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The fair was a fixed point in time.
Notice how hard it was to keep Wendy from getting the black eye? And how the only way to get it to work is to keep Mabel from her pig? The universe NEEDS Mabel to have that pig and for Dipper to fail at that date. When Dipper went around it, that's when bad things started to happen.
  • Fits in with the "Stan is a Time Lord" theory above.
  • Dipper may still have altered the outcome in a different way. When Robbie originally asked Wendy out, he was nervous and a lot more sympathetic character than at any time before. In the final version of the timeline, he walks up to her right after she's been hit in the eye and says, "Hey, this is a perfect time for me to ask you about something..." And then Mabel sics Waddles on him, because now she realizes what Dipper sacrificed for her.

One Vignette Episode will be a parody/homage to Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Some theories about this guy in "Irrational Treasure".
  • His name's Quinn Trembley.
  • He's Sir Lord Quentin Trembley III's great-great-great-great-great nephew.
  • He works for the government, investigating the mysteries of Gravity Falls.
  • He owns a company called Trembley Inc.
  • He has Book "1". Jossed
  • He'll be the series' Big Bad.
  • He's Dipper and Mabel's father and the writer of the books. Jossed
  • He's Stan's twin brother, Stanley. They look almost the same from behind, except the hair... Jossed.

Dipper, Mabel, Soos, and Stan are in a different dimension.
They traveled to a whole different dimension when they went through the hole in "Bottomless Pit".
  • That would mean that the Stan who's with them now is not the real Stan, as he fell twice through the hole.

The Quentin Trembley cover-up was a cover-up.
Trembley was actually sent to Gravity Falls to research all the supernatural happenings there. He eventually discovered something groundbreaking that couldn't be taken advantage of with the technology of the time. Writing down whatever he discovered risked the possibility of the information falling into enemy hands, so instead he preserved himself to pass on the information to the future. They came up with the president story as a lie to the people sent to retrieve him so that they wouldn't be suspicious of the true nature of their mission.
  • Also, peanut brittle reduces Bill's abilities and is the opposite of gold, which amplifies them. Stan advises people to bury gold so that Bill will be at full power when the apocalypse comes. His confusion at the end of Dreamscaperers when Bill is mentioned is confusion over why Bill would betray him.

Quentin Trembley's peanut brittle is made with the same sap that preserved the dinosaurs.
He learned of the sap's life-preserving qualities and reasoned that if it could keep dinosaurs alive for over a hundred million years, it could keep him alive for long enough to return when he would be needed. He included some of the sap in the peanut brittle he used to freeze himself in, relying on his reputation as a nutcase to keep people from testing if it really worked.

The main characters will all take on some kind of magic to fight whatever Big Bad comes along.
One character might practice witchcraft, another might opt for becoming a werewolf, etc.

Season 2's first episode will lampshade the long gap between season 1 and 2.
Stan: "It took a while, but the Mystery Shack is back open!"

Theories for season 2:
  • A new Big Bad will emerge, possibly connected to the portal that Stan has.
  • Bill Cipher will have a more fleshed-out role, either as a Chaotic Neutral semi-antagonist, or a Stealth Mentor for Dipper.
  • Gideon will still be prominent, and a large part of his story is escaping prison.
  • Mabel will have a more pronounced role. (since Season 1 was mainly about Dipper.)

The US Government and Secret Order of the Holy Mackerel are not working together
Not a lot of evidence to support this one yet, but I'm predicting that Stan's order and the government have different purposes for the device. The government will try and destroy it, while the order probably thinks it can somehow control what comes out of it. Both answers are wrong, forcing Dipper to Take a Third Option.

The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel originally got its name thanks to an Astonishingly Appropriate Interruption.
As the founding members of the secret society were brainstorming names, one started saying, "royal order of the..." when something crazy made them scream, "HOLY MACKEREL!" And it ended up sticking.

The darkness to change everything has already come.
Remember the shadow cast over everything (in Dipper's dream) at the beginning of "Gideon Rising"? And the first three episodes of season two have just happened to deal with changing relationships between characters. First the twins found out Grunkle Stan knew more than he ever admitted, then Dipper revealed his crush to Wendy, and finally Mabel's rivalry with Patricia cooled. Of course, just because the darkness is here doesn't mean it's fully settled in yet. Day doesn't turn to night in an instant after all. Still, the sun may be setting on Gravity Falls...

There will be a time skip
It's unlikely Dipper can solve the mysteries of the journals in one summer
  • Supposedly there are two seasons to each summer, i.e. Season 3 & 4 will cover the twins' second summer in Gravity Falls. Dipper outright states in the second season premiere that it's been half a summer by that point.

