Radar: Adventure Time

It could be worse. The original design had beavers covering their junk.note 

What time is it? Uh... well... not radar time, apparently.

Adventure Time is rated TV-PG, but it is still considered a kid's show...more or less. It is cleaner than other radar-dodging shows, but that doesn't mean it can't get away with things that other channels and kids' shows wouldn't dare. It is on Cartoon Network after all...


  • Many of the characters use Unusual Euphemism in place of swear words.
  • Embryo Princess shows up in the background of a couple episodes, and full-screen in Season 4. She was going to be known as Abortion Princess.
  • Lemongrab was originally called Lemonsnatch, a play on "sourpuss", but the censors wouldn't allow it as it's a genital joke. As for which set of genitals it refers to, you're better off looking that up someplace that's not here.
  • Ice King's obsession with capturing girls that are much younger than him. Centuries much, but only if they're over 18.
  • There is a painting of a naked woman (that is conveniently torn to cover her up) that shows up in the background of many episodes in the Tree Fort.
    • Well, it first appeared after Marceline's short stay at the Tree Fort, so make what you will of that.
      • Word of God (Natasha Allegri) says "it's not a naked woman, it's a woman in a crappy snapped bikini." She also stated the was painting was torn due to roughhousing.
  • The Candy Kingdom seems pretty okay with cannibalism.
  • From late season four, Finn, Jake and Ice King all at one point take advice from J.T Doggzone's book "Mind Games", which is pretty obviously a mockery of pick up artist books.
  • The show repeatedly implies that Jake and Lady Rainicorn do a lot of kinky, interspecies sex.
  • The show also repeatedly manages to sneak "sexy" through. As in, characters using the word itself.

Divided By Episodes

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     Season One 

"Slumber Party Panic"

  • One of the ingredients is "explosive diarrhea".
  • Jake himself gets with Lady Rainicorn in a game of "Seven Minutes in Heaven". Someone was asleep at the wheel for that. And when the door is opened by Jake, Lady Rainicorn is in a strange position.
  • Mr. Cupcake is dared to take off his "wrapper" in a truth or dare game. After he does it, people go "wooow" and "I didn't know he was chocolate".
    • Not to mention the attackers (thinking the Zombies are Piñatas) then eating the sugar.
  • "Tree Trunks! Get those hot buns in here, girl!" (Tree Trunks walks in carrying a basket of hot cross buns)
  • A zombie approaches Princess Bubblegum and says "Give me some sugar, lady."

"Trouble in Lumpy Space"note 

  • The portal to her dimension is a frog on a mushroom, and Makeout Point in Lumpy Space is a giant tongue.
  • LSP's friend's license plate: SXY LMP.
  • "I said 'Lump off', mom!"
  • "I lumping hate them!"

"Prisoners of Love"

  • Finn comments how much he likes the ice-land, because there is a lava giant in front of his house who is absolutely hot! After Jake elbows him, he says that he meant "hot hot", not "sexy hot". Then Jake teases him, telling him that he did mean "sexy hot".

"Tree Trunks"

  • "I'm the sexiest adventurer in the world!"
  • Tree Trunks attempting to seduce a tentacle monster.
    Tree Trunks: I'm helping you by tempting this guy with... my body...

"The Enchiridion!"

  • The Enchiridion tells how to kiss princesses... and that's just Chapter Five. It's best to first practice with a lip monster.
  • After a giant eats Jake, Finn swoops down and kicks the giant in the balls so he'll vomit up Jake.
    • Finn also kicks the dark wizard in the crotch.
  • Finn fights a heart monster that he beats by punching, whereupon the screen is briefly covered by a geyser of blood, although said blood somehow disappears in the next shot.
  • "Tenderness, ingenuity, bravery, nard-kicking ability, and when you took that giant ogre's dollar, oh man, The Keeper nearly fainted!" It should be of note that the "nard-kicking ability" line (and the previous nard-kicking scene) was cut when this episode aired on Cartoon Network Australia.

"The Jiggler"

"Ricardio the Heart Guy"

  • The first time we see Ricardio, he's walking on LSP's back saying it was a massage meant only for "best friends" and that it was "completely consensual".
  • Also, Ricardio is a spawn of the Ice King's heart that wants to rip out Princess Bubblegum's heart and make out with it. Eeew.
    • During this scene, he's also shown miming making out... including wiggling his tongue around in mid air.
  • Finn and Jake's conversation, in which Jake states that Finn wishes that he was his butt, while the Ice King was Princess Bubblegum, Jake gets himself confused about this and drops the idea before they enter the Candy Kingdom.

"Business Time"

"My Two Favorite People"

  • Lady Rainicorn's joke is about "the time when [she and Jake] ran naked through that farmer's cabbage patch." Probably got past the radar since that joke was told entirely in Korean.
  • Lady Rainicorn, when wanting to try to get Jake to join her and Finn after she could speak English thanks to the translator, actually says the line "Come on, my darling, wrap your legs around me."
    Jake: "I remember why I drowned that translator now!"
  • When trying to use Tiffany to make Finn jealous, Finn is totally confused and unresponsive, seeing no reason why he would be — until it's revealed that Tiffany is a boy, at which point Finn instantly goes berserk and lunges at him, calling him a homewrecker.

"Memories of Boom Boom Mountain"

  • The mountain's comment of "Those men and their disgusting, fantastic bodies." Which Jake follows up with "Whoa, this guy’s got problems."
  • Hell, the entire episode (plus title) counts once you realize what "Boom-Boom" is supposed to mean.
  • "And I can still see his gorgeous back!" And at the back of the mountain, there are hills "conveniently" shaped like butt cheeks.
  • "I'm naked!"
  • The marauders petting each other. And getting into it.


  • At the end, Finn and a few fellow wizards end up naked with logs covering their genitals, as seen above.
    • As this blog post explains, the "wooden logs" was their fall-back after their original crap was detected and shot down. They originally wanted to cover them with beavers.


  • Marceline being called a "sexy vampire lady" in the song "Oh, Marceline."
  • Marceline slapping Finn's butt.

"City of Thieves"

"The Witch's Garden"

  • The part where the mermaid emerges and asks:
    Mermaid: Which wants to mate with (gestures over her body) all THIS?
    • That mermaid's name happens to be Gary.
  • Jake, powerless, with his body turned human, feels his chest and says "Hey, what gives? I used to have like EIGHT of those things."

"What Is Life?"

  • In , the Ice King is found lying in his underwear on top of a leopard spot bed flicking through a magazine with a cover of a pair of breasts and a stylized heart in the top corner.
  • In this episode Finn calls Ice King a "dumbhole", as in "asshole" + "dumbass". A very clever way to incorporate both words and yet not say "ass"!
  • The concept of suicidal balloons somehow made it past:
    Finn: Thanks, guys. Your Blood Oath is fulfilled.
  • "He was infused with my private particles."
  • When NEPTR gets the urge for capturing girls:
    Neptr: I'm filled with the strange desire to capture princesses.
    Finn: Neptr, that's a deeply unsettling thing to say.
    • The Ice King tells Neptr he can "mate" with robot princesses if he goes with him.

"Ocean of Fear"

"When Wedding Bells Thaw"

  • This line references vore or some kind of bondage fantasy:
    Ice King: Marriage is a thing that allows me to capture a princess forever and let her live inside of me! Marriage is the most beautiful thing in the world!
  • This exchange.
    Ice King: I just finished tying up my bride.
    Finn: Weird. You mean your bride is into that?


  • "Don't flaunt it, if you're not gonna give it up!" In case you're wondering Finn is talking about a key and right before this line, Finn sang a song saying that he wanted to have the key's baby.
    Finn: Oh key, we're meant to be
    I want to have your baby
    Oh key, you're so good to me
    (finding out the key is suspended in a cube of jelly)
    Euuugh, Jelly Cube! Come on, give it to me. Don't flaunt it—if you're not—gonna—give it up!

