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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Gravity Falls
Welcome to Gravity Falls!

Wendy will have a Heroic Blue Screen of Death next time something paranormal happens around her
In the first season, she was almost killed by ghosts, horrified by Soos speaking in the body of Mabel's pig and was being mind controlled by Robbie into being in love with him. Sooner or later those incidents are going to take their toll on the poor girl and drive her to a breaking point. It will take all the Mystery Shack to help her snap out of it.
  • Subverted. She handles herself quite well in the second example.
  • Jossed by "Into the Bunker".

The Reason Behind Grunkle Stan's Greed?
Credit to /u/DevanteX of Reddit.

  • Could it be because he's trying to buy all the gold he can? Bill Cipher himself said "Remember! Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!" and Stan also told Robbie "you've been buying gold, right?" Also, in an earlier episode, Dipper picks up one of Stan's magazines, called "Gold Chains For Old Men" This could be one of the many sources where he buys his gold from. So my question is, if he really is spending every dime he gets on gold, what could it be for? Does it have something to do with his twin?
    • The gold probably fuels that weird portal thingy in the bunker.
      • That's possible, though it doesn't explain why he brought up the matter to Robbie. Maybe Stan believes (wrongly or rightfully) that something big is going to happen and gold will somehow help.
      • Since the show pokes fun at various conspiracy theories, it could just be a throwaway reference to the stereotype that survivalist-types are obsessed with gold.
      • Its most likely intended to be a parody of the survivalist idea that gold would still retain its value after a social collapse, yes. Though it seems odd that Bill would mention that.
      • Maybe Bill Cipher gets a kick out of finding survivalist-types and telling them to buy gold and that the world is ending. Seems like it'd be his thing.

In the Gravity Falls universe, High Five Ghost is the great, great, great (However many greats) grandson of Abraham Lincoln. Only instead, he's dead
In "Irrational Treasure", Mabel finds a document that shows that underneath Abraham Lincoln's hat was a hand that stuck out of his forehead, just like our little high fiving ghost.

Candy will (or already has) create BMO, maybe even a line of them.
Candy (as the strange girl), will get the idea to create an old-school gaming system, and then uses her own voice for programming.
  • The promo for the next Adventure Time episode shows there may be a BMO factory, meaning Candy could make a whole line of BMO's...Imagine if Jake's kids are connected to Mabel in some way. This could connect a lot of crossovers.
  • Jossed, as BMO's creator was shown as being male. Still, maybe she helped him.
  • maybe the creator was an uncle or something, and had Candy do he voice work for the game he created

Bill is Walt Disney's soul.

Bill's circle.
This is just a theory of what the symbols on Bill's circle represent.
  • Pine tree - Dipper; Confirmed
  • Shooting star - Mabel; Confirmed
  • Question mark - Soos; Confirmed
  • Pac-man symbol - Stan; It is on his hat after all.
  • Pentagram - Gideon; This is the symbol that's on his Tent of Telepathy.
  • Bag of ice - Wendy; She does have a cool personality and her first major episode took place in a convenience store.
    • Don't forget the ice at the fair and the cooler on the roof!
  • Stitched heart - Robbie; This symbol does appear on his sweat shirt.
  • Six fingered hand - The author of the books; It's obviously him, since the symbol is on the books, we just don't know who he is.
  • Llama - Wendy's dad or some one equally tough; Larry King's head did say llamas were nature's greatest warriors, so it would have to be someone powerful.
    • Maybe Grenda could be the llama...
    • It could be Gompers the goat. See theories below.
    • Wax Larry King is a strong candidate for this one. The llama on the wheel is mirror-reversed from the one on Mabel's sweater. Mabel was holding the sweater up to the mirror when Wax Larry endorsed it, thus identifying himself with that version of the image. Expect to see more of Larry in the next season.
    • Lebam, a mirror doppelganger of Mabel created by Gideon from a sample of her hair (and her llama hair sweater). There is considerable evidence for the existence of this character. See theories by "The Sqoou" on You Tube.
    • Pacifica. We've only seen the sweater, but not anyone wearing it. If Mabel and Pacifica do eventually become friends, maybe Mabel will reward her with the sweater for doing something brave?
  • Sunglasses - I dunno, maybe Blubs; He's the only character with sunglasses. Blendin could also be an option since his goggles cover his eyes.
    • ...and Candy could be the glasses.
    • I'd like to point out that when Gideon summoned Bill to go into Stan's mind, there was a little arrow pointing at the glasses.
      • That was a big X over his eyes, basically symbolizing "Kill Stan."
      • Well yes, on the picture in the middle of the summoning circle the glasses on Stan's face where crossed out, but what the other troper was referring to is probably the fact that Gideon's book on summoning Bill had an arrow pointing to the glasses symbol in the circle.
    • There is currently a popular fan theory (with a surprising amount of evidence) that Grunkle Stan has a twin brother, and that the glasses represent said brother.
    • The glasses look like they have a frame line on top but not the bottom, like the Stan they disturbed when time-traveling (and the glasses in the secret room with the carpet). It could be the hypothetical twin of Stan.

The author of the book was someone who associated with Stan.
Stan was accompanied by someone ; possibly a friend, a lover or a relative; who wrote down all the creatures they encountered and all the rituals. There was only one book at the time, possibly heavily encrypted in a code only Stan and his associate were able to read. Later, the author 'translated' the book into standard English, dividing the content into different books and hid them away in separated places. Originally the Author intended that the books might only be used by people who knew what they were doing and who were aware of the risks they took.

Stan originally summoned Bill Cipher.
He made a deal with him, resulting in him getting the Shack and all its mysteries. But after he gained all of that, Stan used his knowledge of magic and screwed Bill over. Bill went back empty handed. However he took precautions and encrypted Stan's mind, before Stan sent him back. Thus Stan has huge memory gaps.

The carpet in "Carpet Diem" belongs to (or was created/stolen by) Stan

can tell by his reaction to the carpet that he knows what it is. He's not surprised by its existence or anything, and he seems pretty eager to get rid of it.

Stan's secret room behind the vending machine is actually an apocalypse bunker.

I actually don't believe this one myself, but it was worth putting on here! Plus, information to back it up is found all throughout the episode "Boyz Crazy".

  • Jossed

Gravity Falls takes place in the same universe as the Disney Animated Canon.
Think about it: Almost every episode has featured at least one element that was in a Disney animated film. Living video game characters, merpeople, numbered "experiments", etc.

The warning "Stan is not what he seems" is not what it seems.
It's not saying Stan is untrustworthy; quite the opposite, in fact. It's stating that Stan's borderline evil Miser act is just an act, to throw suspicion off himself. Stan is some benevolent being that's been subtly leading Dipper & Mabel in their adventures.
  • Well, he tried to make some bonds with the kids taking them to fish, who knows, he is not all that douche with his bloodline, maybe?
  • Or maybe that's what it's talking about? Stan only really started being nice to them after Dipper found the book, and he is horrible at hiding it. What if it's his Jerk with a Heart of Gold thing he has going towards Dipper and Mabel is where the "not what he seems" comes into play?
  • Stan will be revealed to be the Big Good

There will be an episode with giant vampire bats.
Its obvious, in the opening while the caracters are around a campfire a face of a bat flashes by and one of the entries of the book was about vampire bats,so far most of the monsters were forshadowed like the gnomes, gideon, the time traveller ect. why not bats?
  • Apparently jossed: in "Scaryoke" Dipper discovers messages in Journal #3 written in invisible ink. The page on giant bats is covered in invisible scrawls indicating that the giant bats in Gravity Falls are giant fruit bats, and are harmless despite their intimidating appearance.

The Book was written by Dipper's future self.
Being that the book had many different references to Dipper, Mabel, and everyone else.
  • See this picture for some proof.
    • Dipper got his hat from gift shop, it could be emblem of the town.
    • Two of the symbols on the circle (the glasses and the crescent moon) likely represent Stan's eyeglasses and the identical symbol on Stan's Fez, respectively.
  • Wouldn't Dipper list "Shovels and Leaf Blowers" as the gnomes' weakness? And recommend taking down their leader first?
    • A possible explanation - it doesn't operate on Stable Time Loop. In a previous timeline he didn't know Mabel would need his help, failed to her, then spent the next 6 years investigating her disappearance.
      • Building off of this, the machine in the tree is the control mechanism for some sort of temporal displacement device, which is hidden beneath the hatch that the second switch opened. Dipper moved the first switch twice before he used the second switch that revealed Book 3. What if the first switch sent books 1 and 2 further into the past?
      • The Unstable Timeline theory does make sense, especially when consider that without the book, Dipper wouldn't have suspected anything about Norman, and would've never saved Mabel.
      • There could be many timelines, and we're just watching the latest one. Every timeline would complete another few of the book. But wouldn't Gideon be doing the same thing too?
    • Perhaps the events of "The Time Traveler's Pig" made the timeline unstable.
  • When Mabel is hallucinating on the candy in episode 5 her hallucination says, "The Future is in the Past."
    • I think just invented a new trope "Higher Revelation".
  • Alternatively Future Dipper purposely left the gnomes' weakness in order to keep the time loop stable. Also, perhaps he started documenting strange occurrences in a similar journal which was for sale in the Mystery Shack as he discovered weird things not in "3" and only later realized he was the one who originally wrote 3 and so left some information that would have altered the past.
    • There are books with a similar-looking (though mirrored) hand on the cover seen in the background in the shop in a few episodes.
  • More evidence for this theory. In the opening theme, just before the title is displayed, we can see what might be a picture of future Dipper in the pictures in the background in the upper middle of the screen.
    • This could also be a little portrait of Alex Hirsch as a joke (note the similar facial hair), but since the twins are based on Hirsch and his sister, there's little difference either way.

He still sleeps in a bunker, which he built to hide from evil creatures.
  • Or he may have been trying to hide the books from people like Gideon.

Old Man McGucket has something to with the book.
He made a metal creature like the Gobblewonker look real. The journal was hidden near the metal tree that also looked real.
  • He learned about creatures and things in the forest from all of the time he spent in Gravity Falls.
  • It's pretty easy to interpret him as being post-Go Mad from the Revelation. The Shapeshifter does say, "that six-fingered freak hasn't been himself in thirty years."
  • I support the hell out of this theory. The books have six fingers on the cover, and look at McGucket's arms! Bandaged! Could it be that possibly a few fingers were cut off? And maybe the blood spilled on Bill Cipher's page. Also, all three of the journals include blueprints that create a machine. It has to be McGucket.
  • McGucket most likely has (or had) six fingers on his right hand. That hand is always at least partially concealed, whether by a bandage, an alligator, or work gloves. The flashbacks to the journal writer never give a full view of his right hand, where the extra finger would be. He is the journal writer, and this is distinct from Stan's twin, if any, because the glasses are a separate symbol from the six-fingered hand on Cipher's wheel.
  • The laptop from the bunker says "Property of F". McGucket's first name is Fiddleford.
    • Also, the presence of "Experiment #78" in the Mystery Shack and "Experiment #210" in the bunker implies the same person or persons used both places, and Stan uses a six-fingered glove to yank the portal machine's power lever down.
  • In "Golf Wars" the ending cryptogram says "The old man sleeping on the green, can't help but wonder what he's seen", implying that he knows more about the town than his crazy wanderings have revealed to him.
  • Cofirmed! A leaked screenshot on YouTube confirms he's author, with the same reddish purple robe seen in the flashback in Season 1.

The Book was written by Stan's wife, who ended up getting killed in a supernatural manner.
Combined with a Never Got to Say Goodbye with Stan. His terrible joke in episode 2 could've had more behind it.
  • Also, she may or may not appear to Dipper as a ghost later in-series. Or she could be hiding under Stan's fez.
  • Word of God says that Stan's ex will appear, but no mention if she is dead or alive.

There will be a crossover with Phineas and Ferb in the future.
  • And Dipper and Mabel's reactions to Phineas' inventions of the day will be both hilarious and plot worthy.
  • We will learn that Waddles is an O.W.C.A. agent.
    • Or He isn't, but he ends up teaming up with Perry anyway, and may or may not become an agent by the end.
  • Actually, it will be a three way crossover that will also include Wander over Yonder called "Phineas and Ferb Wander Over to Gravity Falls."

Clyde and Betty Jo Flynn's cabin is close to Gravity Falls.
Which is going to be the in-universe justification for this crossover.
  • Or Phineas and company stumble into another dimension (or vice versa) and that dimension is Gravity Falls' dimension! The other dimension thing is canon in P&F, and it would be an awesome "Timmy Turner meets Jimmy Nutron"-esque crossover.

In the season 1 finale, either Dipper or Mabel will either disappear or be presumed dead.
And this will be a big Tear Jerker/Cliff Hanger moment.
  • Exactly what I was thinking. I can somehow see that quite easily...
  • Gideon may have something to do with it.
  • If it's Dipper, it might involve a Dead Hat Shot.
  • It'll be Dipper. Notice the lamb imagery around him—not only his dance, but also the lamb shears Gideon tried using on him. This represents that Dipper is the sacrificial lamb and will die for the sake of Mabel and Grunkle Stan.
  • Jossed

Dipper and Mabel will gain Twin Telepathy.
Twins in a supernatural town? Obvious.
  • Alternatively: They already have it, on some level, but aren't aware of it. It's not quite a Running Gag, but there have been several instances where Dipper says something and Mabel— without time to process what he's said—says the same thing. For reference, this happens in "Headhunters" and "The Time Traveler's Pig".

This show will be the Breakout Hit of 2012, on the level of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
There have already been tons of positive feedback on the show almost instantly with many calling it Disney Channel's best show since Phineas and Ferb.

Uncle Stan is some kind of supernatural creature himself.
The backwards phrase during the first episode's end credits already spelled "Stan is not what he seems", and in the show's intro, look at Stan's shadow at about 0:14.
  • You're seeing the shadow of Mabel's umbrella. Stan's shadow is normal.His head does look triangular, however.

Decapitated Wax Larry King's head will be a Chekhov's Gunman.
Mostly because the episode's secret code translates to HE'S STILL IN THE VENTS.

Stan is training up both Dipper and Mabel to take over the shack should (or when) something happen to him, with them unknowingly becoming his apprentices.
In Tourist Trapped, he specifically chooses Dipper to go out into the woods instead of either Wendy or Soos, which is how Dipper finds the third journal. Also, as Dipper attempts to get Stan's attention to tell him about Norman, he completely ignores him and therefore forces Dipper to go out and fight on his own. In other episodes, like The Legend of the Gobblewonker and Double Dipper, he introduces Dipper and Mabel to the strange things Gravity Falls is hiding but remains an uninvolved force in the overall plot.
  • As an added theory, he and the twins may not be related at all, tying in with the Stan being a supernatural creature himself theory. It's possible he foresaw the twin's importance to him for whatever reason, and therefore drew the kids to Gravity Falls in the first place. After all, we never see Mabel and Dipper's parents and aren't certain on their reasoning for sending their kids to a man they're very loosely related to in the first place.

Gideon will be a recurring antagonist, and will either directly oppose Dipper, or keep trying to win Mabel's affection.
At the end of Episode 4, it's revealed that he also has a book, presumably also full of knowledge about the mysteries and supernatural goings on about Gravity Falls. He could probably use that to his advantage in terms of getting what he wants, which is Mabel, and would probably be on the lookout for other artifacts like the amulet.
  • He may also become the Big Bad.
  • He does return in "Little Dipper" and still tries to make Mabel his "queen".
  • Confirmed. He was both a major and minor antagonist throughout the rest of the first season.

Mabel's grappling hook will make a return, either being a common or occasional tool for her and Dipper, or it will be a Chekhov's Gun.
They introduced it at the end of the first episode, and it will most likely have its uses.
  • As of "Gideon Rises" this is confirmed.

Stan is using Obfuscating Stupidity.
Stan is definitely not what he seems. He's hiding something too, and he probably knows that Dipper has the book.
  • On top of that, at the end of Episode 1, he moves aside a vending machine to reveal the entrance to a basement with ominous lighting, and he looks around to make sure no one else can see him.
  • Confirmed. He owns Journal #1.

Gravity Falls' nefarious undead will appear later in the series.
Dipper initially misidentifies them as gnomes.
Waffle with big arms is real.
He's one of the weirdest monsters in Gravity Falls and at some point Mabel met him.

Robbie is a Zombie.
  • The undead are often mistaken for Teenagers.
    • And why is that? Because of their bad skin and attitude, both of which he definitely has.
  • He is the only teen besides Wendy who isn't transformed or imprisoned by the ghosts.
  • The broken heart symbol on his shirt can be seen in the Book that appears in the credits.
  • If you pay attention to the graffiti in Thompson's car, one of them reads "Zombies Rule!"
  • In Fight Fighters, Robbie's band is called The Tombstones and their song is called You're Dead.
  • In the Summerwean Trickster it is mentioned by Wendy that Robbie ate a single piece of candy and got sick—Maybe because it wasn't flesh?
    • Actually it was because he ate the lollipop stick. Still support this theory though.
  • Word of God said that there is a reason for not disclosing the last name of Robbie past the letter V, so I think that it stands for Vampire. This fits his appearance better than a zombie, but so far there has been no mention of vampires(except for Mabel's boyfriend), although the bleeding heart suggests vampire as well.
    • In support of the vampire argument, someone online suggested he was originally bitten by a blind vampire who missed his neck. The red spots on his chin are therefore his bite scar.
  • A fan from the SDCC 2014 panel mentioned that in "The Inconveniencing", when Dipper looked into the convenience store door, all the kids were turned into skeletons except for Robbie. Mr. Hirsch acted a little suspiciously to that question.

Jeff the gnome will come back and try to get back at the twins.
I mean, come on, you don't send a character flying over the horizon screaming "I'll get you for this...!" in a show with a story arc and not have him come back.
  • He and Gideon will team-up at some point. But will end up turning against each other due to their affections for Mabel.
    • On the contrary, Jeff teams up with the twins against Gideon. Though Gideon does end up turning the gnomes against them.

Dipper did say "Maybe your next boyfriend will be a vampire." Now, I'm not saying he's a vampire, I have no idea what he is, but he just
  • Maybe a Gnome; in "Little Dipper" he talked about making Mabel his queen.
  • Alternately: Gideon is a puppet. The termites attacking him, and Stan being confident in releasing them right on his wooden front porch, his absurd appearance including his height, and the observation that Buddy Gleeful is essentially a counterpoint to Stan Pines so perhaps he has strange secrets as well, such as being a more paranormal Falls expy of Geppetto.
  • Look closely at the star symbol on the circle-the one associated with Gideon. It's got an eye inlaid in it. It's an Elder Sign. Perhaps a clue at Gideon's true nature?
  • The vampire thing doesn't give support to Gideon's lack of humanity because in "The Deep End" Mabel mentioned a vampire boyfriend (She could have just dreamed it up, though).

Gideon killed his parents.
Well, maybe his mom since his dad, Bud Gleeful, is alive. There's no mention of her at all.
  • Jossed. His mother shows up in "Little Dipper".

Stan is A Time Lord.
That vending machine he went into in the first episode, a TARDIS. Those books, his journal of all the alien stuff he encountered on his journeys. It would also explain why Gravity Falls seems to attract the strange and supernatural.
  • Well, he does wear a bowtie and a fez!
  • Going with that theme, The Time Baby is, in actuality, The Nightmare Child from The Time War.

Stan's secret bunker is a vault of the most precious thing he ever stole.
This blue light was its Power Glow, and it will be MacGuffin at some point. Stan doesn't even know what it is.

Little Twelvetoes wrote the journals.
Why else do you think they each have a six fingered hand on each cover?

The machine in the tree is a Reality Warper device.
Once activated, it made Dipper's deepest dream come true. For all we know, Dipper's an Agent Mulder.

The characters are reincarnated/AU versions of the characters from EarthBound.
Dipper=Ness. They both wear hats, Dipper attempts to use a baseball bat as a weapon in Episode 4... Gideon=Porky. Likes to call Dipper "friend", is pretty evil, doesn't seem so at first, is Dipper's enemy, might be the Big Bad, and looks like a pig and is fat. Etc?
  • A counterpart of Giygas is the Bigger Bad and the deep dark secret of Gravity Falls.
    • Bill Cipher. He may not look as horrifying as Earthbound-Giygas, but he fits.

