its wings causing a tornado) and ultimately played that example straight.

The Question
  • Gumball calling the man on the box of healthy cereal a "cowboy goat with high blood pressure."
  • Gumball and Darwin going on a sugar rush and suddenly understanding everything in the world—except the meaning of life—then come out of the rush in a park where Gumball is dressed in a ballerina outfit with combat boots while Darwin is handcuffed to a lamppost with a tribal tramp stamp on his butt.
  • Larry tells Gumball and Darwin his daily schedule when they ask him about the meaning of life. He soon goes mad from the revelation when he realizes how boring it is and proceeds to leave his post, steal his boss's money, kiss his girlfriend Karen and his boss (the teddy bear boss who beat up Richard and bullies Larry as seen in "The Refund") before throwing him in the cash register, steal Mrs. Robinson's car, drive to the beach, and walk into the ocean. All this while manically repeating his daily schedule.
  • Anais joining her father in blissful ignorance, putting on a homemade toga and eating chicken nuggets and fries on the couch, after Gumball and Darwin bombard her with disturbing questions after Anais tells them that the meaning of life for her is a quest for knowledge.
  • The Forest of Doom's creatures and their song.
    "'Cause the meaning of life is to eat or be-"
  • The Sun and planets singing a cheery song about how life doesn't matter in the grand scale of things, with Gumball dismissing the song because he can't hear it and the planets are so far slow that by the time they finish, it will have been 4.75 billion years and the sun will have exploded — which it does. Made better by the bizarre fact that all of the planets have British accents like the moon and Saturn did in "The Debt".
  • Sussie gives a surprisingly profound answer on what the meaning of life is to the shock of a dejected Gumball and Darwin...before continuing to throw mayonnaise to feed pigeons.

The Saint

The Friend
  • Gumball and Darwin eat Anais's cupcakes only to find that they were actually lemons iced with baking soda, which cause their faces to shoot out masses of foam.
    • Before they ate their decoys, Richard's were made of toilet paper and Nicole's were made of soap.
  • The Doughnut Sheriff thinking "police" is two words instead of one.

The Oracle
  • In response to Darwin weakly hitting him on the head with a frying pan: "What are you, vegan?!"
  • Gumball's metaphor that gets so out of hand even he doesn't get it.
    Gumball: You know, you're the kinda guy who likes to take his boat out, all his sails on fire, a burger in each hand, a cape on his back, ready for Valhalla!
    Darwin: What's that supposed to mean?
    Gumball: I don't know. I went too far with the metaphor and lost the plot myself.
  • Richard accidentally knocks Banana Bob out while messing with binoculars and he gets rushed to the hospital. The Sheriff gets in Richard's face and asks who caused it, then he tries to run away and runs through a fence and into a house.
  • Gumball sternly tells Nicole no to going to the mall, followed by Nicole's Fireball Eyeballs and Gumball immediately saying okay.
  • Gumball tries to sabotage the car, which only makes it run faster, then when Nicole tries to pull out later at the mall the engine gets launched out.
  • "Keep your clothes on!"
  • Gumball's failed attempt at getting the police to close the mall.
    Doughnut Sheriff: This is a hoax call, isn't it?
    Gumball: How do you know?
    (zoom out to reveal Doughnut Sheriff standing directly behind Gumball)
    Doughnut Sheriff: 'Cause I'm right next to you, kid. And for the record, you actually need to dial before you get through.

The Safety
  • Mr. Small's Anvilicious safety video at the beginning, "Watch Out, Little Teddy"), which eventually slows down to a crawl near the end, followed by everyone in class having the same (realistically-detailed) horrified face.
  • The video says to be careful of strangers, using an old woman beating up the Teddy after he held her while helping her cross the road. Learning from this, Darwin decides to injure an old lady to keep Gumball safe. Twice. Even more funny is the second time where afterward Gumball apologises for Darwin; the lady responds that it was okay!
  • Darwin turning on the child filter for the entire household, which removes Gumball's hip area as well as muting even "mom-sanctioned" curse words. Gumball, frustrated, then stomps Darwin's foot, who proclaims "OW, YOU-" before being cut-off with a clip show consisting of real life images (of a mother and baby, a farmer making bales with a pitchfork, a young donkey and a clown) while a calm piano piece is playing in the background.
  • The Wattersons somehow eating bowls of actual molecules after Darwin becomes convinced that all food is unhealthy. They also eat iron filings, which Richard grinds between his teeth creating sparks.
  • Darwin actually calling the characters on the Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote-esque cartoon to tell them that the cartoon they're in is too violent.
  • When Darwin chains the other Wattersons to the kitchen chairs, they motion for Gumball to get the key to their chains off the counter using his mouth. Instead, he grabs the cactus right next to it and chews it into a key.
  • Richard disguising himself as a woman in order to distract one of the guards outside the town hall, even though there was no need for him to dress like that since he knocks the guard out within seconds with a fire hydrant anyway. The guard, upon seeing Richard, has no idea what to think.
  • When Nicole is fighting Darwin's security guards, her attempts to hit them are censored resulting in 60s Batman-style sound cards appearing followed by them being knocked out.
  • Nicole, Richard, and Anais admitting that they willingly went along with Darwin's fanatical safety measures because he's really cute and giving their best impressions of him spouting the phrases of a dictator in the most squeaky, cute voices they could muster.

The Society
  • Gumball's audition for the Presidents' Day play.
  • Gumball attaching himself to Tobias' back and Tobias thinking he's gained weight and hearing voices in his head.
  • While looking for what he believes is a secret society at Elmore Junior High, Gumball checks Leslie, Banana Joe, and Miss Simian for tattoos.
  • Part of Gumball's "initiation" is that he's told to roast Richwood High's mascot, but Darwin believes that the "society" worded it poorly and assumes that Gumball's roast will be the definition that involves fire. Instead, he ends up doing both.

The Spoiler
  • Anton talks about the movie Gumball hasn't seen yet, so Gumball eats Anton.
  • The entire phone call between Gumball and Penny:
    • Penny teases Gumball about spoilers, only for her dad to chime in and blurt out one himself. When Penny points out he's listening in on their phone call, Patrick pretends to have been disconnected, yet still keeps dropping more spoilers.
    • The phone call was also being listened in on by Gumball's entire family, Penny's little sister, and, apparently, an NSA agent—the last of whom offhandedly admits to eavesdropping along with everyone else, and no one comments on his presence.
    • Anais gets pissed of when she finds out even Penny's little sister got to see The Screamening when she didn't.
  • Gumball shouting, "We're lucky that Larry's IQ is as small as his paycheck!" while hiding from Larry when he catches them allegedly committing movie piracy.

The Countdown
  • Darwin and Gumball make the dozen of duplicates of themselves created by time travel disappear by pointing out they shouldn't exist, then the proto-humans in the background suddenly start bowing down and worshiping them.
  • Gumball remarking that the only thing he remembers about Miss Simian lecturing him and Darwin about being late was that the top of her head looks like Mt. Fuji.
  • The various ways Gumball and Darwin's time traveling cause their classmates to change:
    • When Gumball and Darwin scare off the first bipedal ape, the class all turn into quadrupeds.
    • After Gumball and Darwin's duplicates all disappear, the class all look like them (Sarah, Leslie and Masami look like Gumball and Carrie, Teri, Carmen and Tobias look like Darwin) because they're now the genetic ancestors of all life on Earth.
    • After returning from the future where they're posthumously revered as gods, everyone is fat.
    • Everyone is angry and Sarah and Tobias are yelling in German, implying that they live in a world where the Germans won World War II and took over.
    • Everyone has two heads.
    • Everyone is giant.
    • The world is upside down. Gumball and Darwin are the only ones affected by gravity.
    • Everyone has Nested Mouths.
    • When it looks like everything is normal, it turns out that Gumball and Darwin now have vertical eyelids. Gumball decides he can live with it and the episode ends.

The Nobody
  • When Nicole assumes Gumball and Darwin have been stealing all the stuff around the house, she calls them out into the hall from their room, only to immediately tell them to go back into their room.
  • Darwin and Gumball try to tell the eponymous "nobody" (Rob) that there are plenty of roles for him to take up, but all the ones they can think of are taken by someone who walks across the screen a second later. When they start suggesting a bunch of jobs Larry occupies, he walks by as each is mentioned with appropriate attire, then a whole mob of Larry start crossing the screen simultaneously.
  • Gumball and Darwin successfully jump a fence with a lawnmower that's going way too slow to actually make the jump. It also explodes.

The Downer
  • Gumball's face when he first tells the other members of the family that he's in a bad mood, which shows up several more times throughout the episode, and he's initially so sour that he can't give a sarcastic comeback to Nicole asking him why.
  • After Gumball inadvertently wishes everyone would leave, he goes into the living room, still stuck between his mattress and his bedspread so he could technically say he never got out of bed.
  • To see if everyone's really gone, Gumball tries to create a chain reaction by knocking a lamp over, which knocks over the TV, which then knocks over a bookshelf, but a rubber ball and a vase fall off the shelf, the vase bounces off the ball and back on the shelf, straightening it and the TV and knocking the lamp against Gumball's head.
  • When Gumball fakes being in pain he asks for Nicole to give him a kiss, then stretches his mouth out and kisses himself Uncle Grandpa-style.
  • Gumball builds a metropolis out of building blocks and destroys it, then gets a figure in his foot, something pretty much every LEGO owner ever has experienced at least once, and flushes it down the toilet, only for it to not go down.
  • Gumball trying to get over his bad mood by watching TV. The first thing he watches is a news report about an extremely poisonous lake, followed by a weather report about an upcoming acid rain and smog storm, a documentary about a rare species of frog that gets killed, and a shampoo commercial that's a big Take That! against the obsession with unattainable beauty and how most women featured in the media are digitally altered to achieve this.
  • Gumball's musical sequence, which starts off as a Musical Pastiche of Pharrell Williams' "Happy" in which he tries to cheer himself up with various activities only to find a drawback to each of them, then he gets angry again and the song takes a massive turn in mood.
  • When trying to make a meatloaf, Gumball states that onions can make you cry unless you make them cry first, then attempts to karate chop the onion only for it to bounce forward and knock him down. He doesn't have any meat, so he beats the bag of bread crumbs with the rolling pin and pours the whole thing in the pan with the unpeeled onion, then adds a raw egg and mint toothpaste as a substitute for mint leaves. Because the recipe serves five people, he puts it on five plates at the table and impersonates the other Wattersons.
    Gumball (normal voice): So, how you guys like my loaf-loaf?
    Gumball (as Nicole): Oh, it's nice. It's like all the flavors collide and explode in your mouth, giving it a distinctive, uh... burnt tire taste.
    Gumball (as Darwin): Dude, I love what you did with the onions. (burps) And it was great to taste them again.
    Gumball (as Anais): I would say we were gonna get food poisoning, but there's no way this counts as food.
    Gumball (as Richard): Yeah, it's disgusting, but you see, food is like... food. Even when it's bad, it's still pretty good.
    Gumball (as Nicole): So, Gumball, how was your day?
    Gumball (grumpy voice): Everything was just peachy. I've done fine in spite of all you ditching me. In case you didn't notice, that was sarcasm.
    Gumball (as Richard): Nice. Seriously though, is there any more loaf-loaf?
  • When Gumball goes outside to the now-empty Elmore, he asks around for Mr. Robinson, Principal Brown and Alan, then rescinds that last comment saying that he'd rather it'd be just him than him and Alan.
    Alan: (gasps) Cold...
  • After finding that everyone's gone because of his wish, Gumball's bitterness begins acting on its own and makes him declare that he hates Elmore and that he also hates puppies, cupcakes and rainbows. When it begins affecting his view of the world, he sees that Joyful Burger is now Misery Burger, a cereal on a billboard is now Captain Crud, and the economy has collapsed, then he states that the third isn't much of a surprise.
  • When the black cloud begins consuming Elmore, Gumball asks why should he be afraid of it, then it grabs his face with its tendrils to show that it is not all bark and no bite.
  • Although creepy as hell, there's something morbidly funny about Gumball running from the giant black cloud, waiting to cross the road until the stoplight says to, then the light changing to suddenly say "NO ESCAPE".
  • When the cloud enters the Watterson house, it turns the unicorn painting into a hellish-looking one, turns the family portrait into one painted similar to "The Scream", and the painting of a sad clown is unchanged.
    Gumball: Actually, to be honest, that clown was always scary.
  • The revelation that Gumball's wish for everyone to go away was all a hallucination brought on by his bad mood: Nicole was taking a shower when Gumball tried to flush the LEGO man down the toilet, Gumball kicked the Frog Kid when he was blindly swinging for everyone to get out of the way, Gumball caused a traffic jam when he thought everyone in the world alongside his family had disappeared, Alan heard what Gumball said about how he didn't want to be the only other person in the world with him, Banana Bob saw Gumball fighting with himself in the yard, and Gumball was actually squeezing Richard's man boobs when Gumball was trying to find a way out of the darkness of his moodnote .

The Egg
  • Nicole's formal outfit inspection:
    • She tells Richard to change out of his wedding tux when she sees in the mirror (which wasn't there before, as Richard points out) that his suit is ripped in the back.
    • Gumball misinterpreting Nicole's request for him to wear something respectable as wearing something that will get him respect, so he puts on a pimp outfit, and when Nicole tells him to change, he does a pimp strut until she tells him to walk normally.
    • Darwin isn't wearing shoes and his feet are pixelated, as if they're an offending body part that needs to be censored. Nicole says she asked him to look natural, not au naturale.
    • Anais is in a mourning gown, complete with veiled hat. When she refuses to change into something else, Nicole makes a violent gesture.
  • When the row of black hairs on Gumball's head won't stay down, he complains it's like grooming a coconut, and Nicole does the same gesture again as she did to Anais. Gumball's hairs straighten out of fear.
  • Mrs. Parham's horrified flashback of Richard and Gumball's antics in previous encounters. After that, she's left paralyzed and Nicole drags her into the house. Jaw Drop at its finest.
  • When Richard opens and drinks out of a can of soda Nicole whispers that it's not for him, and it slowly drips out of his mouth back into the can. When Nicole tells him to pour a drink for Mrs. Parham, he pours the soda in her mouth and she almost throws up in her purse before finding the strength to swallow.
  • When Nicole tells Richard to say something that someone self-employed would say, he has a conversation with himself where he fires himself and breaks down in tears.
  • When Mrs. Parham gives Nicole a polite yet savage "Reason You Suck" Speech about her ruse to be her friend for social reasons and tells her to be who she really is, Nicole turns into a red demon and tries to attack her as Richard tries to pull her back and Mrs. Parham keeps her at bay with a chair. Then it becomes a Funny Background Event to Anais and Billy's conversation. After the beginning of their musical number, Nicole has Mrs. Parham's head in her mouth and when Gumball tries to get her attention Nicole retorts that this isn't the first time he's seen her chew someone out. When they see that Anais and Billy have left, Nicole and Mrs. Parham get into a slapfight.
  • When Nicole and Mrs. Parham's irreconcilable differences make it so that they haven't gone anywhere in the 15 minutes they've been in the car, Gumball decides to drive the car himself, but since he doesn't know how to operate it they have to run.
  • The ending: Anais decides she's not compatible with Billy because he doesn't like Daisy the Donkey. When Mrs. Parham expresses relief that she doesn't have to pretend to like Nicole, the latter punches her out.