"The Duke"

  • The Duchess spoke about the Duke of Nuts "lying with his wife".
  • "You son of a blee-blop!"
  • Finn and Jake met up with the Duchess, and Jake tries a few nuts from a bowl on the table, pauses, and says "Oh... should've asked if these were like, her eggs or something."
  • At the end of the episode, Jake is dressed as Princess Bubblegum at the Grand Meeting of Ooo Royalty, looking incredibly bored. Eventually, he turns to a prince who is actually the Marquis of Nuts in disguise and says the following:

"Freak City"

  • When the magic man is first revealed, he kneels in the grass and whistles a tune, attracting a blue bird to rest on his hand. He then proceeds to rub his fingers together and turn the bird inside out while Finn and Jake watch in horror.
    Jake: (while holding onto Finn in terror) "Think happy thoughts, little cute peas, little babies, tiny tiny bunnies."
  • Magic Man exits in a spectacular firework that spells the words "EAT IT".
  • The amazing crotch kicking device wasn't bad until they insisted on using the word "crotch" repeatedly.
  • Finn refers to the freaks's living situation as "dookie diapers."
  • Jake keeps encouraging Finn to stay a giant foot, and when asked he says that Finn will understand when he's older. Yeah, Jake totally has a foot fetish.


  • Jake says this:


  • "Hey, Finn. Are you thinking about how that guy's bow tie kinda looked like a bra?"
  • Duke of Nuts wants to know why Finn wants to "sack his nut castle". Wouldn't be so bad except they use the phrase several times in a minute.
    Duke of Nuts: Why would you want to sack my nut castle on my second son's first birthday?!
  • The zombie skeleton groping Finn's butt.
  • Near the beginning when Jake says "I'd love to help you, but she scares the filling out of my doughnut." In a previous episode he referred to his butt as his "powdered doughnut", getting "crap" past the radar.

"Rainy Day Daydream"

  • Jake mentions imagining his mother naked.
  • Also, him saying to an imaginary girl, "If you weren't a figment of my imagination, I'd want to have your babies."

"What Have You Done?"

  • The word "bosom" is said a lot.
  • In the book that shows the Ice King's howls curing the Candy People, on the opposite page you see "5318008", which when turned upside-down reads "boobies". They definitely put that in on purpose, considering if you pause it and look closely, you notice some odd dots in some of the rounder numbers.
  • "I think I heard 'virile' in there!"

"His Hero"

  • Jake says "I love you, Billy! I have a secret crush on you, Billy!"
  • When Finn is depressed after all his efforts of helping people non violently went wrong, Jake tries to cheer him up by telling him that they could just run away, hide and get into cannibalism to survive. This was in the spanish version too.

"Gut Grinder"

  • The Soft People "wee-wee" when they see the Gut Grinder. "Wee-wee" from their armpits. Yes. The censors actually missed a joke about a guy peeing out of his armpits.
    Finn:“Heh. That guy wee-wees weird.”
  • Finn: "How come you never become a monster when I want you to? You're always saying, 'Not now. I have a headache.'"
  • "Sharon, you've been a bad girl!" He's talking to his wife.
  • When Jake is worried he might be the Gut Grinder:
    Finn: You can't be stealing gold in your sleep! *wide eyed, happy expression* I watch you when you sleep.
    Jake: What? Yo, Finn, that's creepy, man.
    Finn: I can't help it! I take pictures.

     Season Two 

"It Came from the Nightosphere"

  • "Who the fluff are you?"
  • This exchange:
    Marceline: Finn, you're like an ant to him.
    Finn: Oh, yeah? Well this ant's about to get in his pants!
    Marceline: ... What.
    Finn: (blushes) Well--You know! Because I'm going to make him uncomfortable while I release those souls!
  • "Nobody flicks me in my butt without my consent!"
  • And Marceline's father has a phallic appearance, has serious vagina dentata mouth, and absorbs and releases souls which look like giant sperm.
    Pen Ward: Marceline’s dad, when he turned into a giant monster, we had a bunch of notes about it, that it was too vagina-like. We had to change the shape of it and then they said it looked too much like a penis.
  • After Finn defeats Marceline's dad, he says "I'll see you in the Nightosphere, you sick freak!" According to Word of God, the Nightosphere is Hell.

"The Eyes"

  • The discussion of snakes: "There's even one in my underpants!" Really. With a visual aid too (Finn's holding up a snake, wearing a pair of his underpants).
  • When Finn and Jake are near the window, a tiny figure hanging itself can be seen.

"Loyalty to the King"

  • After Finn and Jake escape with the princess and the Ice King wakes up, thinking she broke up with him and ran off rather than being rescued, moans "Why did she leave? I put so much cool stuff in her little prison!".

"Blood Under the Skin"

  • The entire shower scene, including the dude yelling, "My most private parts, peeped by a boy!"
    • "Pervert!"
  • "Make her think it was her idea! That's how you make the ladies do what you want...."
  • Jake wearing the lady armor.
  • And at the end, Jake picking up Finn with his butt cheeks.


  • Finn asks the duck and fox if he can watch them kiss. When they say no, he forces them to kiss.
    • "No! I'm secretly in love with Mr. Goose! And now... He'll never love me! Because I am soiled."
  • All the animals Finn messed with attack him, and the duck appears to be humping his butt.
  • Later on Finn says, "Mrs. Cow, take that bag off your udder, you beautiful girl! Let it all hang loose!"

"Slow Love"

  • This episode is proof that the radar imploded in on itself a long time ago. "Well, I'm just sitting here thinking about mating with snails..."
  • "I'll mate with you!"
  • Jake switching back and forth between imitating a male snail and a female snail is actually a pretty clever joke about how snails are hermaphrodites. And also a stunning example of this trope.
  • Jake goes into the house, which is currently on Snorlock's back, but get this... currently Snorlock has a bunch of lady snails "dancing" against him, which is destroying their home in the process. Before Jake leaves, Finn has this line:
    Finn: JAKE, NOOOO! You'll get slimed or grinded on!
    • You can also clearly see the "ass" of the girl snails.
  • When the first female snail sees Snorlock, she sucks in her gut and makes her "breasts" bigger.
  • Snorlock's beatboxing is a dead ringer for a Bow Chicka Wow Wow porno beat. And when he atttracts the babes with it, the start bumpin' and grindin' on him.
  • When Snorlock and the other female slug make out, Beemo watches and goes, "Go! Go! Go!"

"Power Animal"

  • The gnomes lead Finn to a machine that has a capsule with a pole in it, and is powered by "sexy-fun dancing!". Finn refuses, but they shoot electricity through the floor and Finn is forced to dance around the pole in order to not be electrocuted. It's pretty terrifying if you get down to it. So, yeah, in summary, they made Finn pole-dance.
  • In the next shot, Jake is surrounded by dancing bugs chanting "Chug! Chug! Chug!" with an upturned red Solo cup.

"Crystals Have Power"

  • Jake twisting Finn's nipples. It Makes Sense in Context. Kind of.
  • Tree Trunks' reference to Jake punching her in the face: "Get your junk off my trunk." And her wanting to make Finn her "sexy king".
    • She also wanted to snuggle with Finn through time and space and to make out in an alternate dimensional plane...
  • This interesting exchange:
    Crystal Man 1: Hurry up guys, I gotta drop a crystal donk.
    Crystal Man 2: Oh, come on, I don't wanna hear that!
    Crystal Man 1: Hey whatever man, I ain't ashamed.

"The Other Tarts"

  • Bubblegum said that Cinnamon Bun was half baked. Given the way he was acting...
  • When the burglars steal some of the tarts Finn utters, "Son of a..."

"To Cut a Woman's Hair"

  • The witch sits on Jake, and sucks him into her ass. This is the whole reason Finn has to go get some hair, or else Jake will be sucked up forever.

"The Chamber of Frozen Blades"

  • In the Ice King's secret chamber, there is a poster of a girl in a bikini with the title Bikini Assassin on it. Another poster has two ninjas rip each other's hearts out.
  • Also, when Finn and Jake find out that Gunter is pregnant, Jake exclaims "Gunter's a WOMAN?!". The Ice King says no, but is unsure himself.
    • The real radar dodge is that Ice King looks at Gunter's crotch just to make sure, then says "Huh." and puts him/her down.
"Her Parents"

"The Pods"

"The Silent King"

  • Xergiok's obsession with spanking butts.
Burglar: Give me those hot buns, lady!
  • "Set my buttocks ablaze!"
  • Jake: "Finn's going to need a queen...I'll do it!"