Soos will be revealed as the Big Bad.
His Idiot Man Child persona is likely a bit of Obfuscating Stupidity, especially since Dipper says in the first episode that Soos is usually right. Unlike some of the other characters, he has rat-like teeth, a possible hint at a duplicitous nature. And was his discovery of the Wax figures the fortuitous accident he claimed, or was he actually looking for something else, such as Stan's secret vending machine entrance?
  • According to one of the Bill cryptograms in Rumble's Revenge, "the handyman knows more than you think." Who else could the handyman be but Soos?

Uncle Stan is somehow related to Mr. Krabs.
Both are greedy, mentor-like figures, and Jerks With A Heart Of Gold.

The book was written by John Winchester.
John discovered Gravity falls and, amongst all the weirdness he encountered there, he left the town, leaving the book behind and deciding the town was far beyond his abilities. The book was hidden in the forest so no one could find it and connect it to him, forcing him into a job he will never be able to complete.

The Cryptogram does not mean anything.
The writer of the book was one of the first few people Stan managed to con into the Mystery Shack. The cryptogram, "STAN IS NOT WHAT HE SEEMS" was just the writer suspecting that there was nothing important in the shack, whether he though Stan was distracting him or was just a con man is unknown.

Gravity Falls is an American Gensokyo.
And everyone there is a Youkai. Dipper and Mabel are de facto Youkai busters, solving potential incidents. The book is similar to the side material, explaining to the reader about the native species. The reason the Boy-to-Girl ratio is normal is because of the Manotaur's existence.
  • Or similarly, Gravity Falls is the location in reality nearest to the American Gensokyo's border. Maybe the Mystery Shack is what exists in both worlds, a "shrine" to the forgotten creatures, which sometimes slip through the cracks (or haven't crossed over yet). That's where Dipper and Mabel come in.

Gravity Falls takes place in the same universe as John Dies at the End.
We know that Undisclosed is special, being a sort of town-sized portal to hell, but there's no reason why it has to be the only one. Gravity Falls's wacky supernatural shenanigans, like Undisclosed's, are due to a portion of the populace using soy sauce and the presence of doors to other dimensions. One citizen we can be sure is on the sauce is the old man from Gobblewonker: Single-handedly building insanely-complicated models of monsters that might in fact exist? Sounds a lot like what Big Jim used to do in his basement...

Also, I like to think that at some point Dipper was at the very least one of the many people who e-mailed Dave and/or John with a crazy story or two, since between his snarkiness and straight man role to his crazy ditz of a partner in crime he's like a pint-sized, more innocent version of Dave himself.

At some point, Gideon will capture Dipper and hold him hostage to blackmail Mabel into going out with him again.
It's the perfect scheme. Is it weird that I really want to see this? Mostly to see what Dipper would do, and also because I really want to see Mabel go absolutely nuts on that little twerp.
  • Nope, you're not the only one who wants to see Mabel kick his ass.
    • Kind of happens in "Little Dipper", when Gideon takes both of them hostage. He seems more interested in the book once he suspects Dipper of having it though.

Soos was right.
The mailman will really turn out to be a werewolf, or were-something.

Stan is a Plumber or a universe equivalent.
The pyramid man seems to have a similar bow tie and hat to Grunkle Stan, and he is not what he seems apparently.

Symbols around the eye of providence from the opening are some kind of occult symbols stuck in Gravity Falls residents' subconscious
So they put it on their clothes. Several Mabel's sweaters has symbols (star, llama) - in "Headhunters" she was knitting, so she could've made them herself, or whoever made them is also affected. There's also a tree from Dipper's hat and broken heart from one of teenagers' shirt. It may be coats of arms of families who ruled Gravity Falls earlier. And tree from Dipper's hat could be meant to be pine, so Pines could be one of such families.
  • To add some weight to this theory - Double Dipper featured cloning machine (well, copying machine) that recreated anything, except the tree from Dipper's hat. Which probably means symbol is indeed special.
    • Actually, Dipper was wearing a bow tie when he copied himself, which didn't transfer to any of the copies either.
    • Well, couldn't it mean that the bow tie is somehow some sort of symbol?
  • Mabel wore the sweater with the star in the opening sequence and pilot, so she would have obtained it before coming to Gravity Falls.
  • In Dreamscapers, Bill specifically refers to Dipper, Mable and Soo’s as “Tree, shooting star and question mark”

Grunkle Stan is in wayyyyy deep in whatever's really going on in Gravity Falls.
I realize this is super obvious, so I'm using this space to round up the evidence. There's the secret passage behind the vending machine, of course, but in "Dipper Vs. Manliness" we can see part of a tattoo on his right shoulder blade. I'd bet my lunch money there are a lot more little clues to come this season.

An upcoming episode will feature the merpeople of Gravity Falls.
There's a picture in the opening credits that could be a mer... thing, and we already know that some- if not all- of the pictures are significant, from Gideon and the Gnomes appearing. Merpeople 'living in the water' where mentioned in Dipper vs Manliness by one of the Manotaurs.
  • Stan is aware of the merpeople. You can see one on display in the Mystery Shack in some shots (like in episode 1 when Dipper is complaining about having to go out into the woods & hang up signs), and also, when Stan first appears, he scares Dipper by wearing a merperson mask!
    • The thing on display is actually a famous hoax. Also, now that we've met Mermando, we can see that actual Gravity Falls merpeople look nothing like the mask Stan wore.
  • Merpeople: check.

There is going to be a time traveler in an upcoming episode.
Aside from the obvious—episode 9 is called 'The Time Traveler's Pig'—there's a man who keeps popping up repeatedly in the background, as one of Dipper's suspects in episode 3, and in one of the photo's in the intro.
  • Confirmed.

The Multibear was testing Dipper.
Took a Level in Badass or not, Dipper being able to defeat the Multibear that easily seems implausible, even by the standards of this show. The Manotaurs were bigger, stronger and more well-trained than Dipper. How likely is it that they should fail to defeat a physically stronger enemy where Dipper succeeded? Upon realizing that its latest challenger was a human child, the Multibear decided that Dipper might still be redeemable, and let him win just to test his moral fiber.

What the Multibear would've done if Dipper had failed the test, is anyone's guess. But it's unlikely that it would've allowed itself to get killed.

The whole town is in on it.
The whole town, or most of Gravity Falls knows about at least some of the supernatural occurrences:

  • Manly Dan apparently knows about the Manotaurs.
  • Wendy's friends don't seem to go ballistic over the idea that ghosts exist. They canonically know about the existence of ghosts now.
  • Old Man McGucket probably had to see the Gobblewonker to make a robot look so close to the real deal. He also might know about living wax figures.
  • Gideon has the second volume.
  • Gideon's dad probably knew about Gideon's abilities.
  • Grunkle Stan we all know is in on something.
  • Soos apparently is aware on some level.

Marginally related to that, EVERYTHING—that is, all the supernatural stuff—is/will be connected somehow, perhaps in the finale of the first season.
It kinda jumps around all over the place—Gnomes! Ghosts! A time traveler! Living waxed figures—-to the extent that a troper can't help but feel something will come out of it.

The town was once visited by The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
They did visit Twin Peaks before, and that's in Oregon as well... plus what's to say Dipper might form a League of his own when he becomes more badass?
  • Twin Peaks is in northern Washington. Characters cross the border to Canada repeatedly in the series without traveling far from town. Doesn't negate the rest of your WMG, but the two towns definitely aren't in the same state.
Gideon will make a Heel-Face Turn.
And the Mystic Amulet is going to be a Chekhov's Gun in defeating the real Big Bad of Gravity Falls.
  • Why does no one seem to remember that the amulet was shattered at the end of the episode?
    • We remember. We also remember that he has blueprints to rebuild it. He's not guaranteed to do so—if he needs some rare ingredient, for example—but he can.

The "Charm" in Dipper's book...
Is a magnifying glass, not really a charm that gives the wearer mystic powers. But it might reveal things not visible to human eyes.
  • The magnifying glass part seems incredibly likely; if you're paying attention, the writing in the jacket of the book ("Property of") is clearly visible through the "gem" part of the charm/pendant/whatever. As to what it does, well, there is a trope for that.

Wendy is/will be the mother of Marceline the Vampire Queen.
They share a similar physique and attitude. Given the amount of crazy shit in both shows, it doesn't seem unlikely that Hunson Abadeer might visit there, and find a mate. And who better than the sole female employee of the Mystery Shack? The great Mushroom war begins roughly 10-20 years after the current time of the story in Gravity Falls.
  • So everyone on the show dies early?
  • To build on this, Candy will become BMO, she is played by the same voice actor and she had forks on her fingers for "improvement of human being", maybe she thought becoming a sentient machine was also an "improvement."
  • Given the right kind of environment, this troper could see Robbie becoming Hunson Abadeer. The dark demeanor and jerkish attitude are a good start. Not to mention his guitar (played like a typical guitar, but drawn as a BASS guitar) could be the influence for Marceline to become a rocker herself.
    • Though in "It Came From the Nightosphere" Abadeer has no idea what a guitar is. "It's the family axe... Did you turn it into some kind of lute?"
  • Interestingly, in the future scene in The Time Traveler's Pig or whatever, we see the Time Baby has become hostile, with the time symbol red and forces resembling the time security retreating against him. Whatever happened in the Mushroom War is apparently capable of driving the Time Baby mad, possibly damaging the time stream in the process with one less force to manage time traveling.
  • The new episode of AT (jake the Dad, 1/7/13) shows that Jake and Lady's daughter, Jake Jr., has the same voice as Mabel.
  • Dipper's real name will be revealed as Simon!

The amulets have different abilities.
Assuming every volume has an amulet with it, and every volume is different. The amulets were likely placed away separately because when combined they might be too powerful.

The first machine's switch did something else.
The machine Dipper found in the tree had two switches. He flicked the first one on and off, but that did nothing. The second one opened the trapdoor. So the question is, what did the first one do?

Gideon will form a League of Evil Exes.
Granted, the only other identified possible members are a bunch of Gnomes, but...
  • Perhaps not a league of Evil Exes, but enemies from the earlier episodes out for revenge. In addition to Gideon and the gnomes, Dipper clones #3 and #4 (Dipper did kind of kill the others), Wax Larry King's head, and possibly others in episodes that haven't aired yet.

Grunkle Stan is actually trying to prevent a destructive supernatural/alien force from getting out.
The force is kept locked in the bunker behind the vending machine. Grunkle Stan just checks on it on a regular basis. Someone will get into it, either Gideon hoping to control the power or someone else (perhaps Dipper) who mistakenly believes that Grunkle Stan is the bad guy.

There are eight journals in Gravity Falls.
The number eight is repeated multiple times through out the series, in the form of the numeral, it being mentioned, the letter H (the eighth letter in the alphabet), and the infinity symbol. We know that multiple volumes of the journals exist, and is seems like owning all of them could be influential to the plot. So it's possible that there could be eight journals, and the ensuing Myth Arc could play out like slightly kid-friendlier version of the Survival Game from Mirai Nikki.
  • Then why does volume three cut off in the middle, as though something happened to the journal writer?
    • They could be numbered thematically (with each volume covering a different topic), or belong to different people.
    • It might not be cut off in the middle, especially now that we have proof that some parts of the journals are written in invisible ink.

Soos is short for Jesus.
Pronounced the Spanish way, of course (hay-SOOS).
  • This is confirmed in storyboards from the 2nd episode.
  • Confirmed
    • The 7th episode also has Pacifica refer to Soos as Jorge (pronounced hor-hay).

Double Pacifica.
When Wendy is waiting for the bathroom, we see Pacifica still on the dance floor, but then Pacifica comes out of the bathroom. This isn't a continuity error. Pacifica found and used the copier, and the Pacifica that came out of the bathroom was a clone. Note how she has duller colours than normal.
  • Wouldn't she melt from the urine or hand washing?
    • She could have just been re-applying make-up.

The Northwest family has a history of constipation problems.
This is why Pacifica was looking so frustrated when she came out of the bathroom. It's also the reason why her forefather tried eating a tree - He was desperate for a source of more fiber.

(The Double Pacifica theory fits into this, with one small modification: It was the real Pacifica who went to the bathroom. She knew that she might have to spend some time there, so she made a clone of herself to keep people's attention on the dance floor)

The "Adam WarRock Gravity Falls Theme" will be featured in the show at some point.
Alex Hirsh knows that it exists and claims to have liked it.

Each numbered volume is actually a part of one big book.
Basically, whoever wrote the book found some way to split the book into multiple volumes to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

Pacifica might team up with the Pines Siblings.
How many episodes, I am not sure.

Pacifica will team up with Gideon.
Pacifica could be considered Mabel's Sitcom Arch-Nemesis, while Gideon is one to Dipper (Although less sitcom-y, with all this attempted murder and stuff). Of course this would take some Motive Decay for Gideon to team up with Mabel's enemy, but hey - dude's crazy. He and Pacifica can even start a relationship - two rich sociopathic narcissists.

The Book is alive.
In the first episode, it was actually trying to warn Dipper that he was facing gnomes rather than zombies.

Dipper clones 3 and 4 will return.
After stealing the bike, 3 & 4 are never again seen. While it might be difficult for the two to survive in a world full of liquids, they were not confirmed to be dissolved.

Each volume of the book has instructions on making some powerful item.
The one Lil' Gideon has shows how to acquire the amulet that gives psychic abilities. Each volume of the book shows how to make certain items, each one giving a different power. Having every item at once makes the user pretty unstoppable. Powers given by the other items may include invisibility, mind control, and shape shifting.

Each volume of the book has a different "topic" on the supernatural.
The one Dipper found features information about supernatural beings. The one Gideon has features instructions on creating magical artifacts, or perhaps instructions on powers and forms of attack. The other book(s), which hasn't/haven't been found yet, follow(s) different topics. This would make it possible for there to be more than three volumes, despite Volume 3 being ominously unfinished.
  • One thing about Dippers copy though. It doesn't just have creatures in it, one page covers a "Cursed Door"... although may the door itself is a creature, who knows.

Dipper will meet the author of the Books, who will beg him to stop his crusade and forget about the unknown.
Dipper's answer won't be shown directly. We then see him living a completely ordinary life, writing and doodling innocently in a journal, and putting it down to run off and play... but then we see the journal's cover: a six-fingered hand marked with the number 4.

An ambitious six-season story arc has been planned.
Each season will cover one summer. This will mirror the six years the author of the Books spent researching Gravity Falls.
  • Kinda sorta jossed since Word of God says the first three seasons will deal with the first summer.

Wendy is not as old as she claims she is.
Wendy is/was freakishly tall and has been for quite a while, as shown in "Double Dipper". It's not unreasonable to suppose she may be a year or two younger then she claims she is. Which, incidentally, means Dipper might have a better shot with her then he thinks.
  • However, Alex Hirsch claims that Wendy and Robbie were in the same class in elementary school, suggesting that they are the same age, and that she IS in fact as old as she claims to be.

Dipper and Mabel are Thomas Jefferson.
In "Irrational Treasure", one of the secrets is "President Jefferson was just two kids on each other's shoulders in a trench coat", and considering the next episode is about time travel...
  • Dipper and Mabel don't pretend to be Thomas Jefferson in the time travel episode, though it doesn't necessarily joss this theory. Maybe they'll time travel in a future episode.
  • They traveled back in time many times, so it is possible that they are Jefferson. True, we don`t see them pretend to be him, but its not outside the realm of possibility, especially with all other other crazy stuff going on...

Dipper's birth name is Abel.
And it's going to be very important for one reason or another.
  • The Pines family has a history of producing fraternal twins. Stan had a sister Jan, who then gave birth to a set of twins (the male half would later become “Mr. Pine”) and finally, he and his wife made the two protagonists. They also keep the tradition of rhyming names. Dipper just thinks his birth name sounds stupid.

Dipper's birth name is Alex.
And it's not that important.

Dipper's birth name is Alejandro.
After all, it is the Spanish equivalent of Alexander, isn't it? And Alex is short for Alexander, which means it would be a stealth way of naming Dipper after the creator, without technically doing so.

Dipper will find the scary skull from the opening credits.
Now, after the pig appeared, it seems inevitable.

The President's Key will be a Chekhov's Gun.
Again, inevitable.
  • It will be how Dipper gets into Stan's secret vending machine bunker.

Disneyland will make a Gravity Falls ride.
Perhaps the most inevitable thing of all. Most likely it will be relegated to California Adventures due to not exactly fitting the "Disneyland Experience", but there's seriously no reason not to:

  • Fits right in between the Woodland area of the park and the Airfield (Not to step on any toes, but I'd be ok with it replacing Goofy's Air school. Not worth a 40-minute wait. Not at all.)
  • Comes with a built-in gift shop a la the one and only Mystery Shack that the ride could empty out into like The Hollywood Tower.
  • Could borrow elements from several other rides:
    • Flashlight-mounted to carts that reflect on parts of the ride, complete with Midway-Mania style "Sleuth-score" for finding hidden stuff inside the ride.
    • Shout outs to the Haunted Mansion, Tower of Terror and other rides: extendable forest walkway/line divider with Bigfoot tracks, intentionally faulty elevator room that jams about a foot short from expected height, Plank leading into/out of the Mystery Shack that triggers the "S" in Shack to fall forward on a drawbridge-like hinge, the like.
  • And best of all: A three-story drop from the attic (yeah, it's mostly a haunted house) to the basement that no one riding the ride first time around will expect. Preceded by a shrieky witch's ghost.
  • All in all, the most thrilling ride Disney's built in years.
  • If they make a version for Walt Disney World, they could put it in the Magic Kingdom's Fronteirland or Liberty Square.
    • If they put it in Disney World, it's much more likely to go into Hollywood studios, which is where attractions based off of more recent movies and TV shows go for the most part.
  • How about it would be a American version of "Mystic Manor" from "Hong Kong Disneyland" but with a Gravity Falls theme... replace Mystic Manor with the Mystery Shack, Lord Henry Mystic with Grunkle Stan Pines, and instead of Albert playing with the music box which makes everything in Mystic Manor come to life, it would be Mabel playing with the music box which makes everything in Mystery Shack come to life while Dipper tries to undo the music box's magic, oh and either use Gideon or the Gremoblin to replace the monkey king near the end of the ride. I kinda got the idea from how Gravity Falls is a pretty good disney series and because it would be the opposite of Tokyo Disneysea's version of "Tower of Terror" because in America and France it had a Twilight Zone theme... well the Oriental Land Company didn't want to pay Disney and CBS to use the Twilight Zone name and because not many people in Japan are fans of the Twilight Zone despite the movie and the 80's series was released there. Plus having a Audio-Animatronic Grunkle Stan would make Alex Hirsh's dream come true.

Stan is somehow involved with SCP Foundation.
Behind the vending machine is perhaps the SCP Foundation warehouse.

The show shares a universe with Puzzle Agent.
The feel and humor of the two series is pretty similar, and while we haven't seen any supernatural beings in Scoggins, Minnesota yet, there's so much unexplained there that they might possibly exist.

The Time Baby is related to that creepy floating Giant Baby Head in Phineas and Ferb.
And it may be an impetus for a crossover per a previous WMG.

Pacifica likes Dipper.
Pacifica has picked on Stan and Mabel, but not Dipper. When Mabel saw Waddles, Pacifica joked that Waddles was "Mabel's real twin," suggesting Mabel is a pig, but not Dipper. The pig episode came after "Irrational Treasure", so she may have respected Dipper for defending his sister, being more serious, or for giving into his need for revenge.

There will be a falling out between Dipper and Mabel.
The author of 3 said not to trust anyone, but Dipper learned he can trust others. This will be Dipper's undoing: he will be (possibly accidentally) betrayed by Mabel or someone close to him, causing him to rip out the message about trust he wrote.

There will be an episode dealing with an alien invasion.
And it will have tons of references to famous sci-fi movies like War of the Worlds and Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  • One of the pictures in the intro had a pair of flying saucers, so its likely that aliens would appear.
  • They'll also reference Invader Zim somehow.
  • In an interview Alex Hirsch mentions he won't do aliens until one of the final episodes. He says something like "Once you do aliens you're done. Talking to aliens is like talking to god. You can't go much further than that" (that may or may not be exactly what he said). Obviously this means he has considered the concept of aliens, and hopefully plans to use them eventually.

The series is a prequel to Left 4 Dead.
Most of the cast are the special infected. As listed by /co/:

Lazy Susan=Boomette
Grunkle Stan=Charger
Manly Dan=Tank

Waddles the Pig is the key to unlock the secrets of Gravity Falls.
  • Well, he was being sold by a guy at Stan's carnival. Going with the "Stan knows everything" theory, maybe Waddles and Mable really were meant to be together.

