Heartwarming: Gravity Falls

Admit it, you wish you had a sibling relationship like theirs.

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  • The relationship between the twins in general counts. Sure, they pester each other a lot, but not five minutes go by when it's not clear they're the best of friends. And after so many Disney Channel shows where any siblings in the show are almost always at each others' necks with the sweet moments few and far between, the only exception being another animated show taking place in the summer, it's a real breath of fresh air.
    • The little interactions between Dipper and Mabel (grabbing her hand and leading her away from danger, pouring a soda for her at the table in Double Dipper, the high-fives, the affectionate punches, etc.) really enforce that they truly are the best of friends. It's sweet.
    • A nice little compilation of the duo's fraternal instincts in the face of danger here.
  • Some of Alex Hirsch's tweets make it clear how much he and his sister's childhood influenced the show. You can tell he put his heart into it!
    • Lance Bass appearing in the episode "Boyz Crazy" was a gift from Alex to Ariel, who was obsessed with the singer when she was younger.
  • Wendy and Dipper's interactions in general are very sweet. Wendy is such a nice character in general - she hangs with friends her age and is a rowdy teen, alright, but she is never condescending to the kids and treats both Mabel and Dipper as equals, goofing around with them when, really, she doesn't have to at all. That, and Dipper's crush on Wendy is in general kind of adorable and well portrayed, as also seen in "Double Dipper".
    • Wendy and Dipper "ganging up" on the video game ref in the beginning of Fight Fighters was oddly adorable before Robbie showed up, anyway.
    • Too bad they're now just friends, but at least Dipper can hang out with the older kids.
    • Also, whenever Wendy acts like a Cool Big Sis to Mabel.
  • Just about every time Grunkle Stan decides to bond with his great niece and nephew.
  • The "Soos-Giving" marathon that aired on November 22, 2014 featured short clips of Soos thinking about the things for which he's thankful. He lists his girlfriend Melody twice in his first attempt, and later goes on to mention being grateful for the friendship of Dipper, Mabel, and Stan Pines.
    • He says his abuelita is his best friend!

    Season 1 

Tourist Trapped
  • "Awkward Sibling Hug?" "Awkward Sibling Hug."
  • Grunkle Stan's Pet the Dog moment. Considering what we've seen of his character so far, letting Dipper and Mabel each pick something from the Mystery Shack gift shop is a pretty big deal.
  • "This journal told me there was no one in Gravity Falls I could trust. But when you battle a hundred gnomes side by side with someone, you realize that they've probably always got your back."
  • The theme of trust between Dipper and Mabel that sets up their teamwork for the rest of the show is done really well, and also gives us a lot of really adorable sweet sibling moments. Considering this is the first episode, there are sure to be more.

The Legend of the Gobblewonker
  • After abandoning Grunkle Stan to go chase a monster that turned out to be just a very tech savvy hillbilly who explained that he wanted some attention from his family. Dipper and Mabel (and Soos) decide to go back and spend time with each other like poor Stan originally planned to.
    Dipper: Well, we spent all day trying to find a legendary dinosaur...
    Mabel: But we realized the only dinosaur we wanna hang out with is right here.

  • Grunkle Stan affectionately noogie-ing Dipper and Mabel at the end.

The Hand That Rocks the Mabel
  • Mabel saving the soon-to-be-eaten lobster and keeps him as a pet.
    • Dipper helping Mabel out of Sweater Town, followed by him offering to break the news about her wanting to break up with Gideon for her so she wouldn't have to. That was seriously nice of him, even if it had unintended consequences.
    • The reason why Mabel is so enthusiastic about befriending Gideon at first is that she likes having someone to do girly things with, since Soos and Dipper do "boy things" all the time. How does the episode end? With Mabel bedazzling Soos.
  • Grunkle Stan, Dipper and Mabel bonding over their shared dislike for Lil' Gideon.

The Inconveniencing
  • Wendy lying to her friends about how Dipper defeated the ghosts in so that he could keep whatever dignity he had left, even though she clearly loved his dance.

