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YMMV: Bloons Tower Defense
  • Demonic Spiders: Dang, these Yellow and Pink bloons move too fast! Oh, hey, a rainbow bloon... AH! That was close... And why's this brown ceramic thing taking so many hits? Whoa, look at the size of this one. What does M.O.A.B. stand for, again? (*psst* it stands for "hope you've got enough cannons")
    • In BTD2, it was the black bloons who fit in here- they were the only bloons to be immune to cannons, and since the strongest bloon was the rainbow bloon, cannons were used a lot. The only option against a frozen black bloon were the upgraded boomerangs, which fired in a rather strange pattern. Later installments gave the cannons shrapnel to deal with black bloons.
    • From BTD5... Regenerators... Regenerators... REGENERATORS... Note that this is a "trait", which means that any bloon that isn't a MOAB-class can have it.
    • Camo bloons in BTD5. In BTD4, Camo Bloons were a single type of bloon (like blacks and whites). In BTD 5, Camo Bloons are more like a "trait", similar to Regenerators. Every bloon they contain is a camo bloon in itself. Add that to the fact that only a few towers can spot camos, and well, prepare to lose a lot of lives.
    • And later, you get Camo Ceramic Bloons. Enjoy! Thank goodness you don't face regenerating Camo Ceramic Bloons during main levels.
    • What's that? Playing on Hard? Well, one of the last five levels involves a rush of BF Bs and MOA Bs...which contain camo regen bloons. Fun!
  • Game Breaker: Depending on how early you buy them, Super Monkeys and Banana Farms. Also, this game on high levels can be considered a PCU breaker when there's too much happening onscreen. Minimize your window to hear things at their regular speed.
  • God Damn Bats: Any given Demonic Spider becomes this if your defenses are strong.
  • Good Bad Bug: While not exactly a "bug", it is possible to set up a strategy that allows players to repeatedly pop regenerater bloons (of at least black level) for an infinite amount of time. To do this, place a 3-0 Monkey Apprentice & 1-4 Glue Gunners in a location where the wizard can blow the bloons to the start & the gunner can slow them down. The thing is, it'll require a good defense to keep the bloons from overwhelming the player (a Ray of Doom placed so that it covers most of the exit will suffice, as will a Quadruple Spiked Mines set up if the bloons in question are rainbow bloons).
    • It's been nerfed as of the update that introduced 3 new maps, but it's still possible to gain unlimited money with the use of the Supply Drop ability.
  • Memetic Badass: The Super Monkey is an elite monkey if there ever was one. He fires faster than a machine gun & can switch to laser blasts when the going gets tough...& then plasma vision when it gets even tougher. He is capable of targeting enemies from far away & can gain even more targeting range. As of the 5th Tower Defense in the Bloons series, he can turn either into a Physical God that can pummel bloons when given the right sacrifices, or a Humongous Mecha that is more than capable of holding its own against massive armies.
  • Memetic Molester: The monkey in the "Obtain Free Monkey Money" pop-up.
  • Memetic Mutation: R.R.O.D. (short for Rainbow Rush of Death)
    • Ninja Monkey Wants (insert noun here)
    • No-Lives-Lost walkthroughs are very common.
    • Regen Farming.
  • More Popular Spin-off: Not everybody remembers the original Bloons game.
  • Most Annoying Sound: The clank of a sharp object hitting a lead bloon. In large doses, it is... somewhat madening.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The sound M.O.A.B. type bloons make when you pop one.
  • Sailor Earth: The most common blimp suggested to the dev team is something that just tanks damage and spawns a number of Z.O.M.G.s upon being popped.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: If you don't go "HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!!!!!" upon seeing the artwork for the Ice Tower with Arctic Wind or Viral Frost in BTD 5, there is something horribly wrong with you.
  • That One Level
    • The Bloontonium Lab has 3 short paths that form the hazard symbol.
    • Monkey Vs. Bloons is a remake of the pool levels from Plants vs. Zombies.
    • The Triangle of Insanity takes the form of Penrose Triangle. It has 3 entrances that double as exits.
      • There are other levels that could count, but the ones above are probably the most obvious examples.

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