Nightmare Fuel: Gravity Falls

Should I be one, or the other? How about both?

"Heheh, good luck sleeping tonight!"
Soos, "Into the Bunker"

As Gravity Falls is full of the paranormal and supernatural, it's no surprise that it's full of Nightmare Fuel, especially for a kids show.

Spoilers up to the latest episode are unmarked.
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     General, Shorts, and Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained 

  • The creepy whispering in the intro, along with those unsettling chords and flickering subliminal imagery, and the dying/fading on the last note, from the intro will never cease to send a chill down your spine.
    • It's "Three Letters Back" in reverse — the cipher for the initial end-of-episode codes. It eventually switches to other messages when the cipher changes accordingly.
  • Bill Cipher. Full stop. Introduced near the end of the first season, he's described as the most powerful and dangerous being in Gravity Falls, and while a very strong target of Love to Hate among the fandom, everything about him is unsettling at best and horrifying at worst. To elaborate:
    • He's a demon. No kid-friendly minced expressions here; he's explicitly identified as a demon.
    • He's completely insane and impossible to predict. Besides talking, his very first on-screen action was randomly ripping the teeth out of a nearby deer, showing them to the person who summoned him just to give them a scare, and then putting the teeth back in and acting as if nothing happened.
    • However, despite this, he seems to have near-omnipotent intelligence. The casual way he talks to the characters makes it seem like he's constantly one step ahead of them; like he can predict every individual thought and motive that goes through their heads and always knows the exact words to say in order to play them like a fiddle. He may have very limited power over the physical realm, but every time you're near him, you get this underlying feeling of helplessness.
    • He has the power to enter your mind and read as many of your memories as he pleases. It's implied there's a way to defend yourself from him, but we have yet to learn it.
    • If he's able to persuade you (which, again, is very easy for him), he can take over your body. And he has no regard for your body's physical well being when he does so; quite the contrary, he goes out of his way to abuse it as much as possible.
    • He's always watching you. Always.
    • Bill answered a bunch of questions from the show's fans on Reddit. Some of his replies were funny, others were darkly comedic, and there were a fair number that... weren't very nice.
    • This little tidbit from the Reddit AMA is especially unsettling, considering there are images of Bill freaking everywhere in Gravity Falls (you just have to look carefully to find them, they're easily missed). And that's not counting all the Bill merchandise and fanart and such in Real Life...
    • When asked on that thread what his long term plans were, he responded "I'M THINKING OF BRING BACK MKULTRA" This does not bode well at all...
    • Want a little more Paranoia Fuel? Pay close attention to the pictures of Bill on the journal page Gideon uses to summon him. It's at 0:10 seconds of this video. There's a picture of the triangle symbol that's on every dollar bill in America, with the caption "HE'S IN MY WALLET!" That's right. You have bills on you? Then you literally have Bills on you - he can see you through all of them.

  • We get to see Gideon in prison. He's clearly got a huge amount of influence, and the people he's lording over are clearly pretty unstable, and coordinating a mass breakout is hardly beyond his means...
    • That aside, the fact that a child who might be no older than 10 would be put in a maximum security prison with people who have probably done some horrifying things to end up there seems like a big concern.
    • We get more Yandere antics from our favourite Creepy Child in Creepy Letters from Li'l Gideon. He sounds rather unhinged when he mentions counting the bricks in his cell, and says he hopes he'll see Mabel "real soon".
    • There's a sequel out now;
      Gideon: I'll be getting out of here before you know it. Can't wait to together with the ol' book club: you, me and Bill Cipher! Let's see how YOU like being tickled... in your soul.
  • Octavia the 8-legged cow from "Mabel's Scrapbook". She looks harmless enough... until she zaps a passing eagle with her Laser Eyes and eats it with her Overly Long Tongue.
    Stan: Run.

Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained
  • "Stan's Tatoo" has Stan go berserk when Dipper tries to look at his tattoo.
    Stan: I'M GONNA FIND YOU KID!!!!
  • "Lefty": Dipper spies upon a man who never turns right and literally does everything left. Then Dipper later gets him to turn around and he's not human, but a robot controlled by tiny little creatures. The Reveal was both creepy and unexpected (if also a bit hilarious).
    Creature 1: The time has come, brother!
    Creature 2: I can't! I have a family!
    Creature 1: You signed the oath! (both swallow poison and die)
  • The "Tooth" short. Dipper finds a giant tooth on the shore, and tries to figure out where it came from. As he and Mabel row out into the lake to find out, :it's revealed that the tooth came from a sentient island with a face, which then rises up from the water to attack the twins.
    • Here's what it looks like. It's not pretty.
    • If you look closely when it chases after the kids, you can see some SKELETONS hanging off the bottom of it. How many people died from this thing!?!
    • It also speaks backwards, and here's what it says:
    "You have disturbed my slumber. Enter my mouth, children! ENTER YOUR DESTINY!"
    • Bear-O, Mabel's creepy and disformed bear puppet, is also pretty creepy.
  • The Hide Behind, a mysterious creature that no one has ever seen, as it is always living up to its name and hiding behind everything. It has a rather creepy design, although fortunately it doesn't do anything harmful or malicious.
  • Watching all of the shorts and then putting the pieces at the end of them together nets this wonderful image.
    • When you decrypt the Red Code along the edge, it spells I WAS SO BLIND, HE LIED TO ME, THE DARKNESS IS NEAR.

    Season 1 

Tourist Trapped
  • A bunch of gnomes wanted to kidnap and marry Mabel, a little girl, which is unsettling as it is. That's not even considering the fact they can be old even by human standards.
    • They were rather feral when Dipper comes to rescue Mabel, one of them attempting to eat Dipper's face off.
      • And then there's the big gnome monster that they all form together...

Legend of the Gobblewonker
  • McGucket has made these robots before, and has used them on populated areas just to get attention. As is hinted later, this is probably him being nice.


The Hand That Rocks the Mabel
  • Lil Gideon, after he shows his true colours. He's unstable, violent and seems to believe that Mabel is secretly in love with him. This kid's just three years younger than Dipper, and yet he's so far gone that he attempted to cut out Dipper's tongue and kill him.
    • It doesn't help for the fact that Gideon has the voice of Flapjack and while he sounds a tad goofy, it also proves to be quite unsettling.
    • One has to wonder if he was born this deranged or if his contact with the forces in the Journal caused him to be this way.

The Inconveniencing
  • Mabel becomes possessed by a ghost, which is pretty creepy to witness.
  • The cooler monster. Word of God says it'll never be explained.
  • When Dipper turns around and sees that his and the others' reflections have become skeletons.
  • The fates of the teenagers that the twins venture to the store with: Being trapped inside a television screen, a video game, a cereal box cover, and a hot dog that's being cooked.
    • And judging by the sound effect and reactions of the characters watching, the cereal box one was a Gory Discretion Shot.
      Cereal Box Bird: I'm bonkers for eating you alive!
  • More "Getting Crap Past the Radar" than Nightmare Fuel. But it's really really surprising the show was allowed (being Disney) to get away with using the word "Murder" and showing two corpse outlines. Darker and Edgier Disney indeed.

Dipper vs. Manliness
  • We get introduced to the apparent leader of the Manotaurs... only for him to be devoured on screen by the real leader mere seconds later. This scene is bad enough, but it's implied that this is a regular occurrance.
  • The leader of the Manotaurs pulls a spear out of his chest, with screaming and blood and everything.

Double Dipper
  • The copy of Dipper's dismembered arm. It crawls towards Dipper, with unnerving music playing, and then it just bubbles and melts away.
  • Paper Jam Dipper, an irregular and deformed copy of Dipper. While Played for Laughs, it still doesn't feel, look, or sound... normal, unlike the other copies. And then it welcomes its death.

Irrational Treasure
  • Blubbs and Durland become surprisingly competent (even if they're still dense), giving our heroes the fear that the people they trust to protect them can turn on them the moment they least expect them to.

The Time Traveler's Pig
  • The Time Baby, a huge baby with a large head and red eyes that seemingly controls all of time.

Fight Fighters

Little Dipper
  • Gideon returns to thwart the Pines family to come after the Mystery Shack. He really loses his grip and has some pretty Yandere tendencies and Nightmare Faces.
    • The way he screams at his parents, demands his father look him in the eye and grabs him by the face, etc., are all strongly reminiscent of a habitually abusive parent lashing out at a child rather than simply an outrageously bratty kid acting out.
    • Speaking of his mom, we see that she's very neurotic and dead-set on just vacuuming all the time. Did Gideon drive her up the wall?
    • Then he decides to shrink Stan...
    Gideon: Heh heh heh... Hahahahah! WHAT AM I DOIN'!? I don't need ransom! I have this! I'll just shrink Stan and take the Shack by force! And if the rest of you get in my way... (Rips heads off Pines family figurines) SMASH!
    • And this kid's only nine years old. What will he be capable of when he's an adult?

