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Video Game: Bloons Tower Defense
It looks so simple, doesn't it?

Before the rise of man brought the great rivalry between Pirate and Ninja, there was another natural feud between two animal species: Monkeys... and B[al]loons. No one knows how or why this epic war began, but both sides fight endlessly with ever greater wartime developments vying for domination of the world. All of the preceding is included absolutely nowhere in the game's design, and is merely a flavorful fantasy explaining why players seem to care so much about using monkeys to pop balloons.

Bloons Tower Defense (or BTD as it's abbreviated) is an ongoing Tower Defense series by Ninja Kiwi where monkeys (and other weapons) are used to pop a seemingly endless line of overly determined balloons of varying shapes, sizes, and speed. Though starting out with a simplified design palette, later editions of the game have evolved to include a great deal of complexity in both art and gameplay mechanics.

This game was a spinoff of the lesser known Bloons (a series of aim-and-power-meter puzzle games with many player designed maps), but became so much more popular that this series got its own spinoff, Bloons Super Monkey (a top-down aerial shooter starring the titular monkey from the BTD series).

A new game called Bloons Monkey City (which has elements of Facebook games where PvP is possible) is currently running in open beta.

All versions of the game can be played at NinjaKiwi's site and the original BTD (which is actually BTD3), BTD4, and BTD5 are available on the iPhone. A similar version of BTD3 is available on DSiWare.

The games provide examples of the following:

  • All Your Powers Combined: The Temple of the Monkey God will gain attacks and abilities related to all the towers sacrificed to it.
    • For example, sacrificing a full power Ice Tower, Glue Gunner, Monkey Apprentice and Mortar will give the tower the ability to fire out exploding ice projectiles, corrosive glue blobs, giant tornadoes, and extra-powerful explosive missiles. All that along with the main Eye Beams.
  • And I Must Scream: Presumably the eventual fate of a bloon, if left unpopped:
    "If you were a bloon, wouldn't you rather get popped instead of slowly leaking and withering to an undignified husk? I guess we'll never know since they can't speak."
  • Animesque: The artwork of the game has this look for some monkeys. ESPECIALLY the Ice Tower.
  • Anti-Poop Socking : "Remember to occasionally take breaks and do non-BTD5 things."
  • Area of Effect: The specialty of the Tack Shooter, Ice Tower, Bomb Tower, Mortar Tower, Monkey Ace...
  • Art Evolution: BTD2-BTD3 used the same art for Bloons introduced in previous games, but the shift to BTD4 improved the graphics, and the art drastically changed for BTD5.
  • Asteroids Monster: Basically the whole premise of the game, and which sets it apart from most other "generic" TDs. EVERY SINGLE bloon does this except for the lowest tier. Short list from strong to weak in BTD5: Z.O.M.G. gives 4 B.F.B.s which give 4 M.O.A.B.s, which give 4 ceramic, which give 2 rainbows, which give 2 zebra, which give a black and a white, which each give 2 pink, and from then on only one comes out each time, going pink, yellow, green, blue, red. Additionally, there's also lead bloons that give 2 black.
  • Awesome but Impractical: The Monkey God Temple in 5 is a little half-n-half. It fires enormous beams capable of tearing anything less than a BFB to shreds, but it costs a whopping $125,000, since you have to buy laser, plasma, AND the Sun God to even access it. (And that's without the range powerups- counting those, the price goes up to $127,500.) It can also sacrifice any player-bought towers in its range & absorb their powers, to the point of becoming powerful enough to down Z.O.M.G.s as though they were red bloons, but that means you need to pay for the absorbed towers (and you'll need a ton of money to get it to maximum power). Of course, this is normally only used in freeplay because of its high costs & although it is perfect for the rounds where bloons gain extra movespeed & health, there isn't anything forcing you to use it.
  • Bad Ass: Super Monkey. Period.