"The Real You"

  • Finn mentions dimethyltryptamine, a naturally occurring compound in the brain believed to play a part in the visual component of dreams. Of course, it's also a recreational hallucinogen...
  • Jake comments on Finn's gift to Princess Bubblegum as "Giving his spit to her." Finn's gift was a scale model of the Candy Kingdom made of his spit bubbles, but still...
    Jake: So you wanna give her your spit, huh?
    Finn: Yeah! ... WAIT—NO.
    Jake: It's all right, dude, I totally get it...

"Guardians of Sunshine"

"Death in Bloom"

"Susan Strong"

"Mystery Train"

Finn: SON OF A—(train toots)

"Go With Me"

  • Near the end of the episode:
    Marceline: Of course I'll go with you, Finn.
    Finn: You will?
    Marceline: Yeah, as friends...
    Finn: Of course as friends!
    Marceline: But no tongue.
    Finn: Ye—WHAAA?

"Belly of the Beast"

  • From Finn's song:
    Finn: All of our favorite foods are totally dead / They cannot procreate in little food-beds.
  • In with bears dancing in the background be seen grinding against each other.
  • The constant referring to feces as "stuff"

"The Limit"

  • When Finn and Jake first see the labyrinth:
    Finn: (looking at the labyrinth from uphill) Fudge, man! This place is yoga balls huge!
  • And the song Finn and Jake sing inside the labyrinth. Could be a Double Entendre as well.
    Finn: Sing, coz Yo Mamma, Yo Mamma, Yo Mamma said. She said Yo Mamma, Yo Mamma, Yo Mamma what? What Yo Mamma say, she say?
    Jake: I'm busy makin' babies, greasy babies, slidin' on my gravies in the— Ah, I forget the next part.
  • "Careful, dude. I think that's my nurp, but like super stretched out."
    Asker: What's a "nurp?"
    Adam Muto: What you say when Standards and Practices doesn't let you say "nipple."

  • A sneaky example. The cup that Finn was pouring at the beginning of the episode has a bunch of Runic letters on it. When converted to the Latin alphabet, the message says "Cup of many ales". Ale, of course, is beer.

"Heat Signature"

"Mortal Folly"

  • Finn punches a sentient gauntlet in the eye. At the water-chase scene, Finn apologizes to it but phrases it rather oddly:
    Finn: Hey man, I'm sorry for punching you in the ball.
  • "Well...holes are holes!"

"Mortal Recoil"

  • Jake looks in PB's bathroom through a keyhole. Having seen Bubblegum turning into a chemical drinking monster, he tells Finn to check it out, and Finn misunderstands him: "C'mon, man, that's pervy!"
  • The Ice King going "Well, I'm out of here" when Princess Bubblegum is revealed to now be 13 years old.

     Season Three 

"Conquest of Cuteness"

  • This line:
    Finn: Those cuties are nothing but an afternoon's delight.
    • And this one:
    Finn: I'm gonna manhandle those guys's banandles!

"Morituri Te Salutamus"

  • There's evidence that some or all of the gladiator ghosts were homosexual. to his partner as "my love", although you might not realize at the time that the ghosts were repeating the last words they said to their partners before killing them or being killed by them.
  • Landing on an upright shield by his balls. Ouch.
  • The hula dancers that Jake makes with his hands have rather large jiggly breasts.

"Memory of a Memory"

  • This:
    Ash: Just pickin' up my girl for a night on the town—at my place.
  • Marceline's Groin Attack.


  • Ice King spreads his honey on Breakfast Princess' pancakes. It's made worse considering her skirt is a pancake.
  • Ice King attempts a Look Behind You against Scorcher. "Look! Someone got hit in the boing-loins!" And as if this wasn't bad enough, he keeps repeating it until Scorcher looks! An animatic released after the episode aired reveals that he originally said "nuts", not "boing-loins".
    • Could possibly be a bit of a Development Gag, as the name of the network executive that has the final say on what the show can and can't do is Robert Sorcher.
  • Ice King offers Scorcher night vision X-ray goggles, for when he has "lady house guests".

"Too Young"

  • One of the hearts (that say "CALL ME" and so on) gives some of its biomass to Princess Bubblegum. You never see it completely, but the message on it is "TUG ME".
    • You can see the "TUG ME" heart's official character art here.

"The Monster"


  • "Let's have babies, princess!"
    • Apparently not as bad as Ice King pretending to be Jake. He starts to remove his tunic... (and he goes a little further in the animatic...)
  • For a brief moment, when Gunther is climbing on Jake's head, Gunther appears to be humping Jake's face.
  • The Ice King makes omelets with his feet so that he will "be inside" Jake, hoping he will feel closer to him.

"Wizard Battle"

  • Abracadaniel. The rainbow magic and general apathy towards kissing a girl give... certain implications.
    • And then there's the fact that he's pink with poofy, short pants and a triangle-shaped head. Yeah . . .
  • "Is it an open-mouth kiss?"

"Fionna and Cake" note 

  • This exchange:
    Prince Gumball: They're decorations for my biennial Gumball Ball... tonight!
    Fionna: Sounds like it's gonna be... large...heh...
    Prince Gumball: Yes... so very large...
  • And this:
    Fionna: Ice Queen, why you always predatoring on dudes?
    Ice Queen: Ha! You should talk! Keeping all the babes to yourself! Totally ice-blocking my game!
  • Cake saying "Sweet babies!" with dilated pupils while holding a bag of catnip.
  • After Lord Monochromacorn gets done "talking" with Cake for the first time, her tail poofs up.
  • This exchange:
    Prince Gumball: I think we should have a race. A playful race to Marshmallowy Meadows!
    Fionna: Okay, but I'm gonna kick your butt!... Not that I'm thinking of butts...
  • The bedroom scene. Until Fionna noticed that Prince Gumball was frozen to the ceiling, it looked like it was going a completely different way.
    Fionna: Hey, is this your bedroom?
    Prince Gumball: (locks door) Fionna... (unbuttons shirt)
    Fionna: Heh-heh... (to herself) whoa...
    Cake: (after hearing Fionna struggling and seeing her with Gumball, her dress shredded, she starts to attack Gumball) DON'T YOU TOUCH HER!
  • The whole basis for the episode seems to imply Ice King has some sort of feelings for Finn. And, knowing this, it's hard not to see hints of this throughout the entire series.
  • Also, at the end of the episode, if you look at the cover of the fanfiction Ice King is reading, you can see it has Ice King and Fionna kissing each other on the mouth.

"What Was Missing"

  • Finn has a piece of Princess Bubblegum's hair that he has "private time" with.
    Finn: You guys... knew?
    Jake: Finn. We're roommates.
  • This episode is accused of subtext that Marceline was in love with Princess Bubblegum.
    Marceline: I'm gonna to drink the red from your pretty pink face, I'm gonna—
    Princess Bubblegum: Marceline, that's too distasteful!
    Marceline: Oh... You don't like that? ...Or do you just not like me?!

"Apple Thief"

"The Creeps"

  • Finn's secret name in the episode is "Prince Hotbod"
    • Everybody had a secret name related to their butt.
  • This bit:
    Lumpy Space Princess: I blinked my balls.... My eye balls.
    Princess Bubblegum: Hehehehehe!
  • What Beemo does after "Processing data."
    Lumpy Space Princess: Ew.
  • Lumpy Space Princess screaming in agony while using the bathroom.
  • What Lady Rainicorn said in the episode:
    Finn: Whoa, you can phase people into your body?
    Lady Rainicorn: (in Korean) <Of course. Jake and I merge our bodies into one all the time.>

"From Bad to Worse"

  • When LSP is about to be attacked by the zombies:
    Lumpy Space Princess: I know you want this body... BUT YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!
  • Realizing this may be the end, Finn wishes a tearful goodbye to his friends. As well as PP, Poo-poo and Doo-doo, whoever they are.
  • Near the end of the episode:
    Jake: Sorry for bitin' you, sugar.
    Lady Rainicorn: (smiles, in Korean) <I wanted you to bite me.> note 
    Jake: (Luminescent Blush) (nervous laugh) Heh... heh-heh-heh-heh.... Oh...


