Franchise: Adventure Time

Full name: Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. A popular cartoon on Cartoon Network, created by one Pendleton Ward, and its adaptations in other media.

The series gained its start in 2008 when it was meant to be showcased on Nickelodeon's Random Cartoons. When it wasn't picked up and the rights returned to Pen, he uploaded the short on YouTube where it went viral. Cartoon Network soon took notice of this and offered to turn it into a full series (even ordering two seasons right from the get go). Soon in 2010, CN gave the show a huge promotion push and even previewed episodes before the show properly premiered April 5, 2010. It has since become one of the Network's most watched animated series.

The show follows the adventures of Finn (named Pen in the pilot) and his shape-shifting dog, Jake, in their strange, bizarre and very dangerous world of Ooo which is really Earth after it was changed following what was known as the "Mushroom Wars". The event radically transformed the landscape and gave life to all manner of creatures and brought back magic to the world. Finn is supposedly the only living human left in this world having been adopted by Jake's family after they found him as a baby. As such the two consider themselves brothers and go on many adventures through the land. Add in a colorful cast of characters such as Princess Bubblegum, a princess of a neighboring Candy Kingdom. Ice King, a on / off enemy of the two who always kidnaps Princess, and Marceline, a self-imposed Vampire Queen who the duo become friends with among others, and you have one of the most unique and interesting pieces of fantasy to every grace the genre.

To say the show is weird is an understatement not to mention the mood shifts to some dark and disturbing territory (it was given the TV-PG rating for a reason). Though as such it has reached a wide audience and due to this popularity has branched out into other forms of media as well.

TV Series

Comic Books

  • Adventure Time Comic Book: The comic book of the series released in 2012, though seemingly set in an Alternate Continuity.
  • Marceline and the Scream Queens: A spin-off that focuses Marceline, Princess Bubblegum and Marcie's band, The Scream Queens.
  • Fionna and Cake: A spin-off based on the gender-flipped counterpart of Ice King's fanfiction, Fionna and Cake.
  • Candy Capers: A spin-off that focuses on Peppermint Butler and Cinnamon Bun who act as detectives and try to solve a case on behalf of Princess Bubblegum.
  • The Flip Side: A spin-off that focuses on Finn and Jake looking for a new adventure, and it gets complicated from there.
  • Banana Guard Academy: A spin-off that focuses on Root Beer Guy's adventures in the Banana Guard.

Graphic Novels

Rather comic books done in a manga-like format
  • Adventure Time Graphic Novels
    • Vol 1: Playing With Fire : A story that focuses on Flame Princess, Finn's girlfriend who must venture into a dungon to retrive Finn's soul after it's stolen by a fortune teller.
    • Vol 2: Pixel Princesses: A story that focuses on some of the other princesses in the land after they're transported into BMO, Finn and Jake's anthropomorphic computer.
    • Vol 3: Seeing Red: A story that focuses on Marceline going to a family reunion, with some support from Jake.
    • Vol 4: Bitter Sweets: Princess Bubblegum travels to the outer kingdoms on a mission.


  • The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia: A guide to the Land of Ooo, written in-character as Hunson Abadeer.
  • Epic Tales from Adventure Time: A series of books written in the style of pulp adventure novels.
    • Queen of Rogues
    • The Untamed Scoundrel
  • Which Way, Dude?: Choose-your-own-adventure / puzzle books.
  • Tales from the Land of Ooo: A collection of short stories aimed at young readers.

Video Games

  • Adventure Time Video Games
    • Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal All Our Garbage?!: A video game for the Nintendo 3DS. As the title suggest, the Ice King has been stealing garbage around the land and Finn and Jake set out to find out why and stop him.
    • Explore the Dungeon because I DON'T KNOW!: The second game released on Wii U, Xbox360, Playstation3, and PC. A multiplayer game allowing players to play as various other characters of the series (save Bubblegum). Bubblegum summons the selected characters to find out what going in the dungeon underneath her castle when inmate manage to keep escaping from it.
    • Adventure Time Battle Party [1]: A browser-based Multiplayer Online Battle Arena featuring characters from the show as champions.
    • Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom: Released in 2014 for the PS3, Vita, Xbox 360 and the 3DS.