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Fridge: Gravity Falls
Fridge Brilliance
  • Why Oregon? Maybe because it has more ghost towns in it than any other state.
    • Oregon is the location of a real-life tourist trap called the House of Mystery.
  • A lot of recurring side and stock characters are often re-used in the background for various episodes. It makes sense since it shows how small Gravity Falls is as a community.
  • Why is marrying woodpeckers legal in Gravity Falls? Trembley legalized it before his disappearance.
  • The titular town was founded when a frontiersman rode his horse off of a cliff. Perhaps he named it after he realized, gravity falls.
  • In "Double Dipper," after sharing an introspective moment with his Tyrone-clone, they sip their sodas and Tyrone, of course, melts away. The first part that starts melting away? His chest. Call forward to "Dreamscraper" when Dipper spends most of the episode with a literal hole in his chest in Stan's mind.
  • In "The Time Traveler's Pig", Blendin Blandin travels back in time for a brief moment to a costume store that stood where he was 15 years prior. When he comes back after returning the costume, he pats some flames on his jumpsuit. Guess we know what happened to the costume store.
    • Even with the same thing happening to Dipper later in the episode, it has some funny implications.
  • Also from "The Time Traveler's Pig," Blendin throws something at Mabel while shouting "Memory Wipe!" only for Mabel to point out it's a baby wipe. At first it just seems like a silly gag, but then at the episode's end we see Blendin's superior....
    • The reason Blendin thought throwing the baby wipe in Mabel's face would work? The Time-Baby doesn't have object permanence.
  • When Mabel introduced her "boyfriend Norman", I was confused as to why no one raised an eyebrow to Mabel dating an older teenager. Stan isn't that good of a parent, but it seemed like Dipper would've questioned that instead of just Norman's potential zombosity. Though after learning that Dipper has a crush on Wendy, it makes sense. It would've been hypocrisy.
    • They could have assumed that he was just tall for his age and not much older than Mabel.
  • Pay close attention to the maze on the side of the cereal box in "The Inconveniencing". It's impossible to solve.
    • Actually, the maze has three openings. One labelled "Start", one labelled "Freedom", and one that's unlabeled. It's possible to go from "Start" to the unlabeled one, but not to "Freedom". Weird design.
  • Why hasn't Stan fixed his shop sign (the missing 'S') after episode 3? Because in "Fight Fighters" we discover he has a fear of heights
    • In "Little Dipper" it's still not fixed. Maybe the 'S' is just that heavy. Or, know, he's lazy.
      • Well, the stuffed Jackalope he had broke in episode one and he didn't fix it until episode 10... so maybe it's a combination of the two.
      • It'd be Soos' job to fix it anyway though. I guess he takes Stan's "don't go on the roof" rule from ep. 5 very, very seriously.
    • Also explains why the ladder to the roof is covered with a tarp.
  • If think about it, Rumble McSkirmish's severely black-and-white morality makes total sense. He's from the universe of a video game, where the only possible way to deal with something that opposes is to kill it. Dipper's instructions to simply scare him and walk away were completely alien to him.
  • Trembley's successor was William Henry Harrison, better known as the president who died in 30 days. No wonder why it was such an easy cover up.
  • If think about it, not all of Mabel's 'other fluids' were particularly nasty. In fact, we even see during the working montage that she licks the paintbrush at one point. So one of the other fluids, while the rest are still up for debate, was simply her saliva.
    • It's a rare craft project that doesn't get bled on at some point.
  • Deputy Durland gets hit with several tranquilizer darts and is only out for a few minutes. Well, if remember the absolutely massive number of darts that shot out of the wall, this makes sense, as anything higher-dosage would kill someone if they got hit with even a fraction of that number.
  • With the "S" missing from the sign, it reads "Mystery hack". Grunkle Stan is definitely a hack with some mystery to him.
    • Most of Grunkle Stan's accessories play into him being a conman with an image. He carries a cane without needing to use it, and wears an eyepatch even though he's got both his eyes.
  • This might be a stretch, but when Dipper and Tyrone are sitting on the roof at the end of Double Dipper, there's a shot of their backs faced against the sky as they stargaze. The perspective makes one of them bigger than the other—Big Dipper, Little Dipper, with the stars in the background.