  • The Summerween Trickster is a monster who tasks Dipper and Mabel to bring him candy, or he'll eat them. He's scary enough at first, but his transformed state is even scarier.
    • To demonstrate his seriousness, the Trickster grabbed a random kid and just ate him whole, in the first five minutes of the episode.
    • The Trickster's actual face and his overall true appearance looks like Noh-Face.
  • Stan's attempts to scare the two Trick-or-Treaters are kind of scary, even if the kids don't think so. His first attempt is to wear a mask that makes it look like his face is melting off his skull.
  • Gorney as he's being eaten alive.
    Gorney: REMEMBER ME!

Boss Mabel
  • Dipper caused a couple to go insane by having them look into the Gremloblin's eyes. They're last seen carried away on stretchers in catatonic states, with their eyes wide in frozen terror.

Bottomless Pit!
  • Stan's little speech about life in "Truth Ache".
  • The cowboy skull in "Soos's Really Great Pinball Story" can be both funny and terrifying. Such as when he uses his Vacuum Mouth to suck in Dipper and Mabel to who knows where.

The Deep End
  • The dead, mummified looking merman seen in episode 1 becomes extremely unsettling now that the twins have learned merfolk are real, intelligent beings.
    • Most likely it's intended to be a reference to the Fiji Mermaids, a common carnival attraction about a century ago. Mind you, they were nightmare fuel in their own right, and usually consisted of a mummified ape sown together with a fish. Of course, the one shown in this episode IS human sized...
  • The kid in the pool filter is Played for Laughs, but to keep a kid stuck in there all year is just needlessly cruel.

Carpet Diem
  • Soos's body is switched with Waddles, and while he's being hunted by Old Man McGucket, Waddles is off screen. Whatever he was doing, it resulted in a marriage proposal with a woman being so unbalanced that a mute, bumbling man with no indication of sapience can go from total stranger to marriage material in the space of a few hours — and when he does start behaving like a human being, she's no longer interested.

Boyz Crazy
  • The producer of Sev'ral Timez genetically engineered the band and keeps them locked in an oversized hamster cage, like lab rats.
  • The clones were kept in test tubes. There was an adult, an older kid, a younger kid, a baby... and a fetus.
  • Robbie brainwashing Wendy with his song. The backmasked message itself it pretty damn creepy, too:
    Low Voice: You are now under my control. Your mind is mine.
    • Plenty of scare chords related to that above message.
    • The shit-eating grin Robbie has on his face before he brainwashes Wendy with his song. He knows damn well that what he's doing is despicable and disgusting.
  • Sev'ral Timez is released as babes in the woods. Candy says casually, "They won't last a week."

The Land Before Swine
  • When our heroes come across the pterodactyl's nest, several skeletons are seen nearby.
  • As the gang runs from the pterosaur, they pass a T. Rex stuck in amber that wriggles its arms, suggesting that it might free itself someday. And earlier, they see a trapped dromaeosaurid wiggling its free finger.
  • Old Man McGucket getting swallowed alive by the baby pterodactyl, and implied to have eaten his way out of it at the end.
  • There's also the general fear of having a beloved pet being snatched away by a predator.