    • Also the Wizard Lord: Only appearing in one challenge level, it has the powers of both the Tempest Tornado & Dragon's Breath, plus it can summon its own special phoenix that BREATHES LASERS and deals increased damage compared to the regular phoenix. Plus it can't be sacrificed by the Temple of The Monkey Godnote . However, it requires a sacrifice of the most expensive tower currently on the map every 2 rounds, otherwise you fail the mission.
  • Bee Bee Gun: The Beekeeper.
  • Beam Spam / More Dakka: Super Monkey? Meet Sun God Monkey. Sun God Monkey? Meet BTD5's Temple of the Monkey God.
    • Also the Robo Monkey, which shoots 2 per frame to the Sun God's 1.5. Also its upgrade, the Technological Terror. It fires the same amount of beams as the Robo Monkey, but its plasma is green & extremely deadly: a single stream of this green plasma is twice as deadly as a single stream of the regular purple plasma, but since it fires 2 streams of it...
    • And the Dartling Gun's Laser Cannon upgrade. The one after it turns it into a Wave Motion Gun.
  • Bears Are Bad News: The Beekeeper is a bear. Good to know that he's on your side.
  • Berserk Button: The Angry Squirrel, who goes berserk whenever a bloon leaks. His pro version gets a worse anger management problem, and it now gets pissed every 20 acorns it throws.
  • BFG: Take your pick... Nearly any tower becomes one of these when fully upgraded.
    • There's also the original monkey temple, which fires 3 times as fast as a single Sun God when activated. Its activated by sacrificing at least $30,000 money & 40 towers to it.
  • Big Bulky Bomb: The icon for the Ground Zero ability has this.
  • Bishōnen/Samus is a Girl: The Ninja Monkey seems very feminine in the artwork, and its attack animation seems feminine. This has led to some players Wild Mass Guessing about his/her gender.
  • Blatant Lies: In BTD5, unless you don't have a great defense.
    Next level will be fun. A whole bunch of ceramic bloons are going to charge right through your defenses and pretty much make you lose.
  • Blow You Away: The Monkey Apprentice gets this quite literally with the Tempest Tornado upgrade, allowing him to blow Bloons back towards the start. Same thing with the Heli Pilot's Downdraft upgrade.
  • Boring but Practical:
    • Banana Farms are expensive and don't attack Bloons, but they give you extra money, which you will need in later levels when the Bloons themselves earn you less money.
    • Starting a level with a dart monkey in 5. It may not scale as well as other towers, but in the beginning it's very safe, as you can upgrade it to see camo and if you don't plan on bringing it into the later levels throw up to 3 darts, which will do good damage to normal bloons. It will easily get outclassed, but in the beginning it's pretty steady.
    • The Glue Gunner: At first, it is a no damage-dealing tower which slows bloons, but when you upgrade it, the glue basically instakills any bloon it hits.
    • The Spike factory: simple and boring; no moving parts, just a constant stream of small piles of tacks. But it can be upgraded to pop lead bloons, there's a special option for ceramic bloons, and it kills MOABs more quickly than a Super Monkey.
    • Finally the dartling gun. It's a rapid fire dart gun that is generally only obtainable mid-game. Why is it boring? You manually aim it with your mouse. Not only does it have the longest range of the towers because of that, but it also helps avert the rather infuriating issue of a single, or few, lone target out of the range of any tower, because you can just turn to shoot it.
  • Boss in Mook Clothing:
    • M.O.A.B.s, natch. To wit- they contain four ceramic bloons, each of which contain two rainbow bloons, which were the highest Bloon rank in BTD3. Furthermore, they cannot be slowed down and are resistant to the Super Monkey Storm.
    • Ceramic bloons can also be considered as this, as they take more hits to destroy than any other bloon (other than the M.O.A.B.-class bloons). All weaker bloons can only take one. BTD 5 notes that it takes eighteen shots to drop a single ceramic to completely popped. Eight of those are just to crack the shell. Unlike MOAB-class bloons, they are very fast too!
    • And then there are B.F.B.s. Even more health than the M.O.A.B. and also cannot be slowed down. They contain M.O.A.B.s.