  • Between Stan being mere feet from Rumble McSkirmish (well, horizontally, anyway) in "Fight Fighters" and the fact that if not for his hall of mirrors he would've been shrunk in "Little Dipper", it seems the show is deliberately trying to see just how close they can bring him to the town's weirdness without him actually finding out about it. Given that we know the Shack has special properties and Stan has some sort of secret lair, it's less stretching the Weirdness Censor gag and more teasing out how Stan will react when confronted about the town's happenings. It's also interesting to note that the show has no problems letting the rest of the townsfolk in on the secrets, with Soos, Wendy, Robbie and Mabel's friends almost casually finding this stuff out, so perhaps Stan's ignorance is narratively important for some reason beyond giving him friction with Dipper?
    • Who says he's unaware? Maybe he knows exactly what's going on and is trying to hide it from Dipper and Mabel. Unsuccessfully.
      • Turns out he is aware of everything going on.
  • How did Dipper overpower the monster in "Boss Mabel"? Remember the multi-bear? Dipper retained his athletic ability he learned from the manotaurs.
  • In "Bottomless Pit", Mabel's story is the last story, and the only true one. After she tells it, the four come out the hole the way they came. The truth set her free. Even better since the story had a Family-Unfriendly Aesop about lying.
  • Why does the community pool have a jail? Because of its ridiculously Knight Templar supervisor.
  • In "Carpet Diem", Wendy runs into Soos after he switched minds with a pig and is completely freaked out. Her fear makes sense because Wendy's already seen Mabel possessed by a ghost; without knowledge of Experiment 78, anyone reasonably could suspect such an event has happened to Soos.
  • The symbol on Robbie's chest, that is found only on his jacket and in Dipper's book, is a wounded heart. What happened in the newest episode Boyz Crazy? Robbie had his heart broken. Whether or not this is all major forshadowing for something within the next four episodes, the number of episodes left in the season, is possible.
  • At the end of "Carpet Diem", what was Grunkle Stan "even doing out at night"? Throwing Experiment 78 down the Bottomless Pit!
  • What's the name of the band composed solely by clones? Sev'ral times.
    • And their producer's name is Bratzman.
  • "Boyz Crazy" is perhaps the greatest example of Biting-the-Hand Humor we will ever see. Why? Think about it. The episode centers around a boy band of "Brothers", Gravity Falls airs on Disney Channel, and, as Wendy states, "They're just a manufactured product of the bloated corporate music industry."
  • Sev'ral Timez wear a Non-Uniform Uniform so can tell them apart. As clones, they'd otherwise be indistinguishable, which would weird people out and/or expose their producer's cloning.
  • The voice in the Gideon commercial who says he has always loved Carla but never had the guts to say it is Bud Gleeful's. Either Bud is cheating on his wife or he never told his wife he loves her. Either one fits in well with what we know of the Gleefuls.
    • That or his voice actor, in which case whether it's a Tear Jerker or a CMOH we'll likely never know.
  • Stan's father made him take boxing. Guess we know how he overpowered the pterodactyl now.
    • Also explains why the wax dummies didn't dare to attack Stan without the element of suprise.
  • Bill Cipher doesn't exist in the material plane. Only in the mental realm, sort of like Freddy Krueger. This is why when he was summoned by Gideon, the world went grey, and after he vanished, all who saw his summoning appeared to be waking up.
  • Dipper was able to leap into Gideon's Humongous Mecha in "Gideon Rises" because of his training with the Manotaurs. During the Training Montage, there were scenes of Dipper trying jump a cliff and ultimately succeeding.
  • Why doesn't Soos care about what Stan has hidden behind the snack machine in Dreamscaperers? Because By that point, Soos was really Bill in disguise, and chances are Bill already knows about Stan's secret.
    • Another possibility is that the change hadn't happened yet, but being "smarter than he looks", he also knew about it and was trying to hide it from the others.
  • This could likely count as Fridge Horror as well, but why did Robbie show up in "Gideon Rises" chasing Wendy with a boombox? He's trying to use the music to brainwash her into getting back together with him.
    • Or he's sorta missing the point of their breakup and created his own music to apologize for trying to pass off another artist's work as his own. There's not really enough information to draw a concisive conclusion.
  • This might be a little too WMG for this section, but here goes. Check the scene where Stan's father makes him take boxing. Although his face is obscured by the book he's reading, the kid in the top right corner looks identical to Stan. Suddenly all of the WMG of Stan having a twin doesn't seem all that W.