  • Gideon wants the shack so badly that he summoned a demon to do the job for him. And he summons him with backmasked words, while his eyes glow and the scenery turns greyscale. While the words being said is literally just "Backwards message", the scene is still pretty creepy.
  • The page in Dipper's journal for Bill's entry is bloodstained, and the author's note warns not to EVER summon Bill. Out of all the horrible things that haunt Gravity Falls, this being scared the author the most. It's entirely possible Bill is the "Him" the author speaks about in the first episode that is watching him.
    • Not the mention the fact that the page of the Journal 2 describing him says that he's appeared in the author's dreams every night for weeks, and the page before his entry in Journal 3 says "Can't sleep can't sleep can't sleep" leading to some interesting implications.
  • Mabel losing her cuteness and temporarily becomes Gonk, isn't a pretty sight.
  • Dipper getting a hole blown through his body.
  • Bill Cipher, the most deranged and scariest being in the entire show.
    • He knows lots of things... LOOOOOOOTS OF THINGS
    • Remember how Gideon was once angry enough to try to cut out Dipper's tongue with lamb shears? Bill tears out the teeth of a deer and hands them to Gideon, who shrieks in horror and drops them all.
      Bill: Deer teeth! For you, kid. Ahahahaha!
      Gideon: Ah- ahhhh! You're insane!
      Bill: Sure I am, what's your point?
    • Bill when he gets angry.
    • Bill leaving was incredibly creepy as well, complete with flickering and flashing imagery, and a healthy serving of scary sounds.
    • While he was leaving, his last words were "I'LL BE WATCHING YOU..."
    • Hell, just the fact that Bill wasn't actually defeated, he decided to just leave, because he thought the Pines were amusing and worth keeping an eye on.
  • The Stinger is the icing on the creepy cake. It's a view of a forest scene with "To Be Continued" written at the bottom, with an eerie remix of the theme song playing in the background.
  • Before the episode even aired, Bill was a source of unnerving content. On Disney's website for Gravity Falls, the game "Rumble's Revenge" yields twelve special cryptograms. When transcribed, they read:
    "i bet you're wondering who I aM."
    "i don't give up answers easilY.."
    "i kNow things. Fascinating things..."
    "your reality is a game to me. And I like gAmes...."
    "mischief is my Middle name, but not my first....."
    "thEre are six hints I will give you......"
    "1. there is a secret socIety in Gravity Falls......."
    "2. the Handyman knowS more than he thinks........"
    "3. gideon has Been searching for something........."
    "4. what goes up Is sure to come down.........."
    "5. dipper is pLaying with fire..........."
    "6. i will be returning to Gravity FalLs............"

Gideon Rises
  • Gideon screaming at Waddles to get back in the corner, coupled with his terrified expression.
  • The giant robot Gideon definitely falls under Uncanny Valley.
  • Gideon's as Yandere ever, and uses the aforementioned Gideon robot to grab Mabel and demand she be his queen.
  • Dipper nearly gets himself killed trying to fight a giant robot, and the twins would've died if Mabel hadn't used her grappling hook in time.
  • The Stinger: We see Stan work on a mysterious portal underneath the Shack.

    Season 2 

  • This episode has a zombie invasion, and poor Soos gets infected and becomes a zombie. Although it's made less scary since he's still as goofy as he normally is.
    • Soos still being a goof makes it even more unsettling since he's as obsessed with eating Dipper and Mabel's brains as the other zombies are.
  • The glove Stan puts on in the bunker has six fingers.
    • Which may be foreshadowing to theStinger at the end of "Not What He Seems," because the Author/Stan's brother has six fingers.
  • The blacklight reveals that there was blood on the journal's cover.

Into the Bunker
  • The Shapeshifter, which does exactly what its name implies. It tricks Dipper into thinking he's met the author of the journals, before revealing its terrifying, somewhat eldritch true form and trying to kill Dipper and take the journal. Dipper even discusses the fact that if it got loose, it could turn into anyone and you would never know it. What makes it worse is that it is actually malevolent, unlike the other creatures which are usually True Neutral. The Shapeshifter is a horrifying monster who taunts Dipper about what may happen to him if he goes too deep, transforming into a horrified Dipper before he is frozen in a chamber. Soos even lampshades it with a "Good luck sleeping tonight!" All of this is a pretty good reason why one of its most terrifying forms is the page image!
    Shapeshifter: (In Mabel's form) Should I be one, (takes Dipper's form) or the other? How about both? (transforms into an BodyHorror mixture of the two)
    • The buildup to the creature's reveal was well done and very creepy. Dipper and Wendy, separated from Soos and Mabel, apparently run into "author of the journals". Everything's going fine, Dipper is happy they managed to find him and everything seems to be going okay. Then Wendy realizes that the man they're talking to is the Mascot on the can of beans down in the bunker. Realizing how bad this is, Dipper tries to head out. And then the Shape Shifter takes quite a notes from another certain shape shifting alien....
    • One of the worst parts about the Shapeshifter? He makes the exact same sound effect as the Zurg-a-Tronic Megaray, the source of many kids from the 90s nightmares.
    • The overall similarities to The Thing also add a lot of Fridge Horror. Wendy's bleeding after the initial fight with the monster...
    • A closer look at its transformations.
    • Its last words.
    You think you're so clever, don't you Dipper? But you have no idea what you're up against. You will never find the author, and if you keep digging, you'll meet a fate worse than you can imagine, and this will be the last form you'll ever take! (As the shapeshifter is frozen it takes the form of a screaming and terrified Dipper.)
  • Whatever that monster in the shadows was. It appears to be a spider, but we never actually see it in full form. It's also mentioned to have regenerative properties... This is assuming, of course that the monster wasn't Experiment 210 and the "author's" battle with it wasn't some sort of ruse to gain Dipper and Wendy's trust, such as shapeshifting part of itself into the "author" and ripping out the monster's tongue.