The Triangle
  • Principal Brown telling Sussie to stop crying over Darwin's soulful slide whistle performance or he'll call the Coast Guard.
  • Gumball, with an unsettlingly toothy grin, claiming that he's happy for Darwin on the inside, followed by Darwin opening Gumball vertically like a cello case, revealing him as a deep-voiced mass of fire yelling that he wants Darwin to crash and burn.
  • Gumball robbing the duck mascot's large head and pants while the duck mascot is on the toilet.
  • Gumball trying to figure out who's trying to sabotage Darwin's performance.
    • His first suspect is Banana Joe, who hilariously, despite the insinuation of the camera work, is not the culprit due to evidence of Leslie's envy.
  • Leslie firing darts from his flute, which suddenly sound like sniper fire and hit a wedge of cheese who passes out from having an extra hole in his chest.
  • Gumball and Leslie getting over their insecurities and resolving to be happy for Darwin's sake, only to rejoice when Darwin botches his solo act due to stage fright.

The Money
  • Richard thinking Swiss cheese is healthier because it has holes in it, which is why he tried to order 47 cheeseburgers with Swiss cheese on them.
  • Richard losing the family's money by throwing it into the ocean (or, in his words, transferring it to an offshore account), but not before turning it into gold (which causes the suitcase to sink).
  • The family lapping up the tears they've shed because they're so broke, they can't afford the water bill.
  • The repo men also being the prisoners that the Wattersons met when everyone in town went after them for their antics in season 2's "The Finale".
  • Richard only being able to get $100 for the family car because of how badly it depreciated when he went to "that new drive-thru convenience store" (which, according to surveillance footage, is just Richard crashing the car into the convenience store after he found a dollar in the glove compartment).
  • Nicole has a talk with the man repossessing their TV.
    Nicole: That TV is broken.
    Repo man: Is it?
    (Nicole kicks the TV and the man offscreen)
    Nicole It is now.
  • During Gumball's "Imaginate" song:
    • Nicole's reaction to Gumball turning into a sexy, young woman during his line, "Just imaginate cosmetic surgery to make you look 18".
    • Anais saying, "And I imaginate you get hit by a bus!" then chastising herself for saying "imaginate" when she just told Gumball that "imaginate" wasn't a word.
  • The bizarre Japanese commercial for Joyful Burger after Nicole suggests that the family do the ad in another country.
  • The universe glitching out and the animation becoming incredibly low-quality, to the point that it's just childish scribbles on paper and Post-It notes, as the family rushes to Joyful Burger to do the commercial. Gumball stays a crudely-drawn stick figure on a Post-It note after the family returns to normal when they sign the contract, until Larry shows Gumball how much the family will be paid and the episode ends with him back to normal in the commercial.
  • The commercial itself is a hysterical melting pot of all the most awful stereotypes of commercials of the 80s and 90s, complete with idiotic outfits for the family and Darwin dressed in the same hip-hop gear he had on in "The Fraud" randomly beatboxing.

     Season 4 
The Return
  • Richard calling Principal Brown to tell the kids that they have the plague which is why they're not in school.
  • Richard is so distant from his kids that he has difficulty remembering what they look like, so when he has an Imagine Spot with them in it they're all badly-drawn and off-voiced caricatures. When he tries to imagine them again they're drawn on-model, but their eyes and the shapes of their heads are now screwed up: Gumball has Anais' head and one eye, Anais has Darwin's head and three eyes, and Darwin has Gumball's head and an eye in his mouth.
  • Richard's insistence that he punch out the windows or windshield on every car he comes across, at one point rolling up the window on one car just to do so.
  • The end, where Richard lets loose the balls in the ball pit that flood the school and spill Gumball, Darwin, and Anais out in front of Nicole's car. When Nicole asks them how their first day back was, all they can do is look on in stunned, horrified silence.

The Nemesis
  • When Rob slides a car on a oil-coated road to run down Gumball and Darwin, Gumball (who has been ranting about how adults are too soft on kids these days) and Darwin managed to get inside the car while they have a deep breath, the car spinning around, went on the other side of the road and the duo safely landed without being aware while they're relaxing.
  • Rob tries to cut down an electrical pole and drop it on Gumball and Darwin, only to find that the wires are leaving it dangling in the air. He then knocks it into a tree, which breaks and falls on him, then the pole comes back and hits him again.
  • The send-up of anime and action cartoon transformation sequences, where it's revealed it's just Gumball and Darwin throwing pieces of Dr. Wrecker's costume at him while he's spinning on a computer chair. Dr. Wrecker wonders why this is necessary and Gumball replies that no one wants to see bad guys struggle to get their pants on like a normal person for ten minutes.
  • When Gumball and Darwin throw Dr. Wrecker a party to congratulate him on becoming a villain, their plates, cups and decorations are all stuff for a girl's birthday that they've drawn on with marker, because they couldn't order anything more evil than that without checking off a box that confirms that they're over 18.
  • Dr. Wrecker and his Wrecking Ball.

The Crew
  • When Gumball and Darwin are trading suggestions on which crew to join, Gumball suggests the bullies, but Darwin disagrees.
    Darwin: It's too late for us. [grits teeth] DARN YOU, LOVING PARENTS!
  • The flashback of Gumball and Darwin catching Principal Brown working a second job at the car wash — as one of the brushes.
  • The senior citizens' introduction, presented in the style of an over-the-top hip-hop video where they look SO cool. Counts as a Moment of Awesome and Visual Effects of Awesome as well.
  • Gumball and Darwin's various attempts to make themselves look older to join the senior citizens' "crew":
    • First, they try to get wrinkles from wallowing in nuclear waste, but it ends up giving Gumball the power of telepathy and Darwin the power of magnetism.
    • Second, they coat themselves in salt and hang themselves from the clothesline to roast in the sun. Richard smells them from inside, licks them back to normal and laments that he can't eat them.
    • Third, they attempt to make themselves prune from keeping their heads underwater in the bathtub then blow dry their faces, but they fall off and give way to live-action baby faces. Their voices also appropriately get higher and they cry.
    • Lastly, they age themselves the way they caused Nicole to age, by yelling at each other until they turn white and wrinkled, followed by going skateboarding in high heels, which destroy their bones and joints.

The Others
  • The very beginning, where Gumball tries to become a Super Saiyan (which becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when he succeeds in "The Pest").
  • The freaky head trip when Gumball opens his mind and realizes how many other students there are. His head also literally splits open showing his brain with a face on it.
  • When Anais calls Gumball out on his need to force himself into Clare's life so he can stay the center of attention, he phases her out of existence by sheer force of will. Invisible Anais promptly kicks him in the ass.
  • Darwin impersonating Clare and whining. Gumball then pretends to be life while Darwin is still Clare. Darwin grabs Gumball and throws him out the window with no change in expression from either of them.
  • The "about you" gag where Gumball and Darwin have no clue what Clare is saying due to her (very subtle and easily understood) accent.
  • The ending: Gumball and Darwin chase down Clare's bus on Tina Rex to knock it over and force a happy ending onto her.

The Signature
  • Louie's fatherly advice to Richard.
    Louie: You need to stop eating things that aren't food... and also eat less food.
  • Richard places their new family vacation photo along with Louie when they were in Florida on the wall that was drilled to the gas pipe unknowingly. When Louie tells him the news about him marrying Jojo, he tries to contain his anger but he grinds his teeth so hard he makes a spark that creates a gas explosion because of said pipe.
    • After the explosion, Louie comes back in the house after dusting himself and told Jojo at least he didn't say no casually. Gumball, Darwin and Anais, who were also caught in the explosion, come upstairs as they knew it was because of Richard knowing the big news.
  • Gumball, Anais and Darwin doing a triple Face Palm in reaction to Richard's plan to stop the wedding... but unfortunately for Darwin, he smacks himself unconscious with the pipe he's holding.
  • Louie has Nicole sign adoption papers so he can adopt her to forbid her from seeing Richard. Louie had to ask her for a shirt so he can celebrate by ripping it off of himself and when he starts celebrating, he sees a quarter on the floor and twists his hip.
  • The Watterson family having to go through the Kingdom of Bureaucracy where everything happens in its own time usually too late in order to get Jojo and Louie their marriage license before Frankie takes away their home. Gumball uses this as an advantage by bumping into Frankie to get him off the line... which goes into effect as the line goes forward.
  • The Watterson family trying to stop Frankie from notarizing the form that gives him ownership of their house and get Granny Jojo and Louie married, but get stopped by a clerk who's not doing his job.
    Nicole: We're here to get a marriage license!
    Clerk: Uh huh... One minute. (Making clicks on his computer)
    Nicole: Are you playing Solitaire?
    Clerk: (sighs and he starts to watch videos with cat noises)
    Nicole: I can hear you watching cat videos.
    (the computer makes a chiming noise)
    Gumball: What the?! That's the sound of the Elmore Plus Messenger!
    Clerk: No it's not... (types in) #Job4Life.

The Check
  • Gumball, Darwin, and Anais remember about how Jojo was with food, fun, and presents in caution of Louie wanting to show them something as he's old like her.
    Darwin: Granny Jojo, what's this?
    Granny Jojo: Herring surprise.
    Gumball: What's the surprise?
    Herring: Boo!
  • Darwin's Imagine Spot on using money for charity:
    • Darwin's commercial ends with him ranting at others to give money to the poor.
    • Darwin naming his charity the Coalition Of Really Really Useful People Together... Or C.O.R.R.U.P.T.
    • Darwin's dream ends with him not making any money due to expenses... ending up in toxic waste management where he ends up encountering zombies.
  • Anais's Imagine Spot starts with Anais getting all of the money in the world then destroying it all so the economy gets destroyed and the people can live blissfully in nature... ends in disaster due to being open to predators in nature.
  • Gumball's Imagine Spot on using money for a suit and tie to become President:
    • He posts a campaign video of him promising in a Ted Kennedy-style voice for seven-day weekends, state-issued mobility scooters, to replace water with soda, and to make pizza the fourth emergency service. When Anais asked him how can he get votes? He squeaks his hands in the song of the "Star-Spangled Banner" which succeeds in him getting elected.
    • When pressed by Anais on what to do if people get all obese from the free pizza, his solution is robot servants... who end up rebelling against all of humanity. How does Gumball put an end to all this?
    Gumball: (in Ted Kennedy-style voice) My fellow Americans... (in normal voice) I think we all know where this is going, so let's just skip to the end. (Presses button to nuke the entire country)
  • The entire invisible-car-chase sequence...and how Mr. Small is just riding his hippie van and not finding any of this out of the ordinary.

The Pest
  • Anais doing her best audition for PlatinumGames by practicing kick-boxing in the attic.
  • When Gumball and Darwin find Anais beating up her stuffed animals while blindfolded, she nearly punches Gumball and her fist stops just short of his face. Gumball thinks she's angry with him, so he admits that:
    • He swapped her smashed pills for turtle flakes, which is why everyone at school calls her "Kraken Breath".
    • He kept messing up her sunscreen when she was born and she didn't really have a facial birthmark in the shape of a goat, because he thought if she looked cursed Nicole wouldn't love her more than him.
    • He put stones in her pockets when she was a baby because he was worried she would grow taller than him, which is why she's medically classified as a cephalopod.
  • When Anais says it's not Gumball she's angry with, it's shown that Gumball was planning to have Darwin hit Anais over the head with a shovel and he was telling him to abort it.
  • The whole scene with Gumball and Darwin explaining the effects of violence to Anais:
    Gumball: Okay, first I want you to learn what it means to hurt someone.
    Anais: I'm the one who—
    Gumball: No arguing! You wanna use violence? Then, first you need to understand how it makes people feel!
    Anais: Wait, what?
    Darwin: Hit him.
    Anais: Guys, you don't understand.
    Gumball: DO IT! (Darwin grabs Anais' hand and makes her slap Gumball) Ohhh, I feel pain! But also sorrow. Isn't there a better solution to our problem? (Darwin picks up Anais and throws her on top of Gumball, then grabs her by the ears and pulls her back) AAAHH! The violence inflicted upon me has instilled a rage, that can only lead to more violence. (Gumball picks up Anais by her left leg and hits Darwin with her)
    Darwin: AUGH! As an innocent bystander, I feel unjustly hurt. The violence has now become... a vicious circle. (Darwin makes Anais slap Gumball again, Gumball makes Anais slap Darwin, Darwin prepares to make Anais slap Gumball a third time but she starts spinning around in mid-air slapping both of them)
    Gumball: See what happens when you let yourself be an instrument of violence? Everyone gets hurt!
    Anais: You don't understand! I'm the one who's getting picked on!
    Gumball: (grabs Anais and stops her spinning) Then forget everything I said. (goes Super Saiyan with appropriate Art Shift) LET'S NAIL THIS GUY!
    Darwin: C'mon man, we both know this is just posturing.
    Gumball: (powers down) Yeah, but I thought you might buy it if I went big.
  • Gumball trying to meditate, unaware of Anais and Darwin trying to get his attention, which leads to him getting trampled by the football team and punted into the air when one of them tries to kick the ball. In the next scene, Anais and Darwin are trying to put him back together again, and Gumball's disembodied arm waves to Penny when she walks by with Carmen.
  • Ms. Simian showing Gumball and Anais her scars, which she got from getting hit in the head with a rock by two Homo erectus parents for teaching their child to make fire, getting chased out of her tribe for trying to introduce the wheel into their curriculum, falling on a wet floor on the day Christopher Columbus discovered the New World (the timing was just a coincidence), and the Salem witch trials.
    • Darwin, watching in through the window on makeshift stilts, witnessing Ms. Simian showing off the scar she got on the day of Columbus' arrival (which is on her rear end) and going white and blank-eyed from shock.
  • When the Watterson kids have no nonviolent solutions left:
    Anais: I guess I'm back to destroying my enemy!
    Darwin: And you know the best way to destroy an enemy?
    (Anais does a karate chop)
    Darwin: No, I mean to make sure they stop.
    (Anais performs a knee to the chest motion)
    Darwin: No, I mean to get rid of him forever.
    (Anais mimes performing an orbital strike)
    Gumball: Wha-was that?
    Anais: A tactical satellite attack.
  • Gumball challenges Billy to a duel with a Glove Slap. Billy, in turn, hits Gumball with Bobert's arm, giving him a black eye.
  • Gumball believes that Billy will be at a serious disadvantage against him, so he handicaps himself by tying himself up and plugging his nose. When Billy puts up a fight, Gumball tries to cut himself loose with a pair of safety scissors; they aren't sharp enough, but a stale French fry that Darwin throws to him is.