    • Bloons Tower Defense 5 has an even bigger unit than the B.F.B. (the ZOMG Bloon). They contain B.F.B.s.
      • To elaborate: Zomg contains 4 BFBs contains 16 MOABs total contains 64 ceramics contains 128 rainbows contains 256 zebras contains 256 blacks and 256 whites contains 1024 pinks contains 1024 yellows contains 1024 greens contains 1024 blues contains 1024 reds. CHRIST, man!
  • Boss Rush: Level 75 of BTD4, the final level of Hard mode on any course.
    • Blatant Lies: The final round is described as being "This is the true final level. You know it's going to be all B.F.Bs and M.O.A.Bs right?". There are lead bloons clearly visible between the Blimps.
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: In the 5th game. by no means required, the game is perfectly playable and winnable without buying any of the upgrades, but there are a lot of options for outright breaking the game for the payment of real money. They range from simple upgrades, such as dart monkeys getting an area of effect on the dart, which simply give towers more versatility or firepower, to buying ingame money (both monkey money and the cash required for upgrading towers) as well as health. Again, winnable without them, you're just buying cheat codes, and in fact some players prefer the challenge that the base game offers in the first place.
  • Bullet Seed: The Watermelon Spitter Special Agent.
  • Bullet Hell: The Aircraft Carrier's bread and butter is making this.
  • Contractual Boss Immunity: M.O.A.B.s and B.F.Bs are immune to slowing down as well as the Super Monkey Storm (otherwise a One-Hit Kill).
    • In BTD5, there are a few special abilities which do nothing except for destroy a single M.O.A.B.-class bloon. However, the Z.O.M.G., while not completely unaffected, will only take 1000 damage.
    • The Super Monkey Storm in BTD5 used to subvert this as they did destroy everything on screen, including Z.O.M.G.s. However, you have to use Monkey Money to buy it, and it can only be used once per buy. Unfortunatly, a patch made so that Z.O.M.G.s take only 1000 damage from those as well.
  • Cool Airship: Appearing as Bosses in Mook Clothing!
  • Cool Boat: The newest tower on the mobile version, the Monkey Sub, is this. It can be upgraded to either become a support tower, or have an ability that can One-Hit Kill A Z.O.M.G., and do the same to any nearby bloon!
  • Doomy Dooms of Doom: One of the Daily Challenges for BTD5 was called Rainbow Rush of Doom.
    • There is also the Ray of Doom, which can destroy any & all non-Z.O.M.G. bloons in seconds.
  • Double Unlock: In BTD5, you unlock a weapon's upgrade path via having a high enough rank, AND the tower class needs to be at a high enough level.
  • Easy-Mode Mockery: The picture for easy mode BTD4 onwards is a baby monkey.
    • Subverted on Extreme difficulty tracks on BTD5. The Easy mode is merely a Point Five Oh Sniper Monkey, the Medium being a Ray of Doom Monkey, and the Hard mode is a Sun God Monkey. You know it's Extreme when the easy mode pic is a Bad Ass (although not as badass as the other two).
  • Everything's Better with Monkeys: A basic tenet of the game.
  • Everything's Better with Plushies: Well, there is only one: the Super Monkey. You can buy it here.
  • Everything's Nuttier With Squirrels: The Angry Squirrel.
  • Eye Beams: The Super Monkey uses these as an upgrade.
  • Floating Continent: The Floating Islands and Ascension tracks feature these, but the islands in Ascension are clouds.
  • Fun with Acronyms: The M.O.A.B., also known as Massive Ornary Air Blimp. As for B.F.B., it's Brutal Floating Behemoth.
    • And the Z.O.M.G. is the Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuanness.
    • One stage in BTD3 has the hint "MOAB stands for Massive Ornary Air Blimp, not Mother Of All Bloons. Either way, it brings pain."