The Golf War
  • The Lilliputtians tie up Pacifica because they think Mabel would like them best if they murdered her. Then, when they all decide to work together they plan to cut Mabel open.
  • There is a bit of existential horror at the thought that Big Henry, an obviously beloved and valued member of his community, not only dies on screen, but dies for a sticker- one that they didn't even win.

Sock Opera
  • Bill Cipher's back. And true to his word, he has been watching the twins, and returns in this episode while being even creepier.
    • Dipper's trying to find out how to crack the laptop's code, and wishes for some clue or hint. Then the full moon rolls over, and it's revealed to be Bill's eye.
    • "I've been keeping an-" *Bill briefly turns massive, red, and Satanically deep-voiced* "EYE ON YOU since then..."
    • When Bill shows up to taunt Dipper, he conjures up an eternally screaming head for no reason other than to frighten Dipper. Then he snaps his fingers and the head unravels, stripping away hair and skin, then flesh and eyes, and finally pulling the skull out of frame. The head is, of course, screaming the entire time. And its tongue ties itself in a knot as it unravels.
    • Dipper tries to make a deal with Bill to get some information out of a laptop, but Bill ends up double crossing him and possesses Dipper's body. While it's quickly Played for Laughs as Bill gets used to a physical body, but the music that starts playing combined with Dipper's screaming combined with Bipper slowly climbing to his feet as all the lighting goes red is pretty terrifying.
    • Bill!Dipper, or Bipper, is both hilarious and terrifying. Bill enjoys causing Dipper's body pain way too much and his expressions when threatening Mabel are cruel in ways Dipper's face should never get.
    • Bipper wears a wicked grin on his face, half Cheshire Cat Grin, half Slasher Smile, and it's exceptionally creepy to look at. The animators made his face more frightening than it should be, as in close-up, you see actual individual teeth and gums, which rotate with the angle of the head and everything, as opposed to the usual nondescript white bar you usually see in characters' mouths. It makes him look more than a little disconcerting.
    • Seeing him dressed as a reverend makes for an incredible contrast; coupled with the dark clothes, unnatural eyes, and a Slasher Smile, it makes him look especially sinister.
      • Word of God says that his mannerisms and reverend costume were based on two sources, Reverend Henry Kane of the Poltergeist film series and Reverend Harry Powell from The Night of the Hunter. That's right, an eldritch cult leader and a serial killer who threatens children.
    • Our heroes were lucky that A, Dipper was still able to possess a sock puppet to communicate, and B, Dipper's physical body was worn out. The thought of Bill, this total sociopath, running around in the real world, is not a pleasant one.
    • His fantastic Nightmare Face when he asks, "How can you do that... if you don't exist?"
    • One unnerving thing is how nobody finds anything strange about how Bipper acts, although Word of God stated that we dont' get to see this because of time restrictions.
    • The sheer amount of body horror. Bill inhabits and damages Dipper's body, while Dipper watches helplessly. There's nothing he can do.
    "Race you down the stairs!" [falls down steps]
    "Boy, these arms are durable!" [slamming arm repeatedly in drawer. When he removes it it's stuck full of forks.]
    • Even the episode's code, once translated, makes an incredibly creepy poem. Just what the hell is Bill planning?
  • This one is subtle. Observe the room right before Bill appears. After the flash, very faintly there's a rubics cube in the corner. It was not there before. Later episodes have shown a rubics cube in Dipper's possession.