The show will continue beyond the summer... But it will then be set After the End.
I'd imagine after the "Apocalypse" happens in "Not What He Seems". The show will be a bit of "The X-Files meets The Walking Dead".
  • Nope, the world doesn't end. Do you really think they would let that happen in a kids' cartoon?
    • Maybe they'll show the world ending, but since time travel exists here, it would likely be easily reversed.
    • The world may not have ended, but the whole town was literally ripped from the ground and fell back down. There's now way we're getting a Reset Button on that.
    • Well what if the end of the world were shown in a way similar to Homestuck or Battleborn except they can actually save Earth in here?

The 30 years thing has something to do with Hoo-Ha Owl's Pizzamatronic Jamboree.
If Gravity Falls DOES take place in Summer 2012, then 30 years - 2012 = 1982. The Rock-afire Explosion was in its final years during that time, which Hoo-Ha's Jamboree is clearly based on.

The show is taking place in a Stable Time Loop.

Stan is putting all this effort into saving his past self from the . The past self disappears into the portal in the summer of 1982, but is rescued and returned to the past after he disappears so that he can ensure his own success in rescuing himself by becoming Gruncle Stan. Stan does have a twin, though: Dipper and Mabel's grandfather. Gruncle Stan's just borrowing his car.
  • completely Jossed. It was his brother.

Being a badass is a hereditary trait in the show's universe.

Dipper jumped in into the Gideon bot and kicked Gideon's ass, Mabel beat a shit load of gnomes with a leaf blower, and Stan punched a pterodactyl in the face. And that was just the first season! Clearly, the badass gene runs in the Pines family.
  • Well they are already classed as a Badass Family by this very website.

The show doesn't actually take place in 2012.

It takes place in 2015. I have some pretty simple proof for this. In one old Gravity Falls game (I don't remember what it was called, but it was made in 2012 or 2013) there is a calender in the shack that probably happens to be an aztec calender for some reason. Something comes up if you observe it, and says something around the lines of "According to this calender, the world ended 3 years ago." So if you assume 3 years after 2012 as in 2015, the evidence makes sense.

Whatever's going to happen, Dipper, Mable and Soos are the key players.

Bill refers to them as Pine Tree, Shooting Star and Question Mark. Looking at these images on the wheel, note where they are in relation to each other. They make a perfect triangle. More specifically, a sideways triangle, with Dipper and Soos at the base and Mable at the top. This may or may not be in relation to the ending of Not What He Seems.
  • Well, duh. They're the most central protagonists.

Bill's coming back.
The Author has returned, Dipper is probably angry at both Mabel and Stan, and Gravity Falls itself has been torn to pieces. I can't think of a better opportunity for him to take over/turn everything to chaos/turn everyone into perpetually screaming heads/whatever bizarre and sadistic things he has planned.
  • Judging by the preview for "The Last Mabelcorn", I think we can safely say this confirmed.

The next episode will be something of a Breather Episode.
Stan will be tracked down by the the government guys and thrown back in jail. Either the 'old' Stan will spend the remainder of the series in jail, or the 'new' Stan will make bail (in which case we may learn that Stan's penny-pinching is not from greed, but as a plan B if the cops ever caught up to him). Depending on this, a slideplot for the rest of the series might focus on getting to know New!Stan, or regaining trust for Old!Stan.

The series and/or possible movie will end with a Sequel Hook.
Remember, the kids are only there for the summer. After saying goodbye to their friends in Gravity Falls, they look out the bus window, seeing supernatural creatures from past episodes (for example, a couple of gnomes, a tiny deer, a miniature, and a multi-bear). Tearing up seeing this, Mable asks Dipper, who's excitedly looking over a calendar, when they can come back. He replies that he's already counting down the days until next summer.

The character who "will not survive the season" as stated by Alex Hirsch is-
  • Mayor Befufftlefumpter, who has been revealed through cryptogram and simple observation to be "not long for this world" which is why the position of Mayor is up for grabs in The Stanchurian Candidate.
  • Big Henry. It already happened.

The US Government will be back to investigate Stan again.
The government agents couldn't have possibly stored all of their data in a single flash drive. Perhaps they'll stumble on a copy of the data back at their headquarters and restart their investigation.

Gideon had something to do with Mayor Befufftlefumpter's untimely demise
  • Yeah he was old, BUT Bud's running for mayor, as well as his contact with Gideon, quickly being able to campaign is a tad suspicious. I wouldn't put it past him.