  • Jake turns his head into a clam shape, and opens it to reveal a dancing naked lady posed like Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" (with her hair covering her crotch and breasts). The worst part is that the naked lady has Jake's face, made tiny so it fits.
  • As they get to the crushers, Finn seems to say "ball zacks!"
    • This is most likely a reference to Honoré Balzac, a French playwright and novelist.

"No One Can Hear You"

  • This exchange:
    Finn: Thanks for breaking my legs, ya dumbbutt.
    Deer: (licks his crotch)
  • As Finn fights the Deer, he kicks it several times in the crotch.
  • At the end of the episode:
    Princess Bubblegum: That deer was after our sugar, but I didn't give him any... if you know what I mean (clicks tongue).
    Finn: (Beat) Um...
  • Also, the Deer getting killed by having his neck graphically broken by falling rubble on screen, not very nice, that.

"Jake vs. Me-Mow"

  • "I found this note stabbed in my door...man."

"Thank You"

  • There is a scene where the fire wolf pup is drinking milk from a cow's udder. The udder in question is visibly burned and the cow is screaming.

"The New Frontier"

  • To summarize—this is an entire episode about Jake wanting to kill himself. Granted, it's because of acceptance of fate, not sadness, but still.

"Holly Jolly Secrets"

  • Beemo plays VHS tapes by sticking them up his butt.
    Beemo: It goes in my butt. (turns around, bends forward) note 
    • And ejects with Ice King's past as a human by straining really hard.
  • "My alarm says it's your bath time, Finn. Get naked."
    • "We can still take a bath."
  • In the ending, LSP can be seen stroking the Candy Cane Man rather suggestively.

"Marceline's Closet"

  • Finn's song/rap at the beginning of the episode:
    Shake your extremities
    Shake your extremities

    All your arms and knees
    I want 'em, shake 'em, baby, please
    Baby, shake your eyes for me.
    Shake your eyes for me.
    Shake your eyes for me.
    Shake your eyes for freeee
    Now make some bills
    Make a fills
    Make a mill
    Quack me up with some yokes
    I like girls who know the ropes...
    • Amazingly, this wasn't removed from the Australian version of the episode!
  • Finn actually saw Marceline nude while she took a shower.
    • And earlier, there was the very audible sound of her peeing offscreen.
  • Marceline admitting that she sneaks into Finn and Jake's house all the time, much to their dismay.
  • The little rhyme that Finn recites about "Cloud Hunt," describes a nuclear attack in kid-friendly terms.
    Over the mountain, the ominous cloud
    coming to cover the land in a shroud,
    hide in a bushel, a basement, a cave,
    but when cloud comes a-huntin',
    no one's a save... no, safe!

"Paper Pete"

  • At the beginning of the episode, Jake said he was probably going to have children with Lady Rainicorn.
  • Paper Pete tells Finn that he can call him P.P. to which Finn declines.
  • Finn taking off his shirt, and turtle princess blushing upon seeing him.
  • Paper Pete, while acting, tells Finn to burn in Tartarus. In Greek mythology, Tartarus is the deepest part of Hell, so , Finn is told to go to Hell.
    Paper Pete: "May you rot in Tartarus, may your skin boil, and eyes burst into flames, forever in a pit!"

"Another Way"
  • Yet more evidence that Jake has a foot fetish:
    Jake: (while clown nurse is kissing his feet) I'm feelin' better already. Ha! That tickles!
    Nurse: You want me to stop?
    Jake: No, keep goin'. (she does)
    Finn: (beat) You're gross, man.
  • The whole implication lying beneath Finn being held down by two women while a third excitedly kisses his foot. Understandably, Finn is totally freaked out by this.
  • "Glob it, Glob it, Glob it, Glob it!"
    • Huh? Who's Glob it?

"Ghost Princess"

  • Ghost Princess dies via impalement.
  • Clarence commits suicide via spray-cheese overdose, and explodes, leaving his body in pieces. Jake was even traumatized by this.
  • Both Finn and Jake were essentially running around a graveyard desecrating and looting graves, as well as digging up the bodies of the deceased.
  • The ghost concert features ghostly nude dancers.
  • This conversation:
    Ghost Princess (talking about Clarence): It's like we already know each other!
    Clarence: I feel it too; our spirits must be entwined in the cosmic wheel of time.
    Jake: [Gives a thumbs-up] NICE!
    Clarence: Let's go to my private mausoleum where we can be... private.
    Finn: Yuck!

"Dad's Dungeon"

  • When Jake messes with the pre-recorded messages at the end of the episode, he creates an... interesting sequence.
    Joshua (on tapes): I made you boys something—It's babies. Full of babies. —The family sword. It's made out of—babies.
  • In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, Finn kills monsters by taking out its brain.
  • Yet another person dies on-screen. When one of the witches eats the fruit, she gets covered in vines (which grow out of her mouth and eye sockets), and the vines rot off to reveal an apple. As the other two tear the apple apart viciously, a bloody core covered in bones can be seen. Yes, actual blood. Wooooooow. note 
  • Surprisingly, this episode was very low on sexual content, with violence being the only thing Cartoon Network didn't look for.


  • When Jake sings, he says "A fire inside my body", to Flame Princess.
    Flame King: A fire inside my body"?! I AM DISGUSTED!
    • Even worse: his original line was "'A fire inside my body'? That's pornographic!"
  • Beemo plays "kancho" with an unsuspecting Finn.
    Beemo: Duck... duck... duck... GOOSE!
    Finn: AAH!!

     Season Four 

"Hot to the Touch"

"Five Short Graybles"

  • Beemo simulating urination by pouring water into the toilet.
    Beemo: PEE-ING!
  • At the Candy Kingdom Talent Show, LSP was going to perform a song called "These Lumps", which was performed by a group of candy girls instead. The song's lyrics are an easy Double Entendre.

"Web Weirdos"

  • The whole episode is getting crap past the radar. The spiders spinning their webs was quite obviously supposed to look and sound like pooping. Finn's disgusted reaction does not help at all.
    Finn: Does your wife make that sound, too?!
    Ed: Yeah, I guess, but she never does it in front of me.
  • "Your butt is dysfunctional!" (And then Barb blushes.)
  • Barb going into labor and screaming while giving birth to billions of spiders.
    Finn: What is HAPPENING?!
    Jake: Something we're not supposed to see.

"Dream of Love"

  • "He's been helping me... tend to my rose garden." Cue TT and Pig giggling mischievously and exchanging naughty glances.
  • "An unmarried couple living under the same roof? That's indecent!" Seriously, radar?
  • The inevitable tongue kissing between Tree Trunks and Pig.
  • Tree Trunks and Pig's suggestive dance at Bubblegum's concert, complete with them smacking their butts together.

"Return to the Nightosphere"

  • Finn and Jake visit Hell. Or what really resembles Hell. Even Pen calls it one of the coolest depictions of "Hell" on television, which it could be.
  • You can see in the background.
  • A demon mentioning "making brown" and having IBS.

"Daddy's Little Monster"

  • When Beemo is charging up Jakes cellphone, he makes motions that look a lot like pooping.
  • Theoretically, anything involving bananas, which demons apparently crap!... out of their ears! With fart noises!
    Jake: (throwing away a banana that was in his hand) YEEEEECCCHHH!
  • One demon is cut in two , you can see his insides..Yes, they are guts.
  • A demon is punished by being forced to puke up banana's for eternity, note what bananas are in the Nightosphere.

"In Your Footsteps"

  • The way Beemo reacts to Finn & Jake's arguing calls to mind a child reacting to a argument in a dysfunctional household.
  • When Finn and Jake find the woods party, Jake says the following about the bear. "He got in close and used you. Now he's feeding nuts to your ex girlfriend." Cut to bear putting a peanut in Bubblegum's mouth. And then bear giving her the heimlich maneuver.