Soos and the Real Girl
  • The animatronics at the Suck E. Cheese's knockoff restaurant were pretty creepy to look at even before they were taken over. It doesn't help that one of them looks disturbingly like Mabel's puppet Bear-O.
    • On a similar note, some of the things that they have built into them don't really make a whole lot of sense, like the clawed hands on the Barrel Rat Robots. Considering that they looked like they were all endoskeleton they obviously weren't meant to be seen, making one wonder why they were even put on to begin with.
    • While it is a complete coincidence, as the episode was finished long before the game came out, the animatronics have reminded many of the indie horror game Five Nights at Freddy's, which also had killer animatronics.
  • The episode centers around Soos coming across Giffany, a Yandere in a dating sim that ends up possessing the aforementioned animatronics to get Soos and delete Dipper, Mabel, and Melody.
    • She has a split second Nightmare Face seen here when she's going full Yandere, and even resembles a face that the Yandere queen herself, Yuno Gasai would pull.
    • The camera cuts away from Soos playing on the dating sim... only to reveal that his computer is unplugged.
    • It's revealed that Giffany killed her creators, and they show that she electrocuted anyone who tried to destroy her.
    • Giffany herself has an unsettling and shaky pixelated art style that clashes with everyone else on the show, especially when she starts showing off her Contagious A.I. powers and combined with her Accent On The Wrong Syllable voice. Worse, apart from her brief screaming fit when she realized Soos was putting her up for a while, she never loses that cheerful, polite tone.
    • Her death is also nothing to sneeze at, uttering a horrifying scream while the robot she was possessing melts.
    • The episode can hit a little too close to home if you've ever been in an abusive relationship. Giffany's speech to Soos, that real women will only judge and insult him and that staying with her is the only way to prevent being alone, sounds too uncomfortably like what an abuser would say to their victim to get them to stay.
    • Game companies needed to produce many, many copies of a game to recoup the expenses in creating a game in the days before direct download. How many other players are dead, trapped in the game, or forever under Giffany's digital thumb? And what happened to the three people who owned the game before Soos?
      • We're told that they returned the game to the store, which implies that they freaked out before Giffany had the chance to get into the serious assault phase. So it's possible that Romance Academy 7 failed miserably as far as sales went, and Soos is the only one unlucky enough to have Giffany around long enough for her to build up to "YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE ME". Still a disturbing prospect, though.
    • This episode is frightening because unlike Rumble McSkirmish, Giffany thinks. She's not locked into a set of rules like Rumble is. She's a living, thinking entity capable of complex planning and emotional manipulation. Move past her screaming match when Soos says he's leaving her to the end of the episode; she goes right back to being her charming self, gleefully describing to Soos how no real woman would ever be with him, but how she's always predictable no matter what. You can tell by the look on Soos' face that Giffany knew exactly where to hit, and that, even for a brief second, Soos really considered giving his mind to Giffany.
    • As if to prove a point how different Giffany and Rumble are, she rather casually vaporizes him in passing when her programming moves through his game.
  • Take a closer look at the dumpsters when Stan is being attacked by the badger robot. One has Robbie's "explosion" painted on it, but the second has a much more sinister symbol.
  • Goldie, an old coin-operated machine in the Mystery Shack that malfunctions and spews oil from its face while screaming, terrifies a poor unfortunate little boy to tears.
  • That random woman that Soos accidentally bumped into is unnecessarily creepy, even if it was also funny at how absurd the scene was.
    You can't undo who you are.
  • Giffany brings all the animatronics to life... including the one Stan was stealing. The way Will E. repeats his Catchphrase right before attacking Stan was especially creepy.

Little Gift Shop of Horrors
  • An unnamed person is greeted into the Mystery Shack late at night. After Stan tells three different stories about some of the items he's selling, the person decides not to buy anything. Then, Stan gives them a "potion" that knocks them out. They wake up in the shack the day after, trapped in a case and apparently glued to the stand, being shown off as an exhibit called "The Cheapskate".
    • Made worse by Stan's continued creepy smile as the person's vision blurs and they fall over.
      "You shoulda bought something while you had the chance..."
    • Then, Mabel and Dipper see the person in there and don't seem to care at all. There's a thin line between Rule of Funny and Rule of Scary. At the least, this episode is hinted at to be non-canon.
  • One of the items Stan talks about is this some... blob creature... with an unnatural appearance and high amount of eyes and other orifices.
  • The swarm of disembodied hands in the Hand Witch story.
  • If you're scared of stop-motion/claymation, like Mabel is, then seeing the claymation monsters won't be a nice sight. Worse yet, is Mabel's creation: Shimmery Twinkleheart, somehow even more terrifying when rendered in claymation than in regular animation.