    • As of the season one finale, it's gone from "crazy theory" to "they just haven't confirmed it yet on the show". Plus, if you compare the young "Stan" in "The Time Traveler's Pig" with every other young Stan we've seen, there are a number of physical differences (cleft chin, lack of body hair, lack of five o'clock shadow, slightly different nose, slightly different hair).
    • On a meta note: Given that we don't know how early this was planned (if indeed it was), which set of twins came first? Was this plot twist created as an ironic echo of Dipper and Mabel's existing relationship after their characters were already conceived, or were our heroic duo only made twins in the first place to further the idea that they and Stan are Not So Different?
      • Presumably the former; Dipper and Mabel were based on creator Alex Hirsch and his twin sister Ariel and many of the series' (nonmagical) events are based on their own childhood experience, so it's more likely that Stan being a twin, if confirmed, was the idea that came second.
  • Why is Stan such a cheapskate despite being shown to make plenty of money? Those machines in his lab sure look expensive...
  • This counts as Fridge Horror as well but remember in "Gideon Rises" where Gideon makes Waddles the pig Gideonland's mascot "Lil Gideon Jr."? Well when you think about it, he probably knows that's Mabel's pig and renaming it "Lil' Gideon Jr." means that he wants Mabel's baby...
  • Blendin's cameo in "Gideon Rises". He walks away before Stan's car knocks the other car near him. Time traveler, remember?
  • "Backwards message! Backwards message! Backwards message!" Seems a lot like something a nutcase like Bill would have someone say to summon him.
  • you know the bunch of numbers seen in the opening credits pyramid circle picture? It's binary code.
  • Back up to the first episode. Dipper mentions how the pages just stop as if the person writing them disappeared suddenly and never finished. Right after reading about how the author thinks they are being watched, and has to hide the journal. Now for the question that reveals what this troper is getting at. If you believe you're being monitored by something supernatural, or something that can use the supernatural, why would you go back to said hiding place to update your secret journal?
  • Why is Old Man McGucket so insane? It's already been leaked that he's actually the one who wrote the journals, and according to book 3 he's had at least one run-in with Bill Cypher. Bill is the one that drove him insane.
    • That image turned out to be a joke.
      • ...Source?
  • In Dipper vs Manliness, the first manotaur he encounters is Chutzpah, the clearly Jewish manotaur, who guides him through much of the manliness training. Later, Dipper says that he feels like he's becoming a man— Chutzpah tells him "not yet". In Judaism, a boy becomes a man at 13. Dipper is 12.
    • The whole Dipper plotline could be interpreted as some sort of feral bar mitzvah on steroids.
  • Stan is cheap, but we constantly see him updating the shack with new exhibits and gimmicks almost every episode. No wonder the Mystery Shack does so well; there's always something new.
  • Wendy seems really good with kids, getting along well with both Mabel and Dipper. Makes sense, considering she has three younger brothers.
  • Stan telling Dipper to stick to his principles in "Dipper vs. Manliness" makes a warped sort of sense—you can only imagine how many times Stan's been called out on being miserly or amoral or a Jerk Ass, and yet he still behaves this way. Stan has always been a man of principle, it's just that his principles are terrible.
  • How did Trembley get away with nominating 8 babies as Supreme Court justices? There are actually no regulations for Justice nominations. You can, in fact, legally nominate a BABY. Which is what Trembley did.
  • Why have the Manotaurs never dealt with the Multi-Bear themselves? Because, as Dipper demonstrated, defeating him takes brains and agility, something they're severly lacking in (Brains especially).
  • In "Sock Opera", aside from just being manipulative, why did Bill pick Dipper as his puppet? Because Dipper has been manipulated and jerked around by Mabel frequently, often for her own interests and gains. He's just as much a puppet to Mabel as he was to Bill.

Fridge Horror
  • In "Headhunters", Stan would have been murdered if Mabel didn't make a life-size wax statue of him.
    • So would Dipper in "The Hand That Rocks The Mabel", had Gideon's amulet required any training to use.
    • Is it possible that Stan's wax statue is alive?
      • He's made out of the melted wax of the previously-alive Abraham Lincoln , so it could go either way — if melted means dead, he could either be an ordinary wax with the "curse" gone out of it at the death of the Lincoln figure, or he could be just as alive because his melted wax was reshaped into a human form again. But if melted doesn't mean dead, just unable to attack... there's gobbets of still-living beings splattered all over the Mystery Shack.
      • And they could be reassembled at any time.