The fair was a fixed point in time.
Notice how hard it was to keep Wendy from getting the black eye? And how the only way to get it to work is to keep Mabel from her pig? The universe NEEDS Mabel to have that pig and for Dipper to fail at that date. When Dipper went around it, that's when bad things started to happen.
  • Fits in with the "Stan is a Time Lord" theory above.
  • Dipper may still have altered the outcome in a different way. When Robbie originally asked Wendy out, he was nervous and a lot more sympathetic character than at any time before. In the final version of the timeline, he walks up to her right after she's been hit in the eye and says, "Hey, this is a perfect time for me to ask you about something..." And then Mabel sics Waddles on him, because now she realizes what Dipper sacrificed for her.

That pyramid thing's name is Bewarb.
You know that pyramid thing that shows up at the end of the show's intro? The mosquitoes in the first episode were trying to warn Dipper about him, hence Bewarb.
  • Jossed. It's Bill Cipher

STAN IS NOT WHAT HE SEEMS is misleading.
Everyone seems to think that he might be evil. Maybe the message means that he's a merman or something.
  • Stan is evil. He's barely a good person by the most liberal standards. The message is misleading in that we're supposed to think he's a big bad guy, but he's actually a good guy in an antagonistic position in whatever revelation there is.
    • Stan is antagonistic, though it's hard to call him evil. He does often try to rip people off, he cheats and apparently steals, but as far as we know he's never tried to destroy anyone.
    • Further more, he's been shown to genuinely care about Dipper and Mable

Gideon's mother died.
We never see Gideon's mom, nor is she ever mentioned, but his dad has a wedding ring. If she died, it could be a reason why he's not quite right in the head.
  • Jossed by Little Dipper; where we see his mother vacuuming, albeit... disturbingly.

Gideon killed his mother.
As an alternate to the above theory, Gideon's mother is dead, but he killed her. He uses mind control on his father so he would forget. Gideon's mother knew about the amulet and didn't like how her son was becoming corrupted so she attempted to destroy it, but he killed her, possibly on accident, possibly on purpose, when she tried to destroy it.
  • Jossed unfortunately by Little Dipper, where we see a disheveled and old-looking woman who Gideon calls "mother." It's rather unsettling, and while he might not have killed her, maybe she wishes he would.
    • He clearly has done something to her, or is at least threatening to, so we still got something here...
    • Then again, it is Gideon

This story is canon.
The show we see is Mabel's Dream World where Stan isn't abusive, Soos didn't go to jail, Dipper wasn't murdered, and Wendy actually gave a shit about the twins. Before the incident Mabel was a fan of fantasy which explains the weird creatures and such. Gravity Falls is nothing more than a dream a teenage girl pretends to live in to cope with her abuse. Stan wanting Mabel to put on a blindfold and get in his car is another hint, she still loves the dream version of him, but will never forget what he did to her and her baby in reality.

Blubs and Durland are a gay couple.
The subtext may be unintentional but it's becoming quite blatant.
  • "With you, every day is a dream." They're attracted to each other; by now it's not subtext, it's text.
  • However, when answering questions on reddit, Hirsch claimed that no characters are officially gay due to any potential controversy.

Dipper and Mabel's birthday is February 29th.
Admit it, it makes sense. When Dipper told Mabel they were going to pose as thirteen-year-olds, she asked, "Is it a leap year?" She associates leap years with their birthday. This would mean they were born in 2000. It would also make them Pisces, which makes sense for Mabel — less so for Dipper. This would tie in with Gilbert and Sullivan's opera The Pirates of Penzance, which features a hero whose birthday is February 29th and a heroine named MABEL STA Nley.

Dipper's first name is Kane.
Trust no one, after all.
  • Kane and Mabel anyone?
    • OT: Exactly.
      • Dipper IS marked on his forehead...
Alternatively, Dipper is a direct descendant of Cain.
  • And thus, bears his mark.
    • Compound that with the sacrificial lamb imagery surrounding Dipper, the possible Semetic ancestry of the Pines family, and this theory gets even more interesting.
Mabel was supposed to find the book.
Weird stuff is always gravitating toward her—the gnomes and Gideon, for instance—and, in The Inconveniencing, she was possessed, rather than 'punished' by the ghosts. In Irrational Treasure, she was even the one to solve the (ahem) mystery of Gravity Falls' founder. It's easy to imagine her stumbling across a metal tree and just rolling with it. On a side note, she would have a harder time getting the "Trust no one" thing than Dipper did, potentially explaining why it was written multiple times on one page—to drive the message .

Like Lake Silencio is to time locks Gravity Falls is to Artifacts.
In other words it's easier to make artifacts in Gravity Falls.

Each volume of the book has a different author.

Old Man McGucket is (Even) Older Than He Looks.
Fertillia's baby in the Oregon Trail sequence of "Time Traveler's Pig" has a band-aid on the left side of its chin too.

The books were co-authored.
Though the easy distinction is ink color, there are two sets of handwriting in the book. One of the Freeze Frame Bonuses from the first episode includes a game of tic-tac-toe in red ink on the "Giant Vampire Bats" page, suggesting that more than one person had access to it before Dipper found it. The person writing in red ink usually only draws symbols in the margins (or writes reminders about overdue library books...), but sometimes he or she crosses out existing information or writes relevant notes, like an editor would. Perhaps "He" got to one of the authors, stopping work on the third book, and inspiring the remaining author to go back and add "TRUST NO ONE" once more in big, bold letters before hiding it.
  • Maybe this ties into the "Dipper from the future authored the books" theory, and the second author is Mabel from the future. Maybe Mabel wrote "Trust no one" because something bad happened to Dipper.

Dipper Goes To Taco Bell is canon.
During the events of the time travel episode Dipper and Mabel travel a few days into the future and see their future selves murdered by the Taco Bell guy. They go to the photocopier from "Double Dipper" and clone copies of themselves and go to the day the original twins died and leave them there. Every episode after the time travel one features the clone Dipper and Mabel and Soos will never know he ate his friends.

The Slender Man will appear.
There was a famous shopped pic of Slendy in the background, and even Word of God commented on it. Maybe it'll be an Ascended Meme.
  • I'm not sure Disney would be cool with an entire fanbase peeing their pants and diving out the nearest window.
    • Maybe he will just appear in the background.

Some theories about this guy in "Irrational Treasure".
  • His name's Quinn Trembley.
  • He's Sir Lord Quentin Trembley III's great-great-great-great-great nephew.
  • He works for the government, investigating the mysteries of Gravity Falls.
  • He owns a company called Trembley Inc.
  • He has Book "1".
  • He'll be the series' Big Bad.
  • He's Dipper and Mabel's father and the writer of the books.
  • He's Stan's twin brother, Stanley. They look almost the same from behind, except the hair...

Wendy is based on the creator's wife.
Wendy, according to the Trivia page, is based on someone that the creator, Alex Hirsch, knows. I believe it may be his wife. Of course he hasn't said who she's based on yet; that would be a massive spoiler if Wendy and Dipper ever got together at/near the end of the series.
  • The trivia page says she's based on a girl he had a crush on growing up, don't know how acturate that is though.
    • Rumor has it she's based on Lauren Faust, who he apparently did have a crush on in art school, but I have no means to confirm or deny this.

Mostly every villain faced in the show will team up to make a Legion of Doom in the season finale.
Many villains of the individual episodes vow revenge, and imply that they'd be back.

Gravity Falls is actually Heaven, a la Narnia.
What if Dipper and Mabel died on their way to the real Gravity Falls and are instead in a sort of heaven? It would definitely explain all the weird going-ons. (Mabel's mind in action, maybe?)
  • Then why are so many things trying to hurt/kill them.
  • Since its Disney Channel we're talking about, this is unlikely.

Mabel is a imperfect cross-dressing clone of Dipper send from a parallel universe to stop Grunkle Stan from breeding gnomes with Manotaurs.
Look into your heart, you know it must be true.

The Giant Caterpillar that Dipper accidentally expands will make a comeback in the season finale.
It's gonna happen, you'll see.
  • Jossed, it's not seen again.
Soos will be the next Mr. Mystery.

Gideon knows about Stan's secret room.
At the end of Little Dipper, Gideon mentions the Mystery Shack hiding a secret. This likely means the mysterious room that Stan was seen entering in episode one.

Grenda's uncle gave her one of his lizards.
And his name was Alex.

Time Baby will be the series' Big Bad.
In addition to being shown twice in "The Time Traveler's Pig" with destructive psychic powers (and doing so in an apocalyptic future), the "Northwest Coverup" document from "Irrational Treasure" mentions, among other things, a time-devouring baby from another dimension who is frozen in the Antarctic.
  • Directly afterwards, the document says "It's okay though, since glaciers never melt." Impending Green Aesop regarding global warming, perhaps?
  • Or alternately...

the pyramid guy (aka Bill Cipher) is the big bad/big good
Come on, he seems to be the center of the whole mess. Maybe he'll help the others out. He's important anyway. Or...

there's an even bigger bad behind the scenes.

In the opening credits picture of the pyramid, there's a bunch of letters somewhere on the left. It's binary code for " the word smuggler lives." Also, if you take a look at the whole picture from the out takes (the one with the crossed out eye) there's a bunch of numbers which have been covered in the red paint used to cross out the eye. Pretty sure its in the other journal pages and maybe in the other important bits of the show. So maybe the big bad isn't actually Bill Ciphers, but actually the word smuggler, as he seems to be terrifying the socks off the author. Or he'll just be another big bad in the later seasons. He'll be really important, anyway.

Book 3 was written in defense against book 2.
In "Little Dipper", Gideon mentions one of the entries in book 2 to be "Zombie attack", while book 3 mentions how to recognize a zombie. It's likely that the author wanted to protect the owner of 3 from such attacks.
  • Not to mention that each entry on each creature makes a point on how to defeat it, indicating that the book was at least partially intended to help the reader defend himself.
    • Adding to this, Book 2 has the instructions on how to summon Bill Cipher, while Book 3 has the warning "DO NOT SUMMON AT ALL COSTS" and explains how to go into a person's mind to chase him out.

Grunkle Stan wrote the books.
Stan wrote all of the books while he was younger after Mabel and Dipper made a bunch of strange noises outside his one day. After which, he began to study the area more closely, and things went completely downhill from there. As a result, he wrote the books (however many there are) as a journal to keep a record of what he found so that he wouldn't seem so crazy. He also has the first book, disguised as a diary or some other type of book.
  • Semi-Jossed. Stan indeed does have the first book (as seen from the season 1 finale), but he says that he's been looking for the other two (Gideon's and Dipper's journals) for "quite some time", seemingly needing them to activate some sort of machine.

A relative of Gideon's, possibly his grandfather, co-wrote the books with Stan.
Stan and Gideon's relative were friends, as well as fans of the supernatural and the strange. Together they wrote the books containing the secrets of Gravity Falls. But at some point, Gideon's relative grew power hungry. He knew that he could use the forces of Gravity Falls to take as much power and control as he wanted. This was too corrupt even by Stan's standards, so he set to stop Gideon's relative by hiding the thing that would have given him the power. Hence why 3 has the "trust no one" message. The part about Stan not being what he seems was written by Gideon's grandfather, who assumed that Stan also wanted power. This caused a rift between the two and Stan attempted to hide the books. Gideon's relative managed to find 2, but by then he was too old and weak to do anything. He passed the book, and the legacy, on to Gideon because a child could be more easily influenced.

Or, alternately...

Stan is part of a secret society, as was Gideon's relative, dedicated to uncovering the secrets of Gravity Falls.
There are/were many other members and all wrote what they found. Different members had different priorities, so the different books might end up focusing on different things. Gideon's relative was obsessed with power and his book focused on how to use the things and creatures found in Gravity Falls to obtain power. Stan may or may not have helped write 3, however, whoever did help write it intended for it to be used, in part, as a guide on how to protect oneself not just from the creatures of Gravity Falls, but from whoever possessed 2 and would try to use the information for evil. The pages about trusting no one were mostly or entirely inspired by Gideon's relative. The bit about Stan not being what he seemed refer to him holding a huge secret, not necessarily that he's evil.

An invisible wizard will appear in a later episode.
  • And remember the message in the book. "I'm being watched!"

Mabel is taller than Dipper because of what happened in "The Time Traveler's Pig".
Mabel spent at least a month being upset over losing Waddles, and since she seems to remember everything at the end of the episode she must have gone back with Dipper for the final change. That means that she's a month older than her twin, which is why she is slightly taller.

The creature from the upcoming episode "Summerween" is a reference to the Slender Man.
An earlier post mentioned that a future episode would contain a reference to the famous screenshot with the Slender Man photoshopped into the background. Think about it: A tall, humanoid abomination with multiple arms who (based on the trailer) seems to have a thing for kidnapping children. Sound like anyone we know?

Gideon grows up to be Gideon.
He's already got some of the characteristics: He's a malicious business tycoon, he has an affinity for supernatural powers, and he's very persistent about getting the girls he wants. If he moves to New York and makes some changes to his appearance, he could easily turn out to be Gideon Graves.

Grenda and Candy will become Sixth Rangers to Dipper and Mabel.
Obviously, they won't appear in every episode but the episodes where they appear will have them help out in some way.
  • On that note . . .

The shipping focus will eventually shift to Dipper/Candy.
Am I seriously the only one who noticed Candy's reaction to the Trickster's ultimatum Clinging to Dipper's arm while cowering in fear? C'mon, Dipper's not gonna persue Wendy forever. . .
  • are not the only one buddy.

Dipper's first name is Roderick.
That's why Quentin Trembley called him "Roderick", Mabel told him Dipper's real name.

Candy and Grenda are vampires.
They only appear in two episodes: "Double Dipper" and "Summerween". Both episodes took place at night. Coincidence?
  • Jossed. They also appear in "Carpet Diem" and "Boyz Crazy," which both have scenes featuring the two that take place in the day.

Soos is the stepson (or at least is an adoptive son) of Grunkle Stan.
That's why Soos put on Stan's fez and said "One day,". This was mentioned before in this forum, but this explains some other stuff.
  • "Loyal apprentice who dreams of becoming the master" is a trope that's as old as the hills. It's also more common that the apprentice is not the master's son. If they are related, they're usually an uncle/nephew pairing at the closest.
  • Soos is the only character that calls Stan "Mr. Pines." This rules out Soos being Stan's son, but if Stan's ex married Stan and Soos was told to call Stan "Mr. Pines", that might explain it.
  • Soos is the oldest and most faithful employee of the Mystery Shack. Perhaps Stan hired his stepson when he created the Shack.
  • In "Summerween", The cashier yells "The Pines Family is getting away!" Soos probably would be called out separately. However, if she had known Stan and Soos when Stan served as only Soos's guardian, she might not have known Soos as being seperate.
    • Not necessarily. wouldn't say "The Smith Family and that one guy who technically isn't a relative but always hangs out with them to the point where he's considered family", 'd just say "The Smith Family". Especially if you're in a hurry.
  • Unlike Wendy, Soos has never been shown as going to the Shack. Maybe he lives there.
    • Then logically, wouldn't the kids call him "Uncle Soos"? Or at least mention it?
      • Not necessarily. Some kids just call their aunt or uncle by their first name.
  • Soos is revealed to live with his grandmother in "Gideon Rises." However, my personal theory is that Soos's parents died when he was young, had to move in with her, and has ever since. After his parents died, his boss, Stan, became his surrogate father figure. This is supported if the Gravity Falls Gossiper podcast interviewing Grunkle Stan is canon by Stan stating that Soos has worked at the Shack ever since it opened when Soos was twelve.

Gorney, from "Summerween" is Grenda's little brother.
Think about it. When Gorney was supposedly eaten by the Summerween Trickster, she was the only one who said his name. Luckily, Gorney was all right in the end.
  • I'm not sure. She yells his name once, yes, but she wasn't really that broken up about it afterwards. If that was her little brother she just saw get eaten by a monster, she probably would have flown into a rage and tried to him or fainted on the spot.
  • Really, anyone should have freaked out significantly more than the cast did upon seeing a small child eaten alive in front of them. Plot dictates that everyone keep their cool enough to go trick-or-treating. But Grenda was significantly more freaked out by the Trickster's attack on Gorney than anyone else was. They also both have unusual 'G' names and voices that don't match their apparent genders.

Gravity Falls doesn't actually exist.
Or more specifically, it isn't an official village. After Trembly founded the area, due to people no longer viewing him as an official president (Despite him still being one due to not signing an official resignation), they ignored the town. So officially, Gravity Falls doesn't exist.
  • And, because Gravity Falls doesn't exist, it naturally draws in creatures that don't exist either! It all makes sense!

Gravity Falls is a computer simulation.
Mr and Mrs Pines were concerned that their children were spending too much time on the computer, so they sent them INTO the computer. The kids are inside a prototype video game where Waddles of all things was the intended protagonist. Thanks to Mr. Pines’ near-perfect programming and Mrs. Pines astounding graphics, the kids think this is all very real.

Li'l Gideon is a demon.
His true name in an anagram of the one he uses. His “Parents” are an older couple who made a deal with the devil for a child. Satan sent Gideon, and he’s been manipulating them ever since.

Soos, one way or another, is involved with Gravity Falls' secret.
I know this might be obvious...but when think about it, Soos seems to have some knowledge on certain things, or isn't too surprised by the supernatural activity in Gravity Falls. Some examples:

  • He didn't seem surprised when Rumble McSkirmish was released from the video game and when he was rampaging throughout town.
  • He didn't seem too surprised when he saw the fake Gobblewonker.
  • He believed Dipper about Norman being a "zombie".
  • He knew about the Summerween Trickster.
  • He didn't seem too freaked out when Gideon shrunk him in Little Dipper.

And many more examples that could come up in the future. Overall, I know Soos may not be that intelligent... but deep down, could his man-child personality be an act? It can't be a coincidence he isn't surprised by all of these things.

  • It's established that many of the citizens of Gravity Falls seem to be aware of the weird stuff that goes on. Doesn't disprove the WMG that Soos knows some secrets, though.

At one point, Dipper will have to choose between saving Mabel's life or Wendy's life.
Or, a third option: He will need to sacrifice himself to save them both...

Pacifica's parents are the Big Bads of the show.
They will take revenge upon Dipper for exposing their secret to their daughter and there will be a big TV movie about it.

Gideon's mom killed him.
He's a ghost how else would he know about all the crazy shit that's going down? It would also explain why Gideon's mom is kinda... well you know.
  • You mean her haggard appearance, obsessive repetition of mundane tasks and minimal interaction with other characters? The opposite scenario seems far more likely.
    • So either she's a ghost, or... Gideon mentions that zombie raising is a hassle, indicating that he's had practice. His mother is simply an extremely well-preserved zombie (possibly resurrected within minutes of being dead).

Gravity Falls is a purgatory for aborted/rejected Disney characters a la Epic Mickey.
It's Wasteland 2.0. Let's take a look:

  • The human cast all act like they came out a children's sitcom. They are in fact the characters from a rejected Disney Channel show about twins solving crime and mystery. AS many know people solving crime and mystery are the most overused premises in the history of television.
  • The gnomes are rejected dwarfs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • The wax golems are protegees/celebrities Disney execs where interested in working with, but couldn't for various reasons.
  • Gideon, on the surface, is a lot like 'cute' Disney characters, like Pinocchio and Bambi. Think about what a hit Disney would have if they'd have made that cartoon about the adorable psychic boy.
  • The ghosts are from an early version of The Haunted Mansion.
  • The Manotaurs are rejects from Hercules, admit if that film had minotaurs they probably would've been like these ones.
  • The copying machine is nothing more than Ub Iwerks' Xerox machine, now retired.
  • Quentin Trembly is none other than Uncle Walt himself, who went mad after discovering how his humble cartoon studio had become a corporate empire and locked himself away in an alternative dimension, where he founded this wasteland. Or he could be an attempt to add humor to National Treasure.
  • The Time Tape Measure shows like the premise of one of those 80's Disney sci-fi movies.
  • Rumble is a reject from Wreck-It Ralph.
  • Shrinking and growing using crazy inventions sounds a lot like Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.
  • Summerween Trickster is an abandoned Tim Burton character.

Gravity Falls and Phineas and Ferb take place in the same universe.
This would instantly and neatly tie up all of the WMG's between each other AND set up crossover potential.

Alternatively, Gravity Falls is an Alternate Universe version of Phineas and Ferb.

The photos in the credits sequence will change for Season 2 to feature villains for that season's episodes.