The Sale
  • Gumball and Darwin's Demon Heads that scare Nicole! Nicole even took her words reverse.
  • Mr. Robinson unraveling after Gumball takes a load-bearing thread from his body as a keepsake, followed by Gumball taking his unibrow.
  • Their musical number that ends with them flying away... courtesy of Mr. Robinson's leaf blower.
  • The picture montage of Gumball, Darwin and Mr. Robinson. With Mr. Robinson Mooning while Gumball and Darwin have cool poses.
  • Gumball and Darwin's methods to prevent Mr. Robinson from leaving.
    • The failed attempts to make the house too scary to live in by making Darwin into a Japanese girl ghost who ends up getting the door slammed on him and thrown out the bathroom window.
    • Gumball's role as a criminal and Darwin's role as a brutal cop... who took his role way too far that makes the buyers think the officers are scarier than the criminals.
    Darwin: Sorry dude. What with the badge, the uniform, the unchecked sense of authority, I got carried away.

The Gift
  • Masami's invitations for Gumball and Darwin are in the form of an exploding metal bird that gives off a blinding flash and burns their retinas. Larry, who's working as a delivery man, says he's been exposed to it so much that his sight won't come back for another ten years.
  • Gumball's completely insane story about how he lost his and Darwin's invitations involving raccoons and sharks.
  • Alan attempting to talk about love to the viewer, only for the camera to move away on him.
  • The race to get to the mall to get Masami a painting and the ways Gumball and Darwin sabotage the other students: Gumball shorts out Bobert with a drinking fountain and the latter hits a wall and explodes, Darwin pins Tobias' headband on a door handle and it doesn't break until he reaches the mall, kicks Idaho into Principal Brown's lunch leading to their Reactive Continuous Scream when Brown picks up Idaho with his fork, then simply blows Teri away, Gumball jumps on Ocho video game-style and uses him as a projectile to knock out Tina, Carmen and Jamie, and Darwin uses a light shaft from a car mirror to melt Sarah's head.
  • When Masami insists to Leslie that she'd be fine with him giving her a flower, he rips off his own neck and presents himself to her while letting out a series of screams. After Leslie, Teri and Carmen leave, it's then revealed that they were standing on Gumball and Darwin while they were camouflaged into the floor, and Gumball admits that Darwin was right that they should've camouflaged into the walls instead.
  • The reason the other Wattersons weren't around to get Gumball, Darwin and Masami out of the basement is because they were at the hospital after Anais got sick and mostly covered in warts from kissing frogs.
  • When Darwin finds a flare gun in the basement Masami questions if it's safe to fire it, but Gumball insists he and Darwin have been in a lot of unexpected predicaments before and have always escaped unhurt. Darwin and Masami stare at him incredulously, so he says they sometimes escape unhurt. They still don't buy it, so he admits they've escaped unhurt once, and hurt themselves on the way home.
  • Masami revealing that she has retractable legs.
  • Gumball and Darwin get ready to sing "Happy Birthday" to Masami, only for the cops (French fries in riot gear) to burst in and arrest them for allegedly kidnapping Masami and holding her for ransom.

The Parking
  • Gumball, dressed as a Wall Street tycoon, accidentally stabbing a milk carton parking attendant with Nicole's car keys, then taking them out and causing the milk carton to nearly bleed out milk (in the next scene he appears in, he's seen alive with a bandage over his wound).
  • When Nicole asks the kids to turn their frowns upside-down, they turn their entire heads upside-down and their frowns remain the same.
  • Richard using the spray-paint can man to create a parking space. When he claims innocence to a security guard, the spray-can man rats him out. Then Richard accidentally makes a line go to the wall, which a continuous line of cars follow off the building, even several scenes later.
  • Nicole scribbling on Marvin's car after he takes the spot they're after...only to learn that it's a handicapped spot...and Marvin isn't even out of his car.
  • Betty the chalkboard lady tricking The Wattersons into giving her a lift to the bus stop by pretending to be a dotty old woman looking for her car.
    • Betty describing the bus as smelling of "damp laundry and despair."
  • The Wattersons park at the junkyard and their car gets snatched up by a magnet. As they're about to get lowered into the crusher, another car takes their spot, everyone in the car yells, "Oh, COME ON!"
  • The Wattersons somehow go inside the movie playing at the local theater just to find a parking space.
  • When Nicole tells the kids to hold on to their hats, they and Richard each pull out a hat and hold on to it.
  • The episode ultimately ends with the Wattersons parking next to their house after finally getting their parking space.

The Routine
  • The narrator describing Richard as "The Oncoming Wind" and "The Reason House Prices Are Going Down in the Area".
  • The one thing on Richard's chore list is to get mayonnaise because Nicole has never seen him accomplish anything beyond that.
  • Richard thinking that LOL means "lots of love" and Hector's mom using it in a text to a guy whose mother isn't doing well.
  • Richard's journey to the supermarket is sidetracked by repeatedly going through the Joyful Burger drive-thru, which the Mako-esque narrator describes as "getting caught in the deadly vortex of the drive-thru window, where your worst enemy is yourself."
  • Richard defeating the toll booth trolls and Papa Rex by preparing to battle them, then yelling "SIKE!" and running away.

The Upgrade
  • Gumball and Darwin wait 17 hours for Bobert to update to the newest version of his operating system, and in that time their eyes become bloodshot and they collect cobwebs.
  • Gumball compares Bobert's newly-downloaded incredibly loud music to cheese being grated through a guitar by a bunch of rich, smug old people wearing leather pants.
  • Bobert's Siri-esque voice recognition software getting everything Gumball and Darwin say wrong, so Bobert ends up sending Granny Jojo a list of nursing homes and pictures of camel butts, then he kicks Leslie and gives him an impromptu wedding to Alan, both of whom don't mind.
  • Bobert repeatedly freezing up, at one point doing so in midair and staying there as Gumball and Darwin collide into him, then later while conducting during a recorder recital, causing the class to play at such a high tone that they all deflate from playing so hard.
  • Bobert's updated GPS software gives Gumball and Darwin ridiculous directions to the Bobert store, which ultimately ends with them going underground. They burst out from under a grave in the cemetary and in the process horrify Gary because they look like zombies, then Gumball asks him for directions.
  • The Bobert store is a sharp jab at the interior design of Apple stores, where everything is completely white including the employees ("This store is whiter than an arctic fox in a wedding dress", says Gumball), whom Gumball has to feel around to find. He's then revolted not when he accidentally grabs the clerk's butt and puts his fingers in his nose, but when he ends up grabbing his ponytail.
  • When New Bobert flies Gumball and Darwin up to the plane Bobert is being transported on, Gumball's pants come off. When Bobert stops Gumball from hitting the ground he expresses relief that he wasn't wearing pants, then his underwear comes off.
  • While skydiving down to save Bobert, Gumball takes the time to turn into a semi-realistic cat and curl up on a laptop with a live-action cat wallpaper, then admits he just loves doing that.

The Comic
  • Sarah cosplaying as herself, and when she takes off the costume's head she takes off her own head in the process.
  • Darwin claims that the only people into superheroes are fedora-wearing neckbeards.
  • Gumball shines a flashlight with a Valentine-shaped shade, but a fence obscures the bottom and makes it look like a pair of buttcheeks. Dr. Butt sees the Buttsignal and suddenly rips off his shirt to show his superhero costume.
  • Sarah's drawings of Laserheart perfectly parody the infamous "boobs and butt pose", generally looking like something from The Hawkeye Initiative.
  • After getting mugged, Darwin asks Gumball if they should go to the police. Gumball says, "And what? Tell them we were dressed like Eastern European pop stars and got mugged for $7.00 by a shadow?"
  • Gumball getting crushed by Molly, causing his face to be splattered on the lockers.

The Romantic
  • Rocky driving while reading a poem as Penny holds on for dear life.
  • In the chemistry lab Penny is told to mix two chemicals, which form into a hostile brown blob. As she's reading Gumball's message on the blackboard, it then tells her that they both know he can't be trusted around chemicals.
  • When Penny goes out into the desert, it turns out that Gumball meant to write "dessert", as in the mall where they shared their first dessert, and he left her an apology written entirely out of old bones. Cue Penny laughing before she turns into her gorgon form and her laughing becomes manic.
  • Penny goes to the mall and is now incredibly dehydrated from the desert heat, and Larry gives her a sundae on the house. Unfortunately, as stated in Gumball's message, he forgot about her allergy to blueberries and neglected to tell Larry to not put blueberry ice cream in, so he decided to balance it out by putting an allergy pill in the cherry. Penny takes the cherry, which stops the swelling but causes her head to look like a near-deflated balloon. She can't tell that her head looks that way because she was looking at her reflection in a spoon.
  • Penny attempts to see if she's capable of Voluntary Shapeshifting instead of just shapeshifting based on her emotional state, with a Sailor Moon-style transformation sequence. It doesn't work.
  • Penny finding Gumball's insults about her mom and sister funny.

The Uploads
  • Jamie's camera phone video "William Exam Fail": William makes several attempts to flip his test paper over until he picks it up with his eye. Then Teri doesn't notice that he already flipped it and flips it back over, causing William to rage and psychokinetically make everything combust.
  • Alan attempts to take The Ice Bucket Challenge, but the bucket just has a block of ice in it so when Bobert dumps the bucket, the ice falls out and crushes Alan. And because of Gumball's hatred of Alan, he plays the part where Alan gets crushed several times.
  • Richard reviewing Calculator like a video game as a Let's Play video.
    Richard: My only criticism is that there's no female characters but there's no male characters either so it's okay I guess.
    • Then he divides by zero, blowing up the computer in his face but he was able to give it his rating to conclude the video as if nothing happens until the end.
    Richard: So yeah, pretty good game. 8 out of 10, would play again. (his head falls on the desk)
    • Special mention goes to the ad before the video, it has a 30 second cooldown for the skip button but Gumball keeps clicking the man in the ad until...
    • Note that by the time he finishes that sentence, the 30 second cooldown just expired.
  • Tobias tries to prank his dad, Harold, by putting a skateboard at the bottom of the stairs. Harold mistakes it for a home invasion and calls the police while Jackie pelts him with objects. When Tobias explains what's happening, Harold (after he and his wife have a laugh over it) grounds him, then when Tobias signs off, the Donut Sheriff arrives and tackles him.
  • Gumball repeatedly getting tricked into clicking on links to a video with a picture of a chihuahua playing a saxophone with appropriate music.
  • By the time Gumball and Darwin are done looking at videos they're now teenagers, and when they try to leave the room they just get sucked back to the computer like they were earlier.

The Apprentice
  • Mr. Fitzgerald trying to tie his tie and commenting how pointless it is because he doesn't have a neck.
  • The police immediately appearing after Patrick tries to leave Gumball in his car unattended, which is considered a criminal offense.
  • Gumball removing strands of his DNA, causing him to mutate in various ways until the elevator on the next floor opens, revealing he became a giant, multicolored blob.
    Employee: I'll...uh...
    Patrick: Take the next one?
    Employee: No, I was gonna say I'm gonna wear my eyes the other way around and bleach my brain.
  • Mr. Fitzgerald telling Gumball that he's worried about the Watterson DNA because Richard was once sent to the hospital after trying to find out what lightning tasted like.
  • The head of Chanax telling Patrick that Gumball makes him laugh and that "...[I] haven't laughed like this since my last bailout."
  • The various absurd things Gumball sees when he's knocked unconscious by a golf ball to the head, such as his thumb popping off his hand and dancing to steel drum music before firing off in the air like a bottle rocket.

The Hug
  • The implication that Gumball has stood on the lunch table and slapped his ass so much that there's a sign on the wall specifically forbidding it.
  • The delightfully awkward "legend phone" exchange between Gumball and Hot Dog Guy.
  • Gumball thinking the Hot Dog Guy is so lonely that he counts brooms in the janitor's closet.
  • Gumball burying his head into his seat on the bus like an ostrich and talking out of his butt like Jim Carrey's Ace Ventura character.
  • Everything about Gumball's awkward sleepover with The Hot Dog Guy, from Darwin and Anais bailing on him in favor of a sleepover with Banana Joe to Gumball trying to put the Hot Dog Guy's hand back at his side and ending up straddling him to Gumball coming into school the next day sleep-deprived and traumatized.
  • The sequence of Gumball and the Hot Dog Guy playing cruel tricks on each other so one of them will break off the "friendship," most notably Gumball turning the shower water in the locker room so cold that the Hot Dog Guy comes out shrunken and speaking in a high voice, Gumball inviting The Hot Dog Guy to a hot dog lunch and the Hot Dog Guy forcing himself to eat it while his internal monologue is screaming and spitting in disgust, and the Hot Dog Guy giving Gumball two poisonous snakes as a present.
  • Gumball getting his revenge on Darwin predicting everything he does by getting The Hot Dog Guy to hug him.

The Wicked
  • The episode opens with Mrs. Robinson offering nuts to some squirrels, and Gumball and Darwin appear acting like squirrels hoping for some nuts. When she points out that she's feeding the squirrels, Darwin comments he didn't know she liked squirrels, or outside, or daylight, and as Gumball adds, anything that doesn't involve other people suffering.
    • The nuts turn out to be coated in coffee, which causes the squirrels to attack Gumball and Darwin. When they throw the nuts away, the squirrels start attacking everyone else. Darwin later adds that they were also soaked in prune juice, which he considered overkill.
    • The squirrels store Gary for winter, eat the corn guy turning him into a live-action leftover cob, and burst through a construction worker's chest.
  • After Mrs. Robinson blames the squirrel attack on the boys and they're sentenced to community service, Gumball is trying to describe how evil Mrs. Robinson is. First, he calls her "heart so dark it's a black hole" evil, then Wall Street evil, then "ads before your video loads" evil. When Darwin insists that no one is truly evil, Gumball tells him to jump because Mrs. Robinson was about to run them over from behind.
  • The montage of Mrs. Robinson causing suffering throughout Elmore is accompanied by an upbeat Villain Song version of "My Favorite Things" with fittingly sadistic lyrics.
  • Darwin lures Mrs. Robinson to the hospital by claiming that there was a power outage, which would've killed the patients currently on life support. When he tries to uses one of the babies in the nursery to remind her of her own youth, Gumball find a tag on her head saying she's 70% cotton, 30% polyester, and made in the fiery pits of the underworld.
    • Darwin tries to get through to Mrs. Robinson again, but finds she's got into the nursery while he was talking. She swaps the nametags for the babies of two couples to make it look like they had an affair, and the fathers get into a fight. When Darwin tries to explain to Mrs. Robinson why what she's doing is wrong, it cuts to her P.O.V., where Darwin is speaking the same way as her. When he decides to actually speak to her the way she speaks, it comes out as nonsense.
    Darwin: Three times did the cheese move sideways to Switzerland by radio. But, she never licked that parking permit.
    • Mrs. Robinson takes advantage of Darwin being distracted again to squirt the hand sanitizer dispenser near the entrance all over the floor, then when the Band-Aid doctor comes in he slips. When Darwin laments that she doesn't understand, Gumball states that it's not that Darwin doesn't speak her language, but that she doesn't have a soul.
  • Gumball and Darwin try to get into the Robinsons' house by offering Mr. Robinson a free house-cleaning.
    Mr. Robinson: On one hand I don't trust you, on the other hand I don't trust you!
    Gumball: (extends his arm through the bottom and out the top of Mr. Robinson's shirt) But on the third hand, free child labor!
    Mr. Robinson: Mmm, okay.
    Gumball: Thanks. (honks Mr. Robinson's nose)
  • When the boys find Mrs. Robinson's diary, Gumball reads it imitating her way of speaking again. When Darwin tells him to read it properly, he shows him that's how it's actually written.
  • Mrs. Robinson's photo album: first, she's laying in a boat on a lake while her brother drowns nearby, on her first day of school, she set the building on fire and the fire department is putting it out in the background, and on Christmas Eve, Santa is about to fall into her active fireplace while she holds a bellows. Darwin is horrified, but Gumball insists they look at her baby pictures; first there's her being sewn, then the picture right after that is her ripping the head off a teddy bear.
  • When Mrs. Robinson is getting out of her car, Harold greets her on his bicycle and she makes him slam into her car door.
  • Gumball and Darwin's plan to get revenge on Mrs. Robinson by taking a photo of her stealing the Wattersons' car goes pear-shaped and she drives it through the mall.
    • When she drives through the grocery store, she goes through the cherries. Gumball is unimpressed until Darwin points out that they're genetically-modified, and they turn out to be giant.
  • Mrs. Robinson's Laser-Guided Karma in the end: she pins the event on the boys again and drives off in her car, but a streetlight she crashed the Wattersons' car into topples causing her to crash into a billboard, an electrical pole, another car and a hydrant. The water from the hydrant launches her into the road, where her car gets crushed between a tire truck and a gas tanker, the latter of which gets punctured creating a pool of gas, and a wire from the electrical pole ignites it. The resulting explosion launches her into the air, where she gets hit by a plane before hitting the ground. The episode ends as it cuts to Gumball and Darwin recoiling when the ambulance backs up into her.

