Video Game / Casebook Trilogy

"Come on Partner. We got work to do."
— John Burton

The Casebook Trilogy is a mystery game set in New Zealand. The Gameplay is through Full Motion Video and you play as a a rookie detective who is a man of few words. Your partner is Burton, a veteran of the force.

The Gameplay is that you take photos of a fully 3d real life room. You then take those photos and have them examined by the Lab Rat and do minigames to see results and match analyzed clues together.

Anyway the game starts off with you on your first day on the job trying to solve a Kidnapping Case. You do so and then you are whisked off to a murder investigation. Sounds like your standard CSI "Get the guy at the end" right? Not exactly.

However this game is a trilogy in the exact sense that The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is one, in that there are another three episodes planned. The reason for this is that Casebook Trilogy sounds better.