The Wax figures murdered Wax Abraham Lincoln because he didn't want to go through with the murder plot.
  • Stan did say Lincoln was his favorite...

A brief history of the pyramid guy.
The Pyramid Guy was fighting the Time Baby for some Applied Phlebotinum in the other dimension. They then got knocked into our dimension by the Phlebotinum's effect. The Pyramid Guy then landed in Washington DC. After forming a secret society, he took the body of Quentin Trembley. Although all his actions had meaning (like making peace with the Time Baby by appointing babies to the supreme court), they were thought to be silly, so he left with his Phlebotinum for Gravity Falls. His Phlebotinum had unusual effects on the area, so he needed something to clean it up. He tried using Old Man McGucket to clean the mess up, but failed, so he recruited another society, consisting of Stan and Gideon's relative. He required them to go and get the items seen around him in the mysterious image of the Pyramid Guy at the end of the opening, and wrote Book 1 about the quest. The objects would heal Gravity Falls.

However, during their next mission to battle the creatures, Gideon's ancestor came up with an idea to battle them with other mystical artifacts and wrote it in Book #2. Stan didn't like that idea, so he kicked Gideon's ancestor out. Stan then wrote Book #3, but the hid it because Gideon's relative tried to stop him with his idea. The Pyramid Guy, fearing something similar might happen to Stan, brainwashed him and gave the secret identity of a con man , and used his merchandise to heal Gravity Falls. The Pyramid Guy created Soos to make sure it went perfect, hence Soos being a Cloudcuckoolander like McGucket and Trembley. However, when it came time to intrust the secrets to someone else, the Pyramid Guy exited Soos and told Stan somebody must inherit the books and then hid in a vending machine. So Dipper and Mabel came, and their mission became successful. To make sure that Dipper and Mabel stuck with each other, The Pyramid Guy created Waddles. This enabled Dipper to stick with Mabel instead of Wendy. Eventually, the Time Baby escaped, and the Pyramid Guy, after being freed by Dipper and Mabel, time traveled back as Blenidin Blandin to check on Dipper, Mabel, and Waddles.

Dipper and Mabel are in a Truman Show Plot.
Stan needed to make them like their trip, so he set up a scheme in which Dipper and Mabel would like their town.
  • Dipper and Mabel weren't supposed to discover Old Man Mc Gucket was the Gobblewonker. He made up his story so the twins would go with Stan.
  • The things with Stan and Gideon that Dipper and Mabel don't see are just the actors getting into character.
  • Behind the vending machine is the control room.

Dipper is the heir to the Hokuto Shinken.
His birthmark says it all.

Gideon is cursed with 7 x [however many mirrors he broke] years worth of bad luck.
Thus dooming himself to Failure Is the Only Option.

Gravity Falls is a literal Ghost Town.
Once someone enters Gravity Falls, they can never go out, because while there are many ways to stumble upon it, it becomes very difficult to exit. Remember how in Irrational Treasure Dipper, Mabel, Trembley and the Cops were on their way to Washington, but never made it? And how the cops were apparently gone for the duration of Time Traveler's Pig but back during Summerween? That's because they never actually left Gravity Falls. Also, every tourist we see entering the Shack can still be seen in the town in later episodes, but doing different things. It's the kind of place that gives people goosebumps because people go into the woods, but never seem to come out.
  • What about that time when Stan went to the set of Cash Wheel?
    • It could be one of those locally made shows.

Stan lives a very kinky double life
  • Why would he keep a goat around?
  • Why would he hire attractive people to work for him?
  • He thought about Soos making out with the twins and them being blindfolded in his car.
  • Why would he keep a cloning machine in the shack?
  • He reaveled his body to 2 young boys.
  • The bunker is where he hides his toys and magizines.

Dipper is Disney’s shot at Dib
They’re both into mysteries, and they both have big heads and said there arms are like noodles.
  • Rather that or they’re friends.
  • Incidentally, Mabel is more or less the exact opposite of Dib's sister Gaz.

Dipper is the sacrificial lamb, and Mabel is the one who will (at least try to) kill him.
We don't know Dipper's real name, Stan has a sister named Jan, and twins seem to run in the family. So having similar names may be tradition as well. Mabel is literally one letter away from being Abel, who was killed by his older sibling in the Bible. Dipper's real name may be Abel, and it would make sense based on what we've been shown so far. And finally, the book says not to trust anyone. When Dipper brings this up to Mabel, her reaction is along the lines of "Aw, you can't trust me?" The first person the show dismisses the warning in favor for someone Dipper undoubtedly can trust is Mabel.

Though this won't be too much of a setback for Dipper in the end, as there are plenty of (some only theorized right now) undead who seem totally cool with it.

The brain creature seen in the ice machine in "The Inconveniencing" is somehow part of the greater mystery of Gravity Falls. It has some sort of connection to ice, cold places, or even ice machines.
  • It doesn't seem to have much to do with the other ghosts that inhabit the convenience store.
  • It would explain the ice bag included with the symbols in the opening.

A little on Stan's history
Stan used to be a lot like Dipper. To make sure someone will know how to defend themselves, he wrote the books (however many there are) One of them (probably 1) is in that secret room of his. That secret Gideon talked about? He either meant Dipper's book, Stan's, or something else in that room. Plus, ever wonder if there was some other reason he locked up the wax guys? Furthermore, he's well aware of the supernatural things going on in that town, and of Dipper & Mable's adventures, but he pretends not to for their own safety. (Otherwise, he's pretty much exactly how he acts.)

Gravity Falls will have a console video game.
And it will be a point and click adventure game. Because that genre would suit Gravity Falls perfectly.
  • Or maybe it'll be a first person game, and you play as Dipper and Mabel at the start, then you get to unlock a whole load of characters later. Also, Mabel has her Grappling Hook, as an ability of some sort.
  • And it will probably be in the adventure/action or fighting genre.
  • If it ever happens than Fight Fighters must be a minigame.
  • Or maybe Dipper and Mabel will appear in Disney Infinity.
    • Confirmed! Or at least hinted at.

Dipper and Mabel are descendants of Quentin Trembley.
Why was the Quentin Trembley cover-up such a big deal? Because it was a shameful chapter in American history, right? There's more to that. A mysterious power lies within the Trembley bloodline, which could possibly have been the reason for Trembley to have been such an eccentric individual (either it corrupted him mentally as a side effect, or he feigned insanity to hide it from the crowds). It's probable that the people of Gravity Falls want to harness this power, and Trembley probably froze himself to stop this very thing from happening. In the meantime, a son or daughter of Trembley went on to live their own life, continuing the Trembley bloodline under the radar of the general public, eventually going down the line to one of Dipper and Mabel's parents, and then to the twins themselves. Why do Dipper and Mabel attract so much danger from outside forces? Maybe it lures monsters to signal Gravity Falls's higher-ups to their whereabouts and thus allow them to harness Trembley's power. And since Stan is not what he seems, chances are there's a reason the twins are in Gravity Falls with him instead of a more suitable vacation spot, and it involves him.

Pacifica would have taken good care of Waddles.
Mabel, Waddles, and the audience just assume Pacifica would mistreat or eat Waddles because we know her as an Alpha Bitch, but we don't know that for sure. It's entirely possible Pacifica thought Waddles was cute and wanted a pet, just like Mabel, but didn't try to win him at that moment because she didn't want her friends to know she likes "ugly" or "dirty" farm animals. So at some point in Pacifica got away from her friends and went to win Waddles, but since Mabel got him she got a chicken instead. Both Waddles and the chicken don't like her, implying it's because she's evil, but she could just have bad luck with animals.

He's actually Stan's contemporary, but either because of a curse or self-inflicted, he was regressed to a child, and uses his appearance to manipulate the town to do his bidding. The family he stays with is not his; he used the amulet to brainwash them into believing he was their son. Although their mother is well aware that he's not her child, she complies anyway, knowing what he's capable of (which is why she always looks so terrified). Moreover, Gideon uses his psychic persona to investigate the events surrounding Gravity Falls without arising suspicion, looking for the other books to gain enough power to rule over the town.

The book was written by a girl.
  • And?

Soos is fantastically wealthy.
And there will be an episode where he invites Dipper and Mabel to his home and they find it's full of cool toys and geek stuff. Yet he thinks that none of it compares to the Mystery Shack, and works there because it was the most fun he ever had as a kid and he wants to repay Stan for the good times. However, he keeps his wealth a secret from Stan because he thinks the shoddy look is part of the charm, so Stan just thinks Soos is a weirdo that doesn't mind not being paid.
  • Averted as of "Gideon Rises." He lives with his Abuelita in a run-down (but sweet) little house. If they're fantastically wealthy, they're also fantastically good at hiding it.

There is 6 Books.
The hand in the book cover has 6 fingers. And one of those books might be the one which is literally just a log.
  • The six-fingered hand is a fairly common sigil for indicating weirdness. Given that Dipper's book (3) ends abruptly in the middle, implying that the author was forced to abandon it, the existence of further volumes seems unlikely.

There will be an episode where Dipper and Mabel get transported into a TV set.
One day, Dipper and Mabel find a mysterious TV remote. Then all of a sudden, the remote zapped them into the TV. From there, Dipper and Mabel visit parodies of TV shows like:
  • Three's Company
  • Law & Order
  • The Flintstones
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
  • A reality series parody
    • Maybe even a parody of a shounen anime.
    • Yhey visit a parody of a Disney Channel Kid Com and they lampshade how absolutely terrible those are.
  • alternatively they end up in a non-disney toon, like Transformers Prime or something, and drag (via Mabel being Mabel) a character Megatron. Cause I want to see Ol'Bucket Head kick Gideon around and step on gnomes.

Mabel will lose the braces.
And with them, Chickification will happen. I've seen enough cartoons with identifiable geeky characters to know where she's going...
  • Ugh, tell me about it. But since Mabel's not a love interest character, I have hope!

Mabel, like Dipper, has a birthmark .
But it is not that.... "cool".
  • It's a maple leaf.

Dipper and Mabel will meet Randy Cunningham.
I know everyone is interested in a crossover with Phineas and Ferb, but what about the Mystery Twins meeting the Norrisville Ninja? Don't tell me I'm the only one who wants to see that happen!
  • Even the people who work on RC9GN like that idea.

Merfolk can change shape.
The merfolk seen in "The Deep End" (Mermando and his family) look very different from the mercreature seen in one of the pictures in the opening. There could either be subcategories of mercreatures, or they can perhaps make themselves look humanlike, and the more grotesque "creature from the black lagoon" look is their actual appearance. ...could cause Mabel to go through some Fridge Horror if that's the case.

Stan knew about the hidden room.
Pretty obvious as he only seemed annoyed at it being found. Combined with him immediately going for and hiding something only he in the Mystery Shack would have any need of, those glasses on the desk.

The bowtie, top-hat wearing pyramid Easter Egg in the opening will be the Big Bad
If you pause just right, you can see a bowtie, top-hat wearing pyramid with one eye. Given that you can find a lot of pyramids lying around in the show and that he seems pretty important, I'd say he's the Big Bad who conjured up all the mysteries in Gravity Falls.
  • Confirmed minus the Big Bad part [for now].

In "Carpet Diem", the body-swapped characters' Voices Are Mental only to us, the viewers.
That explains why everyone else doesn't notice that Dipper and Mabel are part of a "Freaky Friday" Flip.
  • But if that were so, how could Soos talk while in a pig body?
    • It was either that or pig subtitles.
    • Obviously, Waddles is just that special. He is a Gravity Falls pig, after all.

Wendy is a siren and the old gnome queen
She impressed the gnomes, and the gnomes decided to marry her. However, she was found by Robbie and plucked out of the forest, and so she decided to try to undermine the Mystery Shack and isolate the magical thing there. The gnomes wound up using Wendy as a model for Norman. Also, Dipper said he doesn't trust big hair and was right, so why should he trust Wendy?

Dipper and Mabel are bullied and/or have no friends at their home.
This is why in "Double Dipper" Mabel seemed so happy to have friends that actually wanted to hang out with her.
  • It could just be that she was happy to have girlfriends, as she mentions in "The Hand That Rocks The Mabel".

Candy Chiu has a crush on Dipper
She is seen clinging to him in Summerween, and in Carpet Diem she chooses to switch bodies with him.

Stan invented the body-switching carpet.
Think about it for a second. The calendar in the room is dated in 1982. In "The Time Traveller's Pig", Dipper and Mabel are transported back to (what's implied to be) that time at one point during their time-travel montage. They run past the Shack back when it was just Stan's house, and he peeks out the door. In that scene, Stan is wearing the same glasses he picks up and hides in "Carpet Diem" when the secret room is found. Perhaps he invented and forgot about the carpet when it failed to work the way he planned, and he abandoned it in the room that was later discovered by Soos. It explains "Wow, this carpet is amazing!" "Yeah, if you're into things that are terrible." and why Stan happily obliges when Dipper asks him to get rid of it at the end of the episode. Also, the carpet is labeled 'Experiment 78', as if there are others. What if his other inventions are what's hidden in that secret room behind the snack machine? Maybe they're what's making Gravity Falls so weird.
  • This troper had completely forgotten about that in the time travel episode, and now hopes this turns out to be true.
  • If you see my pyramid guy history, this fits in because maybe the carpet is what the pyramid guy used to enter his bodies.
  • Just because I feel this needs mentioning, the glasses are one of the symbols surrounding Bill the Pyramid Guy in the opener.

The Gravity Falls Earth eventually becomes Ooo.
The Summerween Trickster seems to be an amorphous mass of SOMETHING that craves candy and flesh. We have seen in Adventure Time that candy people can absorb "candy biomass" to heal and grow, and both the candy zombies and Peppermint Butler have expressed cravings for human flesh.
  • Furthermore, Gravity Falls takes place in a world that clearly has magic and monsters, at least in certain places, that the general populace is unaware of. Including magical artifacts such as Gideon's amulet. Can you honestly say the Ice Crown or the Enrichidion would be out of place? The Mushroom Bomb may have simply awoken the Lich living under on of these 'hot spots.'
  • Candy having the same voice and inflections as BMO has been pointed out before, as well as her fork-hands. She could have undergone a procedure intended to preserve her beyond the war.

Stan's ramblings about the apocalypse are more than it seems.
As said by many people when thinking up theories about him, "Stan is not what he seems." Stan is mysteriously and calmly expecting the apocalypse to happen. Soon enough that he's stocking up on food. Stan doesn't really seem like the kind of guy to plan ahead several years, so it's reasonable to assume he expects it to happen sometime soon. Like, within four episodes soon, the number of episodes remaining in this season. And it has been confirmed that something big is going to happen by the 21st episode. And now Robbie has reason to hate Dipper. Robbie. The guy the fandom has been speculating as a zombie since his first appearance. And what's one of the things Lil' Gideon comments on being hard to control? Zombies. The symbol as of yet only shown on his jacket is in the 3rd book. My current theory is that it will be a zombie apocalypse, as they are the only creature in the book that Dipper paid special attention to, that has not yet been shown to either Dipper or Mabel throughout the series whether onscreen or as a casual mention of them. And that Stan knows it's coming. Possibly because of whatever the hell he has behind the snack machine.

The Season One finale, or at least an important episode, will be Dipper vs Mabel.
But it's not because of a mere sibling rivalry, oh no; it's for something greater, like a valuable artifact that they could kill each other over. Think about it; Mabel sacrifices for the needs of the many (Sev'Ral Times, Mermando and his family, Waddles) while Dipper sacrifices for the needs of the few (Himself). Whenever Dipper had a chance for Wendy, Mabel's kindness and compassion got in the way. Dipper is becoming more like Grunkle Stan, while Mabel becomes the exact opposite. If Dipper and Mabel ever have a climatic showdown, Dipper will represent his isolation by being alone using only Book 3's paranormal information and his wits, while Mabel will represent teamwork and have Candy and Grenda (and a grappling hook) by her side.
  • While the Season One Finale part of this WMG is Jossed, this might still happen in a later episode...

Grunkle Stan is Satan.
First of all, the name. Second, the warning about him. Third, in "Boys Crazy", he predicts the apocalypse in the near future, and he seems to look forward to it.

Grenda will grow up to be Connie from Brickleberry.

Grunkle Stan is a reincarnation of Stan Marsh
Because, why the heck not.

Makes sense. Stan Marsh was the Only Sane Man, and was always frustrated by the insane happenings of South Park. Grunkle Stan's gotten over it.

Robbie has one of the books
It would definitely explain how he was able to create that mind control song in the first place.
  • Is that what happened? I thought he just took it off of the Internet or something. Like Stan said, "Music has subliminal messages all the time."
  • He does mumbles "hope this works" when he takes the CD out of the evil-looking CD case, and the look he gives right after that should indicate he knows, or at least suspects, what the song will do to Wendy. Let's also consider that the CD case does have a cobweb, so we can deduce the following: IF Robbie does have one of the books, then he might have read of the location of the CD case and what was the use of the CD it contains; therefore, he used the knowledge in the book to locate and retrieve the case and then he hurried to have Wendy hear it.
    • "Hope this works" could just as easily mean "I hope thinking I wrote a song for her will convince Wendy to give me another chance". Who knows, maybe the place he got it from advertised it as "the ultimate way to win back your girl".
      • Eh, it seems more like he made it specifically for Wendy. If you listen to the beginning of the song when Dipper plays it backwards, you hear "Listen to me, Wendy".
      • Or maybe, the book had instructions on how to do it, only he inserted his own words in?
  • Did the subliminals in the song even work? Wendy didn't look like she was shaking off mind control when Dipper played the message forwards, she was just upset that Robbie's seemingly romantic gesture was actually a sleazy trick. And adding a backwards vocal track to a song wouldn't be hard for a kid with his own band, there's no need for it to be supernatural.

There is an unspoken agreement among the town's residents not to discuss the things that go on there.
A lot of the people in the town seem aware that paranormal things happen, but most don't make them out to be a big deal. But Dipper, an outsider, reacts to these things with surprise, indicating that people outside the town aren't aware of those things. For whatever reason, the townsfolk have decided not to make a big deal about these things to the rest of the world. Maybe out of some sort of respect for the supernatural, or they don't want people crowding over and messing things up.

Gravity Falls sits on top of a Hellmouth.
Thus attracting all sorts of strange supernatural activity to the area.

The members of Sev'ral Timez will make brief appearances in future episodes.
Mostly them doing silly stuff in the background.

In a future episode, Dipper will turn into a werewolf.
His wolf-boy costume in "Boss Mabel" and the way a Wolf (Coyote?) gnawed on his leg in "Carpet Diem" could be foreshadowing. Of course, if it does happen, he'll probably be back to normal by the end of the episode.
  • And he'll be bitten by the mailman.

The Sev'ral Times song asking "Girl, why you acting so cray-cray?" ...
... is inspired by their favorite talk show host — the one from "Fight Fighters".
  • Or she's a fan of Sev'ral Times, and her catch phrase is just a Shout-Out to them.

There are actually ten books...
... and each of the symbols on the last frame of the opening intro for the show represents the owner ( or destined owner for each one.

So far: Dipper (tree symbol(confirmed)) has the third volume.

Stan (glasses(confirmed)) most likely has the first volume.

Gideon (pentagram) has the second volume.

Robbie (broken heart or ice bag) has a volume.

Mabel (shooting star(confirmed)) will receive a volume.

Soos (question mark(confirmed))has or will receive a volume.

Grenda (llama) has or will receive a volume.

Author (original owner of the fez) wrote a volume.

The Pyramid Man is the controller/author/owner of all the volumes.
  • Am I the only one who remembers that volume 3 cuts off in the middle, implying that something happened to the author before he/she could complete it?
    • No, no you're not. There are only three books. The real question is, who has the first?
    • Who says there's only three?
    • Eh,or each book could be about something different. The third book seems to be about the natural phenomena surrounding Gravity Falls, while the second book seems to be about curses and magic. The third book might end abruptly as that's all the author actually found out while writing the others, if they all have the same author.
  • There is some merit to this idea. If there is more than one author for the books, a theory posed multiple times already, then it's veryFf possible that there are more than three. Also notice in the title sequence Easter egg that Dipper and Gideon's symbols are next to each other. If the symbols are sequential and match up with the numbers of the books, then:
    • 6-fingered-hand symbol has book 1.

    • Stan has 4.

    • Ice Bag symbol has 5.

    • Soos has 6.

    • Etc. etc. From here, it looks like Mabel and Stan will have 2 books each. Unless the llama and glasses stand for characters we aren't aware of yet.