      • I don't think he was alive. Wouldn't he have tried to protect himself from the ax? Also, we see that even if the was figures heads are chopped off they still work. But Wax Stan's head was there when all the other statues were alive and didn't move at all. I think its safe to say melted means dead.
    • So Mabel assembled Wax Stan out of dead remains?
  • In "The Hand That Rocks The Mabel", Dipper forgets to tell Gideon that he and Mabel can still be friends. It's revealed later that Mabel would have been okay with just being friends had Gideon not attacked Dipper. This means that the vendetta sworn on the Pines family is all Dipper's fault.
    • Then why isn't it Mabel's fault for having Dipper do her dirty work? I'm pretty sure the person solely at fault is Gideon, on account of he's insane. Besides, based on his reaction, he probably wouldn't have accepted friendship without romance anyway.
    • He refuses to accept that Mabel doesn't love him back, he got used to getting what he wants, so his reaction to her breaking with him personally would probably be worse. Like "I will kidnap her and lock her in my basement, until she realize how much she loves me" kind of worse.
      • That's not much better than "Obviously, this is her brother's fault. Therefore, he must die so we can be together."
      • Gideon is deranged, we can all agree on that. If Mabel told Gideon herself that she didn't want to date him, he might have still blamed a Pines' family member (or anyone but himself).
  • In the pilot, judging by the fact that the gnomes need a "Queen", she has to "marry" all of them, and all of them appear to be male, it seems likely that they reproduce the way that bees do. Now, with that new found knowledge, imagine yourself in Mabel's position...
    • They need a new Queen, so what happen to the OLD Queen?
      • She died of old age. Sometimes humans do this.
      • If she's human, the gnomes probably kidnapped her like they tried to do with Mabel. What if she had a family and friends who are looking for her and don't know if she's dead or not. That just makes it so much worse.
      • Maybe she died of something else...
    • And while one may believe that it could simply be a ceremonial position and they might reproduce by other means, there was still the fact that they tied her down when she didn't agree to marry them. Isn't that a little bit disturbing...?
    "The more you struggle, the more awkward this is going to be for all of us.
    • On top of that, while the gnomes were defeated, but they are still there and still need a queen. How long before some other little girl goes into the woods and never come back?
      • How many went in before Mabel and never came out? Those gnomes knew what they were doing- they practiced!
      • Pacifica will be the next gnome queen and they'll attack Mabel together.
    • Tying her down was just a Gulliver's Travels reference.
      • How they tied her down was the reference. Restraining her at all was a bit of a plot point (very clear hint to get away from there quickly). The fridge stuff above isn't negated by the that fact that the show did a shoutout.
      • Now would be a good time to mention that Wendy's mother is "not with her anymore"...could she have been the queen before Mabel?
  • Gideon has one of the books, most likely also filled with knowledge of the supernatural and paranormal like Dipper's is. Difference is, Gideon would use its knowledge for vengeance, possibly finding out how to rebuild his amulet, or even find other powerful artifacts.
    • Did you notice that Gideon placed his hand on his amulet while talking to Mabel and she kept saying yes to him and regretting it later? Did he use his powers to coerce her into dating him? He did force the audience to stand up. How far can his brainwashing go and would Mabel keep seeing him?
  • In the third episode, Stan finds the melted wax Abraham Lincoln and blames it on Wax John Wilkes Booth. Hilarious, yes. However, it turns out that the wax statues are alive, so Wax Booth may have killed Wax Lincoln.
    • Wax Lincoln was Stan's favourite. Perhaps he objected to the notion of killing Stan.
    • Which opens up another window of fridge: Can you possibly imagine what it must feel like to stand still, unable to move, as your flesh melts in the sun over the course of several hours?! We never find out if the figures are sentient when they're not awake, and if they are...And I Must Scream doesn't even come close...
  • The fates of the teenagers in Episode 5. One of them was being cooked alive. It's a good thing Dipper is clever and knew how to do a girly dance...
    • One of the fates in particular, being trapped in a cereal box cover, becomes substantially more disturbing when looked at in a certain light. The toucan on the box, apparantly the cereal's mascot, cheerfully says to the boy while about to drive a spoon into him "I'm bonkers for eating you alive!". Presumably, this is a play on the fictional cereal's advertising slogan. This is more funny than it is creepy, unless you look at it this way: This is probably a beloved childhood cereal mascot, like the Lucky Charms Leprechaun or Cap'n Crunch. So, that's basically the equivalent of the Coco Puffs bird saying to you "I'm coo-coo for murdering you in your sleep!" or Tony the Tiger saying "Eating kids isn't just good, it's grrrrreat!"