"Hug Wolf"

  • "And don't tell me it's because I have repressed emotions towards Cinnamon Bun!"
  • "Didn't even tell me its name..."
  • The very concept of this episode, which focuses on Finn sneaking into rooms at midnight and giving people really strong hugs.
    Mob: No more hugs (without consent)!
  • While the deer is being hugged by the hug wolf, he says: "Uh... I've got a wife."
  • When the alpha hug wolf turns back to normal (her normal form happens to be a beautiful humanoid woman):
    Jake: Can I get a hug?
    Finn: JAKE!!!!

"Princess Monster Wife"

  • LSP worries that someone is getting fresh with her lumps.
  • This episode is over all much darker than a normal episode (well, a normal episode in season 2). The whole episode Princess Monster Wife is suffering from terrible self esteem issues.
    • Not to mention, Princess Monster Wife essentially commits suicide at the end of the episode by disassembling herself and returning all of her parts back to the princesses.


  • Goliad's speech as she crushes the bee in her paws and brings it back to life is pretty dark.
  • Goliad is clearly saying "Glob Dobbit" in the playground scene. We know who Glob stands for, so Dobbit... is presumably not something she should be saying. Bonus points for the fact that actor is using her best cutesy voice she can while doing so.

"Beyond This Earthly Realm"

  • When "the real cutie pie" drifts through, and Finn is disgusted by the Ice King's lust over it.
    Ice King: What? I swear I never touch 'em!
  • The Ice King is naked, and he tries to cover himself up with Finn's hat as a shirt. The bear ears are right where the Ice King's nirps should be, and it looks an awful lot like a bra.


  • As a whole, this is probably the "sexiest" episode Adventure Time has ever had. Imagine if Lumpy Space Princess was replaced with someone more humanoid.
  • The title card, which depicts LSP with large breasts, wearing a tight, low-cut spaghetti strap dress that shows off a LOT of cleavage. She's reclining on a couch, winking suggestively at the audience as she works on a typewriter. Certainly the sexiest title card we've ever seen in the show (surpassing the "Tree Trunks" title card), and the sexiest we've ever seen LSP looking.
  • "These lumps are not for SALE, BILLY!!!"
    • In this episode, it's made clear that "lumps" are a euphemism for something visually/sexually appealing for men, like breasts. Actually, yeah, it's the equivalent of breasts. note 
      Lumpy Space Princess: Looks like I'm gonna have to bust out these cobras to get a better dinner. (rubs her lumps) Hey, Fiiiinn... Have anything better to eat??
  • When LSP shows up to be Finn and Jake's secretary, she leans over for an extended period of time to pull something out of her purse on the ground. She doesn't have an ass to show off, but it's obvious what she's doing.
  • LSP stripping her "dress" and swinging it around for Finn...
    Lumpy Space Princess: Finn, my dress is slipping...
  • At one point LSP gets trapped in a room covered in mirrors. She sees in them Finn, taking off his shirt and hat and swinging his long blonde hair seductively. At first she's happy thinking she's finally seduced Finn, but as the topless Finns then walk towards her with their hands outstretched:
    Lumpy Space Princess: Oh, lump, I took it too far!
  • Everything we see of LSP's book. It uses the term "PO" and has a story about Melissa, whose "lump was crooked" after she left the bathroom.

"Princess Cookie"

  • The cookie, rather than being caught, chooses to jump off a cliff, shattering but retaining consciousness at the end. In other words, he failed at suicide and was hospitalized.
  • The whole wishing to be a princess has some... interesting vibes if you view it as wishing to be a girl and being frustrated with his gender.
    • Add the fact that Princess Cookie tried to commit suicide because he "would never be a princess" and the transgender theme becomes rather blatant.
  • One of the cookie's chips is named Chip Faced.
  • Jake: "Holy Chip!"
  • "I glubbed up!"

"Card Wars"

  • The cup with runic letters that says "cup of many ales" makes a reappearance in the beginning of the episode (except this time, it's red instead of green).

"Sons of Mars"

  • Finn calls Magic Man a "succu-butt", a pun on succubus.
  • When Abraham Lincoln gives his immortality to death, there is a very clear gunshot noise as the screen fades out, the next scene we see him as the Lincoln Memorial. All those who know about Lincoln know this reference.

"Burning Low"

  • Jake explains "The Tiers of Love":
    Jake: Bro, you gotta let things take their natural path. Look, let me explain to you some junk about dating. Right now, you're at Tier 1, which is hugging, but pretty soon, you'll be at Tier 2, which is smooching! Then down the road you'll make it to Tier 5, where she'll let you discover all of her 15 feet of her long beautiful stomach. And after a while, you'll make it to Tier 8, where you touch her horn for the very first time, very special.
    Finn: What about Tier 15?
    Jake: (immediately) YOU STAY AWAY FROM THAT.
    Jake: DO NOT DO tier 15!
    • In the original storyboard, Jake was gonna mention Tier 9.
    Jake: And then you'll make it to Tier 9! On that one, just make sure you have a comfy place to sit the next day. (ashamed) Cuz uh...you'll need some time to reflect on what you did.

"BMO Noire"
  • We see BMO playing with himself.
  • Loraine says she hid the sock in their "secret grown-up kissing spot," which turns out to be Finn's pillow.
  • Loraine claims to be having an affair with Bebe behind Ronnie's back, because Ronnie isn't man enough.
  • BMO essentially steps on Bebe's neck and chokes him with soot in order to make him talk. It doesn't help matters that Bebe turns up dead by Ronnie's hand and BMO is hunted down for it.

"King Worm"

"Lady and Peebles"

  • "Through this sphincter."
  • When Ricardio first talks to PB, he asks if she found his dungeon stimulating. Remember that the dungeon featured grabbing hands, glaring eyes, and a giant tongue.
  • When Princess Bubblegum takes off her jacket, Ricardio looks very excited.
    • Just before, he was talking about how didn't just want to make out with her heart anymore, he wanted the "whole package." PB then taking off her jacket was accompanied by her pretending to give in to him.
  • Lady Rainicorn reveals that she is pregnant. She doesn't say it in the cartoonishly joyous way, either. This causes some Fridge Horror when you remember how Ricardio tied her in a knot and threw her against the wall, all while she was pregnant...
  • What Ricardio does to the Ice King is horrifying and is a little too gory and graphic, to the point where you wouldn't expect even an adult's show to get away with it. It helps that they mostly keep him in shadow, but still...yeesh. He harvests the Ice King's tissue and organs to make a body for himself, then climbs out of him but keeps him alive in case he needs more tissue. To do this, he hooks the Ice King's loose arteries - and yes, this is all shown onscreen - up to his lair, so that it will function as a kind of heart and continue to pump blood through his body.

"You Made Me"

  • Aaaand the suicidal subtexts are back, everyone! Lemongrab jumps out of a window in his despair over his castle having no citizens. Princess Bubblegum tries to talk him out of it, but he falls out of the window listlessly. She reaches out, saying "Wait!," to no avail. When he falls to the ground unharmed, he runs screaming through the castle grounds, tearing off his clothes while wailing, "YOU'RE... MY... GLOB! YOU'RE MY GLOB!" To recap, Glob="God" in the AT universe.

"Who Would Win?"

  • Finn and Jake get knocked out and have a dream where a creature called the "Dream Warrior" gives them advice on how to defeat a big farmhouse. was to aim for the "golden apples".
    • Other butt-related moments: Jake slapping his own butt repeatedly, long after it was clear Finn was not there; Jake pinning Finn to the ground with his butt; Finn biting Jake's butt.
  • Farm actually crushes Finn with his... crotch. He squats down and crushes him with his crotch.
  • Farm craps on Finn and Jake... He squats down, and a bunch of animals fall out of the bottom of the farm.
  • At one point, a character refers to Farm as a "mother".

"Ignition Point"

  • The thing that berserks the Flame King into arresting Finn is finding out the Finn has his daughter's scented candles. Finn and Jake had already been arrested at this point. Finding the scented candles in Finn's backpack is what got Flame King to bring out the executioners. Given what a candle looks like, wick and all, it's quite possible that these are her tampons.
    Guard: Sire! It's your daughter's scented candles!
    Flame King: SICKOS! Off with their heads!