      • The Irony of that last description was that it was used in Bloons Tower Defense 3, where the M.O.A.B. was the mother of all bloons. Nowadays, its the weakest MOAB-class bloon in the Tower Defense series. The Mini Moab from Bloons Super Monkey is even weaker, but it currently only appeared in the 2nd game for that series.
  • Fuuma Shuriken: The Boomerang Throwers can be upgraded to use these, as of BTD3. In BTD5 and the spinoff game Bloons Monkey City, they can also upgrade to HOMING fuuma shuriken, and then get two of them that permanently rotate around them, shredding anything that gets close.
  • Fragile Speedster: Pink and Yellow bloons. They are the only bloons in the entire series that are faster then the Ceramic Bloon.
  • Golden Super Mode: The left path of the Super Monkey.
  • Harder Than Hard: Extreme Mode in BTD5 is a map difficulty reserved for what are usually considered the two hardest maps ingame, Main Street and Bloontonium Lab. (Both unlocked at Rank 50 and Rank 60 respectively) The maps cost a fee of either 25 Monkey Money or 50 Monkey Money per play depending on the map you choose and will reward you with insanely large amounts of XP and an achievement worth many Awesome Points. Playing these maps can be a big risk if you plan on investing lots of Monkey Money into upgrades, Specialty Buildings, and Special Agents.
    • Version 2.8 of the mobile ports give us Impoppable mode. Towers and their upgrades are very expensive (including their sell price being reduced), the bloons move even faster, MOAB-Class Bloons are absurdly strong, and your kingdom becomes a One-Hit-Point Wonder. Speaking of the latter, it's impossible to have more than one life. Also, there are 5 Z.O.M.G.s on Round 85 just to screw you over, and they are already Lightning Bruisers.
  • Helicopter Blender: The Heli Pilot can be upgraded to use this.
  • Humongous Mecha: The Technological Terror is pretty big compared to most other towers, and it's a robot.
    • It is also very powerful compared to most other towers. A single stream of its green plasma is like 2 streams of the regular purple plasma rolled into 1, & it fires 2 of them, effectivly dealing as much DPS as 4 Plasma Monkeys. Plus, a single stream of it can pop 5 bloons per shot, the left path upgrades increase its pierce rate. In short, it is stronger against M.O.A.B.s then even the Sun God, & stronger still then the Ray of Doom.
      • Against swarms of regular bloons though, the other mention towers make it look worthless by comparison, because the Sun God's beams spread apart the further they travel & the Ray of Doom's destructive beam can destroy even large swarms of ceramics in seconds. They also have superior popping power to boot.
  • The Goomba: Red Bloons.
  • Guilt-Based Gaming: Message when you try to quit a level: "If you quit, the bloons win!"
  • Hazmat Suit: The Glue Gunner starts wearing one once his glue starts splashing or gets corrosive.
    • Mortar monkeys will get one when you upgrade to Bloon Buster.
    • Dartling Gunners will also start wearing one once you upgrade to lasers.
  • Kill Sat: The Bloonsday Device.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: "Overkill" doesn't seem to be a word in the monkey all..
  • Invisible Monsters: Camo Bloons aren't really invisible, but most towers will not be able to detect them unless there is a specialized tower nearby.
    • However, several towers in BTD5 can be upgraded to have camo detection, while the Ninja Monkey, Spike Factory, and Dartling Gun already have this.
  • The Juggernaut: The ZOMG. You can't Nuke It, but must kill it with 4000 cuts.
    • Lead Bloons if you don't have appropiate defenses- not even a whole map of Aircraft Carriers can scratch it. However, just one explosive will do the trick.
  • Linear Towers, Quadratic Farms, Exponential Snipers: Towers Pop Bloons and get money, Banana Farms produce a fixed amount of money, each round, for more farms. Supply Drop Snipers Activated Ability work over time, and rounds get reaaally long on Freeplay.