      • It could be a generic brand. Not that that helps much.
  • According to a document, Santa is the president of the US. Since Blubs and Durland are taking orders from the "Big Guy" (pun slightly intended), that means Santa is perfectly fine with kidnapping children.
    • I think it meant Santa was the president of the United States at some point.
      • Nope. The document explicitly states "current and forever President".
      • I don't think we should rule out an impeachment.
      • Would YOU try to impeach Santa Claus? I thought so.
      • Okay then, maybe he was so disgusted by the corruption that he resigned.
    • I also don't think it was explicitly stated Santa himself was fully aware they were going after children. It's possible all he knew were that two people were unravelling the mystery, and made orders to stop "those two people". Or it's possible that someone Santa delegated was in charge of the operation. Santa does delegate most of his duties to others. Elves and whatnot.
  • Not so much horror as it is sadness: in Episode 9, Mabel banging her head for at least one month since Pacifica got Waddles in one of the alternative timelines seems like some kind of overreaction. Since Waddles was showing resistance, I was wondering why Pacifica wouldn't want to get rid of him. Then it hit me: If Pacifica can't use Waddles as a pet, she's use him as FOOD.
    • It's even scarier when the man who gave Mabel the pig also gave her a fork and knife, which means he gave them away so the people who get the pigs can EAT THEM.
    • Even if Pacifica didn't intend to eat the pig, she seemed aware that Mabel really liked it. In such a case, there's no way that Pacifica would give Waddles to Mabel even if she did want to get rid of the pig.
  • "Fight Fighters" reveals that a code written on the side of an arcade machine can bring one of the characters from a fighting game to life. So how many super powerful fighters are running around wreaking havoc just because they haven't reached "Game Over" yet?
    • To be fair, the directions were pretty dusty when Dipper found them.
    • Also, it can't be that hard for them to reach "Game Over." Rumble McSkirmish is capable of destroying cars with his bare fists — all that fighters need to do is destroy "levels," pick a "final boss," and defeat them in single combat, which probably happens 90% of the time. Then, it's back to the game for them.
  • Wendy's awfully lucky that she got that ladder in the Shack without getting shot.
    • It looks like it's built into the wall ... which explains why Stan hid it behind a curtain.
    • Soos too, considering the step ladder he was standing on in "Tourist Trapped".
  • What would have happened if Dipper beat Rumble? Would he have gone into the game while Rumble roamed free?
    • Rumble probably goes back to the game upon reaching the "Game Over" screen, regardless of how he got there (defeat or victory).
  • We finally see Gideon's mom in Little Dipper. All she does is vacuum, and always has this freaked out expression on her face. Did... Gideon do something to her?
  • Gideon says that zombies don't take orders. Did he read that in his book, or has he dabbled in raising them before?
  • In the Summerween episode, The Trickster reveals himself to actually be a walking pile of vengeful candy, rejected by the citizens of Gravity Falls. It is all fine and dandy because Soos eats him, making him happy and ending his pain. The problem is: More candy still will be rejected by the citizens all the same. A pile of vengeful candy already managed to transform itself in a Eldritch Abomination once. Nothing stops it from doing it again.
    • And who's to say anyone in town will even believe Soos or the kids? "Hey, stop throwing away your bad candy or else it'll turn into a monster!"
    • Soos isn't going anywhere. He'll be around to eat the next pile of abandoned candy that comes around.
  • The monster in the fridge in "The Inconveniencing". It's terrifying and it's in a fridge.
  • Dipper tells the others he might have been bit by a poisonous snake, but no one takes him to a hospital. It isn't brought up again, but still...
  • In "The Deep End", Mermano ended up in the pool when he was captured by a fisherman who wanted to eat him for no particular reason, but escaped before he could meet his fate. However, other members of his species might not have been so lucky.
    • Actually there is a reason. According to nautical legend a mermaid's, or in this case merman's flesh is said to have magical properties to it. Anyone who eats it is said to gain anything from magical powers to immortality.
    • Also in "The Deep End," Mermando probably thought the soggy wet sandwich Mabel brought him looked delicious because it'd most likely been goodness knows how long since he'd eaten anything. Ditto for the poor kid trapped in solitary confinement.
      • You have to wonder what kind of horrible crime against pool humanity he committed to get locked up in there for at least a year. You also have to remember that the pool management probably never told his family...