"The Hard Easy"

  • The "Butt Tree", a tree with a pair of lumps on it suspiciously shaped like buttocks.
    • Said butt-shaped lumps are in a hole that looks a lot like a vulva.
  • The ending, with Finn kissing the mega-frog to turn him back into a Prince. Afterwards, Prince Huge even says "I don't know a lot of dudes who'd do that to help a guy out." What's more, Finn says he's okay with kissing dudes because he's comfortable with himself like that.
  • A piece of questionable dialogue...
    Finn: Shmowtowt dude, that guy is gonna dingle our bones into tapioca pudding.
    Jake: Finn that is gross man, don't use language like that!
  • Not to mention when the Mega-Frog attacks Jake:
    Jake: He's eating me! Gently eating me! No teeth, mostly tongue!
  • And on a related note:
    Woobeewoo: He chases us all up and down from first base to home!

"Reign of Gunters"

"I Remember You"
  • The Ice King apparently thinks Marceline's music is good for picking up chicks. And considering the rather shippy undertones between her and Bubblegum from "What Was Missing"...
    • Even better, when he says "I'll even split the fans with you. I get the princesses, and you get... whatever it is you're into."
  • "You know I kinda like being tied up in these cords... kinda freaky."
    • Marceline immediately drops him. Gets rather squicky when you find out he used to be a father figure to her.
  • A newspaper article about Simon Petrikov makes mention of "hard-drinking journalists".
  • In the Dutch dub instead of saying "help me get some princess action" the ice king says "help me om een prinses in bed the krijgen" which is the Dutch equivalent of saying help me sleep with a princess.

"The Lich"

     Season Five part one 
"Finn the Human"/"Jake the Dog"

"Five More Short Graybles"
  • Tree Trunks' mini story has her get extremely offended at something she saw, after trying to get a vigilante mob (and failing badly) they realize what it was and why it was an accident, Shelby the Worm was reading a book on the fist of a statue, and his upright position made Tree Trunks think it was something else. By this point the censors are either being bribed to let things pass or are just incompetent.
    • The episode is another group of "graybles" with a connecting theme. Throughout the show, we are led to believe that the theme is the five fingers. It is not (it's actually the five tastes), and our host Cuber addresses this by explaining that nobody has five fingers anymore. But we all know the real reason is that that would mean acknowledging that was about the middle finger.
    • Finn and Jake stumble onto a book of nursery rhymes, and, mistaking it for a book on magic from a warlock, proceed to spend the rest of the episode sticking their thumbs into various holes in order to become "good boys." Among these holes are a Surinam toad's birthing holes, which are still visibly disgorging tadpoles.
      • At the very end, BMO convinces Finn and Jake to stick their fingers into 'these holes' (the controllers) to play a video game. BMO then makes a ring shape with his fingers, through which Finn and Jake stick their thumbs to press the controllers, creating a certain suggestive gesture.

"All The Little People"
  • Along with having more suggestive dialogue than usual, Finn's interaction with the little people in his bag is a reference to and a Take That against fanfiction and the people obsessed with shipping fictional characters. In particular:
    • When Finn dumps the Minis out of the bag, Mini-Bubblegum lands in Mini-Marceline's arms... Finn then separates them.
    • Mini-Marceline licking Mini-Peppermint Butler sensuously.
    • Mini-Turtle Princess spanking Mini-Xergiok.
    • Choose Goose, Abracadaniel, and the Lollipop Girl suggestively tangled together.
  • Reading the above examples, one could make the case that each pairing is a kind of sexual experimentation as well on Finn's part.
  • Jake asks Finn, "What's that in your pants?". Finn's response?
    "Oh no, not again!"
  • There's also the fact that he was ship-teasing himself with a character who is a horse. Sure, he's been paired with non-human characters before, but the fact that she's not even humanoid makes it seem much dirtier.

"Jake the Dad"
  • Jake reads a picture book about a baby-eating fox to his kids. Jake even lampshades it when he quickly realizes just what the implications are.
  • The naked woman painting appears again, but this time it can be more clearly seen in the shot it appears in, and as a result it's a bit more detailed. You can see part of what would be her breast.

  • This episode has incredible amounts of homosexual subtext, starting off in the first few minutes with Finn's fanboys asking him to dinner. This happens multiple times later on, and Finn's alter ego Davey asks another man to dinner. They are later seen hanging out together.
  • BMO bawls out about how Finn's Davey disguise (a balding, mustached man) looked "like the devil."
  • "Davey" asks the banana guard if he wants a body sweep (with a broom). He responds, "I am feeling kind of dirty..." The other banana guard says, "wow, you sure know how to party."

"Mystery Dungeon"
  • There are pools of blood that can be seen in the giant tentacle monster scene.
  • According to Jesse Moynihan, a writer on this episode, the scene of Lemongrab spraying juice was supposed to resemble ejaculation. Moynihan even said, "I thought it would be funny for him to scream “mommy” while ejaculating juice out of his head."
  • The scene when Lemongrab knocks out the rat then eats Tree Trunks's apple pie out of its mouth was apparently so gross that it was cut out when this episode aired in the UK. Not very well though as it cuts most of Ice King's dialogue, and you can see Lemongrab's head tilt up a frame, and he still has pie mush around his mouth.

"All Your Fault"
  • Princess Bubblegum yells "BULLGUNK!".
  • In the "Lemongrab's Brain" screenshot, you can see some suicidal thoughts.
    • The brain screenshot is perhaps one of the greatest examples of this trope ever put into a children's cartoon. It would take a long, long time to read all of the words written on there. The ones that have been transcribed by dedicated fans reveal some Ho Yay between Lemongrab and Lemongrab 2, some of Lemongrab's many disturbing thoughts, and one which possibly indicates extreme gastrointestinal discomfort induced by asparagus.
  • Lemonjon peeing... or whatever was happening down there.

"Little Dude"
  • BMO's apron reading "Kiss My Cook", and spanking Finn.
  • How the animated hat turns whatever it "eats" into poop without visibly changing it.

"Bad Little Boy"
  • During Marshall Lee's song, Cake morphs her body into a voluptuous one, and grows bigger in size and proceeds to shake her ass at the camera for a couple of seconds.
    • She's got a big potatah, and two hot tomatoes.
  • Before "Good Little Girl" starts, Marshall Lee has Fionna copy his movements and his last movement is shaking his ass, hoping Fionna would do the same.
  • Ice King wants to "fix" the story states "Let's polish this piece of—"
  • Marshall Lee sings: "I know why you're mad at me. I got demon eyes, looking right through your anatomy."
  • When Fionna and Marshall Lee first arrive to the party, we get a not so short scene of Lumpy Space Prince rubbing his body against a female Cinnamon Bun's breasts, with her yelling excitedly. What.
  • After Gumball leaves the rooftop, Marshall Lee calls him a 'wad'. Fionna looks at him and replies (while blushing) "A gum-wad?". How this got past the radar is beyond me.
  • At the end of the "Graveyard Rap", Marshall Lee says the line "Bad little boy, yes I'm bad but not little". Cake looks at him, stating "Nuh uh, boy, what're you thinkin'?"

"Vault of Bones"
  • Flame Princess says that she's bored and remarks that at least Finn has a cute butt. In later airings this was actually changed to say "at least he's walking fast".

"The Great Bird Man"
  • The bit at the beginning about the mermaids beaching themselves out of loneliness. Beaching is when whales get stranded on land, and it generally ends in death, so...yeah, they were trying to commit suicide. At the end of the episode, Xergiok attempts suicide himself by walking into the Golbin Kingdom reservoir.
  • Xergiok's torn out eyes are...pretty graphic for a kids show.
  • The extremely revealing outfits some of the background mermaids wear, which cover their nipples and nothing else. Plus the lovely shot of that one's cleavage.
  • Xergiok (a male) nursing the baby creatures. Or whatever he was doing...
  • Xergiok's obsession with spanking butts. Again.
  • Xergiok, who has a Disney Acid Sequence later in the episode, has a bowl of what suspiciously look like psilocybin mushrooms (the mushrooms usually referred to as "shrooms" or "magic mushrooms") in his den.