Society of the Blind Eye
  • This episode features a secret society that has been erasing the memories of people in Gravity Falls, making them blissfully unaware and ignorant to the horrors and mysteries of the town.
    • To take it a bit further, it seems that various people of Gravity Falls suffer a bit of brain damage because of it.
    • Lazy Susan is seen on a payphone trying to call for help, when she's suddenly abducted by two members of the society, then they tie her down and erase her memory.
    • The scene where the main characters get to watch McGucket's memories is really unnerving, as it shows his descent into insanity, leading up for him to be the crazy old coot that we know him as now.
    • The credits scene shows Grunkle Stan, and he's working on his mysterious machine. A portal is open, sucking some things in, even a pipe which manages to hit Stan's hand (and we even get to see blood as he patches it up). Then there's some cryptic possible Foreshadowing as he says that no matter how dangerous this is or how long it takes, he will pull something off and no one will get in his way... right as the camera focuses in on a picture of Dipper and Mabel.
    • The first video journal of McGucket's shows that something he worked on becomes more and more unstable as time passes. And at the very end, Stan comments that the portal is "growing stronger every day." The video diaries also reveal that McGucket worked on the portal with the author of the journals. This is a disturbing example of how erasing your memory many times due to denial can lead to complete and utter insanity.

Blendin's Game
  • While a tame episode overall, it was not above showing the loser of a gladiator tournament screaming in agony as his body is disintegrated.
  • During the time travel segment, the Gleefuls can be seen walking by in the past, looking like a perfectly normal family... but there's also an advertisement that shows Bud having a 'just had a baby' sale. But someone drew on the advertisement, referring to Gideon as a 'demon' while drawing horns on him.
    • Beyond painful Foreshadowing, it just raises the question... What the hell happened? How did everything go so wrong...?
  • Blendin was going to Ret Gone Dipper and Mabel out of existence if he won.

The Love God
  • This episode is pretty light hearted, although it does place this show in rather stark perspective to realize that an episode that begins with an angst-ridden teenage boy moaning at the bottom of an open grave could be considered comic relief. Or that said comic relief includes a pair of cheerful undertakers who place plates of cookies on top of occupied glass caskets.
    • There's also Robbie's parents giggling as they exclaim that they hope nobody died in the balloon crash. Sure you do, your dread of the extra business is written all over your faces.
    • That open grave scene? It features the Mystery Shack kids encouraging Thompson to look inside by chanting "Gaze upon death! Gaze upon death!"
  • It's subtle, but the model of the town Mabel makes while trying to find a date for Robbie has a slightly unsettling resemblance to the one seen in Li'l Gideon's bedroom in "The Hand that Rocks the Mabel".
  • That horrible, HORRIBLE balloon created by Stan. It's deliberately over the top and darkly hilarious, but it just looks... wrong.
    • His original blueprints are also pretty creepy. And let's not forget a mother and child's reaction to the balloon heading toward them:
    Kid: Mommy, is the floating head going to eat us?
    Mother: Yes he will Charlie, yes he will!
  • Robbie has a picture of Dipper on a dartboard. This isn't too weird, we've seen Bud Gleeful with a picture of Stan on a dartboard, the same with Pacifica Northwest and Mabel's picture. But Robbie's dartboard is filled with knives, and there's writing next to it reading DIE DIPPER DIE. It's quite unsettling, especially when you consider their age difference...

Northwest Mansion Mystery
  • The Lumberjack Ghost. He's got a big, menacing, and terrifying design, including an axe sticking out of his head.
    • To herald his arrival to Dipper and Pacifica he had the stuffed animals head bleeding out of their mouths and eyes as they talked ominously.
    • When all the taxidermied animals come to life during the party, we get lovely sights such as the front half of a deer dragging itself forward and a goat stiffly flailing on its side, as well as various animals attacking people while bound to pieces of wood.
    • When the taxidermy start chanting "Ancient sins... Ancient sins..." Even worse, they're spewing blood!
    • After escaping from the mirror, he starts turning people into wood! And as if that weren't over the top enough, the final act of his rampage was to set the house on fire with all of the people turned wooden statues in it!
    • While everyone turning into wood by the Lumberjack Ghost was horrifying enough, we get a rather disturbing Call Back. When Dipper was turned into wood, his position and scream mirrors exactly how the Shapeshifter froze after transforming into him from Into The Bunker. What's even worse is that might not even be "his fate".
    • The fact that the Northwest parents and their butler were gonna let the ghost rampage and burn everyone else. Also, while it's more of dark comedy due to the delivery of the line, the fact that Preston was seriously planning on eating the butler once food ran out is still disturbing and just further shows what a depraved man he is.
    • The ghost's backstory. Did anyone expect to see that axe go flying at his head?
  • There's some disaster that's coming in 21 hours, and a terrifying tapestry hints that Bill may be behind it!
    • Said tapestry seemingly depicting people worshiping Bill while being consumed alive by flames!
    • Why was that tapestry in the Northwest residence, anyway? Maybe there was a deal that went down...
  • We see why Pacifica is the way she is: her father is treating her like a dog and has her at his beck and call with the ring of a bell. Considering how scared she was of tracking mud on the carpet and how scared she is of her parents in general, they must have left some pretty deep scars on her.
  • The Page Cryptogram at the end reads STANISNOTWHATHESEEMS STANISNOTWHATHESEEMS STANISNOTWHATHESEEMS! Now what is the name of the next episode? Not What He Seems. Oh, Crap!