    • Don't even start on the iOS Support Chinook helicopters. Not only do they drop money with a time-based Ability like the snipers, but they also have a decent attack, can freely move towers around, and drop med crates. In a game where the only other sources of healing your life are the Health Injection, which costs Monkey Money, and Healthy Bananas, which costs real world money and heals much less.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Ceramic Bloons can take a lot of damage to pop, but unlike the understandably slow M.O.A.B.s, B.F.B.s and Z.O.M.G.s, they are fast. Did we also mention that they do 104 damage to you, which is a One-Hit Kill on Hard and a two hit kill otherwise?
    • The Lightning Bruiser of the MOAB-class is the original MOAB, which can take even more damage then the Ceramic bloon(& also holds 4 Ceramics) & moves faster then the stronger blimps(which are so much stronger).
    • Actually, all MOAB-class bloons become Lightning Bruisers later on, because the bloons eventually start to speed up, so you might encounter Z.O.M.G.s that are as fast as pink bloons!
      • However, Z.O.M.G.s are already this in Impoppable Mode, as soon as they initially appear, which is, of course, round 85.
    • For the monkeys, we've got the Super Monkey: it fires quickly, has good range & kicks a whole lot of ass. It becomes that much more powerful & awesome when upgraded...
    • Also, for the monkeys, there is the Heli Pilot on Pursuit Mode, which actively chases down bloons.
    • Yet again, for the monkeys, we have the Spectre, which fires darts and SMALL NUKES rapidly!
  • Macross Missile Massacre: The Bloon Area Denial System ability of the Dartling Gun. Do we have to say any more?
  • Magikarp Power: As a rule of thumb, towers which are unreliable when non upgraded end up having the best upgrades:
    • The Tack Shooter. In the beginning, they really Can't Catch Up. Once you unlock Ring of Fire or Blade Maelstrom, however...
      • Blade Maelstrom has infinite piercing power. [[[Infinite INFINITE]]
      • However, Lead Bloons will stop the blades dead in their tracks.
      • Subverted if said Blade Shooter is under the influence of an MIB. However, it still cannot hit Camo Bloons, even if under a Monkey Beacon.
    • The Monkey Apprentice starts out with the same power as a Dart Monkey and more than twice as expensive, but once fully upgraded it casts enough types of spells to do the work of four towers at once.
    • The Ace Pilot and Boomerang Throwers are sort of random and will rarely hit more than a couple bloons unless they're lined up right...until their shots either gain homing abilities or shoot so fast that they'll hit all bloons no matter what.
    • Dart Monkeys in BTD5. They are towers that might be pathetic. Then you use the Super Monkey Fan Club Ability...
    • Also, the Glue Gunners. They start out doing nothing more than slowing bloons down for a brief period of time, but when you unlock Corrosive Glue, they go from being merely a way of slowing things down to downright deadly.
    • Even Monkey Village joins in the fun for its left upgrade path, which gives its radar a deadly lightning attack that does a lot of damage.
  • Marked Bullet: The Spectre's artwork in BTD5 features two mortars marked with "TO: BLOONS; FROM: ACE".
  • Meta Power-Up: In BTD4/BTD5 the banana farms/plantations/republics/research facilities give the player extra money after they complete a level.
  • Mutually Exclusive Powerups: BTD5 lets you pick 2 upgrades on each path, and 2 more on either path 1 or 2.
  • Nice Hat: Several towers either have this by default, or can be upgraded to have either this or Hair Decorations.
  • Non-Indicative Difficulty: Discussed in BTD 3's pre-round comment.
    "Some tracks are hard on easy, and others are easy on hard. Ain't life funny."
  • No Sell: Black Bloons are immune to explosives, White Bloons cannot be frozen, Zebra Bloons have both the properties of black and white, and Lead Bloons cannot be damaged by sharp objects (And Super Monkey/Laser Cannon lasers, but Plasma and the Sun God can, since BTD4). The M.O.A.B and B.F.B are immune to anything that slows them down, as well as the Super Monkey Storm (in 3 and 4). The Z.O.M.G. will merely take 1000 damage from one of the Bomb Tower's M.O.A.B. Assassin ability in BTD5.