The Traitor
  • The HowToBasic way Gumball prepares his lunch for Alan.
  • Gumball's plan to get revenge on Alan is to grab him and have Darwin cover him in maple syrup and feathers—which Gumball plucked from chickens himself. Instead they accidentally do it to Billy, and when Gumball tries to explain the situation it cuts to security throwing them out, until Gumball tells them that he can do it himself, then throws Darwin out the door and exits after him.
  • Gumball briefly gets Super Speed that he uses to chase Alan in his family's car, and everything he runs past explodes, except for Bomb Guy, who doesn't immediately explode and only does as Gumball is talking to him.
  • Gumball attempts to kick open the door to the hospital room Alan's family is in and deliver a one-liner twice without the door budging, only to botch the one-liner when the door actually opens.
    Gumball: YOU BUT GUSTED! (whispering) Aw dagnabbit I messed it up...
  • Gumball accidentally popping a white smiley-face balloon that turns out to be Alan's uncle.
  • The whole scene with Gumball and Darwin trying to perform an organ transplant between Alan and his mother:
    • Gumball putting on a glove, only to find he accidentally used Alan's uncle instead.
    • All of Alan's organs are made of air, ergo they're invisible. Darwin pulls out his heart, which beats.
    • Gumball looking at a biology book showing the anatomy of several characters: The Jolly Hamburger ("The Burgensis"), Hot Dog Guy ("The Salsicia"), Sara ("The Glacies Crepito") whose rib cage runs down her cone, Richard ("The Richard" or "Richardus") whose body is composed primarily of intestines, and Rocky ("The Pupulus") whose body contains only a human hand.
    • Darwin re-inflating Alan as the Band-Aid doctor comes in, only for the Band-Aid doctor to leave in disgust.
    • The anesthetics they used on Alan wear off as Alan's air is coming out, and when Gumball asks Darwin how does he know, Alan yells with a live-action face "MY INSIDES ARE POURING OUT!"
    • With Darwin in distress about what to do as Alan deflates, Gumball simply plugs the hole with his finger while Darwin tries to find where they dropped his flatulum and ends up stepping on it.

The Origins (parts one and two)
  • Nicole walking in on Richard taking a shower and thinking Gumball was the one who filled the bathtub with grape soda, when it was, in fact, Richard.
  • Nicole tells a young Gumball that if he wasn't so cute, she'd have sold him to a freakshow by then. When Gumball asks what a freakshow is, she tells him that it's like their family, except people pay to see it.
  • Nicole gets the idea to get Gumball a pet, Richard's idea was to "go back in time so we never...", but instantly cuts himself off and suspiciously laughs in agreement to get a pet instead. Richard's nervous smile and Nicole's annoyed expression says all about what he was going to say.
  • Gumball names his first fish Darwin after seeing it in his alphabet soup, but when Nicole looks at it, it turns out that the soup spelled "Jpxfrd" and suggests that Gumball be put in school as soon as possible.
  • When Nicole can't turn off her alarm clock and Richard starts screaming, she yells when the alarm's still going even after she unplugs it, then it turns out Gumball was making the noise. He then gives them two flaming bowls of cereal, which Richard nonchalantly eats.
  • Richard going to the store to get the first replacement Darwin wearing a balaclava, a cleavage-baring aerobics top, and one roller skate.
  • The montage of Richard buying new Darwins each time they die; in particular, when he realizes he accidentally bought a carp, attempts to paint it orange, and the paint in the water poisons it, when Nicole accidentally puts an antacid tablet in the fish bowl, and when Leslie (who back then still hasn't bloomed) mistakes the bowl for a ball and kicks it. At the end, Larry can't sell Richard any more fish because the last two escaped when they saw Richard coming.
  • When Richard enters the Awesome Store and finds Darwin, the owner tells Richard not to get Darwin wet, to which Richard points out that Darwin is a fish and is, by definition, supposed to be wet. He then tells Richard not to feed Darwin after midnight, to which he points out that it's technically always after midnight. The owner also tells Richard the fish is not for sale, only for Richard to point out that Darwin's bowl is sitting on a pillow beneath a spotlight. The guy then mentions how they're supposed to do a whole thing about how Richard asks about the fish, he says it's not for sale, and they discuss it before eventually reaching an agreement.
    • Richard also manages to talk the shop owner down from $100 dollars to $10 dollars, only to then immediately raise the price back up to $100 dollars himself.
  • The dramatic camera zoom in crashing into Gumball.
  • Gumball's Super Speed which he uses to stop Richard from flushing Darwin down the toilet.
  • The Previously On at the beginning of part 2, which is a rapid-fire Clip Show of intense scenes from previous episodes before the announcer gets to what really happened.
  • Richard trying to cheer Gumball up by painting Darwin on his mouth.
  • Darwin asking Sussie's parents if they've seen Gumball and Sussie's parents being so scared that they dropped her, which turned Sussie from a Brainy Baby, who speaks coherently and tells her parents that she has dreams of being a lawyer, to a babbling idiot who can barely form complete sentences.
  • When Darwin is trying to catch up to the other Wattersons while they're driving to the mall to replace him, they accidentally back into him to get his bowl and Nicole adds that it costs 15 times as much as him.

The Girlfriend
  • The beginning where Jamie makes Banana Joe let her eat the top of his head, causing him to act brain damaged, then upon seeing her Anton makes himself into a sandwich and cuts off his own crust, but Jamie doesn't want to eat him so she makes him eat himself.
  • When Jamie realizes she needs a boyfriend on the bus ride home, the bus explodes and everyone (except her and Darwin) is seen fleeing among the wreckage.
  • Jamie gives Darwin the gift of giving, as in she gives him a gift box with another gift box inside meant for her. She opens it, finds that it's a bottle of perfume, is under the impression that Darwin got it for her because she smells bad and mauls a locker door in a rage, and Gumball comes out of the locker, bruised and cut up into pieces.
  • The kiss Jamie blows to Darwin being depicted as a Japanese throwing star that nearly misses Darwin's head.
  • Gumball distracts Jamie by asking why, if a coconut has both hair and milk, it is not a mammal. After droning in place for about half a minute, she suddenly snaps out of it by shouting "NIPPLES!".
  • Richard coming to school to give Gumball and Darwin their gym-dodging kit: two pairs of crutches and a heart monitor Richard somehow acquired without an explanation.
  • The suggestive and annoying sounds Richard makes when Gumball tells Richard that Jamie is Darwin's new girlfriend.
  • When Jamie assumes Richard doesn't approve of her relationship with Darwin even though he does, she shoves a lacrosse stick into his mouth that sticks out from both sides of his head.
  • Gumball's vision of him and Darwin being married to Jamie. It's similar to the vision of Gumball imagining himself dressed in Nicole's wedding dress and married to Darwin as seen in "The Dress", only more hilariously depressing: they get married on a beach, they're still living in their childhood home, which is now filled with wailing babies who look like Gumball or Darwin mixed with Jamie, and Darwin looks like he's given up on life.

The Advice
  • Gumball not understanding Darwin's metaphors describing Mr. Small's moaning.
  • Coach banging her head against the wall in the teachers' lounge.
  • When Gumball and Darwin cover the hallway floors in oil, Teri ends up doing a split on them that tears her in half, and when Bobert flies her off to the infirmary the exhaust from his jets ignites the oil, creating a massive explosion throughout the school.
  • Gumball and Darwin trying to entertain the injured students and faculty in the infirmary Patch Addams-style, only to end up ripping Teri further, inflating Tobias, and flatlining everyone.
  • Gumball pulls the "got your nose" joke on an injured Rocky, who thinks he has his actual nose. This gets his hopes up, because his nose was torn off and the doctor said they could reattach it if they found it. Gumball responds by putting the clown nose on Rocky, who cries a single tear.
  • The sheer Black Comedy of Gumball and Darwin accidentally sending Banana Joe on a gurney out the doors and into an ambulance, only for him to fly through the windshield and the ambulance pulls out and drives over him.
    • Gumball and Darwin trying to prop Rocky and Teri up and make them dance during Mr. Small's musical number.

The Signal
  • When the interference affects Gumball as Darwin is trying on hats, Darwin puts on a hat that covers most of his body and when Gumball tries to give his opinion, the bottom of the screen is replaced with a talk show hosted by Jack Dingle note  with Mic Graves note  as the guest and a subtitle reading "Mic Graves ate my hamster".
  • Richard moving the couch into the kitchen so he can watch the refrigerator like it's a television set.
  • Darwin trying to lift a barbell, only to drop it on himself sending his shoes flying through the window. He then drops it again, crushing himself and the weight bench.
  • Darwin slamming the bedroom door on Gumball, which breaks against his head.
  • When Gumball turns to Richard for comfort, the latter's dialogue is replaced with speech from La Casa De Las Lagrimasnote , speech from Win or Don't Win, and a sitcom laugh track.
  • Darwin and Gumball end up in their car, barreling down the highway due to no one being at the wheel:
    • On the way through their neighborhood, they end up shearing off the front half of Patrick's car.
    • Darwin warning Gumball not to take the wheel and before he can explain why, we get a clip of a Claymation car crashing into a wall, a diagram of a brain from an aspirin commercial, and footage a watermelon exploding.
    • The car slows as it reaches the peak of a hill, and Darwin raises his arms as if on a roller coaster.
    Gumball: What are you doing?
    Darwin: I don't know. It just feels right.
    • Before crashing into Joyful Burger, the signal cuts to a commercial for it, and Gumball and Darwin end up screaming with food in their mouths.
    • When the car comes to a stop at a payphone, it cuts to a commercial for Panther Treads tires that replaces the bottom of the car and puts it back into motion, driving through the mall.
    • When the car almost hits Larry, he faints.

The Parasite
  • The brief Freeze-Frame Bonus when Gumball has listed off the pros and cons of him and Darwin reading Anais' diary, but the pros list is incredibly short and the cons list extends beyond the paper, out the front door and across the town and across the Crocodile Woman in the grocery store:
    There might be something we need to know
    We could eventually learn things about life
    She wouldn't do this to us
    There could be something she doesn't want us to know
    She will use it against us
    We might feel terrible about it
    It's bad karma
    We should respect her privacy
    There might be something that will hurt our feelings
    She bites
    She only has one tooth but it's big
    She knows how to keep someone alive and in pain for a long time
    She will eventually grow taller
    She will one day be old enough to buy power tools
    We might need money one day and she will definitely have more than us
    [the rest of the list is illegible]
    • Even more hilariously, it actually paid off that they read it.
  • Gumball turning into a fungus and merging with Darwin a la The Last of Us, followed by Darwin attacking Tobias.
  • Gumball attempts to hurt Jodie by making her eat a poison sandwich while serving Darwin, Anais, and himself normal sandwiches made by him and Richard. Anais catches on and attempts to switch the sandwich away from Jodie until Rocky has enough and switches ALL the sandwiches around to make it fair, unintentionally making it a Poisoned Chalice Switcheroo for all four. They all try to eat their sandwich while fearing one of them could be poisoned, then they take a bite. Who had the poisoned sandwich? None of them... but Richard, who is now on the floor at home, gurgling with the telephone off the hook and a 911 operator on the other line.
  • Anais kicking Gumball in the shin for reading her diary, kicking him in the other shin for judging her friend, hitting him in the face with a locker for stalking her...and giving him a kiss for being concerned about her.

The Love
  • Darwin trying to explain love to Bobert.
    Darwin: Well, love is in the air. It's in your heart, it's in the eyes of others. It's in the way people touch, the way people talk. And it's all over the universe.
    Bobert: If I understand you correctly, you have narrowed the definition of love down to everything and everywhere and everyone. Does not compute.
  • "A one, a one zero, a one, one zero, one one, one zero zero."
  • The Hexagon Lady ending her date with the Internet by pressing Control+Alt+Delete and the Internet returning to his room and yelling, "Mom! I got friend-zoned again!"
  • The scene where love at first sight is explained by a Lemony Narrator. When it initially looks like love between a man and a woman, the two figures instead run to members of the same sex.
    Narrator: Oh. Oh well, scratch that. There are no rules to love, so let's just dance. (figures break into dance while music plays)
  • Richard trying to spread love by hugging people — which gets him in trouble with Felicity for touching Billy, arrested for sexually harassing Felicity and hugging the Hamburger Cop, tried in court by a judge who almost looks like the one from The Wall, and punched into the hospital by his cellmates in jail.

The Awkwardness
  • On the way to buy ketchup, Gumball sings a rap about it having dozens of uses.
  • The Hot Dog Guy somehow ending up in Gumball's Happy Place.
  • In the elevator Gumball attempts to press the second floor button but sees Hot Dog Guy is about to push it too, so to prevent them from touching again he makes his arm do a U-turn, then he laughs triumphantly and jabs himself in the eye, all in slow-motion.
  • While handcuffed together, Gumball and Hot Dog Guy attempt to escape from the hand-headed mall cop by using a flag cable as a zipline to go down. Hot Dog Guy then points out that the escalator was nearby, so they go backwards up the cable and take the escalator back down.
  • Gumball throwing the short, lightbulb-headed man in the trash to avoid a repeat of his ordeal with the Hot Dog Guy.