      • Maybe Candy (glasses) and Grenda (llama).

  • Jossed. "Journals come in threes".

Gideon will be a Not-So-Harmless Villain
More wishful thinking, but still...

There are two Mabels
In the image at the end of the intro, each symbol around the Pyramid represents one of the characters. However, two symbols have appeared only on Mabel's sweaters. Why is Mabel assigned two symbols? It could be possible that there is a doppelganger occasionally taking the place of the real Mabel.
  • There are also two symbols for Stan, if the glasses he hides from the kids in Carpet Diem are actually his.

Mabel has Asperger's Syndrome.
She has No Indoor Voice and no sense of personal space. She is often unaware of when she is being annoying, offensive, mean, or upsetting. The friends she is able to make are very nice people and equally eccentric, though not to the extent of herself. She is very emotional and easily upset. She has the tendency to not understand social cues, and to accidentally startle/sneak up on people. It would not be surprising if she was somewhere on the mild end of the autism spectrum- though given her ability to function in society and do things for herself, she is only very mildly on this spectrum.
  • There are a LOT more criteria for autism than occasional insensitivity, and Mabel doesn't really display any of them. Heck, from the looks of it, she doesn't even qualify for ADHD.

Blendin Blandin later went insane and died, and his soul was later reincarnated, minus memories, into another body.
After dealing with his scary boss, two annoying kids, and a potentially life-or-death situation involving time anomalies, Blendin Blandin had a nervous breakdown and became emotionally fragile and imbalance. He died young as a result of the stress crushing his immune system. After Blendin Blandin died, there was an apocalypse. The universe of Adventure Time came into existence as a result of this. When Princess Bubblegum attempted to make a person with candy biomass, she somehow caused Blendin Blandin to be reincarnated (minus his memories) into the body of a lemon candy man. In short, Blendin Blandin later became Lemongrab. Jossed(?) We see Blandin in one of the trailers for Season 2, and he's very much alive and in his body.

Soos will make a Heroic Sacrifice.
His name is Jesús and he talked about being a side character who gets killed.
  • When Bill talks about a darkness approaching which will change everything they care about, Soos's symbol is the first and last to glow.
  • He's a handyman. How much you wanna bet he knows carpentry?

The Invisible Wizard is real.
And Grenda was kissing him during the sleepover.

The goat that appears every now and then will turn out to be important.
Because nobody suspects the random goat. Also, the goat was looking right at the panel concealing book 3 when it opened, and soon after tried to take the book, or eat it. The llama symbol on the Cipher wheel may be a stylized goat.

Robbie has a very difficult home life.
Maybe he's had a Hilariously Abusive Childhood, something that may or may not serve as a Freudian Excuse that explains why he's such a jerkass, and is so fiercely defensive about Wendy when it comes to Dipper's interest in her.
Human-sized hamsters exist in Gravity Falls.
That's why the magazine in "Legend of the Gobblewonker" was offering human-sized hamster balls.

Soos is a Bigfoot.
In the opening sequence there is a section with trees casting shadows, and an image of a man flashes. When frozen, it resembles Soos. Soos probably wanted to live like the humans did, or was tired of being chased after, so he shaved off all of his hair except for his head hair, which resembles the color of bigfoot hair.
  • If you watch carefully the bigfoot appears to be chasing something...its a blur, but so is the Soosfoot...
  • Or he doesnt know he's a bigfoot if he did he'd be bragging
  • Most likely trying to keep it a secret. "Trust no one." Not to mention he would HAVE to know, if his hair kept growing back all over his body. Everywhere.

Pacifica will become a Rival Turned Evil in a future episode.
It will involve Pacifica coming across an Artifact of Doom and she uses it to get revenge on the Pines for disproving her family's heritage. It ends with an epic battle between Mabel and Pacifica that spoofs Sailor Moon or just anime in general. Also, Pacifica will invoke Evil Is Sexy.

The Stan look-alike in "Time Traveler's Pig" isn't Stan.
The shape of his nose and his face is slightly different than the younger Stan seen in "Boyz Crazy". He may be Stan's brother (Dipper and Mabel's grandfather) or even Dipper in the future.
  • Yeah, but those were at different ages. The young Stan in Boyz Crazy was implied to be 17 or 18, while the young Stan in Time Traveler's Pig was probably in his mid 30's, considering he already owned the soon-to-be Mystery Shack. It makes sense that he'd look different; that's what age does.
    • Au contraire, my friend — the chins are different, for one thing. Also, post-puberty Stanford is always shown with a five o'clock shadow, regardless of his age.
  • Also, in "Dreamscaperers," Stan says that he took boxing as a kid. Assuming that he continued it can explain the changed shape of his nose. Getting your nose broken (especially multiple times) causes its shape to change.
    • But it can't put a cleft in your chin, or take it out. The Stan in the shack has a cleft chin, while Stanford does not. There's also a conspicuous lack of body hair (something Stanford has in abundance), and the glasses are different — in fact, they're the same glasses Stanford picks up in the hidden room with the body-switching rug. And now consider that seeing those glasses put Stanford into a pretty heavy funk — as though they reminded him of someone close to him, like, say, a missing sibling.

Dipper will cross the Moral Event Horizon in his quest for Wendy.
Dipper uses paranormal stuff to forcibly attract Wendy. Examples include him altering fate itself and making clones of himself to do what no human could do on his own in one night, and it's glanced over and viewed as acceptable. When Gideon does it to attract Mabel or accomplish his goals, it's considered immoral and wrong-granted, his usually involve murder, like in his very first episode or in "Little Dipper" where he tries to kill Grunkle Stan, plus he's obviously insane, but Dipper still receives nothing of the sort when he wants to get his way. Dipper will get desperate if Wendy still is upset at him after Boyz Crazy, and use the CD (or something far worse) to get Wendy to love him. Mabel will have to break him out of it, and ends up rescuing Wendy and Dipper from himself. Or, if used in a different way...
  • The difference between Dipper and Gideon is that Dipper eventually sees the error of his ways and makes it right, and Gideon does not.
  • I think using time travel for his own selfish purposes (which, if you've seen Justice League Unlimited, you'd know is incredibly dangerous) would count as that.
  • I guess the end of "Boyz Crazy" also counts, at least in Wendy's mind. After breaking up with Robbie due to the reveal that he brainwashed her, she becomes disgusted with Dipper when he asks to hang out with her. They DO get better after that moment, but still...

Dipper and Gideon will have a Not So Different moment.
Near the end of the season, Dipper and Gideon will have a battle over Book #2. Whether it be physical or mental, Gideon will bring up that he's been watching Dipper the whole time and was aware of what he did to get his crush to love him. When he compares this fact to his attempts with Mabel, Dipper will have a Heroic BSOD.
  • Jossed, at least for the initial WMG. Gideon does drive Dipper into a temporary BSOD, but over the fact that he can't do much without the Journal since he has no strength or (at least in Gideon's opinion) smarts.

Stan is Pyramid guy
The warning that Stan isn't what he seems is that he isn't human at all, he is somehow related to the pines family and maybe even gave Dipper his intelligence and Mabel her ability to think outside the box, only when they work together can they solve the mysteries and Stan may act like he doesn't believe them, but the bunker under the mystery shack and the fact the pyramid guy has the same hat that can change symbols and no one notices. now pyramid guy maybe the Big Good of the series or the big bad, but i have a feeling since Stan does genuinally love the kids he well turn out to be the big good well something connected to that B*stard Gidion well end up as the big bad
  • Jossed.

Grenda is transsexual.
She identifies as female but is biologically male, hence her deep voice.
  • Or she's just a big girl with a deep voice who values her femininity.
  • In one episode she mentions her voice used to be higher before it changed much like a boy's would at puberty, and in another, Soos switches body with Grenda and comments "This body isn't that different from my old one".
    • Girls' voices change at puberty, same as boys' do. It's just (usually) less noticeable.
  • However, the fact that Hirsch is hesitant to even add a gay character makes this seem unlikely.

The Mystery Shack is sentient.
The changes to the shack are not continuity errors, The Mystery Shack is literally changing its appearance based on mood. In fact the building has all sorts of emotions including affection towards Grunkle Stan.

Ice is significant, and is a bad omen for Dipper.
The fact that a bag of ice is one of the symbols one the page of the book visible in the opening indicates that it is significant somehow. It's a bad omen for Dipper because the only time ice/bags of ice show up so far, something unpleasant happens to Dipper:
  • In The Inconveniencing, Dipper goes to get a bag of ice for the teens, but sees the nervous-system thing.
  • In The Time Traveler's Pig, Dipper runs to get ice for Wendy when he hits her eye with the ball, but Robbie steps in instead.
  • One of the hints from Bill Cipher in Rumble's Revenge is "Dipper is playing with fire..." The phrase itself usually means "getting yourself in trouble". It's a double meaning-Dipper is getting himself into trouble more and more, but specifically and ONLY when he messes with ice.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated will be referenced at one point
Slightly possible, with the similarities of the two shows (kids find horrible mystery/conspiracy in a podunk town).
  • Mabel's questioning "Aroo?" sound when they watch Gideon's commercial in "The Hand that rocks the Mabel" is exactly the same Scooby Doo makes when he's confused, so that could already count as that reference.

Next time Stan and Gideon are alone together, they'll have a little "chat" that takes us further into the shows mysteries
Maybe something like...

When you've lived in Gravity Falls for a certain period of time, you become one of its creatures.
This might be a long shot, but it fits when you think about it. Wendy is a Siren (explaining why everyone is so attracted to her), Robbie is a zombie or a vampire, Soos is Bigfoot, et cetera. Peoples' outward appearances stay the same to everyone, including themselves. No one realizes what's going on except Stan (and/or possibly Gideon). This is the secret of Gravity Falls, and if Dipper and Mabel stay for too long, the same will happen to them.
  • I was unaware that "two" was the new definition for "everyone".
    • I (the original poster) don't actually believe this myself, but it seemed worth it to put it here.

There is a Book 4, Book 5, etc.
The owner lost the third book in the middle of writing it, but there is no sign that outright confirms that he died after that. In fact, it's implied that the author(s) is/are still alive. That opens up the possibility of the author writing more volumes after he lost the third book.
  • The books seem to be about different things. So far Book 3 has been about the natural phenomena surrounding Gravity Falls, and Book 2 seems to be about curses and magic spells. So it might just be that it ends because that's all the writer put into that book. So it doesn't have to be that he lost it, or stopped writing for some reason.

The llama symbol in the opening represents Wax Larry King.
And all the characters represented by the symbols will somehow play a role in summoning "BILL" (the triangle guy).

Dipper, Mabel, Soos, and Stan are in a different dimension.
They traveled to a whole different dimension when they went through the hole in "Bottomless Pit".
  • That would mean that the Stan who's with them now is not the real Stan, as he fell twice through the hole.

It wasn't the summer heat that melted the dinosaur out
If it was, they would all have gone on a rampage during "The Deep End". Clearly something (or maybe someone) else released them.

The golden pendant Stan had in his Self-Serving Memory about the dinosaur has some significance.
There was no explanation for it, and it was glowing!

The pyramid guy is summoned when all items in the circle are brought together
He can clearly be seen in the trailer for the new episode "Dreamscapers", and this trooper thinks he saw Mabel in the same sweater as in the first ep.
  • Jossed. However, Gideon drew an arrow pointing at the glasses when summoning Bill to invade Stan's mind.

The pyramid guy has something to do with alchemy
My sister came up with this. Alchemy is from ancient Egypt, right? He's a pyramid, which is a triangle, which is the alchemist symbol for fire. (As Dipper pointed out in "Irrational Treasure")
  • If combined with the idea of ice being a bad omen for Dipper, as mentioned above, this might indicate the pyramid guy will be of help to Dipper in the future, since ice can be seen as an opposite to fire.

The T. rex and possibly the other dinosaurs trapped in the amber in "The Land Before Swine" will come to life.
Obvious Sequel Hook is obvious.

Whatever reason the symbol on Stan's fez has switched from 'crescent moon' to 'Pac-Man' is important.
And I'm 100% sure it has something to do with the same moon symbol being on the circle in the opening.
  • Finally, someone else noticed that! At first I was wondering if it was just to cut down animation time, but I think you might be right. Maybe it has something to do with "STAN IS NOT WHAT HE SEEMS"?
  • Funny thing, in Dreamscapers, the symbol in the circle seems to have changed as well.

Bill has fourth wall peering powers.
According to Bill in Rumble's Revenge, "Your reality is a game to me. And I like games...". And, who am I kidding, I really want to see this show break the fourth wall.

Carla "HotPants" McCorkel is the same Carla referenced in "The Hand that Rocks the Mabel".
Not sure whether or not this was inherently obvious, but I figured it constituted a WMG.

Dipper and Mabel's hands will be a plot point
There is a very weird inconsistency with the number of fingers on the character's hands. It seems like all the adults have five fingers, while all the kids (except Gideon, for some reason) have four fingers. The journal on the two books concerning the phenomenon around Gravity Falls have six fingers on them. Possibly this might be brought up in a future episode of Gravity Falls, and might be a vital plot point.

Wendy's family is ridiculously wealthy
But she hides it because she wants her friends to like her for who she is.

The woodpeckers are not what they seem.
They are a form Killer BILL takes.

Leaked Image Person and Stan's twin worked together on a government project to study Gravity Falls.
They did it For Science while the government agency that funded them was looking for something supernatural to weaponize. Leaked Image Person was assigned to the project first (or perhaps studying Gravity Falls on his own accord before the project began), and "Grandpa Stan" joined later and was the one making edits to the books.

They eventually found something so powerful (the thing in the Shack that Grunkle Stan is hiding and Gideon wants), they decided to hide it from their superiors and the world. They both went insane and paranoid of one another (and even their own family) while hiding it.

Grunkle Stan eventually stumbled across it or saw his brother attempting to use it and had no choice but to fight him. "Grandpa Stan" eventually fell down a cliff, uttering ominous words of vengeance as he fell, thus explaining Grunkle Stan's temporary fear of heights and why he was so terrified at Wax Stan at first. The thing he was hiding or one of the experiments he performed with Leaked Image Person has made him superstrong/immortal, so he has indeed survived (or become undead) and will return for revenge.

The thing they are hiding is instrumental in bringing about Bill's (the 2D triangle guy) true form (a 3D pyramid) into the mortal realm, and he is just using Gideon as a pawn to obtain it. The floating eyes are all fragments of Bill peaking into their universe.

There will be a Bigger Bad.
Near the end of Dreamscapers, Bill warns us and the characters of a mysterious darkness that is approaching and that will change everything. It will probably be a being more dangerous than even Gideon is.

In return for helping Gideon get the deed to the Mystery Shack, Bill was going to ask for Gideon's book.
Either for his own purposes, or to deliver it to the previously hinted at Big Bad.

Stan's mind has ciphered words and such because his mind has been ciphered, possibly by Bill Cipher.
He actually doesn't remember anything, he isn't faking. His mind has been tampered with.

That golden pendant Stan wears is an amulet from one of the books
As stated above, it was glowing during his story in "Land Before Swine". Plus, we know that there's at least one other book out there, and both of the ones we've seen so far came with what look like amulets.
  • Considering we find out he has Book 1 in the finale... Yes. Just yes. Stan has the pendant, Gideon has (had) the bolo tie, and Dipper has (had?) the monocle-magnifying glass-we-don't-know-what-it-does.

The time paradox Dipper & Mabel created when they were messing with the time travel device will come back to bite them somehow
I don't know how, but they probably affected history more than we know. And when that creates a problem, Blendin will return and have to help them fix it (and the twins will befriend him in the process) leading to a Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped that TIME TRAVEL IS NOT TO BE PLAYED WITH!!! [[spoiler:Look in the background of the scene where Gideon gets reveled as a fraud in "Gideon Rises". Blendin Blandin is there
Wendy will fight back in the season finale.
She'll get her dad to kick Gideon's ass since she hates him as much as Soos and the Pines do.
  • Maybe some sort of Call Back to her "I hate it when guys fight" line from Fight Fighters?
  • Sorry dudes, Jossed, at least for Season 1.

Gideon's ultimate fate will be an eternity of torture from Bill
Nothing too graphic, but something pretty unpleasant.

Stan knew full well he was under the truth teeth's influence
He just managed to use Half Truth and You Didn't Ask to keep from giving away any important secrets. The whole thing was to teach Mabel a lesson. (The one she learned at the end)

Soos was expecting to see Jennifer Aniston in Stan's mind
I'd say she qualifies as a "hot old lady".

Alex Hirsch reads TV Tropes
See the above theory about Gideon being a living puppet? Bill joked about it.
  • Actually, a lot of theories here got a Shout-Out in that episode. Like Soos being Stan's stepson ("I love Soos like a son") and the one about him being the Big Bad (Bill poses as Soos to find the door) and all the guessing over what's behind the freaking vending machine.
    • The writers for Phineas and Ferb read TV Tropes, too. It's a bit of a stretch, but maybe they're the ones who told him about it? Then again, I don't know if they've actually met before...
    • The sneak peak for "Gideon Rises" shows a picture of Stan in a devil costume (he says it was taken out of context) which is probably a joke about the "Stan=Satan" theory
      • That picture was taken out of context!

Next episode, we'll FINALLY find out what the hell is behind that vending machine
The Shack was getting destroyed at the end. It's now or never.
  • Stan could just end up telling everybody in a later episode, or time travel could be involved, or go into Stan's memories again, or anything of that nature. This doesn't disprove your theory but it's "not now or never"
    • (Original poster) I guess I just don't think those other options will have as strong of a dramatic effect.
  • Confirmed

Stan's fez used to belong to someone else. Someone important.
When Gideon was summoning Bill to go into Stan's mind, he drew an arrow pointing to the glasses, but not the symbol on the fez. Meaning the glasses represent Stan, but the moon/Pac-Man thing is someone else.

Bill is the big good of the series
with heaping doses of good is not nice, and manipulative bastard. he frequently makes comments about people being useful and one of his last comments before disappearing is to warn them of a great evil coming, also once they best him he comments on them being impressive and useful he may be planing on using them to hold off the great evil, but he thinks in cosmic scales and geological time so a our lives are small and insignificant, his issues with Stan come in that Stan actually values human life will bill views them as a pawns in is cosmic war against evil.
  • I'm sorry, who regularly scams people with cheesy tourist traps, repeatedly lies to incompetent law enforcement, and bribes construction officials?

The 10-Point Symbology Cypher
That wheel of symbols DEFINITELY correlates to specific characters in the show, if not also character traits akin to the Elements. The confirmed ones are listed below, along with gaps for theorists to fill in:
  • Question Mark: Soos (confirmed). Possible element: Curiosity
  • Bag of Ice: Wendy? Possible Element: Logic
  • Fez Marker: Possibly Stan. Possible Element: Wisdom
  • Pine Tree: Dipper (confirmed). Possible Element: Maturity
  • Seeing Pentagram: Gideon? Possible Element: Belief
  • Six-Fingered Hand: The Writer of the Book. Possible Element: []
  • Llama: [] Possible Element: Kindness
  • Shooting Star: Mabel (confirmed). Possible Element: Ingenuity
  • Broken Heart: Possibly Robbie or Wendy. Possible Element: []
  • Glasses: Possibly Stan (see above WMG). Possible Element: Observation

Bill Cipher is Nyarlathotep.

Bill will fight the Time Baby
How epic would that be?

The Quentin Trembley cover-up was a cover-up.
Trembley was actually sent to Gravity Falls to research all the supernatural happenings there. He eventually discovered something groundbreaking that couldn't be taken advantage of with the technology of the time. Writing down whatever he discovered risked the possibility of the information falling into enemy hands, so instead he preserved himself to pass on the information to the future. They came up with the president story as a lie to the people sent to retrieve him so that they wouldn't be suspicious of the true nature of their mission.
  • Also, peanut brittle reduces Bill's abilities and is the opposite of gold, which amplifies them. Stan advises people to bury gold so that Bill will be at full power when the apocalypse comes. His confusion at the end of Dreamscaperers when Bill is mentioned is confusion over why Bill would betray him.

Bill will turn out to be a morally gray character.
Sometimes he does bad things, but he's not completely evil.

The main characters will all take on some kind of magic to fight whatever Big Bad comes along.
One character might practice witchcraft, another might opt for becoming a werewolf, etc.

There will be a big return of mythical creatures that appeared in previous episodes.