      • Maybe he peed in the pool and the lifeguard caught him?
    • Mermando was caught in the Gulf of Mexico and driven all the way up north to Gravity Falls. The several hour long drive must have been terrifying for him.
      • According to Google Maps, he could've been in that tank for two days, assuming absolutely no pit stops whatsoever. The best-case scenario only shaves ten hours off of that.
      • Imagining what his family probably went through is pretty bad too.
      • And that fisherman who caught him, and intended to eat him? He was never caught or punished. Meaning that he could conceivably do the same thing again.
  • In "Boss Mabel", Dipper catches a monster in the woods that drives people insane by showing them their own worst nightmare. While it's played for Black Comedy, one wonders how many people have been killed by that monster and others.
  • In "Carpet Diem", Soos (while in Waddle's body) tries to explain to Old Man McGucket that he's really a man trapped in a pig's body. McGucket responds by saying "that's what they all say".
  • The band manager in "Boyz Crazy?" He still has those other clones locked away in test tubes! What's going to happen to them?!
  • Basically the whole concept of brainwashing with music. Robbie could have brainwashed Wendy into doing other things with him... which could constitute as rape. Same goes for that girl that Grunkle Stan was in to (the one who was hypnotized by the hippie guy.)
    • Sev'ral Timez in general. They're pretty much homeless and totally clueless about how to take care of themselves. The episode ended with them stranded in the forest, forced to dig through people's garbage in order to get a bite to eat.
  • The implication that the Sev'ral Timez manager starves the bandmates who don't perform well. It uncomfortably resembles real-life "stage parents."
  • Also from "Boyz Crazy", forgive me if this is just my head in the gutter, but think about it: a couple of obsessive fangirls around the age of puberty note  keeping a naive boy band in the attic. Imagine if they had been there a few more months. Eventually, the girls' self-control might have cracked.
  • In "Dreamscaperers", the page about Bill Cipher in Dipper's book has blood stains all over it. Could this be how the author, erm, "mysteriously disappeared"?
    • Without giving away too much, a leaked season 2 image apparently confirms the author to be alive.
      • LINK! LINK IT NOW!!!
      • I've looked for this image. I can't find anything...Is this one of those "My dad totally works at Nintendo." moments? Can you find Bill Cipher under a truck you can't get to normally?
      • (Original Poster) I posted this because I get the idea that the leaked image might be a bit of a false lead, but here it is. MAJOR spoilers ahead, guys. Please, please, please don't open if you don't want to know.
      • Yeah... that's obviously a younger Old Man McGucket.
      • There's some additional Fridge Brilliance there: Old Man McGucket is a technological savant and has always been ranting about the horrors in Gravity Falls — who else could've built the underground facility underneath the Mystery Shack, is old enough to have used 1970s technology, AND knows a lot about the mysteries in the town?
      • Anyone else notice that in that picture he has six fingers and now he only has five? Is he hiding one under those bandages? Or... those bloodstains...
      • That, my friend, is Fridge Horror and Fridge Brilliance.
      • On a lighter note, how much do you want to bet that in this flashback he'll be calling himself Young Man McGucket?
      • Dipper wrote in his book since getting it. You can see in the season 1 finale that he added the gnomes' weakness (leaf blowers) Maybe Old Man Mc Gucket is just one of multiple authors.
  • In "Boyz Crazy" Stan talks about burying gold for the coming apocalypse. Two episodes later Bill Cypher gives the protagonists an ominous warning about a coming darkness and advises Gideon to buy gold.
  • Dipper outwits Gideon in "Gideon Rises" by making Gideon punch himself, thus making the robot punch itself as well. But... Mabel was on one of the robot's fingers. She could have been close to being smacked and possibly crushed against the robot had Dipper caught the wrong hand. It's a good thing that Gideon threw a punch with his left, Mabel-free hand...
    • Perhaps Dipper believed Gideon's unhealthy fixation on Mabel would prevent him from attacking with the hand holding his sister, and, if this was indeed the case, he clearly analysed the situation correctly, but anything further is pure speculation as his desperate attempt to save Mabel could just as easily have simply been a poorly prepared spur of the moment affair both twins were fortunate enough to survive.
  • While he mostly seems like an okay guy, one does kind of have to wonder what Stan intends to do with that machine. Also, remember that first passage that Dipper read from the journal? I must hide this book before he finds it. Could Grunkle Stan be the person the author was referring to?