The Nest
  • Gumball, Darwin and Richard don't know who Gary, the elderly purple moose, is despite him being their neighbor.
  • Gumball gets attacked by a non-anthropomorphic cat, prompting him to say that it's why he's not a cat person. Darwin tries to point out that Gumball is a cat himself, but decides to ignore it.
  • The family's reaction to Richard's comment about how the pregnant turtle could be a male.
  • Larry stealing Mr. Small's hippie van, Janis, to escape the turtles, only to crash into a telephone pole and set fire to a gasoline trail, which blows up the gas station.
  • The green goblin CEO getting bit in the crotch by a baby turtle while showering.
  • The live-action news reporter blaming foreigners, feral teenagers, and the Internet for the Elmore disappearances despite a lack of evidence.
  • The microphone head reporter thinking the turtles are out to take people's jobs, outright admitting that they will find worse news stories to exaggerate in the future.
  • The microphone head reporter tells the cameraman to continue rolling as he's being eaten alive after surviving the helicopter crash.
  • The Hot Dog Guy throwing cans of peaches, hot dogs, and turtle food at the baby turtles, which they all avoid. They attack him and he says, "But you didn't want the hot dogs!".
  • Anais discovers how to stop the turtle rampage, but they need to convince the town exterminator to release the Evil Turtle. When he hears the story, he accepts their explanation and prepares to release her. Unfortunately, Nicole is so used to everybody declining their requests that she knocks him out.
  • When the turtles are released out to sea, Gumball says that the mother turtle was never evil and was just looking after her babies. The turtles then immediately turn and sink a nearby freighter, causing Anais to add that it might've been both.

The Points
  • Gumball and Darwin's attempt to get Tobias a good grade in science apparently resulted in them creating a noxious chemical cloud in the science lab that knocked out Sarah, Carmen, and Juke.
  • Gumball breaking into the teacher's lounge so he and Darwin can hack into the computer and change Tobias' grades...only to discover that it's the broom closet and Rocky spends his time there in his underwear eating pizza and spray cheese from the can while listening to rock music.
    • When Gumball gets to the computer he finds that the grades are read-only, so he has Darwin hand him a crayon to change Tobias' F to an A.
  • Gumball waxing Harold's car the same way an aesthetician waxes someone with body hairright down to waxing the undercarriage.
  • Gumball being tossed through portals created by Tobias' imaginary portal gun.
  • Gumball paying Harold in invisible Watterson dollars to pay for damages done to his house.

The Bus
  • Harold using a Phantom of the Opera-style costume ball mask as a criminal mask.
  • Alan's dad, Dexter, dressed as Walter White's alias, Heisenberg.
  • Banana Bob trying to jump on the bus as part of the hijacking plan...only to hit the asphalt and get run over by the bus.
  • The Donut Sheriff trying to give the ransom money to Richard, Principal Brown, Harold, and Dexter, only for it to fly into a cruiser's windshield and cause a multiple-car pile-up.

The Night
  • Sarah's method of sleeping involves putting her head in her freezer.
  • Richard having a plate of spaghetti before going to sleep, which he collapses into.
  • William freaking out after the pixie dust that puts everyone to sleep gets in his eye.
  • Gumball has a dream incurred by him having a hypnic jerk in his sleep, and is falling out of space. He thinks he'll wake up before he hits the ground, but as he's falling he burns up on reentry, then he collides into a satellite, a plane, Mrs. Jotunheim on her broom, Hector's head, the Chanax building, the scaffold outside the building, and the Watterson house's roof, then he wakes up right before he hits the ground.
  • Mr. Small screaming quietly during his nightmare of being stuck in a small room.
  • Banana Joe dreams that he's chasing his other end like a dog chasing its tail, then he splits in half. The halves turn into a Joe with two heads and a Joe with two tails, and the former bites the latter before he wakes up and screams when he sees that he split in half in real life.
  • Darwin's dream is simply that he has a larger fish bowl.
  • Nicole's dream of her being on a beach getting interrupted by a foghorn, which is caused by Richard's snoring, then she gets swept up by a tidal wave, which is caused by Richard rolling over her in his sleep. It's then shown that Richard is dreaming of himself as a live-action ball of dough singing about being kneaded into a bun.
  • Larry taking Dream Within a Dream to its logical extreme; he doesn't allow himself to sleep, but when he dozes off he sees Richard's as he was in his dream before suddenly exploding. This is followed by a dream where he's in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and his future self tells him that he's wasted his life, then he has a dream where he's naked, one where his mouth melts shut, and one where he finds that he's overslept but realizes he's dreaming because he doesn't get to sleep, until he wakes up and finds himself back in the convenience store with the Sheriff, thinks that he's in a dream where he's tortured by customers giving him insipid demands, and flips out. Cut to him in jail, thinking that he's still dreaming.
  • Hector dreams that he's normal-sized (with an appropriately higher voice) and can do the things he can't do normally, then it reveals that he's sleepwalking and destroying the town, with the police trying to stop him.
  • Carrie's nightmare of her being trapped in an overly-cheerful candyland.
  • Teri's nightmare of her being naked at school. When she tries to draw her clothes on herself, she finds that it's not working, then it shows that she's drawing on herself in her sleep.
  • Sussie's fourth wall-shattering dream, where her physical actress gets up after production of an episode and freaks out saying that she's a monster, still in character, with the show director asking someone to check on her.
  • Juke dreams that he can talk normally, but everyone else talks in different instrument sounds.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robinson's dreams are right next to each other and they're able to interact with the other. They use this to annoy each other, culminating in them going into Super Modes and engaging in a Beam-O-War that explodes, knocking them out of their beds.
  • Alan having a full-blown nightmare, with skull, clowns, rotting strawberries, eye-hands, balloon animal-making and chalkboard scratching... and is still smiling in his sleep.

The Misunderstandings
  • When Penny told Gumball that they would meet at Dinner, it turned out that was the name of a diner at the mall. Upon being told this Gumball lets out a long, comical-sounding scream, then holds their conversation while bathing and dressing himself (and putting his pants on his head when he does the latter) and in the process getting the home phone's cord tangled throughout the house. When he attempts to go out the front door, it snaps back and sends him into the wall, and when he pretends that he's a recording Penny sticks her eye out through the receiver of his phone to see that he's on the other end. When Gumball says he'll be there in 10, she sticks her lips out through the mouthpiece and kisses him.
  • Darwin attempts to show Gumball that he learned how to wiggle his ears, oblivious that he doesn't have any.
  • Banana Joe being Too Dumb to Live and thinking that Gumball's command to stand there and do nothing applies to breathing.
  • Gumball accidentally setting up a lunch date with the hairy homeless guy.
  • Gumball trying to teach the LEGO construction workers to try a friendlier approach in their catcalling...which comes off as very skeevy.
  • The gibberish-speaking triangle guy preparing to take revenge on Gumball after he accidentally insulted him, only for Richard to drive into him twice.

The Roots
  • Anais thought the family was going to the zoo when she heard the words "depressed, out of shape animals", but Nicole informs them they're going to the mall.
  • Nicole mentions the "cutthroat area" of the mall, where people attack each other for just a dime:
    Richard: We're going to Wall Street?
    • Gumball and Darwin were discussing whether or a crocodile or bear would win in a fight at the start of the episode. Once they get to the mall, we're treated to a slo-mo fight between the elderly crocodile woman and a bear.
  • The parrot insulting Richard at the pet store.
  • Gumball gets upset over a live-action cat (his own species) caged at the pet store:
    Nicole: I know, sweetie. Don't think about it too much.
  • When it turns out Nicole is tech savvy enough to know how to look through the web history on Gumball and Darwin's computer, it cuts to Gumball, Anais and Richard outside destroying a desktop, a notebook and a tablet so she doesn't look through those.
  • The Wattersons freaking out when they might have to release Darwin back into the wild.
    • Nicole destroying the computer.
    • Richard tearing off his clothes, tooth, and ears.
    • Downstairs, Darwin turns the volume on the TV up to drown out their yelling.
    • Anais with her little hands punching Gumball very quickly.
  • When Gumball suggests they make Darwin feel more at home, it cuts to the Wattersons eating live worms, and Gumball pretends to eat his. Richard offers Darwin a bowl of fish hooks, eats some, looks to be in intense pain for a few seconds, then drinks a cup of salt water, which pours out of several puncture wounds on his chest and he passes out. Before passing out, he also says that the salt water stings his insides.
    • Gumball's attempt is no better:
    Gumball: Aren't you hungry? We also bought plastic bags and some mercury. "You guys" love that, right?
    Darwin: What do you mean "you guys"?
    Gumball: (stammers, mimes pressing two buttons)
    Darwin: What was that?
    Gumball: The ejector seat.
    (Gumball flies through the roof)
    • When Anais suggests they skip to dessert, Richard offers that Darwin eat the dead skin off his foot like a cleaner fish.
    • When Darwin goes upstairs, Richard sadly looks to Nicole, who looks to Anais, who looks to Gumball and sees that he's still gone, then she looks to him out the window.
  • Gumball reads a book on connecting to your roots, which it turns out was a book about plants and he ended up burying Darwin outside, upside-down and up to his legs, and he admits the book being about plants made sense because step 2 involved fertilizer. Step 3 is to dress appropriately, so Anais is in swimwear with a floatation ring, Richard is in a wetsuit, flippers and snorkel, Nicole is an aquarium treasure chest, and Gumball is a mermaid.
    • When Anais says that Gumball's mermaid outfit looks very wrong, he admits she's right and they need to look at themselves in the mirror; they do exactly that, but Gumball decides, "Nah, we're nailing this." Darwin, on the other hand, isn't impressed.
  • When Darwin goes to the mall with Banana Joe, the other Wattersons are behind him swimming through the air in a school. When Darwin and Joe get a banana split, the family suddenly devour it like piranha, then when Darwin leaves, it's shown they also ate the lower half of Joe's body.
    • As Darwin is walking in through the front door, everyone is trying to clean him like sucker fish.
    • When Nicole says they'll never be real fish, Richard suggests they learn to forget everything every 3 seconds, and he does exactly that so he keeps repeating himself.
  • The Wattersons try to talk to Darwin with a load of fish puns which he can't decipher. Anais then puts on a CD of whale cries, which is subtitled as "Help me! I have an IQ of 160 but they make me balance a ball on my nose and throw coins into my blowhole."
    • Darwin then gets frustrated and when telling them that he's had it up to there, he ends up saying "haddock" instead.
  • Gumball suggests that they keep Darwin away from the sea, and rivers, and swimming pools, and water altogether, and also other fish, and mirrors, and fish-related things like chips, lip surgery, and Japan, and daylight in general so he can't see anything else Gumball can't think of at that moment. Anais jokingly suggests that they lock Darwin in a box and put him in the basement, and Richard takes her seriously.
  • The exaggerated faces everyone have while crying, starting when they drive Darwin to the lake.
  • Gumball throws a walkie-talkie into the lake, causing an electrocution that kills many of the fish.
  • During their tear-filled goodbye, Anais admits to Darwin that he was her favorite brother. When Gumball tells her I'm Standing Right Here, she sheepishly says she was kidding - then gives Darwin a very serious nod.
  • The whole scene with Darwin chasing the oblivious Wattersons back home after they abandon him, particularly when they go to Larry's ice cream cart outside of Joyful Burger and he lands on their windshield.
  • At the end, it turns out that Darwin wasn't envious of the fish at the mall, he was just trying to guilt Nicole into buying him an aquarium. The family first looks disapprovingly at him, then it turns out they're proud because him manipulating them means that he's a real Watterson. They then have a group hug, but when Nicole still says no to the aquarium and sees Darwin's sad face, she decides that she can buy it if she works even more night shifts and stops eating dinner, then promptly out-guilts him.

The Blame
  • Billy saying that his mother says that video games are a bad influence, like rock and roll, long hair, and vaccinations.
  • Billy's reaction to the game. He's left foaming at the mouth and unconscious on the library floor after his 8-bit visions.
    • Gumball reveals he wasn't even past the loading screen when he freaked out.
  • Darwin accidently throwing a Wii remote into Anais, who ends up swallowing it.
    • Nicole then uses her as a controller afterwards.
    • Darwin then gets whacked into the TV, destroying it.
  • A majority of the musical sequence:
    • An Egghead appearing, mentioning how Piggy from Lord Of The Flies was murdered by the kids who went savage in the story, followed by Leslie, Carmen, and Tobias eating him.
    • Sarah turning Billy into a pie in a reference to Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus.
    • Gumball trying to prove that "The Tortoise and the Hare" is a terrible reading experience with actual tortoise and hare. Of course, it doesn't work.
    • Gumball and Penny remaking the ending to Romeo and Juliet with fittingly cheesy lyrics in the rap number.
    • The song going nuts by the end, including the references to Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.
  • The fact that Richard of all characters mentions that people should take better care of children.

The Slap
  • Gumball getting butt slapped by Hector, causing the former to fly and crash into the camera.
  • Gumball tells Tobias that he looks like a clown's armpit. Tobias replies that it hurts because it's true.
  • When Gumball and Tobias are dehydrated, Tobias hallucinates Gumball as having an Uncanny Valley human-cat face.
    Tobias: Your face looks like a cat, but not enough.
    • Gumball, in turn, sees Tobias as a live-action rainbow alpaca.
  • Gumball hiding in books (butt in one book and head in the other) to get the butt slap.
  • Gumball stretching his butt to Tobias, and when it flies back, it hits Darwin.
  • Some of the lyrics in Gumball's ballad.
    Gumball: I just needed someone here, to gently touch my rear.
    • Darwin himself is creeped out by the time its over.
    Darwin: I'm not sure that warranted a song.
  • Gumball and Tobias chewing each other in an attempt to survive on the school roof.
  • Gumball and Tobias make an S.O.S message on the roof. It doesn't work.
    Chopper Pilot: "Need help?" Nope, I'm fine!
  • Tobias mistaking Rocky the janitor for The Grim Reaper, whom he thinks looks like a "high school drop-out chicken Kiev". Rocky gets offended, because he didn't drop out of high school; he flunked out.