    • Super Monkey Storm used to avert this in 5, as it used to destroy everything (Including Z.O.M.G.s) in one use. However, you only get one use per game! Due to a patch, however, Super Monkey Storms now only do 1000 damage to Z.O.M.G.s.
  • Number of the Beast: 616 is the RBE of the Massive Ornary Air Blimp in the fifth game.
  • Nuke 'em: The Monkey Ace's Ground Zero special does this. It destroys EVERYTHING on the screen except Z.O.M.G.s.
  • Oh, Crap: Watch the end of the BTD 5 trailer...
    • Also, if you don't have good camo detection, round 42 also applies to this.
  • One-Hit Kill: The Super Monkey storm. Works on everything except for M.O.A.B-class bloons in 3 and 4. In 5, it is played straight, except for Z.O.M.G.s.
    • If a M.O.A.B.-class bloon slips through your defenses, you instantly lose. Those things will eat up your remaining stock of lives.
      • Heck, one Ceramic bloon is enough to kill you on Hard. Otherwise, they're a two hit kill.
    • Plus,the M.O.A.B. Takedown ability in BTD5 will reel in a bloon, the strongest being the B.F.B. (They are supposed to aim at M.O.A.Bs and B.F.Bs).
    • The Technological Terror can execute a shockwave powerful enough to destroy EVERYTHING that isn't a Z.O.M.G. in its radius.
    • The Monkey Ace's Ground Zero ability does the same as the M.O.A.B. Takedown ability, only that it hits the ENTIRE SCREEN.
      • Nerf: Ground Zero can no longer destroy BF Bs in one hit, at least in Bloons Monkey City. They are still instant death to BF Bs in Bloons Tower Defense 5 deluxe.
  • Painfully Slow Projectile: M.O.A.B. Class Bloons are extremely slow. And a good thing too, because they are very painful.
    • Also, the darts fired by Monkey Aces.
  • Player Versus Player: Bloons TD Battles, where you battle another player and can send extra bloons to harass them further.
  • Precision F-Strike: Round 14's tip on the Super Monkey. Also round 63 of BTD5
  • Precision-Guided Boomerang: Actually averted with the Boomerang monkeys, their boomerangs go in a set circular path. (although they will try to throw it at the bloons). Played Straight with Glaive Ricochet (3rd upgrade, 1st path), glaives bounce from bloon to bloon.
  • Ptero Soarer: The Radadactyls in BTD5 appear to lack pycnofibers and have batlike wings. And a crest like a Pteranodon's. It's especially prominent in the Pro version.
  • Regenerating Health: BTD5 gives us Regenerating Bloons: Heart-shaped bloons which, if left unpopped, restore themselves to their original color.
  • RPG Elements: For most of the series, you only needed enough money to afford the next upgrade. With BTD4, ranks must be earned to unlock all of the towers and top tier upgrades.
    • In BTD5, however, all upgrades and towers must be unlocked. Both can be unlocked through rank-up, but a tower will need experience in the case of the former. Another case of the former is that rank-up only unlocks the final upgrades of the towers.
  • Serial Escalation/Power Creep: In BTD1, the strongest bloons were Black Bloons and White Bloons. In BTD2, the strongest bloon was the Rainbow Bloon, which contained 2 Blacks and 2 Whites. IN BTD3 me meet the first real "boss" the MOAB which is a instant game-over if it leaked and had 4 Ceramic Bloons (each contains 2 rainbows) in it, BTD4 introduces the BFB, which a larger version of the MOAB with 4 MOABS in it and now in BTD5 theres the ZOMG, which is a even larger bloon with 4 BFBs in it! Fortunately, the monkeys have got even stronger:
    • In BTD1, Dart monkeys only had long range darts and one extra pierce as powerups. Now? They can get either Spike Balls of Doom that crush bloons in their path or temporarily turn into Super Monkeys.
    • BTD1 Tack shooters had the ability to shoot tacks faster, and with better range... and that was it. Now they get the ability to fire out a deadly flaming ring or the ability to create a Storm of Blades.