"Simon and Marcy"
  • Though there's definitely been way worse stuff snuck past the radar in this show, it's still pretty surprising that the writers were allowed to make all those references to Cheers, considering that show's subject matter.
  • The swear that Simon yells in anger at "mother". As in "motherfucker". He even tells Marcy to cover her ears before shouting it.
  • Some of the mutants, in addition to deformities such as additional limbs, appear to have male genitals growing out of them.

"A Glitch is a Glitch"
  • Princess Bubblegum makes out with her hand while making suggestive noises.
  • Bubblegum seemingly pulls out something that looks very much like a gun and simply walks offscreen. Of course, it's later show to be a tranquilizer dart shooter, but the implication was there.
  • After Ice King's spent the entire episode begging for her love, Bubblegum finally acknowledges him, gets on her knees in front of him, and starts to lift up his robe. His reaction is, "Whoa, are you praying to me? I'm kinda into this," but, um...clearly, there was a very different implication at work.
    • It goes further than that. When she lifts his robe so that it's caught on his crown and his body is exposed, he says "I'm still into this." Then PB shoves him to the ground. "Still into it." note 
  • Finn and Jake wanting to kick Ice King's "boingloings".
  • The title itself references the NWA song "A Bitch Iz a Bitch" from Straight Outta Compton.
  • Several assets from this episode were reused from David O'Reilly's earlier works, which are FAR less kid friendly. As an example at being in a bathroom which was the scene of a suicide (NSFW) in "The External World".
  • When Finn looks down and says: "Oh my hams... Hold up dude! My body's changing!!"

  • When Finn killed the dragon, he nicks an artery and causes its blood to spray out. If it wasn't made of pillows it is highly unlikely this scene would have made it.
  • Finn having sex with a pillow and having children with her.

"BMO Lost"
  • When trying to make BMO feel better about missing the baby, Bubble says that now he can grow up to be anything he wants, like a "Strapping horse whisperer," or "a sexy hitman," And then even proposes to BMO at the end of the episode. After Finn and Jake pop the bubble, it is revealed that he was actually air that was trapped in the bubble and now that it's popped he is now free forever and doesn't have to hide anymore. That this happens immediately after confessing his love with BMO makes it more than a bit like a Coming-Out Story, even though BMO is technically genderless.

"Princess Potluck"
  • Bounce House Princess invited Finn to bounce around in her rather suggestively, to which Finn politely declined.
  • The Ice King talks about wanting to chase down and marry Gunter while she's in a princess outfit.
  • In a Continuity Nod from an earlier episode, The Squirrel from The Duke returns for more revenge.
    (Screaming from a bush after shooting Jake in the head with an arrow) "YOU SON OF A BLEE-BLOP"
  • Jake spends the whole episode wearing makeup and carrying a purse.

"James Baxter The Horse"

  • Multiple bikini babes show up to Finn and Jake's house and start fighting them. The last of their screen time has them dancing sensually alongside Finn, Jake, and BMO.
  • And one giggles as she places her hand on the shaft of the chimney.
  • One of the babes', ahem, special area gets very close to Jake's head in one shot while she's pinned him down on the floor, it takes up a lot of the screen.

"The Suitor"
  • Peppermint Butler says "I want to have your babies" after he casts the spell on Braco. He later complains about the fact that Braco tried to hit on Bubblegum instead of him and throws a fit when Braco leaves for good.
  • The brief song the suitors sing includes the line "Princess all night!"

"The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita"
  • While living on Party God's neglected girlfriend, Ice King sows his literal seeds into her (she's an island). The "seeds" are even helpfully labelled! Not to mention planted in an anatomically accurate location.

"One Last Job"
  • Jake trying to shove a VHS tape into BMO's rear, with BMO grunting in pain and complaining that s/he had hurt his butt earlier sledding.
    • And then he destroys the tape by ejecting it from his rear.
  • Jake and co. feeding banana-flavored milk to the Banana Guard Captain. He was forced into cannibalism.
    "Banana Guard Captain: It's...delicious."

"Another Five More Short Graybles" "Candy Streets"
  • A pharmacist discreetly tells a customer to come back for something stronger. Apparently she's also another type of drug dealer.
  • Jake morphs his torso into a car, squats over Finn, sucks him in through the trunk, and spits him out behind the steering wheel. The next shot zooms in on Finn's frozen look of dismay.

"Wizards Only Fools"
  • PB's wizard disguise makes it look like she's naked under it. Of course, it's revealed she wasn't.
    Finn: Jake...is PB straight up naked right now?
  • The inmates make various catcalls as Finn, Jake, Bubblegum, and Abracadaniel are being escorted to their cells. One of them throws his underpants in Finn's face.
    • Which could be a possible reference to Silence of the Lambs, specifically Clarice's first meeting with Hannibal and... Miggs.
  • Ice King says no one has touched him in months during PB's recording of her beating the Ice King for information
  • The wizards Abracadaniel was working for were planning to sacrifice him with a stab to the heart.

    Season Five part two 
"Jake Suit"

  • Jake's injuries are referred to as "hickies from the universe."
    • "And everyone wants to get with the universe."
  • At one point, Finn, while wearing Jake like a suit, slams into a fence crotch first. Later, Jake refers to this as getting hit in the "doggie bag."
  • At the end one of the nurses says that it's time for "full body immersion therapy" suggestively, even making kissing noises with her mouth.
    • These are the same nurses from "Another Way", who specialize in foot kissing and consider that to be the ONLY WAY to care for injured people. Jake LOVES it; Finn, not so much.

"Be More"
  • The episode opens with BMO deleting his files when Finn and Jake aren't looking. The way he starts giggling while getting dumber and dumber from the data loss makes it an obvious reference to drug use.
  • When Jake, Finn and BMO are disguised as an SMO and BMO is plugged into an SMO's back, it looks as though they're having sex. Made more apparent by this reaction:
    Another SMO: What are you two goofs doing? Goofing?

"Sky Witch"
  • PB sniffs the shirt she got from Marceline in a very sensual way when she wakes up.
  • Also the picture of her and Marceline in her closest. PB and Marceline are in the closet.
  • A box in Maja's house is marked "My privates." Made worse when she calls it "[her] private box."
  • On a darker note, the way the Sky Witch treated Crabbit toward the end was very much like Domestic Abuse.
  • At first, when PB seems she's going to throw down with the Sky Witch, she rolls up her sleeve. later, we find out PB traded her favorite shirt for Hambo, indicating, PB took her shirt off in front of a stranger, and she's just wearing that turtleneck now.
  • PB calls Raggedy Princess "easy" by telling Marceline, "Raggedy Princess can be your new Hambo. She’d do it too. That girl's got like, zero self respect."

"Frost & Fire"
  • Finn getting excited over Flame Princess beating Ice King up and getting what is an erotic dream of her shooting her flames at Finn's crotch and enjoying it.
    • And then he freaks out when he has a dream of Ice King shooting ice at Finn's crotch (not enjoying it) after Ice King beats up FP.
  • This is the second episode to imply that Finn is turned on by violence.

"Too Old"
  • Lemongrab's toilet is apparently a lemon juicer. Try to figure out how that works.
  • According to the promo art by Steve Wolfhard, incest is not taboo in Castle Lemongrab. Two of the lemon brothers can be seen making out with each other in the background of this drawing. Either incest is not taboo in Castle Lemongrab, or these two lemon brothers were just very drunk at the time. Either interpretation is kind of disturbing.
    • In the same drawing, all of the lemon people are very clearly intoxicated. In the beginning of "Too Old," several of them are, as well.
  • According to a little nametag in a Freeze-Frame Bonus, one of the lemon children at the dinner table is named "Duke Lemon Suck."

"Earth and Water"
  • Similar to what happened in "Frost & Fire", Finn gets aroused when he sees Flame Princess acting aggressive and domineering towards her father.

"Time Sandwich"
  • Jake kills two animals on the spot in order to make the eponymous sandwich.
  • The Naked Woman portrait once again returns.

"The Vault"
  • One of Finn's past incarnations resembles a pink turd.