The Detective
  • Anais has placed police tape 8 inches from the floor. When Richard questions this, she remarks her arms are too small to reach any higher.
  • Richard apparently has the ability to hear Anais' monologues:
    Anais: (In voice-over) Another small-town yokel who wasn't enough of a man to prevent his sons-
    Richard: Hey!
    Anais: Whoops! Haha... did I say that out loud? Sorry, that was supposed to be internal monologue.
    Richard: Well you better be nice with your lomonogues, young lady!
    Anais: Sorry, Dad. (In voice-over) Another decent man whose sons ran off the rails and were beyond his control.
    Richard: That's more like it.
  • Anais imitating Matthew McConaughey's character from True Detective, complete with bizarre facial expressions and incomprehensible Southern accent.
  • The rather large amount of dust that falls from the computer keyboard after Anais digs it out.
  • Anais tasting the upturned cereal, and almost fainting from a sugar rush. She then thinks of the effects it had on Gumball and Darwin. What follows is a short, surreal sequence of the boys eating the cereal and laughing in slow motion like they're on a drug trip.
    Anais: There was enough sugar in that bowl to turn their brains into jelly.
  • Anais interrogating Darwin.
    Anais: I've got an outstanding warrant with your name on it!
    She produces a piece of paper that reads "Outstanding warrant for Darwin Watterson"
    Darwin: Hmm, that is well-written for a four-year-old, but I wouldn't call it outstanding.
    • And after she kicks down the door:
    Anais: (menacingly) If you tell me where Daisy is, I'll negotiate your time in the naughty corner down to four minutes. With good behavior? You might be out in two.

The Fury
  • Not only are the animesque designs on the Watterson kids and Masami cute, they're utterly hilarious, too.
    Masami: (sees the kids coming in) What took you guys so long?
    Darwin: (in Chibi form trying to run) Takes ages to get anywhere with these legs!
  • Nicole swerving around on the highway to get the kids on time for school. It causes their breakfast (which they took in the car) to fly over the place until landing in their bowls.
  • Nicole bursting out of a bank with three robbers tied up. When the Doughnut Sherriff asks for the money the culprits stole, she throws it in his face.
  • When Nicole drops the kids off at school, she tells them to have a nice day, but since she was running and carrying them faster than sound, it takes a few seconds for them to hear anything.
  • Yuki destroying Nicole's car.
  • Yuki flirting with Richard of all people.
    Yuki: You look more handsome than ever! What's your secret?
    Richard: Uh, I got old and fat. Er.
    • Richard telling Yuki that he's with Nicole because "she doesn't think she can do better".
  • The Oh, Crap! reaction that Masami, Darwin, Gumball, and Anais give after the fight between Yuki and Nicole is over. They even flinch when their mothers go to grab them. The two just simply shrug it off as a "fight between friends".

The Compilation
  • Felicity being interviewed on the news for enforcing speed limits, until Marvin comes along and runs over a speed ramp from the Mario Kart games and crashes into a group of cars.
  • Gumball attempting to make a funny video of himself with the Evil Turtle as his head. As Gumball picks up a spoonful of cereal, it bites his arm.
  • Banana Joe's attempts at acrobatics.
    • On the first try, his banana gets stuck in his peel. It's then revealed his face is now where his butt used to be.
    • On try number two, his banana splatters on the floor.
    • On the final attempt, his banana is squeezed into the ceiling. And to add insult to injury, his father sees the peel on the floor, picks it up and takes it to wash with the laundry.
  • Principal Brown's overdramatic reaction to a fur pelt in the store, which he thinks is his grandmother.
  • Darwin screaming at a pitch so high that he literally breaks the fourth wall.
  • Tobias' video of him unboxing a phone, where he finds that the postal service mixed it up with a kidney that was meant to go to the hospital.
  • One video claims that it's footage from a Missing Episode titled "The Grieving" ... then it's just Saxophone Chihuahua, who shows up again in the last few seconds of the episode.

The Scam
  • For Halloween show-and-tell, Tobias comes up to the front of the class with a deformed face. Miss Simian thinks it's a very impressive mask, until Tobias replies that it's an allergic reaction to his costume makeup and he needs to go to the school infirmary. When he opens the door, he falls over.
  • Some of the reactions to the beginning scare from the students count, most notably Sussie's dress flapping upward to reveal her actress's face underneath.
  • Darwin initially claims nothing will convince him to go along with Gumball's plan. Gumball responds by doing an excellent Kaa impression, literally wrapping himself around Darwin and reminding him that Carrie might need to possess his body in order to eat her share of the candy.
  • The scene with the parody of the Ghostbusters theme. ALL of it!
    • The things sucked out of a possessed Coach, aside from Carrie, are a cow and a boatload of trash.
    • Tobias flopping like a fish after the pool water is suspended in the air.
    • Mr. Small paying the trio with raisins opposed to candy. They deny his payment and leave him to be shredded by a ceiling fan in his office.
  • When Carrie asks Darwin if she can use his body to eat their candy stockpile, Darwin tries to apply breath spray but misses and sprays Gumball in the eyes.

The Disaster
  • Rob discovering how the remote works by using it on the Awesome Store, causing it to crash everywhere.
    • The remote itself is a fourth wall demolisher, allowing Rob to rewind himself through the episode, the opening and ending credits, and a "coming up next" bumper until he reaches the events of "The Void".
    • Rob again uses it when he confronts Gumball to change the TV definition to a movie-style screen to fit the mood.
  • This:
    Nicole: I'm so angry I can't think of words so I'm just gonna make sounds! BLAR GHAR HARGH!!
  • Gumball and Darwin reading the bad reviews from the bargain bin video games.
  • When Gumball fights Rob for the remote, the two roll over it and change the intense fight music into highly-suggestive jazz music. Gumball stops and asks Rob if he too notices that the music gives the fight scene a different vibe to it.

     Season 5 
The Rerun
  • Nicole apparently is too caught up into yelling at her son to realize that Gumball is walking away from her.
  • Rob attempts to eject Darwin, but instead he hits Banana Joe and he flies out of his peel and into the ceiling.
  • Nicole and Richard de-aging, particularly when they become teenagers and get acne.
    • When they become babies, Gumball and Darwin decide to leave them at a ball pit because they think their parents would do that. Well, they're half right...
  • The remote causing the camera to crash into Gumball and Rob.
  • The new things trapped in the dimension of the world's mistakes include the E.T. Atari video game, "#YOLO", and an ejector seat for a helicopter.

The Stories
  • Molly's face when she's laughing early in the episode.
  • "What are we doing at school? NOOOOOOOOO!"
  • The school floor is wet from Rocky's cleaning, so Gumball, Darwin, and Molly get to the library by blowing in the air, making them skid backwards.
  • Darwin covering Gumball's mouth, causing the latter's brain to blow out his head.
    Darwin: Bless you.
  • Molly talks so much that Gumball has to forget something he already knows to process the next thing she says. As he's talking to Darwin, he says that the next thing he'll forget is who his parents are and he's already forgotten who Darwin is.
  • Gumball and Darwin tune themselves out of Molly's stories like a transmission.
    • After doing it a number of times, they end up getting their brains damaged.
  • All the students would rather let Jamie hit them with dodgeballs than listen to Molly's stories, all in slow-motion. In particular, as Bobert sinks into a pile of dodgeballs he deploys a humanoid hand and gives a thumbs up.
  • Every other student hiding from Molly in ONE locker despite Gumball saying there's over 100 lockers in the school.
  • The sheer chaos that the school cause when making Molly a better story to tell.
    • Mr. Small freaking out upon smelling green chemicals.
    • Principal Brown pretending to be pregnant.

The Guy
  • Anais going crazy at the beginning, scaring off many of Gumball's classmates.
    • Tina gets her tail ripped off like a stuffed toy.
    • Carmen's spines preventing Anais from attacking her.
    • Hector getting attacked and falling on the ground hard.
  • The Power Rangers-based transformation sequence, which turns out to be all in their heads.
  • Gumball (disguised as an Italian waiter) giving Josh a meat-shake opposed to a milkshake.
    • The reference to the "thumbs-up" meaning "up yours" in other countries when Josh does the action to Gumball.
  • Gumball's impressions of Marvin (the elderly red jelly bean) during "Spot and Burn".
    Gumball: (imitating Marvin) My face is so wrinkly that it takes me an hour to pull an expression.
    Marvin: Hey, I heard that! (takes several seconds to make a frown)
  • Gumball tries to make the sound of a lost wallet by saying "WALLET!!" in a weird voice. It's definitely funny in action.
    • On the other hand, Darwin manages to make a wallet sound perfectly.
  • One of the plans to make Josh friends with Anais again is to hypnotize him. Gumball says "bite me" to Darwin, then snaps his fingers. Josh then becomes demonic and lunges at Gumball.

The Boredom
  • Darwin has been sitting on the floor for so long, it became stuck to him and Gumball has to chisel the floor off his butt.
    • Gumball ended up growing roots on his backside from it and Darwin suggesting he get it waxed.
  • Billy falling into a puddle, and Gumball and Darwin obliviously using him as a platform.
  • Hector getting struck in the head with an airplane.
  • The entire scene with Banana Joe trying out different things with a lightsaber.
  • Sal Left Thumb performing a musical number about the musical career he would have had he not turn to crime, contrasted by him singing off-key and annoying everybody.
  • Gumball and Darwin thinking they're going to see something interesting in the mall: The Crocodile Lady's mayonnaise jar falls and breaks, Harold slips and rips Miss Simian's dress off her body, Harold looks down at her, gets sick, and throws up in the Hexagon Lady's purse; The Hexagon Lady shrieks and tosses her ruined purse into some fans that Mr. Small is looking at — only for the end results to be covered by a drawn curtain. What's worse is that Tobias got it all on camera phone... but had it on selfie mode, so all Gumball and Darwin can see is Tobias' reaction.
  • The Crossover Punchline where the entire Watterson house gets hauled away with Gumball and Darwin in it. As the house exits Elmore, it passes by the sets of Clarence, Regular Show, and Uncle Grandpa (who winds up running over himself), with a flash of static separating each. Darwin and Gumball don't notice because they're already sure nothing interesting will happen today, and just decided to stare at the clock as hard as possible, and eventually the movers realize they got the wrong house and move it back.

The Vision
  • Gumball sucking his butt to his chest, making it look like he has a buff appearance.
    • Not long after, it turns out Gumball mixed up his gym bag with Alan's, which only contains a single piece of string. He wraps it around his body and Darwin tells him that he looks like "a cross between a '90s R&B diva and a pork roast". Gumball then ties it around his ears and crotch and Darwin tells him that his crotch looks like "a really inappropriate birthday gift".
  • Idaho exploding when he sees Gumball nude.
  • Gumball and Darwin's jaws dropping all the way down the stairs.
  • Gumball attempts to assassinate Alan by dropping down on him through the ventilation shaft and popping him with a push pin, but his head gets stuck trying to exit.
    • Some of the other failed assassination attempts are funny, like Darwin trying to shoot a poison dart at Alan, though for whatever reason Darwin walks around in circles trying to aim at Alan, causing him to walk in place at the wall.

The Choices
  • Nicole's parents being disappointed that she got straight A's but put down an "F" in Gender. She says it's an F for female, but her mother says that being a girl is no excuse.
  • Choosing to marry Banana Bob eventually leads to Nicole going insane with his constant singing, so much she becomes a Basement-Dweller psycho who now sports Bob's eyes and mustache.
  • When she decides to tie the knot with Harold, his criticism and demeaning comments to her drive her insane, and she's evidently gotten plastic surgery on her face at some point to appease him. When he criticizes the dinner for being cold, cut to her being apprehended by the police for setting their manor on fire.
  • Three of Nicole's life choices result in her death, all in a row: one from joining a hippie rally, one from swallowing a butterfly midfly that Steve Small couldn't get out of using The Power of Love instead of the Heimlich maneuver, and one from not wearing a helmet when asking for a motorbike ride. She notes to herself she needs to complain the park is too dangerous.
  • We see Nicole and Richard, parked in a car, about to kiss at sunset... only for it to become apparent that the parking brake wasn't set, as it rolls down the hill to their horror.
  • Nicole and Richard both left their houses. Nicole got sick of her parents and is actually enough to make her mother cry. Richard's mother got fed up with him, though.
  • The reveal that Gumball was conceived before Nicole and Richard were married, and the pair's Oh, Crap! reaction to the news.
  • When Anais was born, her name was spelled wrong (Anias), so they fixed it...or rather she fixed it. They all grimaced.

The Code
  • Gumball is so dependent on the Internet that he starts glitching like the video he was watching was.
  • Richard dressed as his character in an MMORPG, a female dark elf.
  • This:
    Richard: Kids. I have something to tell you.
    Darwin: (dramatically) YOU'RE NOT MY FATHER!?
    Richard: (also dramatically) HOW COULD YOU HAVE GUESSED!?
    Both: (chuckling)
  • The Wattersons are so poor that their refrigerator is coin-operated. When Richard drinks out of a soda can, it stops flowing and he has to put another coin in to make it start again.
  • The fake e-mail Gumball and Darwin send to each other of Richard getting stuck in a lawn chair and being hospitalized, which actually happened.
  • "What the hashtag, dollar sign, at-sign, asterisk is going on here?!"
  • When Larry bans Gumball and Darwin from the grocery store, Gumball attempts to reboot his IP address by whacking himself in the face with a plank.
  • Darwin getting crushed by a computer window while the duo are in cyberspace.
  • The fact that Gumball and Darwin imagined the cyberspace sequence. Highlights include kissing a construction worker's butt and mistaking Mrs. Robinson for an anti-virus.

The Test
  • Gumball slapping his ass on the keyboard to redo the online test.
  • After the online test declares Gumball "The Loser", we get a hilarious montage of Gumball doing the exact opposite of what he normally does, which includes being naked at the bus stop. Darwin says that he has to stop him before he tries to go to the bathroom.
  • Gumball's mean-spirited personality being depicted as green little demons inside his body. Their voices are also chuckle worthy.
  • The fourth wall shattering parody of sitcoms depicting Tobias replacing Gumball.
    • Sarah puts an end to it by throwing a guitar at the camera.
  • Gumball finally lets out how he feels about Tobias overtaking his life by vomiting green liquid all over him, burning the latter's face off.

The Slide
  • Gumball and Darwin's gaming faces.
  • Rocky's failed attempt at getting to the girl of his dreams. He trips on the escalator and flips a few times.
  • Darwin demonstrates the fine art of selfies for Rocky. Darwin shows how low angles are less flattering than high ones, which is shown by him looking down at the phone with a scrunched-up face, before raising the phone and suddenly becoming super-cute. Unfortunately, Rocky's selfies are so horrifying that they settle for using a live-action picture of a good-looking human guy instead.
    • Darwin's animesque reaction to the horrifying selfie he took of Rocky.
  • "I like cheese and Internet memes!"
  • The trio grimacing over an image of a beautiful woman, including Darwin mentioning she's made of meat.
  • Gumball mentioning that Mrs. Robinson is so nasty, she bit a dog and gave it rabies.
  • Rocky gets into into a chat with a woman who has a masked avatar. Gumball checks Rocky's phone and sees that the woman's messages consist only of "meh" over and over, causing Gumball to realize that Rocky has been messaged by his own mother. Gumball slides up; cut to Rocky's mom flying through the Robinson's roof.
    • The message sent to her, courtesy of Darwin: "Are you a combination of my recent memories and my childhood traumas? 'cause girl, you are a dream!"
  • The sheer chaos the trio cause while trying to find Rocky's crush.
    • Gumball thanking the old lady they injured for directions to the girl, and then pushing her back down.
    • The trio getting in a car and crashing into the girl's house, running down her father.