    • BTD1 Bomb towers had bigger explosions and longer range as powerups. Now they have a cluster stun bomb ability or the ability to kill MOAB bloons quickly.
    • BTD1 Super Monkeys only had an extra range upgrade. In 2, they gained the ability to shoot Eye Beams. In 3, they got the ability to shoot plasma eye beams. 4 allowed them to become Sun God monkeys. Now? They can either become a terrorizing death machine with dual arm cannons and an Instant Death Radius ability, or an even stronger god temple which has the ability of All Your Powers Combined and crazy damage output.
  • Sentry Gun: The Tack Shooters are Type 3, the Bomb Towers Type 2, and the Monkey Engineer's Sentries are Type 1.
  • Shout-Out:
    • In BTD4:
      • Operation: Dart Storm's description:
    Our darts will block out the sun.
  • Smart Bomb: In BTD3 and BTD4,the Monkey Beacon can be upgraded to call in a bunch of super Monkeys, which insta-kill every single bloon on the screen. Except M.O.A.B-class bloons.
    • In BTD5, this same thing appears as a Special Agent, and it wrecks everything but Z.O.M.G.s.
    • The Ground Zero ability for the Monkey Ace does this (Now requiring two uses to destroy BF Bs), and takes it quite literally
  • Snowlems: The Mad Snowman, and (arguably) the Ice Tower.
  • Spikes Of Doom: Tacks/road spikes can be placed on the floor, and will do pop 11 bloons before disappearing. The Spike Factory will periodically place spikes on any section of path in its radius- making less need for road spikes.
  • Spike Balls of Doom: The spike catapult launches these.
  • Splash Damage: Many upgrades give towers this ability, but Tack Towers and Cannons have it as their bread-and-butter.
  • Spread Shot: Sun God Monkeys have a rapid piercing 3-way eye beam, while Monkey Buccaneers can be upgraded to have a 5-way shot, the regular dart monkey can have a 3-way shot, and the dartling gun can be upgraded into this in the missile line
  • Standard Status Effects: While most towers are designed only for destruction, a few specialized abilities are required by some.
    • Cannons and other explosives are needed to pierce Lead Balloons.
    • Ice Towers can freeze bloons in place, and even slow them down permanently with the Permafrost upgrade.
    • Glue piles (and in later versions Glue Gunners) slow down the fast-moving bloons that spell instant death.
    • Glue Gunners with corrosive glue can also give the bloons an effect similar to poison, while slowing them down at the same time.
    • Radar towers expand the range and fire rate of towers, as well as allowing them to see camo bloons.
    • Upgraded mortars set bloons on fire.
  • Symbol Swearing: Round 63 for BTD5: "Next round will be @#$*% hard."
  • Unexpected Shmup Level: The Direct Assault Mission, in a nutshell.
  • Technicolor Toxin: Bloon Dissolver and Bloon Liquefier glue are green in colour.
  • Tech Tree: Sort of. BTD5 handles upgrades differently to the previous games - each tower now has two upgrade paths that can be chosen from. You can go two upgrades down both paths without penalty, but after you pick a third upgrade from either, you can no longer go beyond the second upgrade from the path you didn't pick.
  • The Tetris Effect: Best to stay away from carnivals and parties after playing this game for too long.
  • Turtle Power: The Tribal Turtle.
  • Updated Re Release: Bloons TD5 on Steam, which replaces Deluxe. Even though it seems like a direct port of the tablet versions, there are some changes such as no IAPs.
  • Videogame Flamethrowers Suck: Subverted with the "Dragon's Breath" upgrade for the Monkey Apprentice, which does massive amounts of damage per second & makes for a great defense when saving up money. As of nowadays, it also doesn't remove the apprentice's other spells (except the fire ball attack).
  • Wave Motion Gun: The Ray of Doom, Bloonsday Device, and (arguably) the Sun God and Temple of the Monkey God.
