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Comic Book: Adventure Time

Adventure Time is a comic book series by KaBOOM! Comics. The first 34 issues were written by Ryan North, with Christopher Hastings to write the book from that point on. It is based on the animated series.

See also Adventure Time Marceline And The Scream Queens, Adventure Time With Fionna And Cake, and Adventure Time Graphic Novels.

This comic book series provides examples of:

  • Alternate Continuity: The comic series has introduced two key developments that may make it diverge from the cartoon—the Lich is thrown into the sun and the missing chunk of the planet is restored. Also, in issue #11, we find out that in this continuity, Billy is still alive.
    • An alternate theory is that the events of the comic book take place during the fourth season, before "The Lich".
    • This states that it is canon, and set during and/or after the show. The blog entry notes that there should only be small divergences due to little finicky last minute additions to the show. Given the two major divergences mentioned above, either this is Blatant Lies or there's a rather depressing amount of Status Quo Is God (if not Foregone Conclusion) for the next few seasons on the show (compared to the comic, anyway).
      • It is heavily implied that the Lich hasn't come around in a while in the comic. And the missing chunk isn't that big of a deal in the show, it's just kind of there.
      • The show creators, on the other hand, have explicitly stated that the comics are not canon and are never taken into consideration when making episodes of the show.
  • Arc Villain: The Lich.
  • Art Initiates Life: Desert Princess's specialty is making animated sand sculptures.
  • Art Shift: In Issue 11, Finn, Jake and Marceline go into BMO to play "Super Guts Punch 3", which is done in pixel art.
  • Bag of Holding: The comic's first story involves the Lich using one in an attempt to suck up the entire planet. Then he'll toss the bag into the sun.
  • Batman Can Breathe in Space: Justified; the comic notes that the gems allow Finn and Jake to breathe in space.
  • Better Than a Bare Bulb: Pretty much everything gets viciously lampshaded either by the characters in the narrative or via notes in the margins.
  • Big "NO!": Delivered by Finn when he and Jake enter the magic bag.
  • Bloodier and Gorier: There's some blood in this.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: "Hynden, is that you?"
  • Brick Joke: In Issue 27, PB calls Finn and Jake to help out with a ghost problem, except that they're not home because they are the ghosts (unintentionally) causing the problem (don't worry, they get better). So, PB is about to call her back-up choice, which Finn hopes isn't a couple of knock-offs named something like Flynn and Blake. It's actually a team like the Ghostbusters, but guess who shows up at the end of Issue 29, after the storyline is over?
  • Canon Foreigner: Desert Princess and Water Princess.
  • Catchphrase/Title Drop
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: In Issue 10 and the KaBOOM! Summer Blast Free Comic Book Day Edition reprint.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • In the third issue, Finn refers to advice given to him by Abraham Lincoln in the past on Mars, which is a hallucination he had in the cartoon's pilot.
    • The mysterious missing chunk of the planet is explored and filled in.
    • Issue 7 shows Bubblegum wearing her rock T-shirt from "What was Missing".
    • Issue 11 references the mess made the last time Finn and Jake tried going into BMO to play video games, in the episode "Guardians of Sunshine".
    • In Issue 18, the treasure of Hunson Abadeer's branch of the dungeon turns out to be a moldy old pile of french fries, implied to be the same fries of Marceline's that he ate according to "It Came From the Nightosphere" and "Memory of a Memory".
    • In Issue 21, Princess Bubblegum calls back the events of "Slumber Party Panic" when she says the most the Gumball Guardians will do to trouble-makers is "make you to do their math homework".
    • Issue 28 features Anti-Ghost Princess, who is Ghost Princess from the same-titled episode back from the dead and busting Ghosts throughout Ooo.
  • Depending on the Artist
  • Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: Issue 25 starts off with Carl the Gem's creation in the dinosaur age. And the story of a random Tyrannosaurus rex.