Behind Stan's vending machine is a room where a great evil is sealed.
When Gideon and his father destroy the place, the evil will be unleashed.
  • Not exactly jossed, but as of season 1 finally, there's a big glowy portal thingy behind there. No clue what it does though.
The Cipher on the dream-shack will be important
No, not the one above the door, that just says Mystery Shack in the original Cesarean. If you look at the roof in the same scene, in big letters is "OAUVG" and this troper has run it through both Atbash and Cesarean and come up with bup-kiss, so it must be a cipher not used yet. And if you look carefully at Bill's Bloodstained chapter you'll see what might be conformation to the part about a new cipher, as scrawled at the top, in descending order, is Cesarean, Atbash, and A 1 Z 26, all crossed out.
  • And that was someone smarter than me the OP's hint to try to crack the code note .
    • Stan's license plate is a shortened version of "Stanley Mobile". Why it's "Stanley" instead of "Stanford", the world may never know.
    • That's just the thing that makes me think it would be a cipher. To the average person it would just seem like a vanity plate of his name, but for some secret society type it might be a message (Or you know, just a vanity plate, and I'm reading to much into things)
  • This troper hasn't been able to decode it either, but I'm willing to bet it's "GIFTS". Another interesting one: In Land Before Swine during Stan's fake flashback, his tattoo is replaced with "OLHV" which, when decoded, reads "LIES"
    • (OP)Your probably right and it is something simple like that, but then why put it in a different cipher? I didn't even notice the tattoo though, so thanks for that!

The books are the records kept by individuals belonging to a secret society
Its been hinted at on this page, but never out right said, so now putting it down. A secret society that Grunkle Stan may or may not be part of (aka he totally is) that is dedicated to at least monitoring, if not out right influencing, for good or for ill, the supernatural element centered in Gravity falls. Membership into the secret society could be passed down through family lines
  • Stan's definitely part of a secret society (Remember the boys from the lodge who don't "like" or "trust" him?) But where did the contempt originate?
"Stan is not what he seems" is exactly what it says on the tin
Meaning, that the code is supposed to make you suspicious of Stan, when actually, he's not as suspicious as he seems, and really knows nothing.

Behind the vending machine is....
The heart of the house. It is a living object by itself, it's personality and knowledge based on what it contains at the time. It will end up defending itself in some way against Gideon and his father, and go back to its dormant state after its settled, like nothing happened.
  • Jossed

The books are representative of the three core rulebooks of Dungeons & Dragons.
The books have a numerical order that can easily correspond with the books in the series. Dipper's book, the third, is the Monster Manual. Most of the contents we've seen are in some way about magical creatures. Gideon's, number two, is the Dungeon Master's Guide. It contains information on magic items, as well as fitting Gideon's manipulative nature. This leaves book number one, the Player's Handbook. Easily the most powerful of the three, as a large chunk of it is dedicated to describing, in detail, a large number of magic spells, from simple to world-shatteringly powerful. This is why it is the last book to appear in the series, as it will serve as the driving factor of the climax of the series as a whole.

The gnomes are somehow connected to Bill Cipher.
Book 3 makes note of their hats' shape and according to the manotaurs they live in the trees. Book 2 makes note of Bill's connection with birch trees.

Old Man McGucket will be extremely important somehow.
The leaked image shows a man who looks like a younger version of him writing in one of the books. This suggest that he's a big part. Now, here are a few theories to the character in general...
  • He really is crazy, which is why nobody believes him when he talks about the supernatural.
  • He pretends to be crazy so nobody suspects him of anything.
  • He was driven crazy, either from years of studying the supernatural or some demonic creature or magic user did it to him to prevent him from revealing the truth about something or stopping a great evil.
    • My little theory is that he wrote the books, and when he figured out Bill was watching him, hid them all. However, because Bill can invade the mind, the information still wasn't safe, so he used some sort of Laser-Guided Amnesia to strip himself of his memories. That's why he acts so...well, crazy. Makes the most sense to me. -I Found A Whale
    • If you look closely at Gideon's copy of Bills page, there's a note in cursive that says "He's been in my dreams for weeks"
Stan has had problems with Doppelgangers.
In Headhunters, he massively freaks out when he first sees the wax figure of himself. He may have faced some kind of doppelgangers before. Possibly because of the copy machine they have that can clone things.

The Illuminati are a cult that worships Bill Cipher
Hence why the pyramid eye is so prevalent in their symbology

Stan has one of the books.
It's what he's hiding behind that vending machine and it's why Gideon wants the Mystery Shack so bad.
  • Confirmed

The twins will visit the distant future in one episode.
They may accidentally meddle with the fates of their future selves.

Bill has been watching the entire time.
You can spot images resembling him everywhere, all throughout the series. Since Bill can only manifest in the dreamscape, he uses these little areas as sort of a way to see what's going on at the Shack and other areas of Gravity Falls.
  • His dramatic exit heavily implies this. "I'll be watching."
  • Near the end of "Gideon Rises," the shot pans down after the twins chase Soos out of the attic, and there is a cryptogram written on a pipe in the house walls. Once decoded, it reads "BILL IS WATCHING."
  • He's been watching Dipper. (At least since the end of season 1. But it's sort of implied he's been watching Dipper for a while now.)

Eventually, we'll have to sort these into folders
Just throwing it out there.

The DVD covers for complete seasons will be designed to look like the journals
Wouldn't that be pretty cool?
  • Yes, yes it would.
    • Sort of confirmed, the first six episodes are coming out on DVD some time in the next month or so. The package includes the DVD, a Gravity Falls poster...and Book 3.

Theories on what the hell that thing Stan activated at the end of the season is
  • A portal to another dimension
  • A time machine
  • Access to some powerful being
  • maybe its a portal to the dimension where Bill Cipher resides
  • It's a portal to the world of hot old ladies and gold chains for old men where Stan's twin resides.

Old Man Mc Gucket
has nothing to do with the books.
  • A leaked image shows what appears to be a slightly younger version of Old Man Mc Gucket writing in one of the books. However, this image was just leaked to throw the fans off. The scene either doesn't exist, or it's not canon, like being in an imagination sequence or something.

The circle with the pictures is magic and changes from time to time.
It may change depending on who is reading it, or whoever fits the requirement for getting into the circle. If a person alters their appearance in a way that changes the symbol, the symbol on the circle will also change.

Bill does not have a physical form, and exists only as a mental or symbolic construct.
  • When Gideon first summons Bill, he does the thing with the deer teeth, agrees to invade Stan's mind, and departs. The camera cuts to Gideon, and then to Mabel and Soos; they open their eyes and jump slightly, as if awakening from a startling dream. Thereafter, we only really see Bill inside Stan's mind.
  • Dipper, who has presumably read about him in the journal, refers to him as a "brain demon" and a "dream demon" on separate occasions. Bill may be the master of the mind, but could it be that he only exists IN the mind? Note that his summoning scene shifts to black and white—Stan's mindscape is mostly grayscale as well.
  • The warning "whatever you do, don't let him into your mind" implies that he can cause the most destruction from within a person, but what if the meaning was more "don't let him into YOUR mind"?
  • Since he is literally a symbol, perhaps the drawings of him in the journal aren't merely depictions, but dwelling places. He exists only in conceptual space, and can do nothing to the real world—except watch.
  • Finally, though this is most certainly an aesthetic choice on the part of his voice actor, what made me begin to think about Bill's nature was his voice. He constantly seems to shout, but his voice is no louder than the other characters'—like he is shouting through a wall.
    • Because we only see him from the front, I like to think Bill exists in 2D space. It just seems like an impossibility only he could achieve.
  • Confirmed.

Playing off the above theory, Bill wanted Gideon's help to manifest himself into a physical form.
Once Bill has physical form, he can use all his dream world powers in the real world. Perhaps he wants to cause damage or get revenge on Stan for something. His request to Gideon would've been something extreme, such as wanting to use Gideon's body as his own.
  • I'm the troper who submitted that theory, and I think you're on to something here. I was suspecting that "something I've been working on" was meant as an ongoing project, and every time someone summons him, he gets them to complete the next step. Perhaps that would have involved possessing Gideon.
    • Especially considering that Bill didn't even say what he wanted Gideon to do for him, just that they'd work out the details later. This strongly suggests that Bill was going to ask something that Gideon never would've agreed to if he knew.
  • Confirmed in Sock Opera. Verdict is still out on WHY though.

Regarding "Stan is not what he seems".
That statement really means "Stan is not just a fraud". It's to tell the reader that Stan does, in fact, know about real magical creatures and oddities, and isn't just about the fake stuff.
  • Well, I think that that whatever-the-hell-it-was he activated at the end of the season josses all the theories about the clue being intentionally misleading, so probably.
    • Well, considering that within the show, he has a (rightfully earned) reputation as a con-man. He's only a protagonist to the viewer, to everyone else, he's a liar and a cheat.
      • At the end of the episode he's recognized as a hero by the town, and the viewer realizes he's been searching for the books all along. Truly, both in-series and to the audience, Stan is not what he seems.

"The Blind Eye" is the name of a secret society behind all the mysteries at Gravity Falls
If not the WORLD
  • When the message said "Search for the Blind Eye" it means that next seasons going to lead up to finding the members of said secret society.
  • One of the cryptograms in the Rumble's Revenge game (note that these cryptograms foreshadowed Bill's appearance and certain events of the season finale) says that there is a secret society in Gravity Falls.
  • Its been shown that Bill's Image has been present in every episode, and its been theorized that these images allow him to spy on the physical realm. What if The Blind Eye is named such because they aim to fight against Bill's evil?
    • As someone else who had the same thought, it may also be significant that Stan sometimes wears an eyepatch, which makes him "Blind" in one eye.
      • Maybe this means he's no longer a member/a part time member
  • The name of the secret society has been more or less confirmed by the puzzles at the end of the "Dippers guide to the unexplained" webisodes. These revel a big picture of a crossed out eye that looks exactly like Bill's, and lead to a cipher that say's "I WAS SO BLIND. HE LIED TO ME. THE DARKNESS IS NEAR."

The Butternut Squash with a human face and emotions will turn out to be the Bigger Bad

Because how could something like that not be super evil and powerful?

Stan will cause the forewarned Apocalypse.
Whether or not it'll be on purpose, we have yet to find out.

Blendin Blandin was trying to prevent Stan from getting journal #2
(Take a close look when Stan drives up to the crashed robot. He's there.)

Whatever that thing Stan activated was, it causes BAD things to happen. Things like what Bill warned us about. Blandin is trying to stop whatever it is from coming to pass.

Old Man McGucket will work for the next season's villain
  • Whether it be Gideon, Bill or someone new.

If Grandma Pines shows up, she'll be voiced by Ariel Hirsch.

Bill Cipher drove the original writer of the book to madness.
Assuming the leaked screenshots showing Old Man Mc Gucket as the writer of the books are accurate, and assuming that he was the only one writing the books, Bill Cipher was the one who drove him to madness. The second book talks about how to summon him while the third book talks about how to stop him. What's more, the third book's entry on Bill is initially written on a positive note, talking about how he's such a nice guy. It's all crossed out, and replaced with a warning about how dangerous he is. This might indicate that the writer trusted him for a while but was betrayed and saw his true power.

The red marks on Bill Cipher's page in the third book is really all just red ink.
  • Aww, but that's no fun.
  • It's animation, so it doesn't necessarily make a difference, but in real life, blood dries to a brown color and the stuff all over the page is FAR too red to accurately represent old, dried blood (or, hell, even blood that had spilled on the page earlier that day, much less weeks/months/years ago).

Soos knows more about the books and/or the strangeness in Gravity Falls that he lets on.
The cryptograms in the Rumble's Revenge game foreshadow the appearance of Bill and certain events of the season finale. (such as Gideon looking for the other books) One cryptogram that has yet to come true is "The handyman knows more than you think". Now, Soos seems to view Stan as a father figure and is willing to keep secrets for him. (such as in "Dreamscaperers", when Stan told him why he's so hard on Dipper. Soos never tells Dipper even as Dipper gets more and more upset and even gives up on Stan) It could be that Soos knows about the book, or the secret society that was mentioned in another cryptogram. (one that has also yet to come true)

Members of the Secret Society.
With all the WMGs about secret societies, it's about time we try to figure out who the members are.
  • Grunkle Stan. Maybe he's collecting the books for the society.
  • Old Man McGucket.
  • Soos.
  • Quentin Trembley.
  • The unseen, unnamed man in "Irrational Treasure".

The goal(s) of the Secret Society.
Playing off the above, if the Secret Society exists, why do they exist?
  • To control the world.
  • To hide the supernatural.
  • To protect the world from more sinister supernatural forces like Bill.
  • To release Bill Cipher into the material plane.
  • To keep Bill Cipher out of the material plane.

Stan's tattoo is the symbol of the Secret Society.
And all the other members have similar ones.

Why Stan wants that huge gateway thing in the finale opened.
I believe Stan wants that thing opened so bad because all the mysterious creatures and artifacts in Gravity Falls escaped the portal the first time the three books were brought together, possibly by Stan. Stan wants the portal opened because he wants to send all the mysterious things back.
  • Alternatively, someone he loves got trapped on the other side.

Stan wants to open a portal to another universe to...
  • ... Find something that will stop Bill Cipher. A cryptogram in Dipper's book suggests that the device at the end of season 1 is some kind of portal. Stan wants to open in so he can go into other worlds and get a way to stop Bill Cipher.

All the strange things in Gravity Falls are there because of the portal
. A code in the book does suggest that the large device at the end of the season finale is a portal. The strange things in Gravity Falls are just that: strange. Indicating that they don't appear in many other places on Earth. And all the strange things there came out from the portal while it was open.

Gravity Falls doesn't exist except for five people.
Of course Dipper and Mabel don't count, they're outsiders, not true residents of Gravity Falls. So we have four people, The author, Soos, Gideon, Stan, and Wendy. The creatures are real and just game pieces for this fight. Before hand, the author died to Wendy. Why?

"Trust No One!" There's no coincidence that Dipper, the brains between the twins got the book. It's the key to ending this power struggle. And who in the entire town would Dipper trust more than the woman he is in love with: Wendy.

Wendy is too tall and looks too old to be a 15 year old girl. Lumberjack genes aside, she has men going for her, Robbie and Dipper who are enemies merely because they want the same woman. What creature would have the same thing going?

Wendy=Succubus, or as close as Disney would allow a Succubi.

Gideon is very reminiscent of another psychic child in a movie, the Twilight Zone where a little boy with psychic powers changed an entire town to everything he wanted and tortured people at will with his reality altering abilities. His favorite target? His parents. Who is suffering the most from Gideon? His mom.

Gideon=Reality Warper.

Now, good guys, villains need their heroes right?

Soos, everyone typically agrees that Soos knows more than he lets on. He helps the kids, actually shows an interest in them beyond the immediate and even guides them at times. It's quite possible that he's ultimately the force that led Dipper to the book. Combined with Bill noting Soos especially in Dreamscaperers, I think I know Soos' position.


Now for Grunkle Stan. He's a creep, a jerk, and a borderline crook right. He's not what he seems. He's in a dream town, surrounded by idiots, why not look hopeless and tricked and have some fun with it? Even heroes need fun. He also helps train Dipper in his own way. Think of it as Disney friendly Training from Hell.


Now for the author. I believe he's a neutral entity that realized that he was dying thanks to a succubus and reality warper and wrote the journals to combat them and with his dying breath gave them some power. Soos is possibly his son. Stan would probably have been a friend with Wendy being a demon they summoned for whatever reason and Gideon joined in later for a power struggle that Dipper and Mabel got stuck in the middle of with Dipper chosen to be a savior type.

The goat rules over everything.

More on the Stan has a twin hypothesis.
Check the scene where Stan's father makes him take boxing. Although his face is obscured by the book he's reading, the kid in the top right corner looks identical to Stan.
  • "Stan has a twin" seems to have crossed over from "wild theory" to "they just haven't mentioned it yet". The amount of evidence is staggering.
  • To add more evidence... Grunkle Stan's vanity plate says "STNLYMBL", even though his name is Stanford, not Stanley. Why would the car say Stanley? And then the glasses symbol. A lot of people have gotten confused over what the symbols represent. The symbol on Stanford's fez appears on the circle, so we can assume that's his symbol, but then you have the glasses, which seem to be significant. Who else could they belong to? Maybe if he had a twin... Also note there are some differences between Stan as usually seen in flashbacks, and the man we see in the Mystery Shack when Mabel and Dipper are fighting in "The Time Traveler's Pig".
  • Corollary to this: that Stan and his twin paralleled Dipper and Mabel in personality, with Stan's twin resembling Dipper (methodical, stubborn, whose endless curiosity about the supernatural that led him into a sticky situation) and Stan more closely resembling Mabel (a silly, goofy, imaginative boy whose father decided that boxing lessons were exactly the thing to "man" him up).
  • Way back in "Double Dipper" Stan sends the twins to use the old copier he "Just fixed" only for it to be supernatural. If Stan is trying to keep the twins away from supernatural stuff why would he let them use that copy machine.....unless he didn't know that it was supernatural. In a pod cast interview Stan claimed that he came to Gravity Falls because it was the last place the cops would look for him. Maybe that's true, it is Stan after all, but maybe the reason he came to Gravity Falls to hide out was also because his brother had a place there. Then Stanly goes missing, Standford stays to keep an eye on the place and find his brother. In the mean time he turns it into the Mystery Shack with the stuff he finds lying around left by Standford, but he still doesn't know what all the stuff does, like the copier, and the room with the body swap rug.

Bill Cipher can see everything.
Anything resembling his image or inscribed with his eye will allow him to see what's going on everywhere. This may include the audience.

There is an Insanity curse on Gravity falls.
The rest of the world is normal like ours, but a curse makes everyone in Gravity falls varying levels of crazy. It is possible to be affected by this curse by being born there, living there for a certain amount of time, or being descended from inhabitants. Mabel received the curse, but Dipper didn't, or is only affected by it minutely. The curse stems from Quentin Trembly being frustrated by the rest of America not taking him seriously, so after he founded Gravity falls he summoned Bill Cypher and requested that he make the rest of the world understand him. Bill Cypher agreed, but only the town was affected because it took a while for the curse to spread, and during that time Quentin was sealed in peanut brittle, causing the curse to be contained only to the town.

We will see some kind of mutant monster piñata thing at some point in the future.
Maybe Soos knows something about it. He did give Dipper a baseball bat in case he ever saw a piñata, but then again, this could just be Soos being Soos...

Grunkle Stan is a Time Lord.
Once the Great Time War ended, he got stuck in a small town in Oregon and has been trying to get back to his home timeline ever since.

The author of the books is Old Man McGuckett.
  • McGuckett is the oldest known resident of Gravity Falls, so he's definitely old enough to have seen some of the strange stuff in Gravity Falls. He researched the town and discovered it's secrets. He wrote the books to warn future generations about the town and built the machine as some kind of defense system. Sometime after that, he saw something that caused him to Go Mad from the Revelation, resulting in the old lunatic we've come to know.
  • Not to mention the leaked picture, which shows that McGuckett writing a book, while having six fingers on one hand...
    • Wasn't that picture released as a gag to screw with viewers? As in, it's not meant to be canon?
  • Stanley Pines — Stanford's missing twin — seems a much more logical choice. Lived in the shack, where the journals were hidden? Check. (See "The Time Traveler's Pig".) Had a previous run-in(s) with Bill? Check, please! (Look closely when Bill remembers "Stan Pines" — the person he remembers is the same face from the previous example.) Is currently MIA, probably for sinister reasons? Checkerooney. Has a brother who knows about the books and the weirdness in the shack? Check and mate.

Multiple books, multiple authors
As someone else pointed out above, book 2 gives instructions on how to summon Bill Cipher, while book 3 warns against him and tells how to get rid of him. This might suggest to different people writing, one for aiding the demon (Either a result of brain washing by Bill or an honest thirst for power and chaos, that's another WMG) and one against. Maybe the three journals were the journals of three people who discovered the portal, divided the instructions between them to keep its power safe, but then something happened to turn at least one against the others.

The battle between humanity and the Time Baby only happened in timelines where Mabel never got Waddles.
The Time Baby's seat of authority may have to do with the timeline being changed back to normal.
Dipper's real name is Darell

Bill Cipher is Lucifer
Based on a real thing, this troper was watching the show when my Uncle (an ex military codebreaker) walked by stopped and asked "What kind of cartoon has lucifer in it?" Bill Cipher is a coded version of LUCIFER. (Cipher = Cifer). Bill is harder to explain, basically if you but the alphabet in two rows I is across ( / in this direction) from U. Double L means keep it and the B is a fake letter in the name. The "joke" is the meaning of the word Cipher, to decode. Its normally used in reference to a code that makes no sense or ultimately has no answer/is untranslatable. Its also used to confuse the enemy with nonsense terms. Because Lucifer's thing is confusing or out right converting the righteous to evil through lies....
  • His name is a reference to the Beale Cipher, though it doesn't disprove your theory.