  • Weaponof Mass Destruction: The Temple of the Monkey God is one the most extreme weapons one could ever see. It sacrifices all towers in its former radious when upgrade, but also gets their powers. In fact, when given the max sacrifice ( 3 Big Ones, 1 Master of Air, 1 Bloon Liquifier, 1 Arctic wind & 1 High energy beacon or MIB Call to Arms, & 1 Technological Terror if you like), can destroy any bloons that the game currently has, including Z.O.M.G.s.
    • With a tier 4 Super Monkey Lair in the moble version of BTD 5, it becomes even more powerful. The reason is because the 4th tier SML gives the temple an ability that doubles the firing speed for all of its powers & grants it extra range for 10 seconds. In short, this ability turns the Temple into even more of a Game Breaker when activated.
    • The Technological Terror is less powerful then a near max temple, but still pretty darn effective. It fires 2 streams of green plasma(each one being twice as powerful as the regular purple plasma) & has a lethal ability called the "Bloon Annihilation", which generates a short ranged force-field that does 1000 damage to all MOAB-class bloons next to it.
    • There is also the Ray of Doom, which shoots a constant solid beam of bloon destruction with a pop rate of 100, practically killing any & all regular bloons in less then a second. The problem though, is that it is notoriously weak against MOAB-class bloons, since it only pops 1 per frame for those. Even so, a single one is still pretty effective against the M.O.A.B.s & B.F.B.s, but the Z.O.M.G.s are another story...
    • The Alternate option competing with the Ray of Doom, the Bloon Area Denial System, which fires 3 dart-tipped rockets that do splash damage and can kill any type of Bloon every shot, it's an Dartling gun upgade and keeps all the rate of fire and upgrades to said rate of fire. Oh, and it has a special ability, namely firing a rocket at the 100 closest bloons and repeating for 5 times. This is probably as many rockets as filing the entire screen with rocket turrets can barf out.
    • Both final upgrades for the Monkey Ace: the Spectre which rapidly fires darts & hydra rockets directly at the bloons & the Operation Ground Zero, which grants the ability which can be used to clear the screen of bloons.
    • The Spiked Mines Factor: It fires at an extreme rate & its spiked balls explode when they reach their pop cap, which happens to be 16 bloons. Since its downgrade is the Spiked Ball Factory, its spikes also deal 3x as much damage to ceramics & MOAB-classers as regular spikes.
    • The Apache Dartship fires darts at the bloons like a machine gun & also fires a quad-storm of rockets every couple of seconds. Its downgrade also allows it to pop bloons with the blades that it uses to fly with.
    • The Bloonsday Device, which has the ability to activate the powerful beam from a satelitte which soars high above the maps. Its pro variation is even more epic, because its beam leaves energy tacks in its wake.
    • The Aircraft Carrier launches up to 3 mini-aces at a time. These mini-aces fire 2 streams of datrs & the Monkey Aces trademark 8-dart spread fire. They are great at popping bloons from all around the track.
  • Weapons That Suck: In the offline ("Deluxe") and mobile versions of BTD5, one of the new weapons is the Bloonchipper. It doesn't do damage very quickly, but it can keep a number of bloons permanently busy as even if they survive the first trip through its vacuum will just lock on to them again before they resume normal travel (provided your other towers don't pop them as soon as they're viable targets). One of its upgrade lines ultimately lets it chew on M.O.A.B.s.
  • X Meets Y: Bloons meets the tower defense genre.
  • You Are Already Dead: Corrosive Glue or higher acids, on Bloons (Unless they make it through). The Bloon Liquefier will MURDER anything ceramic or weaker if it gets its glue on them.
    • It's literally suicide for a bloon below B.F.B. rank to approach a max temple.
  • You Will Not Evade Me: The Ice Tower's Arctic Wind slows down the bloons, allowing the Snap Freeze effect to torture them to the last layer.
  • Zerg Rush: Sorta of the entire methodology of the Bloon hordes; each higher grade bloon contains so many of the next class down. Sending a whole bunch at one time is what amounts to "difficulty" in the game.

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