    • Dinosaur fossils frequently show up in Issues 1 and 2.
  • Evil Gloating: The Lich is more verbose in this, which irks many fans.
    • Kewlboy (formally Ewlbo) frequently does this.
  • Fake-Out Fade-Out: At the beginning of Issue 3.
  • Fan Fic: In-universe, again by the Ice King, titled "Fionna and Cake meet Finn and Jake".
  • Flipping the Table: Finn does this when he gets frustrated in Issue 3.
    Finn: HOW! COME! WE! (table flip) KEEP NOT WINNING?!
    • Jake tries to do this in Issue 5, but fails to realize that Adventure Tim has nailed his kitchen table to the floor.
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: In Issue 10 and the KaBOOM! Summer Blast Free Comic Book Day Edition reprint, Finn and Jake end up under the influence of the reader in a Choose Your Own Adventure story. All their methods of getting their free will back involve messing with the reader.
  • Fusion Dance: The second issue implies that Desert Princess is actually an amalgamation of various Candy citizens.
  • Future Badass: Seen in the Time Travel story arc in issues 6-9.
  • Gilligan Cut: While Finn and Jake explore an abandoned military factory in issue 26, Finn remarks "I can't imagine a single thing our pals could be doing that's more interesting than exploring this crazy old dungeon!" Cue panels of Marceline fighting a dragon, Lumpy Space Princess fighting a robotic version of herself, and Princess Bubblegum... sitting in bed, reading a book.
  • Grievous Bottley Harm: PB attempts this on the Lich with a broken flask.
  • Handshake Substitute: The fist bump, which the comic notes there can not be enough of in any story, whether fiction or nonfiction.
  • Hurl It into the Sun: The Lich's plan with the entire planet with the help of a Bag of Holding. He ends up being cast into the sun himself.
  • Lampshade Wearing: Lemongrab and his Lemon Camel are seen wearing lampshades after Jake's crazy party at the start of issue 7.
  • Making a Splash: Water Princess.
  • No Time to Explain: Said by Finn when he and Jake appear out of nowhere in Issue 3, and then Princess Bubblegum says it's clear what's going on.
  • Ocular Gushers: How Water Princess uses her powers.
  • Opening Shout-Out: The first issue opens with Finn and Jake filming the show's opening. The second issue again imitates the opening to show the damage the Lich has done to Ooo.
  • Painting the Medium: The Lich speaks with white text on a black speech balloon. Marceline speaks with yellow all-caps text on a magenta speech balloon when she's a monster.
  • The Reveal: "Adventure Me" from Issue 20 is from the point of view of an unknown friend of Finn and Jake, who turns out to be Princess Bubblegum.
  • Robot War: In issue 7, Finn and Jake accidentally travel into the future and find BMO accidentally started one.
  • Ship Tease: Issue 8 makes it pretty clear how Ryan North feels about the twist at the end of "Too Young." Also counts as a subversion of Ship Sinking from the show, if the book is canon.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Signature Style: It's pretty obvious that Ryan North writes the comic. Perhaps...super obvious?
  • Spin-Off: Adventure Time Marceline And The Scream Queens and Adventure Time With Fionna And Cake.
  • Strange Minds Think Alike:
    • After the earth is restored, Desert Princess goes missing, and Jake tries to figure out where she went by imitating a princess and saying, "I'm the new princess in town! I'm super nice and everybody likes me!" Cut to the kidnapped Desert Princess, who is bewildered as to why Ice King would kidnap her because she's super nice and everybody likes her.
  • Stylistic Suck: The Ice King's new fanfiction is about as terrible as the last one.
  • This Is a Drill: Finn and Jake's initial plan to escape the bag.
  • Time Skip: A memory-eating monster causes Finn to undergo a few of these in the "Mnemnoid" arc (issues #31-34).
  • Unsound Effect: write write write write
  • Unusual Euphemism: Staying true to the cartoon. "Asymptotic!"
  • Violence Really Is the Answer: Again, staying true to the show. "But there's gotta be SOMETHING we can punch to escape!"
  • What The Hell, Reader?: Marceline calls out the reader in the second issue for turning the page instead of staying to help her fight the Lich.
  • World of Pun:
    • There is a princess who lives in the magic bag named Desert Princess... who's made up of various desserts.
    • What time is it? Ad Venture Time!

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