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Video Game: Bloons Super Monkey
'Bloons Super Monkey' is a top-down aerial Shoot 'em Up by Ninja Kiwi. A sequel was recently released, and it is way more popular than the first.

The first one's plot is pretty simple. You are an AFGNCAAP Super Monkey, and you are stopping an attack by the Bloon Empire.

The sequel has the same excuse plot, but that doesn't mean that people don't like it! It achieved 1900 likes IN FIVE DAYS, seriously outpacing NK's other titles! It features a much more advanced Tech Tree, consisting of attacks for both arms AND an additional one for the core. There are several branches: Dart, Boomerang, Explosives, Magic, and Tech.In addition to that, there are also Research upgrades that can bring out more power to your arsenal and Epic Powers, which are special abilities you can toggle on and off in the Upgrades menu.

In both games, you collect Power Blops, used to buy upgrades. However, in the sequel, they are converted to Blop Cash so you can buy upgrades.

Bloons Super Monkey provides examples of:

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