Not What He Seems
  • We finally find out the "truth" behind Grunkle Stan: he's been dead for thirty years. The Stan that the twins have been living with all summer, the Stan that we've grown to know and love, might be an imposter. This is somewhat mitigated by the fact the following episode revealed that Stan faked his death in order to impersonate his brother.
  • If Mabel had been wrong, the universe would have been destroyed.
    • Highlighted by Dipper saying, "Are you insane?! We're going to d-". That is a huge Adult Fear that you're facing your mortality and your sibling sealed the deal.
    • Heck, the Broken Aesop set up by this is terrifying. The Power of Trust is a beautiful thing, kids, so it's okay to put trust in a felon who has lied to you for as long as you knew them, impersonated someone who (apparently) died a highly suspicious way, and is currently enacting plans that, as far as you know, may bring harm to others, because they really aren't as bad as they seem.
      • Thinking about the episode in that light, this does double-duty as Adult Fear as well, and is a pretty untimely message considering the currently problem the US has with people ignoring warning signs in dangerous individuals, often leading to tragedy. Talk about a "Do as I say, not as I do" aesop.
    • Made worse by the fact that, apparently, she was wrong. She was right about Stan not intending to destroy the Universe, but even his brother is disturbed by the fact that he actually opened the portal. He asks whether Stan read the warnings, and Stan responds that he did but decided to go through with it anyway. The portal apparently is capable of enormous destruction. Mabel was just very lucky.
  • The moment where Stan's machine starts activating. The sky goes red, gravity begins to distort, and it appears that the very fabric of reality is tearing itself apart. Though it actually didn't cause the apocalypse, it sure as hell looked like it was!
  • The scene when the countdown reaches zero, gives us a closeup of Dipper, Mabel, Stan and Soos being engulfed by the machine's energy, making it look like they were vaporized.
  • A bit mundane compared to the rest of the episode, but Mabel's escape plan was seriously risky. If the humvee had crashed in any other way, they might not have been able to walk away like they did.
  • The Author has been trapped in a dimension where he hasn't aged for thirty years from Earth time. Think on that.
    • He actually has aged, as he looks far older than he did when he was thrown into the portal. He just looks younger than Stanley.
    • Also, the Author is shown to have gotten on Bill's bad side before, and the Author has just returned as well as being revealed to be Stan's brother. If Bill wasn't angry with the Pines already...

A Tale of Two Stans
  • An accidental screwup gets a still-underaged and still in high school Stanley completely disowned by his entire family and thrown out to live in his car with no money and a single bag of clothes. A frighteningly realistic nightmare for a lot of teenagers.
  • Remember Stan's tattoo? The one he claimed didn't exist despite the obvious evidence to the contrary? Well, as it turns out, he actually isn't lying, because that isn't a tattoo. It's a scar. A scar from a hot metal brand. And during the flashback to the night his brother disappeared, they actually show him getting it.
  • Seeing Stan and Ford going from close-knit brothers as kids, to borderline hating each other and coming to blows in their adulthood is quite shocking to see, and frightening in its own way.
  • When Stanford and McGucket were first testing out the portal, McGucket was partially sucked in. Although he was completely unharmed, whatever he saw on the other side appeared to traumatize him, causing him to quit the project. Stanford then shouts after him, only to be answered by incoherent whispers, which led him to think he was going insane.
    • Subsequently, whatever happened between McGucket quitting the project and Stanley arriving at Stanford's house. It apparently caused Stanford to undergo Sanity Slippage and turned him very paranoid, to the point where Stanley is the only person he still trusts. In fact, it's likely that it was during this period of time where he encountered Bill Cipher.
    • He's particularly suspicious that something wants to steal his eyes. Just the paranoia talking, or did he really run into something that tried to do it?

I'll be watching you...