  • Minor, but the GF Wiki says Pitt Cola is named as such because it's peach flavored and has a pit in every can. Couldn't...Couldn't people choke on those?
    • Not if the hole in the can is smaller than the pit.
      • Seconded. While doing the recycling, this troper has found beer cans with small plastic orbs in them (for some reason) that don't look much bigger than a pit, but still can't come out.
      • Now there's a JOKE based on that fact in "The Golf War" episode.
  • For the winners of some contest that was related to the Mabel's Guide shorts, Alex Hirsh released personalized messages in character on Soundcloud. The links can be found on his Twitter. Now, one of them was in character as Mermando. In the message, he said something along the lines of "pollution is getting into my home" and it was punctuated with a lot of coughing. Assuming that all of these are in canon, Mabel isn't going to be very happy in the future...
  • The entire concept of a town like Gravity Falls. Yes, the diner so beat up that animals get in is funny, but it's also a serious health violation. Yes, the the wacky creatures in the woods are hilarious, except when they're really not. Yes, the two police officers are charming, but the only time we see them not acting like incompetent comic relief, they are trying to kidnap Mabel and Dipper. Gideon is basically psychotic and he has everyone in the palm of his hand. People flock to the Mystery Shack to see fake wonders, all the while surrounded by a monster-infested forest. Not to mention that thing in the lake and Bill.
  • The Shape Shifter can take the form of whatever it sees, but it displays numerous horrifying forms of monsters that haven't been seen in Gravity Falls yet. Given how we see one other monster in the shadows and the Shape Shifter offhandedly mentions "molemen," these creatures are monstrosities that live under the depths with the Shape Shifter. Right underneath Gravity Falls.
  • Speaking of the Shape Shifter, at one point it shapeshifts into Wendy, forcing Dipper to hack one of them with an axe. He asks for a hint, and even then it was still hard to tell note , so he just had to swing and hope he was right. He was, but it was a coin flip whether or not he'd hurt his friend and this monster would have escaped.
    • I'd have to disagree with this one; it's rather obvious that the real Wendy was the one who zipped her lips since that's a special thing Dipper and Wendy have had since "The Inconveniencing." The idea that Dipper could've accidentally attacked the real Wendy still isn't a pleasant one, especially knowing how much he cares for her.
      • For the Shape Shifter himself, we see his default form. But is it really his true form?
  • If someone else ever makes it into the Bunker, they'll see a cryogenic tube labeled "Experiment" with (apparently) a screaming little boy frozen in terror. The explorer's immediate reaction will be to open the cryogenic tube and free the cruelly trapped, scared little boy. Only the little boy will be the Shape Shifter...
    • Five Bucks says Gideon does it if he ever gets out of prison and when he discovers it's the shapeshifter he would form an alliance to get revenge on the Mystery Shack.
      • If Gideon found "Dipper" frozen in a tube, why would he, of all people, bother to free him in the first place?
      • Gideon would let out "Dipper" so he could ask him for the three journals, realize that "Dipper" wouldn't hear his evil gloating, kill "Dipper" himself I guess, or a excuse to free the shapeshifter.
  • Considering that Dipper raise the dead, why and how did those mass of corpses get buried in close proximity to each other in the outskirts of the woods?
    • They came out of glowing green chasms in the earth that erupted when Dipper's spell was chanted, so they were probably summoned directly out of Hell/the realm of the dead rather than just reanimated from corpses rotting in the ground. Not that that's any less horrifying.
  • What would Pacifica's demanding parents do if she ever lost at anything?
  • Big Henry was killed because there was a gas leak in the Mine-themed hole. It apparently didn't spread beyond the main shaft, but what if the gas leak goes unnoticed by the Putt Hutt staff? Given how frightened the Lilliputtians were of Dipper and Mabel at first glance, it can be assumed that they usually hide themselves from humans, which may lead to the gas leak going unnnoticed; and given how violent the Lilliputtians can get, what if one decides to set fire to the gas?
  • The journals are a satanic symbol; each book's cover has six fingers, and there are three books...
  • In Sock Opera, Bill summons a screaming head for Dipper. Never mind why he has it - how did he get it, and if it's always screaming, does that mean that it's alive? The antiquated hairstyle implies that the head is quite a few decades old... which means Bill's had it for quite a long time.
    • On the other hand, since Bill is a dream demon, it might have just been an illusion.
  • So, just who were Sev'ral Times cloned from?

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