Grunkle Stan's twin brother went through the portal.
Either by force or he went in on his own. Grunkle Stan wants to open the portal to get his brother back.

The town of Gravity Falls connects to the world of Chick Tracts, thanks to Bill Cipher.
  • Gnomes are villains here, and a video game character brought to life turned against Dipper. A possible sign of magic being evil there?
  • All "good" supernatural creatures are the result of sensible people being brought into the world.
  • Bill mentions that something is coming that will change everything they care about. Nothing changes your life more than finding that many things that we take for granted (Halloween, logical thinking, rock and roll) will send you to hell.
  • The reason the human residents of Gravity Falls are otherwise normal is because they lived there before Bill turned it into a Chick Tract.
  • Bill isn't actually a demon. He only pretends to be one because he acts in ways that one could call evil, and to hide the fact that he's not part of the universe.
  • The writer of the journals didn't know that the reason for all these supernatural things was because he/she was in a Chick Tract, and went insane when he/she found out (around the abrupt ending).
  • Why is Bill doing this? To drive humans insane, of course! And besides, if the plan fails he could always just destroy the universe by mentioning a biblical contradiction or something.

The title of the show was originally going to be "Twin Pines."

Season 2's first episode will lampshade the long gap between season 1 and 2.
  • Stan: "It took a while, but the Mystery Shack is back open!"

The Christmas special will feature Dipper and Mabel meeting Santa Claus
  • Dipper is sceptical about Santa's existence, until he shows up and explains that Christmas may be ruined by some fiend. As he and Mabel set off to save Christmas, Dipper will come to reunite with his long-lost holiday spirit.
    • Santa may go missing, so Soos will temporarily take his place flying around the world, accompanied by Dipper and Mabel.
  • There will also be a sub-plot where Grunkle Stan is visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.

Bill Cipher has relatives
  • Bear with me. Bill Cipher may seem like the demon version of an annoying sibling. He's weird, makes bad jokes, and has a high-pitched voice. The demons could be different colors, or perhaps they can change colors at will. Also, the apocalypse that keeps getting mentioned- it could come from his 'relatives.' Beings that are more powerful than him, or can exist outside of the mind/dreamscape. Additionally, as shown with his talk with Gideon, he may want more power- or help with getting rid of them. Finally, the secret society mentioned in the "Stan's Tattoo" short had some constellations: Vesta, and a second one that I can't remember. It's a stretch, but what if those stars are the names of Bill's relations?

Gravity Falls was once an SCP Foundation research site
It was abandoned (likely because one of the SCP's went really wrong) and for some reason or another was completely lost to the Foundation, allowing all the other SCP's it contained to run amuck and make Gravity Falls the weird and wonderful place we know today. Also, the journals are the research notes of the last Researchers from the forgotten site.

Gravity Falls shares exists in The Secret World universe
The coming Darkness will be an outbreak of The Filth in the town, Bill Cipher is actually the Pyramidon of the Illuminati, and the secret society in Gravity Falls is related to one of the three main factions. But which one?

Sheriff Blubs was actually a competent cop before he came to Gravity Falls
Deputy Durland is using some kind of device on him that makes him more incompetent. After all Santa personally chose him to investigate the Quentin Trembley conspiracy. Deputy Durland who can't even read is always with him.

The changed fez symbol is significant. It shows Cipher gaining influence over Stan
The symbol changed from a crescent to a "pac-man." The outline of the cut and the new circle is the shape of Bill Cipher and his eye. The corresponding crescent symbol in Cipher's circle in the opening credits has also changed to the pac-man symbol in the third book. Cipher made this change to get Stan under his influence, to seek to open the portal for evil purposes. The other portal seeker, Gideon, also has a symbol that is very Bill-like (the eye in the pentagram). Gompers the goat was the agent of the change; the last time we see the old symbol is before the fez falls off and Gompers grabs it in the "sorry dance" at the end of "Boss Mabel." This means that Gompers works for Bill. Gompers also chewed the "Shooting Star" sweater of Mabel's, which is the symbol by which Bill addresses her. (In the episode before "Boss Mabel" we can see the beginning of the change on the face of the "Stan Bucks", which has the "pac-man" without the ball.)

Bill is having more trouble influencing Mabel than the others
The omelet Mabel made for Stan in "Carpet Diem" is significant because it had the old fez symbol. Stan ate it with extreme enjoyment because it made him feel like his old self. This may have been a setback for Bill. The fact that Mabel can still remember the old symbol and use it reflects that she is less under the influence of Bill than the others. Her changing wardrobe of sweaters may protect her. Bill seems to have dedicated a second symbol slot to her (the llama) to keep up the pressure.

The Blindeye is Bill's blind cousin who owes Bill 20 dollars and something that works for PIIIIIIIIIIIIIGS!
Brought to you by Homework: The Candy.

Grunkle Stan betrayed his brother Stanley
. Going off the theory that Grunkle Stan(ford) has a twin brother named Stanley who wrote the books, I propose that Stanford seriously betrayed Stanley at some point, hence the writing in the book that you can't trust anybody. Stanford is trying to build and activate the machine to in some ways make amends.

the author of the books is bigfoot.

Theory on Grunkle Stan's ex-wife
If the Grunkle Stan has a twin theory is true, then I propose this other theory to go along with it. After Grunkle Stan's twin disappeared, Grunkle Stan's ex-wife had a hunch that her husband knew what really happened to his brother. She pushed him for answers, but he flat out refused to tell her anything either out of guilt and/or fear. Believing that her husband didn't trust her, she called for a divorce which Grunkle Stan was more to happy to oblige by. After that, she moved out of Gravity Falls and refused to ever return. But, considering the rumor that Grunkle Stan's ex-wife is said to appear on the show...

The "Hide Behind" is a Heartless
It's all Black, except for it's eyes, which are yellow. Sounds like a pure heartless. And disney owns everything from Kindom Hearts other than Pre Existing Square Enix characters, so they could add a Heartless to one of their other properties with no issues. alternitivly, Gravity Falls might be a world in KHIII, with the Hide Behind as a Bonus Boss

Mabel has a doppelganger named Lebam. She has appeared in several episodes in Mabel's place.
When Gideon first asked Mabel to visit for a makeover, he was preparing a spell from book 2 to make a doppelganger of her, possibly as a backup girlfriend. He took a sample of her hair and (possibly by accident) her llama-hair sweater. After she went home he completed the spell and Lebam was born. He took her around town in a plain sweater and got a photograph in the newspaper, and got a fan magazine quickly printed up featuring their relationship. Later she left her plain sweater in the warehouse (it can be seen draped over a table when Dipper enters). She eventually went to Mabel, who agreed to hide her and let her share her family life, wearing duplicate sweaters so they could switch back and forth. Credit for finding all these clues goes to "The Sqoou," who posted them on You Tube. To see how all this might work together as a story, see "The Life of Lebam" on
  • "Headhunters" — foreshadowed with the llama sweater scene. The symbol in the mirror is the one on Cipher's ring.
  • "The Hand That Rocks the Mabel" — appears in a photo with a blank sweater, and left the sweater at Gideon's warehouse. She may have been the one who saved Dipper that night. How would Mabel know to go there rather than Gideon's home, to break up with him?
  • "The Inconveniencing" — shows Mabel writing with her right hand.
  • "Fight Fighters" — Lebam's other clothes magically change color when she changes sweaters. She gets (temporary?) acrophobia.
  • "Little Dipper" — Mabel shows no acrophobia during the flying escape from Gideon's house.
  • "Boss Mabel" — Lebam writing left-handed. Since she's already a reflection, her mirror reflection doesn't reverse like normal (the fez symbol on the hat she's wearing is not reversed in the mirror).
  • "The Deep End" — Mermando writes bottle notes to both Mabel and Lebam.
  • "Carpet Diem" — Someone kissed Grenda, but Mabel and Candy show no signs of lipstick prints.
  • "Boyz Crazy" — Lebam heads off Grenda and Candy in getting to Sev'ral Timez (Mabel was left at the bottom of the stairs and couldn't get there that fast, if there's even a second staircase), and she is addressed as "Mabel dog" by the boy band, instead of "Mabel girl."
  • "Land Before Swine" — Lebam eating a phone book (like a llama might). Her self photo with arms crossed, and "We Are Not Alone" dance with Waddles has camera flashes throughout. Even though they "have the whole house to ourselves" they are not alone.

Wendy is secretly a yuki-onna or a water demon

Wendy is theorized to be what the bag of ice that on the cipher wheel represents. This is assumed because she is frequently near ice (The water cooler on the roof, the ice freezer at the convenience store, the snow cone at the fair, eating ice cream with deeper) she is supposed to be "cool" (she is often never fazed by anthing and Dipper and Mabel look up to her) That and combined with as of now (end of season 1) we don't know much about her history, some assume that she might have some kind of paranormal relation to water, ice or cold.

Stan is a member of a secret society that is somehow involved in the Gravity Falls conspiracy, his fez indicates his membership, his change of fez inbetween episodes 13 and 14 is representative of a change of rank in that society

Dipper is related to Ned Flanders
"How are you diddly-doing, Soos?"

Bill Cipher is a robot constructed by the Time Baby organization
The two main interfering entities in Gravity Falls are connected. Bill is a construct of the time travelers, only posing as an all-knowing demon. He works for the Time Baby. His bow-tie is his equipment logo, the triangular infinity symbol of the Baby. The time slow-downs and reversals around his summoning in "Dreamscaperers" look a lot like the first operation of the tape-measure time machine in "The Time Traveler's Pig." One of the things Bill revealed in "Dreamscaperers" as one of the "lots of things" that he knew about was the crashed Gideon-bot. Blendin was there and could have taken the picture that Bill displayed.

Dipper is Domiclese the shepherd robot, displaced in time
Dipper shot lasers from his eyes in the dreamscape, and he's associated with lambs. Perhaps he is actually the robot shepherd Domiclese from ancient Greece (from "Mabel's Guide to Stickers"). Mabel may be a robot as well. This modification may have been protected, so new mind-wipes won't take. (Robot may be the wrong word. Dipper needs to be human enough for a mind-swap to work, so call him an android. But he's tougher than an ordinary human. He survived a super combo punch from an entity that can destroy a car with regular punches.) To see how all this might work together as a story, see "The Life of Domiclese" on

An Axolotl will appear at some point in the series, and it will either be benevolent creature to the Mystery Shack or a helper of Bill Cipher.
I don't have any proof so this might be ignored, but I got an idea from reading-not seeing-that axolotl's pictures are used whenever a spoilery question is asked. Maybe the Axolotl, if it does appear, is benevolent and is on par with Bill Cipher on intelligence, which means he knows everything too, and wants to help Gravity Falls survive the Darkness that approaches. If it's malevolent though, then it will be a minion or possible messenger from Bill Cipher, whose appearence shall be the first clue that whatever Darkness Bill was talking about is about to arrive.

There is a lizard monster coming up in a winter-like episode
A new short from Italy shows a couple of snapshots of a new monster in Mabel's album. He looks like a human-sized lizard and wears clothes like those in a Dickens novel, with a top hat and a monocle. The background shows snow. Mabel will win a dogsled race against him. (The short is called "Visiting the Petting Zoo.")

Soos' name will be significant because it's a palindrome.

Considering how important the idea of backwards messages and mirror images are in this show, Soos' name being the same backwards and forwards will make him immune to something. Especially if that something is a power of Bill Cipher's: he only seems to know individuals by their sigil on the wheel until he hears someone else say their name, and no one ever calls Soos by his full first name.

Bill Cipher can influence people through gold. Stan knows there's a connection, but not what it is.

Old Man McGucket has a gold tooth. What if gold acts as a sort of conductor for Bill's powers, and that's how he drove the poor guy insane? Stan asks about whether other people are buying gold and is apparently invested in having some himself, but he has no known reason to want to increase Bill's influence over anyone; he may think that gold and\or money acts as a ward against Bill, which is why he's so hell-bent on profits and ripping people off.

The "blindeye" is a ritual to stop Bill's omniscience.

It's done by defacing currency, specifically putting an X mark across the Eye of Providence on the dollar bill. Bill is, literally, the almighty dollar! That's why Bill has to be reminded of Stan when he seems perfectly aware of everyone else: Grunkle Stan has more money pass through his hands than almost anyone else in Gravity Falls, and he's extremely reluctant to spend it in Gravity Falls. He has Soos mark out the Eye and then spends as much as possible on things not within the town in order to keep anyone from catching on!

Gravity Falls is an artificial Eldritch Location created by a men-in-black like organization for dumping dangerous items.
The series already has established time police characters, and one can often be seen somewhere. It has been established that those characters are trying to maintain their time-line. The kind of secrecy required for that kind of goal would necessitate a men-in-black like organization. The organization probably encounters loads of random unstable junk that could be a threat. It's practically a rule.

So they created a location to dump certain things that could be a threat, in the manner of Warehouse 13. The town is a secret place created by a secret organization to get rid of stuff that can't be destroyed and is extremely dangerous. That explains why the town is so weird. The odds are that someone probably noticed all the bizarre items, and started cataloging them, in the style that this wiki does. The secret organization found out about him, and eliminated him. That's why book 3 stops in the middle. He knew he was being followed, and hid the books so they couldn't be destroyed.

Mermando will return
Along with his family. The episode will dive deeper into the Mermando x Mabel relationship. It will involve a parody of The Little Mermaid in which Mermando magically develops legs to get closer to Mabel.
  • Or alternatively, a inversion of said parody where Mabel becomes a mermaid. The episode will be titled "The Little Mermabel".
    • Accoding to a Reddit thing from Hirch, his home is undergoing pollution and he seems to be falling ill...

The Northwest family knows about Gravity Falls' secrets.
We know virtually nothing about Pacifica's mom or dad, other than the fact that she was related to Nathaniel Northwest (who didn't even found the town). Plus, Alex Hirsch has said that Pacifica will get more development in S2. Maybe this ties into it.

Theories for season 2:
  • A new Big Bad will emerge, possibly connected to the portal that Stan has.
  • Bill Cipher will have a more fleshed-out role, either as a Chaotic Neutral semi-antagonist, or a Stealth Mentor for Dipper.
  • Gideon will still be prominent, and a large part of his story is escaping prison.
  • Mabel will have a more pronounced role. (since Season 1 was mainly about Dipper.)

assuming the WM Gs that Grunkle Stan has a twin brother, and that he went through the portal, Year inside, Hour Outside will be in effect
Or more accurately year outside hour inside, Stan's brother will still be the same age he was when he first got trapped, I wanna guess late teens early twenties, and he will be a Big Brother Mentor, Cool Big Brother type to Dipper and Mabel. For added humor it could turn out that he was the older twin, for irony.

Regarding the message about Stan not being what he seems...
What if they're not talking about Grunkle Stan but they're talking about his twin brother? Think about it, since the twin's name is known as Stanley, that's the Stan they're warning about not to trust.

Soos will have his own episode next season
And it will be a parody of SCP Containment Breach
  • a recent update at the wiki does show that Soos will have his own episode this season, called "Soos and the Real Girl". The second part could be jossed though.

The Blind Eye reveals the truth of The Portal
The message of The Blind Eye hints to the true nature of the portal. Bill Cypher lied to Stan about what is on the other side of the portal, and has just tricked him into unleashing a great evil

The author of the book will be a Red Herring.
About the leaked image about Old Man Macgucket being the writer is a Bait and Switch to Troll the viewers that he's actually writing something completely different. Or it's not Old Man Macgucket, but his ancestor.

  • Things have become more interesting with the reveal of the author's first intial, F. Whose's name comes to mind from the town? Fiddleford H. Mc Gucket. Not to mention according to a clue from the game, it says that he knows. it doesn't elaborate, but it does make the mystery more intriguing.

The US Government and Secret Order of the Holy Mackerel are not working together
Not a lot of evidence to support this one yet, but I'm predicting that Stan's order and the government have different purposes for the device. The government will try and destroy it, while the order probably thinks it can somehow control what comes out of it. Both answers are wrong, forcing Dipper to Take a Third Option.

Dipper won't be getting over Wendy so easily.
Perhaps it's grasping at straws, but we still know from interviews and such that Robbie wants revenge against Dipper for the events of Boyz Crazy, not to mention that season 2 is supposed to have some focus on how Dipper is envious of how social Mabel is I have a feeling that that list of rebound crushes Mabel is compiling will be of little help, and that there'll be more to post-confession Dipper and Wendy. After all, you can be addicted to someone...
  • In the other hand, perhaps Dipper just wants Wendy to be happy to whoever she's with. If it's towards Robbie again, perhaps he'll Take A Level In Kindness
    • Not likely on that second point; Word of God is that Robbie is jonesing for vengeance against Dipper, not to mention that Wendy has repeatedly expressed disgust at his clingy and, quite frankly, pathetic attempts to win her back.
    • It could go anywhere. It may stay platonic or may develop. If everything remains relatively stable and there's a happy end, I can picture the twins returning to Gravity Falls every summer as well as any chance they can and it wouldn't be unplausible that Dipper and Wendy may get together in a decade.

Pacifica will be Dipper's new love interest.

First of all, she's one of the few female characters the same age as Dipper. I suspect they will get off to a bad start at first, Pacifica will gradually grow fonder of Dipper (and to an extent, Mabel). Kind of a Tsundere-type thing.

  • There's no chemistry and while she may get some development, we don't know to what extent or if even if it's good or bad.

Stan knows the author of the journals or is the author himself

In "Scary-Oke", he puts on a six fingered glove. In "Into the Bunker", the shapeshifter calls the author "that six fingered freak". Either Stan knows the author personally and has one of his gloves, or he is the author and used the six finger motif to throw suspicion off himself. If it really is Mc Gucket, maybe Mc Gucket used to be like a Big Brother Mentor to Stan when they were young, got Stan interested in the paranormal, and then something terrible happened and they stopped hanging out. Maybe something happened to his twin...
  • If Stan were the author himself, he likely wouldn't need to possess all three journals to operate the machine under the Shack, and he would have known where all three were hidden regardless. You could justify that Gideon found journal 2 and took it before Stan returned for it, but Dipper's was still presumably in its original hiding place when he found it- why would Stan retrieve journal 1 but not journal 3 if he was the author and knew where they were hidden? I think he probably did know the author but didn't know the journals' hiding spots or how to work the machine.
  • Another point against the theory of Stan being the author is in the aforementioned "Scary-Oke". When Dipper discovered the black light effect on the journal, the invisible ink shtick appeared to genuinely surprise him just as much as it did the twins. Now this doesn't completely debunk the friend of the author theory, as it is possible he kept that factor secret from him out of paranoia.
  • It's likely jossed. The shapeshifter apparently knew the author (or knew of him) and described him as being "six-fingered". Stan clearly has five fingers. He could have had a sixth finger removed but that would leave a noticeable scar.

Candy and Grenda's relationship is supposed to mirror Dipper and Mabel's
  • Candy is the "idea girl" whereas Grenda is more impulsive
  • being inseperable, they often comfort and protect one another

The journals naturally gravitate towards individuals with red noses.
  • Stan and Dipper both have possession of journals, and have noses that are a different color from the rest of their face. Old Man McGucket is also implied to be involved somehow, and he also has a red nose (all the bizarre crap he builds? got the designs from a journal. And Bill could've driven him insane). The exception is Gideon, and he loses his journal; the journal saw he had a regular nose and decided to escape.

Gravity Falls exists in some sort of time warp
  • Dipper and Mabel are supposedly only living in GF for the summer, but there's a lot of stuff going on to fit into three months. It's even more true if you factor in stuff like Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained and Mabel's Guide to Life; even if you figure that weird stuff happens every three days or so, that still takes up most of the time. And it's implied in multiple episodes that lots of stuff is also happening offscreen. It could be played off as taking place over three months, but "Gideon Rising" implies that Dipper and Mabel weren't expecting to go home any time soon, meaning there's likely at least another month of summer to go, meaning that the events of all of season 1, the in-between videos, and presumably season 2 all take place during the same summer. Obviously, this means that Gravity Falls exists in some sort of time-dilation field that causes time to pass differently within the town, meaning that summer lasts a lot longer. Or everyone is just really really busy, but where's the fun in that?