Dipper vs. Manliness
  • After Dipper tells his story about the Manotaurs and the Multi-Bear, Grunkle Stan points out how doing the right thing in spite of the pressure is rather manly. Let me repeat, Grunkle Stan said this.
    • Dipper choosing not to kill the Multi-Bear, despite all the pressure to do so, simply because it wasn't the right thing to do.
    • It's a brief moment, but in the diner, Manly Dan can be seen with his daughter Wendy, eating pancakes with her. It lead to the interpretation that this is how Manly Dan bonds with his daughter: over breakfast. Even if her brothers weren't around, it was nice to see Manly Dan interact with Wendy.
  • Chutzpar takes Dipper under his wing within seconds of meeting him and proves a surprisingly kindly mentor figure.

Double Dipper
  • Mabel's new friends staying with her even though she lost the dance contest to Pacifica.
    Candy: We may not have as many friends as Pacifica, but we have each other, and that is just as good, I think.
    • Also in the episode, Grunkle Stan cheers for Mabel and wanted her to win the contest. The other contestant wasn't the nicest regardless, but it goes to show that Grunkle Stan does care about Mabel.
    • Again, Dipper and Wendy have a fairly sweet moment. It's kind of downplayed, but their casual conversation when Dipper runs into her near the bathroom is just... nice.
    • Then there's the final scene with Dipper and Tyrone just talking together about what they've learned about not getting in their own way.
      • And Tyrone giving Dipper extra encouragement to go after Wendy as he melts away.
    • Earlier, Tyrone trying to feed Paper Jam Dipper. It's oddly heartwarming and funny and kind of creepy.

Irrational Treasure
  • Dipper comforting Mabel after Pacifica treats her like crap, followed by a pep talk.
    • Dipper exposing the truth about Pacifica's family to her after her harsh treatment of Mabel, despite the fact that Mabel no longer cared at that point; he loves his sister enough to get revenge for her that she didn't even want.

The Time Traveler's Pig
  • Dipper giving up his hard fought time travel assisted friendship boost with Wendy, so Mabel can keep her new pig, Waddles. The thank-you hug she gave him afterwards was nothing short of adorable.
    • "That'll do, pig. That'll do."
    • Hell, even the intro of Gravity Falls introducing Mabel cuddling a pig is this.

Fight Fighters
  • "Did you hear that? She called me one of her boys!"
    • Mabel helping Grunkle Stan get over his fear of heights was both hilarious and adorable.

  • Dipper sticking a bandaid on Mabel's skinned elbow in "Summerween".
    • In a somewhat creepy way, the Summerween Trickster being able to die happy in the knowledge that someone enjoyed eating him.
    • 3 year old Dipper & Mabel dressed as kittens. D'awww...
    • When Mabel is sad that even after all that they didn't get any candy, Stan reveals the two bags left behind by those two kids from earlier.
    • The LolPigs segment during the credits gives a really warm fuzzy feeling to watch, especially since this was one of the freakiest and most intense episodes in the entire show.

Boss Mabel
  • Grunkle Stan trusts Mabel with the shack for 72 hours in "Boss Mabel". He does it to prove a point. However, it's not often that Grunkle Stan acts are fueled by principle instead of money.

The Deep End

Carpet Diem
  • Dipper admits he misses spending time with Mabel and feels like he's getting left behind when she goes to hang out with her friends. That, plus the fact that they move back into the same room by the end of the episode, just shows how close they are and that they value each others' company more than anyone else's (which is arguably just about the sweetest thing in the world).
    Dipper: Hey, um... Do you want to have a sleepover?
    • Mabel telling Grenda that she's too beautiful to need make-up, although probably intended as a joke given Grenda's "butch" appearance, is very sweet and genuine coming from Mabel.
    • Most of Stan's interactions with Mabel in Dipper's body.
    Stan: (hugging "Dipper") Shhhhh. You had me at "shut up old man".
    • After realizing he doesn't need the spare room after all, Dipper gives it to Soos as a new employee lounge, to replace the cramped, hazardous "break room" in the crawlspace.
    • One of the first things Soos does after regaining his proper body is scratch the itch Waddles can't reach on the back of his head.