"Love Games"
  • The entire episode is Finn-on-Slime Princess action. Seriously.
  • The mentioning of spooning and performing said act.
  • "Maybe later we can get Do Not Disturb!"

"Dungeon Train"

"Box Prince"

"Red Starved"

"We Fixed a Truck"
  • The ending where the female Banana guard marches Banana Man off to jail, pinching his butt all the way, after Finn exposed him to fight a giant reptile Bubblegum.
  • The "TUG ME" candy heart makes another appearance.

"Play Date"

"The Pit"
  • Jake made a solo pornographic tape for Lady Rainicorn.
    • More specifically, it involves Jake wearing a towel, calling himself a dirty dog, and then ripping the towel off. When he does, the shot not-coincidentally happens to be framed so that his tail is seen dangling between his legs. Meanwhile, outside the tape, in the real world, Lady Rainicorn is screaming with embarrassment and Finn is covering his eyes in horror.
  • The demon Keeoth seems really, really intent on having someone beat him up.

"Root Beer Guy"
  • All of Cherry Cream Soda's complaints suggest she is sexually frustrated with her husband.
    "I am a Cherry Cream Soda. And I have needs just the same as any other Cherry Cream Soda."
    • This added by the statement of how she misses sleeping with him. It looks like she means since he stays up all night trying to write his book but with the sexually frustrated undertones it sounds like something else.
      • Heck this one doesn't seem to have gotten past the Radar for long, as a new version has her saying "I miss you at night" instead.
    • She even dresses as a French maid (including the accent) to try to entice him! Later she says she had a great night after dancing.
  • Cherry Cream Soda gets upset when she hears her husband state he was looking through the bushes in a way that suggests he has done that before.

"Apple Wedding"
  • Tree Trunks' mother and her ex-husband kissing with tongue-on-tongue action.
    • The bride and groom also attempt to french before the King of Ooo reminds them to say their vows.
    • Tree Trunks' mother calling Mr. Pig a "saucy bologna factory," with Tree Trunks being very uncomfortable with this Double Entendre, which seems as cannibalistic as it is sexual.
    • Also Tree Trunks' mother says she'd like "to open up Mr. Pig's hood and see how the bologna gets made".
    • The same ex-husband asking BMO to move in with him, with BMO being appalled by this proposition.
  • The episode ends with one of the better possible examples in this whole series. Apparently, Tree Trunks has an exhibitionism fetish.
    *Princess Bubblegum is watching everyone through the security cameras in her jail*
    Tree Trunks: Looks like we got the whole place to ourselves.. if you know what I'm saying.
    Mr. Pig: Wait, don't you think there might be cameras down here?
    Tree Trunks: I hope so.
    Princess Bubblegum: (shocked face)

"Blade of Grass"
  • Finn calls back to the lady armor that appeared in "Blood Under the Skin" by using his arms to form a suggestive shape while Sexophone plays in the background.
  • "He's a huge ding-wad... Just the worst..."


  • The episode is brimming with references to male gonads. Rattleballs is a gumball machine with gumballs visibly stored in his lower torso; he coughs because one of his gumballs was lodged in his body during a horseback riding accident years before; he throws eggs (a slang term for male gonads in some languages) at Finn during their training exercise; and a flashback shows stone creatures robbing a "rocks" store.

"The Red Throne"

  • "I get better finger action this way."
  • The fact that Simon, explicitly, would rather let himself die than turn back into Ice King, and that he outright tries to stop Betty from saving him, is rather dark for a children's show.

"Bad Timing"
  • Bubblegum admits to keeping cyanide gum under at least one of her conference room tables.
  • At the end of the episode, Princess Bubblegum goes to a bar and pours herself a drink. The episode ends before she drinks it, though.
  • LSP references PB's Dude Magnet reputation by hurling abuse at her and saying "the whole of the Candy Kingdom is in love with your bubblegum buns".

"Lemonhope" Parts I & II

"Billy's Bucket List"
  • The characters constantly refer to Billy's cave as "Billy's crack".
  • An example that didn't get past: Jordan the fairy was originally not wearing underwear when Finn pantsed him.

    Season Six 
"Wake Up"

"Escape From The Citadel"
  • Martin gets part of his leg zapped, stripping it to the bone.
  • The guardian blood giving life to the Lich by graphically growing organs and flesh on his skeleton.
  • Finn's arm is torn off while trying to keep Martin from escaping. Though it's not all that gory since the grass blade completely engulfed his arm prior to the removal, leaving a smooth nub afterwards.
    • What's interesting about these cases is that both injuries were bloodless (Martin's leg was disintegrated while covered in a flash of light) yet the both the Lich and Martin's leg regenerating were extremely graphic, up to showing layers of fat, skin, and nerves. Apparently depictions of blood and body parts only apply to flesh that is being injured.
  • Tree Trunks was about to ask Mr Pig for something that started with the letter D, the implication was divorce (since Tree Trunks looks at her wedding ring), but Word of God states they'll never tell, though they like to think dog.
  • The Guardian blood is sticky white stuff.
    • Which makes a baby out of the Lich.

  • All you really need to know about this episode is that Finn's flower arm is his penis.
    • Possibly highlighted most explicitly when he says he wants to make out with as many girls as possible because it might make his flower "feel good." Cut to Breezy, who's fondling his flower eagerly.
  • There was apparently a G-Rated Sex scene between Finn and LSP. Finn pecked LSP on the lips, but LSP wanted to swim in the "deep end," not the "kiddie pool." Cut to a while later with the two of them in separate sleeping bags, Finn looking equally contemplative and traumatized.
    • Finn is thus both figuratively and deflowered before regaining his arm.
  • Breezy calls herself a virgin queen bee and asks Finn to be her drone, which is odd, yet in character for Cartoon Network's standards and practices department, as an earlier episode ("City of Thieves") had to have the line "We're virgins" changed to "We're Virgin Islands" because it was considered objectionable.

"Furniture & Meat"
  • Finn gets mugged by wildberry people in an alley and comes out covered with their blood (which is just fruit juice, but still).
  • Jake offers to pay to watch a couple do things. At night. In their bed.

"Something Big"
  • The reveal that Daren is a Death Seeker after realizing he's lost his purpose.
  • The Psychic Tandem War Elephant kidnaps a comatose Maja against her will.

  • One of the treehouse's new tenants drags his butt across Finn's face, and he comments on how dirty his butt is, causing Finn to freak out.
  • Finn and Jake inadvertently committing a home invasion while the terrified tenant hides in a corner and desperately calls the police.

"Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe"
  • The scene during Guiseppe's poem, which shows little girls crying over the bodies of their presumably dead fathers.
  • When the Ice King burns everybody's notes in a cauldron, it creates a gas that puts everybody in a euphoric state before they pass out.

"Princess Day"
  • Peanut Princess won't give Muscle Princess any of her "nut butter". She's talking about peanut butter, but it's also a synonym for semen.
  • At one point Marcelline tells LSP to "Calm your lumps" could be a reference to the phrase "Calm your tits".

"Joshua and Margaret Investigations"
  • Wyatt cant get enough of Tree Trunks' pies, with pies being an obvious sexual metaphor.

"The Pajama Wars"
  • Finn uses the same "hot buns" line from the first episode and is met with Mr. Pig getting outraged and hitting him, before leading Tree Trunks away from the party.
  • After Finn and Princess Bubblegum lose a game of musical chairs, the candy people force the two into a closet to have some "heavenly thoughts".

"Astral Plane"
  • The scene with Bounce House Princess and the porcupine plays out uncomfortably similar to a home invasion and rape.

Mini Episode ("The Wand" A.K.A. "Let's Work Together")

  • Finn insults a magic wand by saying, "I heard you pay a robot to rub your tummy for you!"
  • When said wand summons Lumpy Space Princess from its innards.
    LSP: Oh my glob, Melissa! I think it's kicking in!

The First Game ("Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!!")

  • The middle screenshot on the back of the box has this dialogue from Princess Bubblegum. Keep in mind that the game is rated E10:
    Princess Bubblegum: "Someone stole my pantyhose! Who did it?! Cinnamon Bun, was it you?!"

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