The Loophole
  • Miss Simian replacing the suggestion box with a paper shredder.
    • When Gumball asks to file a complaint on it, Miss Simian tells him to put said complaint in the "complaint box", which is really a mailbox in the middle of the desert. Two skeletons are seen near it.
  • Bobert blowing up Gumball's head, only for him to immediately grow a new one.
  • Bobert taking things literally, especially when Darwin asks him what he would do to give someone a hand. Bobert responds by turning one of his arms into a buzz saw and he attempts to cut off Darwin's fin.
  • Gumball getting hit by Bobert so hard, he's sent back one year in the cartoon's universe, landing in the beginning of "The Spoiler". Both Past-Gumball and Past-Darwin stare at him awkwardly as Present-Gumball tells them to continue with their events.
  • Bobert infects Gumball with so much radiation, that the latter's tongue sports a hand and crawls about before returning to his mouth.
  • To save Darwin from choking, Bobert retracts an arm into a vacuum and jabs it into him, inflating him like a balloon. He is then popped by Gumball shortly after.
  • Bobert going on a rampage in the mall with his new knowledge on rules.
    • Bobert referring to the illegal act of singing off-key in North Carolina, where he then proceeds to change Gary's voice to auto-tune.
    • Bobert ripping the goatee of the security guard clean off, where he then throws it on Billy.

The Copycats
  • The fact that the episode is a Fake Cross Over with the show's Chinese knock-off is hilarious in itself.
  • Darwin eats from a jar of cowboy caviar, not knowing what it is. Gumball tells him that it's eggs from cowboys when he reads the label, and Darwin decides to just take his word for it.
  • The website's poorly translated explanation on why Anais has no doppelganger is a hilarious jab at how she has no real life Chinese knockoff.
    "Woman no right to celebrate in republic of people."
  • When the Wattersons meet their counterparts, Gumball introduces himself. When Chi Chi tries to introduce himself in return, Gumball tells him to stop repeating everything he says and starts strangling him, while Chi Chi tries to explain that introducing himself is the proper etiquette.
  • Richard and his counterpart trying to run to each other in the fight sequence, but they easily wear out and collapse on the lawn, where they then try to poke each other, but accidentally stick each other's fingers in their mouths and start sucking them.
  • Everyone rushing home after trying to one-up their counterparts in risks: Nicole jumps through the window and onto the couch, Gumball and Darwin arrive home on a friggin' jet ski, and Richard stumbling to the couch due to wearing heeled shoes.
  • Richard donates one of his kidneys at the hospital as a way to deter his counterpart. He soon finds out to his dismay that his counterpart received his kidney and then donated it to someone else.
  • The Wattersons trying to escape the tanker truck by jumping out of it. They end up back in after rolling on a large lump of dirt (as the highway is under construction).
  • At the end Gumball and Darwin brag that they're irreplaceable and laugh, then stop once they realize that their voice actors have just been replaced.

The Potato
  • Darwin thinks he offended Idaho by eating a potato in front of him, and he emits a gasp so strong, he sucks a bunch of food into his mouth and streaks Gumball's face.
  • This:
    Gumball: What did you think French fries are made of?
    Darwin: French people?
  • The montage of Darwin accidentally offending Idaho: it starts with Darwin on the bus describing to Idaho in detail how potato chips are made, then it cuts to him giving Idaho a potato with a candle for his birthday that bursts into flames, back to them on the bus, then to Idaho asking Darwin what time it is and Darwin reading the time on a potato-powered clock, and back to them on the bus before Darwin offers Idaho a chip.
  • In order to take Darwin's mind off eating potatoes, Gumball suggests that he take up origami. They make several paper cranes when Teri comes in asking if they've seen her parents. There are two giant cranes behind them, but Gumball and Darwin deny having seen them.
  • Darwin tries to use hypnotherapy on himself, but the narrator puts himself to sleep.
  • The gag of Darwin unintentionally throwing a potato at a fan and having it splatter on his face.
  • Sarah's facepalm in anger disfiguring her head.
  • One scene almost implies that Idaho is going to get run over by a large truck carrying a tanker of coleslaw, complete with the panicked driver trying to stop (due to faulty brakes). Turns out that Idaho was walking down a different street, and the truck continues to go out of control in the background.

The Fuss
  • The family miming to Nicole about why she seems angry at them.
  • Nicole thinking the mailman is a singing telegram for her, and the confused mailman awkwardly plays along with it.
    Mailman: Hello my darling, hello my baby, this is from the IRS. You better pay it, they're getting serious, your home will be repossessed.
  • Nicole thinking it's a special day because of a bunch of balloons floating near the lawn, only to find out it's Alan and his family mourning a lost relative.
  • Nicole's sad musical number getting interrupted by the other Wattersons causing chaos. The timing is just perfect.
  • The subtitles contrasting whatever motherly thing Nicole says:
    Nicole: I'm only two minutes away (subtitled as "I'm still in my pajamas"). We should keep in touch ("I've already forgotten about you"). It's fine, honey ("You have five minutes left to live").
    • And a few seconds later
    Nicole: Don't worry about it, sweetheart ("May the universe have mercy on you").
  • For a party they are planning for Nicole, Gumball asks everyone to be bland as possible. They do this with a hilarious animesque expression that's nothing but two black dots for eyes and a line mouth.
    Gumball: I feel nothing. It's perfect.
    • The song they sing to Nicole at said party is a hilarious medley of various celebratory phrases set to four different tunes.
  • Behold: a Wham Line:
    Anais: Since when do swans have nipples?
  • While on the way to prevent Richard from getting a tattoo, Gumball thinks he accidently felt someone's butt. The person next to him says it isn't, relieving Gumball, until it turns out said person actually is a butt (it's his face)... and then he touches his butt for real.
  • Right as the tattoo artist is about to begin, Richard points out to him that he's holding the "10.11" paper upside down.
  • Nicole accidentally kicks a police officer in the face, and because of it, he can't even remember what happened to write her a ticket and he falls to the ground.

The Outside
  • This:
    Nicole: Frankie might want something from us.
    Gumball: Or sell something to us.
    Anais: Or sell one of us.
  • The Wattersons end up in Frankie's neighborhood, and what's the first thing that happens? Their car's tires are pulled off by two residents.
  • Nicole being snarky:
    Frankie: It may not be much, but it's home for me. And about 25 species of parasites.
    Nicole: (unamused) 26 including you.
  • "I've got a warmer reception at the Igloo Convention!"
  • When Frankie arrives at the Wattersons home, they turned it into a full-on prison because they assume he's used to living life in jail based on his living standards. And everything is done in such an over-the-top way, it's hard not to laugh at many scenes.
    • Frankie being forced by Nicole to hand over his luggage and clothes (except his underwear, which she finds to be too much) and she throws them away.
    • Spraying him with a hose when he asks for a drink.
    • Gumball throwing green hair gel on his back instead of soap.
    • Cuddling up and showering with Richard.
  • Frankie's thoughts on Gumball's lion tattoo.
    Frankie: It looks like a butt with a wig playing an oboe.
  • Gumball's tattoo is even funnier because a "butt with a wig playing an oboe" is the closest thing they can say to what it actually looks like without utterly demolishing the show's content rating.
  • Frankie tries to explain his situation to the police, but being with Gumball (someone he thinks is a prisoner) it comes off wrong:
    Frankie: So officer, allow me to explain why I'm running through the streets in a striped shirt handcuffed to a tattooed delinquent.
    Doughnut Sheriff: (eyes him angrily)

The Vase
  • Nicole attempts to look away from the vase by sucking her eyes into the back of her head, to the disgust of the kids.
  • Richard wearing a girdle, causing his man-boobs to point downwards.
  • The kids' attempts to destroy the vase:
    • Dropping it from the window of Gumball and Darwin's room, only for it to slam into the pavement.
    • Trying to crush it with a file press in the shed, only for it to split the shed in two.
    • Using it as a piñata, only for it to hit Darwin and Anais in the face. When Gumball is surprised that it didn't hit him, it comes back and hits him from behind.
    • Darwin tries to break it with a hammer, only for the vase to send the hammer back at him and the resulting reverberations cause it to hit him in the face repeatedly.
    • Anais tries to use a slingshot catapult to launch the vase into a tree. It tears through the bottom of the tree and causes it to fall on her.
    • Putting the vase on a road to have it get run over by a truck. The truck flips over.
    • Mailing the vase to them and having it labeled as fragile so it gets destroyed in transit. Gary brings a package, drops it repeatedly, and uses it as a hackey sack before giving it to Gumball. Then it turns out the package was a tablet that Nicole got Gumball for his birthday, and the vase came separately.
  • When the kids are about to give up on destroying the vase, they imagine what the rest of their lives will be like with it:
    • Gumball takes the vase as a prom date.
    • Anais is holding the vase in her graduation photo. In her yearbook quote she says that it got her through the hardest times.
    • Darwin has the vase by his side while he's on his deathbed. Then he says that that wasn't his vision.

The Matchmaker
  • The animesque face and hands Gumball acquires when he announces he knows someone who can help Darwin express love.
  • Teri calling Gumball a hypochondriac, then spraying the ground with disinfectant as she walks.
    • Even better, Gumball was apparently trying to bait her into the nurse's office - where he had Darwin duct taped to the wall with a rose in his mouth, surrounded by candles.
  • Carrie berates Gumball for dragging her along on his scheme when he knows she's into Darwin.
    Carrie: You know I like him! It's written all over my face!
    Gumball: Your face is two dots and a line. That's like Morse code.
  • The slow R&B that plays when Carrie makes a love potion.
  • When Teri and Darwin start making out, Carrie and Gumball quickly cover each other's eyes. Unfortunately, Carrie is translucent.
    Gumball: (horrified) I can still see...
  • In an effort to break up Teri and Darwin, Gumball charges Alan with static electricity and gets him stuck to Teri's face, making it look like they're kissing. As Darwin looks on in horror, Carrie appears offering him a baseball bat.
    Darwin: What is that for?
    Carrie: A crime of passion.
  • Teri looking at all the people Darwin has kissed and vice versa. She notices how often he and Gumball kiss.

The Box
  • Richard apparently attempted to call the credit card company to buy things online.
    Company worker: (through the phone; gratuitous laughter)
    Richard: It's been like this for three days. I think they're working shifts.
  • When Gumball attempts to open the box, Anais grabs both of his arms, then grows a third arm and slaps him. Gumball's reaction sells it.
  • Richard talking to his family about how the more people tell you to not do something, "like look directly at the sun!" the more you feel like doing it, until Nicole informs he's facing away from them on the other side of the room.
    • He then turns back to face the wall instead.
  • This:
    Nicole: Try and do something to take your mind off the box. Just think outside the box, play some music on the boom box, watch a boxing match, or just open the box, open THE BOX! OPEN THE BOOOX!
  • The entirety of Gumball's portal gun fantasy.
  • Nicole's Imagine Spot with her being completely nonchalant with the threats of the dangerous hitman going after the family for the box full of money.
  • Anais's Imagine Spot where the contents of the box cause a Zombie Apocalypse:
    • Gary is in a phone booth surrounded by zombies and trying to call the police department. The person on the other end informs him that the police are already zombies themselves and are busy consuming the flesh of the living, so he'll have to take the law into his own hands. When the zombies break in, they give Gary some time to hang up and collect his change.
    • Tobias is in the school restroom and sees a zombie in one of the stalls, but upon the door opening he sees that it's just a pair of legs. Then he sees the torso washing its hands in the sink and it attacks him.
    • Earth itself is now a zombie, and the Moon is frantically orbiting around it to avoid getting bitten.
    • At the end, we see how the outbreak began: the box contained an injector and several vials of a green liquid. Richard mistakes the injector for a squirt gun, and the scene ends with a flower-framed still of him spraying the rest of the family with it.
  • Richard's Imagine Spot of the box being a phone call that transforms him into a hypercompetent Manchurian Agent, who upon completing his mission to save the president... ends up falling in love with him.

The Console
  • The game Gumball receives is called a Game Child.
    • "Made in Chainor?"
  • Richard lists some rip-offs within the Wattersons home: the TV they own is from "Soppy", the superhero comic Gumball has is called "Badman", and their doctor is only taught fine arts, causing his appendix scar to resemble food.
  • The whole episode being a huge Affectionate Parody to Final Fantasy VII and other common classic role playing game staples.
  • After entering the video game universe, Gumball has to enter his name. He puts it in as MYBUTT, and the following dialogue occurs:
    Darwin: Please MYBUTT, tell me what's going on. (Gumball starts holding in laughter)
    Anais: A foul curse has been unleashed on our town by MYBUTT.
    Darwin: You mean the gates of doom were opened by MYBUTT?
    Anais: The fabric of the universe was ripped by MYBUTT.
    • And this:
    "MYBUTT uses AXE, it is ineffective."
    "MYBUTT uses SAW, it is ineffective."
    Gumball: (frustrated) Can MYBUTT just use common sense and walk around it?!
    "MYBUTT uses SARCASM, it is ineffective."
    • And during the battle:
    "MYBUTT receives critical damage."
  • Whenever someone mentions the Awesome Store, they say it with No Indoor Voice.
    • When Leslie keeps repeating it endlessly, Gumball has to knock him out with a dialogue box to stop.
    Anais: We could've just walked away, but now maybe we should run.
  • When the kids go into the Robinsons' house, Mr. Robinson uncharacteristically lets them take anything they want, despite Darwin's objection that it's basically burglary. Gumball takes his VHS player, takes his wallet before taking the money out of it and throwing it on the ground, then says that he's going to sleep in his bed. Mr. Robinson shed a tear, unable to move or stop smiling.
  • The kids battle Penny, who's possessed by a smartphone from the Awesome Store that merged with her. Gumball can't bear to fight her and uses the item menu to try to give her the VHS player while saying "I love you!", but ends up throwing it at her and deforming her head.
  • The Crocodile Woman asks the kids to go on a tedious sidequest to find her pigeons. Gumball can't refuse, and after 400 packs of tortilla chips and 300 cans of energy drink he turns into a stereotypical overweight gamer and earns the "NO LIFE" trophy.
  • When they've beaten every enemy they could find and still don't have enough XP to take on the final boss, Anais, Darwin, and Gumball resort to continue grinding by beating up random people.
  • During the final battle, Gumball uses the cell phone to call various characters to attack (such as Nicole, Richard, Granny Jojo, etc). One of which is Banana Joe, who perfectly mimics the 10,000 Needles animation of the Cactuar Guardian Force.