Dipper and Mabel will formally move to Gravity Falls
  • Summer can't last forever (unless the above is true), which means that Dipper and Mabel will have to leave when autumn rolls around. However, the alternative is that they simply move to GF permanently. They don't seem to have much attachment to their home town (neither of them is ever homesick), and they both seem miserable at the thought of having to go home. They may just decide to live with Stan on a regular basis. That way we could get more episodes that take place in other seasons (phenomena like abominable snowmen?), or new types of plotlines with Dipper and Mabel going to school. Or better yet, being homeschooled by Stan.
    • To be fair, they were mostly upset about going home in the context of the Season 1 finale because not only would they be leaving Stan without the Shack, but Gideon would go on virtually unopposed. Keep in mind at the time, they weren't aware Stan knew about the town's weirdness and, and as of Into the Bunker at least, they still don't know that he had previous knowledge of the journals (plus the first journal itself) before Dipper showed him Number 3. And even with all that knowledge, in a hypothetical scenario where the twins did leave town, there's no guarantee Stan could put a stop to Gideon on his own. That being said, it's true the twins seem right at home at Gravity Falls without showing any signs of homesickness, and them moving in permanently could be interesting depending on how longer the series goes on.

Mabel and Bill Cipher are related to each other.
This may be grasping at straws, but don't you think that Mabel and Bill Cipher have a lot in common? They're sort of silly, have strong associations with supernatural phenomena (Mabel is a Weirdness Magnet, Bill Cipher's connection should be obvious), and are extraverted. Probably near the end of season 2, we may learn that Bill Cipher may have ended up influencing Mabel's personality and birth through his "transmogrification ray' which can puncture the womb, bestowing the victim with his powers. Basically, Bill Cipher is Mabel's half-father!
  • Conversely, despite being in the womb along with his twin sister, Dipper wasn't affected due to his Heroic Willpower.

Stan is an alternate version of the Doctor.
  • The room behind the vending machine is his TARDIS.
  • McGucket is his companion.
  • Bill Cipher is actually the Dream Lord from "Amy's Choice".
  • The journals are really extra copies of the TARDIS manual.

Grunkle Stan's full first name is Stanley, not Stanford
Gideon just has it wrong, and Stan doesn't care enough to correct him. Or he corrected him once and doesn't bother now. Or Gideon's doing it on purpose to annoy Stan.

"F" is short for "Fifteen Poundie".
AKA Waddles. (I don't really believe it, but it would be rather funny.)

The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel originally got its name thanks to an Astonishingly Appropriate Interruption.
As the founding members of the secret society were brainstorming names, one started saying, "royal order of the..." when something crazy made them scream, "HOLY MACKEREL!" And it ended up sticking.

The darkness to change everything has already come.
Remember the shadow cast over everything (in Dipper's dream) at the beginning of "Gideon Rising"? And the first three episodes of season two have just happened to deal with changing relationships between characters. First the twins found out Grunkle Stan knew more than he ever admitted, then Dipper revealed his crush to Wendy, and finally Mabel's rivalry with Patricia cooled. Of course, just because the darkness is here doesn't mean it's fully settled in yet. Day doesn't turn to night in an instant after all. Still, the sun may be setting on Gravity Falls...

The journal already had a weakness listed for gnomes.
Dipper just didn't see it due to it being written over the blank space in invisible ink.

The Author built the machine that Stan activates and built the Mystery Shack to hide it.
Here is the evidence to support this:
  • Stan is seen using the journals to work the controls, which he would not need to do if he had built the machine.
  • Stan puts on a six fingered glove to pull a handle, with the implication being that the glove was stored near the machine.
  • The carpet in the secret room is called Experiment 78 while the shapeshifter is called Experiment 210.
  • Stan is known to have been in Gravity Falls for at least 30 years which coincides with the last time the machine was activated and the author's disappearance.

The Symbols in the Diary don't represent people.
Something occurred to this troper when re-watching the scenes with Bill Cipher. Given Bill's flat appearance and the implication that he's somehow watching through the images him dotted around Gravity Falls are we to take that he's some sort of living image? It's pretty easy to imagine Bill as some kind of Eldritch Abomination that exists wherever his likeness does but here's the Fridge Horror part: What if the idea that the symbols surrounding Bill in the diary don't refer to various people in Gravity Falls as in the accepted fanon after all? When Bill greets "Pine Tree", "Shooting Star" and "Question Mark" What if he wasn't actually referring to the main cast but to the literal symbols themselves?! Could there be another 10 creatures like Bill lurking around?!

Dipper will die or be seriously injured at some point during the series.
As pointed out elsewhere, Dipper has a whole load of Sacrificial Lamb imagery. In The Hand That Rocks The Mabel, Gideon tries to cut out Dipper's tongue with lamb shears. Later on, in the Inconveniencing, in order to save Wendy's friends, he has to put on a lamb costume and dance a humiliating dance. Secondly, Dipper, or at least various iterations of him, seem to get maimed or killed in various ways. Dipper gets a vicious beating from Rumble McSkirmish in Fight Fighters. The clones from Double Dipper all melt to death, Paper Jam Dipper is deformed from the start, and Tyrone melts when he drinks a soda, starting from a hole in his chest. The last part is echoed in Dreamscaperers, when Bill blasts a hole through Dipper's chest. It doesn't hurt him because it's the dreamworld, but still. In Into the Bunker, the Shapeshifter takes the form of Dipper, screaming in abject terror, right before he's re-frozen in a cryogenic tube. There are several allusions to Dipper going down a path to his own destruction if he keeps going after the mysteries of this town, from the "DIPPER IS PLAYING WITH FIRE" cipher from one of the online games, to The Shapeshifter pretty much outright saying that Dipper will die if he keeps doing this. Considering that Dipper is the Author Avatar of Alex Hirsch, creator of the series, this theory might dip a bit into Fridge Horror.

There used to be aliens living in Gravity Falls.
Sometime long ago, a race of shapeshifting aliens set up a small colony in Gravity Falls, choosing there to find ways to integrate with the local human population for whatever reason. They weren't malicious- at the very least not any more than humans are- and would interact with the population while setting up their base camp in the underground caverns that would later be used as the Author's bunker. However, slowly things began taking a turn for the worse; as the aliens tried to blend in, some of them became aware of the paranormal activity around the town and how dangerous it could be. Even worse, some of them were slowly going crazy, starting to babble on and on about strange visions in their sleep, almost always involving a laughing pyramid. Then, they fled. Left behind were their tunnels and an egg, later found by the Author of the journals.
  • Still the OP, posting a sub theory: because the aliens were shapeshifters, they were capable of reproducing with the humans, with the offspring being more likely to develop higher intelligence, albeit with a higher chance of physical deformities. Say, for instance, polydactyly...

The author of the journals, whose name begins with "F", is Franz the Lilliputtian
. Try to prove me wrong.
  • Okay: Franz doesn't have six fingers.

Soos and the Real Girl will be a parody of Idoru/Her
So far the only screencap we have is of Soos playing what looks like a dating sim. If I had to guess, the titular "real girl" is one of the characters in the game who has achieved sapience and desires to be "real" however, unlike Rumble, she cannot easily escape her medium and Soos will bond with her in the process of freeing her.

Manly Dan acts this way because of the loss of his wife
You would go insane too if you lost your wife!

Mrs. Gleeful is Carla "Hot Pants" Mc Corkle.
Why does she look so different? Living with Gideon has certainly not be good to her.

Durring the events of "Truth Ache" Stan figured out one of the twins was behind the sudden inabilithy to lie
Which was why he started telling disturbing truths to both of them not knowing which one was behind it...

Stanford Pines is not from this world.
The machine under the Mystery Shack is a portal into a parallel dimension. The last time it was activated (about 30 years prior to the series) he was forcibly pulled through, swapping places with his counterpart in the world of the show. Stanford Pines, stranded in another world, was forced to take the place of his dimensional counterpart Stanley Pines, and has been trying to get back ever since. This is why:
  • His car's plates read STNLYMBL, short for Stanley even though Grunkle Stan's name is Stanford
  • The past Stan seen in The Time Traveler's Pig has been noted to look slightly different from the modern Stan. This could be attributed to age, but the cleft chin seen only on past Stan makes this seem more suspicious. They look subtly different because this Stan is Stanley.
  • A pair of glasses that appear to be a match to the glasses symbol are found in the secret room. These glasses belong to Stanley, as the young Stan from Time Traveler's Pig is wearing them. Stanford looks momentarily upset upon seeing the glasses, which makes perfect sense if he's remembering where he belongs.
Why no one has noted the name difference is weird, but Stan's not a native to Gravity Falls so there's no family to be confused.
  • Here's some sub-WMG, the portal connects to other worlds too, and it's the origin of all the weird stuff in gravity falls. What Stan needs the journals for is to calibrate the machine to a specific co-ordinate in multi-spacetime.

Soos And The Real Girl will end on a massive tearjerker
Through Season 1 and the early episodes of 2, Soos has been mostly a man-child character with a great personality but little in the way of actual development. This episode might not only show his first relationship, but also his first heartbreak, one he doesn't just brush off. He has finally met a girl who he can like, and one that might even like him, only to have her taken away by Dipper's obsession with find the truth. This, possibly, could tie in with previous WM Gs about what Soos knows, and possibly a betrayal against the Pines and the Shack.

There will be an episode titled "Doctor Soos"
It doesn't have to be a Dr. Seuss parody... it just has to have that title... Otherwise it would be a major missed opportunity.
  • Actually it's correctly pronounced [ZOWS] but then there's no reason the producers would know this either and nobody would really care anyway.

Wendy is actually a really important Barrier Maiden or Apocalypse Maiden
Think about it: if Robbie is in on the big conspiracy- as many theories above state- then there must be a reason he's constantly gunning for Wendy, getting desperate enough to use Mind Control to try and win her over. Then, we see his pathetic efforts to win her back after she dumps him. Why is he SO desperate for WENDY in particular? She's either important to the conspiracy in some way, or little things like the continued existence of life on Earth. And eventually, there'll be an episode where she finds out about this, and Dipper will have to pull a Big Damn Heroes moment to save her.

Quentin Trembley is Santa Claus
In the same document revealing that Quentin Trembley was the 8th 1/2 president who never officially resigned, making him technically still the president of the United States, it said that Santa Claus is the current and forever president of the United States. Wouldn't that also make Quentin Trembley Santa Claus?

Stan actually has a sister.
I mean, it's probably unlikely (probably very unlikely), but we do know he has a sibling, and I do like the angle that the "Mystery Twins Classic" theory brings with the possible Stanley Pines. But I think it'd be cool to see a Generation Xerox with Dipper, Stan, Mabel, and Grandma Pines.
  • It's more likely that he has a brother because of how his last name is the same as the twins. Grunkle Stan's sibling would be the father or mother of Dipper and Mabel's father.
    • Of course this assumes that Grunckle Stan only has one sibling. He could have both.

Why is Wendy so perfect?
She's some kind of experiment. Maybe she's made to be the perfect "lumberjack", only because the survival skills and axe abilities of a lumberjack translate somewhat interestingly into being a super-soldier. Wendy's mother isn't around because it's possible the process of breeding a super-soldier isn't very kind of the mother's body.
  • Then where do her little brothers come from? Are they all her half-brothers?

The guy who wrote the books is or is related to Count Rugen.
That's why he has six fingers.

Dipper will resommon the zombies.
He will probably summon the zombies to trap someone or something with them. And then kil them all with music.

Gideon is adopted.
It seems weird that Gideons mother is the only one afraid of him. And most parents nowadays would try to "bond" with their child. And most of the time, they completely ignore the fact that their child is is sociopath (speaking from experience).

When Bill made his deal with Gideon, he wanted his body in return.
Of course, we don't know what for exactly in that particular case since he failed his end of the bargain, but he eventually succeeds in making this deal with Dipper under different circumstances. His jokingly calling Gideon a "ventriloquist dummy" when they met might've been a hint to this.

Bill Cipher wants to use the power of Stan's machine to turn Gravity Falls, and perhaps the rest of the world, into a World of Chaos.
Something is drawing supernatural weirdness to the Gravity Falls area, and the machine in Grunkle Stan's basement is tapping into that source for whatever reason. Bill plans to hijack the machine and turn up the strange happenings even further.

The messages that have been appearing at the end of the first few episodes of season two appear to be from Bill Cipher, especially the one at the end of "Sock Opera":

If it is a message from Bill, it seems to suggest as to the nature of the "big things" that are coming: he wants to increase the levels of weirdness in Gravity Falls, or spread them further. Why would he do this? Perhaps Bill believes stirring up strangeness in the mortal world will increase his own influence as a "dream demon", or perhaps he's just doing it because he thinks it would be funny.

The password for the laptop...
  • It was BLINDEYE. Thinak about it... Search for the Blind Eye and we know its an order of some sort hinted to appear in the show...
    • The password entry field is eight characters long, too.

Grunkle Stan's eye patch has something to do with Stanley, Bill, and the Blindeye.

A blind eye is literally an eye that can't see. Grunkle Stan wears an eye patch despite clearly not needing one (the trappings of a charlatan, but we know he's more than he seems), and Bill, when possessing Dipper, points out that having two eyes makes him a "deluxe" human. It's easy to assume that's because he's only got one eye himself, so depth perception would be a new thing for him, but what if it's because he's possessed a one-eyed human before?

Stanley's glasses (if that's who they really belong to, anyway) are just lying around the secret carpet room in the Mystery Shack, and we've seen someone who was probably Stanley wearing them in a flashback. What if Stanley lost his vision in one eye and started wearing an eyepatch, and sometime after that, Bill possessed him and killed him?

Robbie is half vampire/a dhampir.

He's pale, he's goth, there's weird little vampire references around him (the Dusk 2 Dawn convenience store, a reference to From Dusk Til Dawn), his last initial he uses for his band is V, in The Inconveniencing, his skeleton reflection is wearing his stitched-heart hoodie but there's no blood dripping from the heart. And it would explain why he tried to use mind-control to convince Wendy to take him back: he took a page from his vampire parent's book and tried to use hypnosis to seduce her. Even the little red marks on his chin might be a vampire bite, assuming they're not just ordinary zits.
  • A vampire usually doesn't have a reflection in a mirror. Robbie does have a reflection, but it doesn't reverse.
Later in the show, there will be a full-fledged fight with Bill.

It will feature everybody that represents each item on the Bill Cipher wheel.

The true author of the journals will be...
  • Crazy old Mc-Gucket. Let this video explain how I believe it maybe so.
  • I also have noticed Word of God put an extra picture to the ending of the episodes in season 2 and it can be seen for a relatively long time. Much longer than the "Stan is not what he seems" picture in the intro. I think they give us more help than the did in the first season, so it probably is Mc-Gucket.

The series will have a movie and/or end with The Movie (if there ever is one)
  • Just because it can? Maybe the movie would become canon somehow in the cartoon.

The order of the symbols on the Bill Cipher wheel indicates what side of the coming conflict they'll be on.

It goes by every other symbol, dividing the wheel between two "teams".

Team A: Dipper (tree), Six-Fingered Hand (probably Mc Gucket), Mabel (shooting star), Stanley (glasses), and Wendy (ice), Team B: Stanford (fez symbol), Gideon (pentagram), Llama (Lebam?), Robbie (stitched heart), and Soos (question mark).

Team A is all the people who will become (or already are) invested in discovering the truth about Gravity Falls for one reason or another, but ultimately they'll have good intentions. Team B is all the people who already know all about what's going on in Gravity Falls, but are trying to keep the truth hidden in order to gain or maintain their own power. This notably puts Stanley and Stanford against each other...

Soos will die to save everyone.

His name is Jesús, he's a handyman, he's good with kids. Natch.
  • In Mabel's Guide to Dating, he does say he's the perfect man while heavenly light shines on him and doves land on his arms.

The laptop will be fixed up again.

After Bill Cipher possessed Dipper's body, he broke the laptop by throwing it on the ground and stomped on it. It's highly possible that there are some spare parts that could be salvaged, like the main hard drive. If so, Dipper might have another chance to figure out the laptop's secrets.

Bill Cipher comes from the Bermuda Triangle.
Because this show is just weird enough for that.

The Bill Cipher Wheel represents people who have, or will make, contracts with him.

So far, we know Dipper and Gideon have both made deals with him at this point. The others are foreordained to do the same thing until Bill's power in the real world is strong enough to let him come into the waking reality without anyone else's help.

Stanley is somewhere on the other side of the portal, and Mabel will end up there too.

This is mostly due to the Twin Pines reference: "Twin Pines" refers to a scene in Back to the Future where Marty goes to the Twin Pines Mall, goes back to 1955 before the mall was built, and accidentally runs over one of the twin pines the area was named after (the farmer who owned the land had a weird obsession with breeding pine trees). When he goes back to 1985, the mall is now named Lone Pine Mall to reflect the change Marty made in the past. Dipper's symbol is a pine tree: a solitary one. If Mabel disappears, then Gruncle Stan and Dipper are both Lone Pines.

The Head That's Always Screaming that Bill "gifts" to Dipper is actually the head of Robbie's father.

That head clearly belongs to a dark-haired vampire.

Stan knows exactly who wrote the books, but that knowledge isn't doing him any good.

He's been working on the Journal mysteries for 30 years, and it's been 30 years since the author of the books "was himself". He must have gotten his journal soon enough after it was written that he knows the author personally, but since the author is out of his gourd (particularly if it's Mc Gucket) it's not like he's of any help. If it IS Mc Gucket, they may well have been friends before he went nuts, and it's not until Dipper's book that the author states outright that no one can be trusted; he may have gotten the book directly from the author.

Gruncle Stan is actually Stanley, not Stanford, and he's Mabel and Dipper's grandfather, not their great-uncle.

That's why he hides as much evidence that he's a twin as possible. The audience only knows because of clues that either aren't available to the characters or are just too subtle for anyone in the show to notice. Stanley took Stanford's place in order to cover up his disappearance, and he has been living as his twin brother ever since. Considering that Gideon didn't have to have the deed to the Mystery Shack put into his own name and was still the legal owner just be having the deed in his possession, it's much more likely that the deed, with Stanford's signature on it, is the original document; it would be much easier for Stan to explain away the sudden appearance of a car (which is his own, hence the "Stanley Mobile" license plate) than explain why he signed a deed with the wrong name. It also makes the phrase "Stan Is Not What He Seems" make more sense because Stan is a charlatan and a liar, so he's exactly what he seems to be. He's much more convincing as Dipper and Mabel's great-uncle, which suggests it's much more likely that he isn't.
  • Also, when Gideon summons Bill to get him to steal the safe combination, there's an arrow pointing at the glasses, suggesting that he knows they represent the person he knows as Stanford, but we the audience know that those glasses aren't Gruncle Stan's.

Gruncle Stan is a servitor of Bill Cipher

But he may or may not realize it. The mystery shack is covered in symbols resembling the Eye of Providence, Stan is obsessed with money ("he's in my wallet!"), he echoes Bill's advice to buy gold, and he's been preparing for a coming apocalypse, probably the one that Bill has been alluding to. Also, somewhat creepily, in "Boss Mabel", when Stan makes the deal with Mabel over who can make the most money, he makes a perfect triangle when he puts his fingers together. One way or another, Stan is taking his cues from Bill. It's also incredibly suspicious that Bill tried to get the journal away from Dipper because he was getting close to some major secrets, but Stan is obviously way deeper into those secrets and has access to the information in all three journals but Bill apparently doesn't care. It may be that Stan is a Call Of Cthulu style cultist who worships Bill Cipher, or he's just being influenced, but he's in league with him somehow. Which would suggest...

The author of the books was trying to keep them away from Stan.

Take this trip with me here. Going with the above two theories:

Stanford (Stan's twin) and Mc Gucket were friends and worked more or less together. At some point, for some reason, Mc Gucket summoned Bill, and Bill betrayed him by cutting off his sixth finger and killing Stanford, or sending him into another dimension. However, Stanley (Gruncle Stan) was all set to simply step into his brother's empty space in Gravity Falls and no one would be the wiser, except for Mc Gucket. The trauma of these events, coupled with the paranoia that would naturally come with seeing a friend replaced with a clone who serves his worst enemy, drove Mc Gucket insane, made it impossible for him to trust anyone, and spurred him to desperately hide the other journals in order to keep the real Stanford's doppelganger from finding them.
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