The Ollie
  • At the beginning of the episode Richard is trying to re-nail the roof, but has the nailgun positioned in such a way that the nails go into the sky and shoot down a hot air balloon. Then he stares into the barrel, and when Gumball stops him from shooting himself in the eye he fires a stray nail that gets lodged in their window.
  • The various things Richard used Gumball's skateboard for: using it as a nail file and in the process disintegrating his fingers, using it as a cutting board and hitting himself in the face, and using it as pants while he shops naked, leading to the mall cop tackling him.
  • Darwin points out that Gumball always has his head at a ¾ angle because he'd look weird otherwise. We see Gumball from profile showing the side of his head to look distorted, then he notices the viewer and turns his head back to its usual position.
  • Gumball and Darwin go to a weird guy to buy Darwin a skateboard, and Gumball is disturbed that the guy has no pants. The first board he offers is possessed and hits Darwin between his legs, the second is made out of bamboo and factory workers' tears and immediately breaks in three when Darwin steps on it (the guy claims the tears rotted the bamboo), and when Darwin decides the third one is perfect the guy tells him it's $199. Cut to Gumball and Darwin going to another store and coming out after buying Darwin a 99¢ princess board.
  • Gumball's telling of how the skateboard was invented in Britain: a gang of gentlemen are about to beat up a street urchin. The street urchin sees a piece of wood and four wheels by a nearby wall, but before he can get the idea to make them into a vehicle and escape the gentlemen grab him and start beating him up offscreen. One of them gets the idea to fashion the piece of wood and wheels into a vehicle and it's shown catching on.
  • Gumball shows Darwin a trick called "The Hospital". And Darwin is the one who receives the injury.
  • Apparently, Gumball thinks that in order to do skateboard grinding, you rub the board side to side on your ass. Darwin is disgusted.
  • During the Art Shifted sequence of Gumball chasing a runaway Darwin across town, Mr. Small offers to rescue Darwin but Darwin refuses, then Mr. Small crashes into a guy on a scooter and they explode.

The Catfish
  • The reason Gumball doesn't look up his name online anymore is because every time he closes his eyes, he sees fan art of himself.
  • When Gumball holds back his sadness for Louie's loneliness, it comes out in the form of Ocular Gushers that knock Darwin to the floor. Then it happens again, with the stream broken up by him blinking.
  • Gumball's phone refuses to show an image of Jojo's "cutie patootie" and jumps out of Gumball's hands and falls to its death.
  • At the end, Jojo allows Louie to have one friend on ElmorePlus: her. Gumball and Darwin groan in exasperation.

The Cycle
  • The Wattersons go to Dr. Literature to file a restraining order against Harold. She repeatedly stops mid-sentence until someone puts money in the money box on her desk, so when Richard runs out of money Anais gives her Daisyland money, which causes her eyes to suddenly grow and she starts singing a song about a woman filing a lawsuit in a high-pitched voice.
    Ongoing trauma due to workplace stress,
    Which had left her life in an awful mess,
    She built up evidence, and from that moment hence,
    She was given legal—note 
  • After Richard recounts the time Harold embarrassed him in front of the school on prom night, Gumball points out that Harold is his therapist. Harold also reveals that he was wearing a fake mustache that looks like the one he already has.
  • The kids and Richard's plan to get revenge on Harold is to put a blank check on the sidewalk, hide behind a fence and jump out to tell him that it's fake. Unbeknownst to them the fence is behind the flood control channel, and when it cuts to them after Harold leaves it's shown that they all fell on their faces.
    • The things Harold does when he thinks that he's become rich: telling the lightbulb-headed man to become his butler and making him drop dollars, gold coins and diamonds on the ground as Harold walks, disrespecting his boss and destroying his office as part of his resignation, leaving Jackie for a Trophy Wife, hiring a skywriter to make a portrait of Richard saying "I can count to burrito!" and preparing to destroy his house to replace it with a 70-foot tall statue of himself. Rather than talk him out of it, Richard tells him that if he stacks the dynamite together he'll get a more intensive blast and leaves him to his fate.

The Stars
  • The Overly Long Gag of Principal Brown getting his haircut checked. And the piles of his hair clippings filling the barber shop.
  • Larry's restaurant going from fine dining to Greasy Spoon to Bad-Guy Bar whenever Gumball lowers his review score.
  • When Gumball is unsatisfied that the zoo has the same animals as always, he expects Larry to make a new animal despite Larry's objection that it's unethical to violate the laws of nature. In spite of this, Larry engineers a bird-like abomination with a mix of a beak and an elephant trunk, which it gives birth out of. Gumball and Darwin are understandably horrified.
  • Larry filling the role of the entire cast and crew in a romance movie.
  • Everyone becoming subject to getting reviewed by other people after Gumball makes a website for reviewing people.
  • Mr. Robinson's disappointment when the termites don't take his wife.

The Grades
  • Miss Simian's attempts to smile, then later her attempts to cry.
  • Principal Brown having a face under the hair on the back of his head that tells him to kill Miss Simian.
  • The school can't afford real food to put in the vending machines, so the one in the teacher's lounge just has printed-out pictures of food taped to it.
  • Gumball doesn't notice Miss Simian picking up his desk and taking him outside until he sees that he's outside and she dumps him onto the ground.
  • The reason Gumball's GPA was voided was because he answered a question on a test with "no self control".
  • Gumball compares the kindergarten kids to British tourists.
  • Miss Simian finds Principal Brown crying from watching a video of an orangutan saving a baby bird from drowning to remind him that apes aren't just creatures that bites people's fingers off when they become enraged, because he just learned that Miss Simian needs Gumball back in her class or she'll be fired. She tells Brown that she understands... then squeezes his wrists and begins biting his fingers.
  • When Gumball accidentally tells Principal Brown that Miss Simian cheated in 8th grade, she's forced to retake it sat next to him.

The Diet
  • According to Gumball, the fridge is the only appliance in the Watterson house that Richard knows how to use.
  • Richard tries to lose weight by going on ten diets at once. This backfires and he ingests so many calories that he sleeps for 36 hours.
  • The mere imagery of Richard getting even fatter and tipping his car to the side when he gets in.
  • Richard's various hiding places for food around the house, culminating in him replacing his tie with a banana, which Gumball peels to find that it's an ear of corn, then he peels that to find that it's a corn dog.
  • As Gumball and Darwin are getting Richard to run down the street by following a trail of candy, Gumball says something's missing and Darwin believes it's that their bike has no training wheels. The bike falls over, but Gumball points out that they're old enough to not need training wheels and the bike immediately rights itself.
  • Alan throws a coin into the fountain at the mall and wishes for world peace. Richard jumps into the fountain and "saves" the coin, voiding Alan's wish.

The Ex
  • When Gumball is rapidly eating ice cream with Penny, she worries that he'll get brain freeze. Gumball claims that he can eat as much ice cream as he wants and never get brain freeze, but before he finishes it Smash Cuts to him and Penny in the restroom as she uses the hand dryer to thaw out his head, then he Un-Pauses and finishes where he left off.
  • Gumball gets excited when Rob sends him a threatening message. The message is actually intended for Banana Joe and Rob threatens to smoosh him out of his yellow skin, but Gumball thinks Rob is referring to him and assumes Rob is colorblind.
  • Darwin thinks that a blue sports cap on a shelf in his and Gumball's room is evil. When Gumball points out that he's wearing it at the end of the episode, Darwin yells "He's got me!" and runs away yelling.

The Sorcerer
  • Because he has no special talent, Gumball thinks he feels like a superhero who can just convert oxygen and carbon dioxide, or just breathing.
  • Darwin suggests that Gumball should have the talent of art, but he reminds him of how it went last time. He apparently made a piece called "Global Warming", which is a model of Earth on fire. It soon fell down from the ceiling after being presented and caught the whole room on fire.
    • Gumball also apparently set up a fake fire escape as his other art project, which Mr. Small runs into.
  • Gumball's party trick:
    Gumball's butt: It's not much a talent as it is a medical condition.
  • Gumball and Darwin enter Hector's cave and hear his mom do some cackling, freaking them out. They think something bad is happening, until it's revealed she's merely using the Internet laughing at memes.
  • Gumball and Darwin doing chores and occasional nonsense for Hector's mom while singing a cheesy rock song about gaining trust.
    • At one point, Gumball stuffs trash in a magical witch's hat. In a later scene, Gumball is informed by Hector's mom that he must use it to defeat a rampaging troll, and when he puts it on, all the trash dumps on top of him.
  • Gumball inhaling angrily at Hector's mom, only to sneeze on her afterwards.
  • The ending:
    Darwin: I think we found your talent.
    Gumball: What?
    Hector's Mom: You're supernaturally annoying!
    Gumball: (derpy smile)

The Menu
  • The beginning; Richard is asleep on the couch, when he suddenly hears something from miles away. He runs at 200 mph through several houses, through Mr. Robinson's boat while he's fishing on a lake followed by Mr. Robinson saluting as he sinks, runs fast enough to be caught on a speed camera, tries and fails to jump the unfinished bridge then runs up the canyon wall to the mall. When he makes it in he slides in and grabs Gumball, who screams as the mass amount of debris Richard pulled in on the way flies toward them, so they and Darwin hide from it in the fountain.
  • According to Gumball, the secret burger qualifies as breakfast, lunch and dinner... for seven people... for seven years. And if you eat it in 15 minutes, the restaurant will pay for your hospital fees.
  • Richard considers the secret burger his Atlantis, his Montezuma's gold, and his Moby Dick, but not literally because he already ate a white whale.
  • Gumball, Darwin and Richard torture Larry into giving up information about the secret burger using a statue of Burgie, the Joyful Burger mascot. They take a picture of him eating chicken from another restaurant, one to make it look like he's hurting Darwin, one of him putting a chicken foot in a blender, which Larry in unphased by because it's how chicken nuggets are made, and finally Richard rips off Burgie's fingers and prepares to eat them. He claims that anything is edible if you deep-fry it long enough, then eats one of the fingers and declares he was wrong.
  • The episode is a hilariously savage Take That! to fast food culture. The path to the secret burger requires the consumer to eat out at every Joyful Burger in the area. Elmore has so many Joyful Burger restaurants that Richard gets morbidly obese by the end of the quest, similarly to the results of his failed diets in "The Diet". At one point, Gumball and Darwin smell something burning; it is the friction from Richard's thighs rubbing together.
    • Gumball stops Richard from eating a toy that comes with one of his meals, only to say that the toy has more nutrition than the actual food.
    • In the end, Richard gets the burger, but he is so full of food that he can not even put the secret burger into his mouth.

The Uncle
  • Gumball and Darwin are late to school because their alarm clock went back to sleep mode and Gumball didn't have the heart to wake it up. Ocho is late because his alarm clock didn't dare to wake him up after what he did to the one before it.
  • When Ocho tells Gumball that his uncle is Mario, Gumball grabs Ocho and tells him "MARRY ME!" Teri and Masami walk by.
    • Gumball then backpedals and tells Ocho to adopt him, then to date him. Ocho assumes that Gumball is asking to be friends, followed by Gumball making an Animesque face.
  • Darwin tells Gumball that it's unwise to manipulate Ocho because of his Hair-Trigger Temper; the scene flashes back to the time Tobias simply brushed by Ocho, causing Ocho to look mortified and pursue Tobias to the end of a hallway horror movie style, with appropriate music. Gumball reimagines it with romantic music instead, giving it a homoerotic tone.
  • When Ocho is fighting against the detention gang, Gumball tries to fake-out a fight with the rotten cupcake bully. Needless to say, he gets shot down afterwards.
  • Richard tries to buy expired donuts for $1 but finds that there's no money on his credit card. Larry offers him a store card, which initially charges Richard $7,578 in interest and doubles it every two seconds.
  • Gumball's song about how he doesn't want to be friends with Ocho anymore and the various ways he can get rid of him.
  • After the song, Gumball rates his stress caused by trying to befriend Ocho by raising his hand so high that he punches through the bottom of an airplane.
    • Funny enough, despite his reputation and Gumball's fear of what could happen, Ocho actually takes it rather well.
  • At the end, Ocho tells Gumball that his other uncle is Sonic the Hedgehog. When Darwin tries to convince Gumball not to try to befriend Ocho again Gumball walks offscreen, then comes back running after Ocho, Classic Sonic-style.

The Weirdo
  • Sussie's bizarre presents to the other kids: Carmen gets a retainer, Juke gets a can of air freshener, Masami gets a high-heeled shoe full of an orange mush, Idaho gets a drawing of two circles which Sussie claims is a map of an egg, Banana Joe gets a frog covered in glitter, and Jared gets a large tooth wrapped in a bow.
    • When Gumball demands a weird present too she gives him a handful of mayonnaise; according to Sussie, he can moisturize his elbows with it, write with it, or feed it to a car. When Gumball asks Sussie if she keeps mayonnaise in all of her pockets, she laughs at his suggestion because she only keeps mayonnaise in one; her other pockets are used to hold mustard, ketchup, and toothpaste. When Gumball tells her that toothpaste isn't a sauce, she reasons that it's tooth sauce, which is why it tastes like mint.
    • Sussie tells Darwin that her gift for him is a crumpled green picture of an old man. Darwin declines, and it turns out the picture was a $100 bill, which she tears in half. She then gives him her "dancing raisin", which is a live black widow.
  • After lunch, all of the kids throw their presents away, except for Banana Joe, who throws himself in the trash and his frog levitates out the door. But before that, Jared rips off his pants and tosses them into the trash.
  • Almost the entirety of Sussie's look into her daily life. One in particular has her fail to grab her google eyes for a few, leading to a repeat of:
    "The world is waiting."

The Heist
  • Richard buys a motorcycle helmet to use with an exercise bike and it's too small for him to take off. When Gumball declines his offer to take him and Darwin for a drive, Richard thinks he said yes and takes two couch cushions into the car instead. Gumball opts against stopping him and just closes the door.
  • Due to his lack of peripheral vision in the helmet, Richard ends up driving on the sidewalk.
  • When Larry and the Cupcake Man think Richard has come to rob the bank, the Cupcake Man tells Larry that they're more replaceable than the money.
  • Nicole removes Richard's helmet by karate chopping it in half. His head is compressed like when he got the bucket off his head in "The Prank".
  • Larry is completely outshined by the Cupcake Man, who exaggerates and makes it seem like he's the hero.
  • Also, Larry, thoroughly exasperated by the police's antics, declares he's not going to pay his taxes. Cue him running and screaming as the other police run after him.
  • The Wattersons' fantasies about their plans to return the money:
    • Nicole's plan is to do a reverse heist, which works until she gets sidetracked and decides to take the money for herself.
    • Gumball's plan is to stuff the bills into an ATM, but the Sheriff catches him doing so for three days and speaks in nonsensical slang that Gumball believes is how police talk.
    • Anais' plan is to become an intern, then work her way up to regional manager and deposit $1 into the bank a day. Gumball points out that since they have $2,000,000, she'd have to work there for 2,000,000 daysnote , and in her fantasy Anais turns into a skeleton and disintegrates.
    • Richard's plan is to bury the money, turn himself in, and escape in 20 years. By that time, the rest of the family already spent the money.
      • Also, when he hides the money, he leaves a very.. conspicuous sign behind, while saying that it was secret only to him so he won't forget it.
    • Darwin just puts the suitcase containing the money back inside the bank. The police think it's dangerous and blow it up.

  • The tweet Ben Bocquelet put up a few hours before "The Shell"note  aired.
    I'm hiding in a bar cos I'm worried you guys are gonna go nuts and twitter murder me.