Boyz Crazy
  • Dipper exposes Robby's song of having subliminal messages. Grunkle Stan states that he did the right thing and that until Wendy gets her life back together after dumping Robbie, the two of them could always go bowling together. There's also the scene where they give each other high-fives and the fact that Grunkle Stan knows what it's like for Dipper to lose someone he loves to music to be there to support him.
    • Somewhat Fridge-Heartwarming, but the fact that Stan cares enough about Wendy (his lazy, sarcastic employee who pelted him with water balloons for no reason two episodes prior) to actually believe Dipper's shenanigans and take a dangerous, off-road route to save her.
    • In the end, Mabel decides to let Sev'Ral Timez go and be free, even though she's still torn about how every guy she's met leaving her.
    • On a meta level: Series creator Alex Hirsch's sister Ariel had a huge crush on *NSYNC's Lance Bass as a kid, so Alex cast Bass as a guest in this episode and invited Ariel to come meet him and get memorabilia signed. He also gave her a cameo in the episode. The code at the end of the episode reads HAPPY NOW, ARIEL?

The Land Before Swine
  • "Waddles, can I tell you a secret? You're my favorite pig in the whole world."
  • Stan and Mabel making up after their fight, culminating in the two of them falling asleep together covered in tree sap.
    • Dipper and Soos also making up after their fight with their fist bump.

  • The reason Stan acts so cold and bossy towards Dipper, and constantly making him do chores? He sees how weak he was when he was a young man in Dipper. Just like what his father did to him, Stan's toughening him up so he can become strong and proud.
    • He specifically says he does it so Dipper can fight back whatever the world throws at him. Considering all the danger in Gravity Falls (which Stan might already know about), it makes it even more heartwarming.
    • And after Dipper slips into that memory, Stan fills the hole in his chest.
    • A minor one for the same episode comes from Bill Cipher. He may have pulled out that deer's teeth, but it was good to see that he actually bothered to restore the deer's teeth after he was done making his deal with Gideon.
    • Also, take a look at the wall by the door in Stan's office during Gideon's first break-in attempt. There's a picture of a smiling Soos with a plaque labeled "Employee of the Month."

Gideon Rises
  • Grunkle Stan being legitimately upset when he has to send Dipper and Mabel home because he can't take care of them, anymore. Even for all of the teasing and such, he really does love them.
    • How about when they go to the shack and Gideon is announcing all his plans for the shack? He talks about how he plans to tear down all the property and make the place into "Gideonland", but the minute he announces he's going to force Mabel's pet pig, Waddles, to be the mascot, "Gideon Jr.", that is when Stan has had enough and tries to announce that he's a fraud. It's kind of sweet that it was his niece's distress that caused him to stop everything and try to stand up against Gideon.
    • Dipper and Mabel desperately trying to hold on to each other as Gideon-bot picks them up.
    • After being picked up, Dipper screams at Gideon to let Mabel go, not really seeming to care that he was in the same predicament himself.
    • At the end when Stan is considered a hero for exposing Gideon as a fraud to the whole town.
      • While affectionately noogie-ing Dipper and carrying Mabel on his shoulder, no less!
    • The montage at the Mystery Shack showed they were together again and that the Shack was finally theirs.
      • Special mention goes to Dipper and Mabel telling Stan about the journal, Soos water gunning them, and Mabel telling Dipper he was still a hero even without the journal.
      • A subtle one is they kept calling the Mystery Shack their home.
    • Dipper and Wendy smiling at each other while they repair the Mystery Shack roof.
    • Stan even has a framed photo of both Dipper and Mabel in the secret facility behind the candy machine.
    • The final scene definitely qualifies once you've put some thought into it. Stan has been after the journals for a good portion of his life, and had been looking for so long that he'd begun to wonder if all of life was utterly futile as seen in "Bottomless Pit." But now a twist of fate has handed him both of the ones he was missing, and he's finally getting to see his grand purpose fulfilled.
      • Even more so now that we know that he was doing it to get his brother back.

    Season 2 
  • Grunkle Stan giving Dipper and Mabel most of the credit for exposing Gideon. The Pines family being town heroes in general is this.
  • Him going all Papa Wolf to protect the kids from the zombies and revealing he always knew the town was crazy, but lied to protect the kids.
    Grunkle Stan: The only wrinkly monster who harasses my family is ME!
  • It goes by quick but unlike most shows where someone in the same situation would have just brushed Dipper off for being a kid Agent Powers actually responds to his excitement about solving the mysteries of Gravity Falls. He even gets down on one leg to talk to Dipper at eye level while giving him his card in case if he has anymore information.
  • In a small one, Wendy playing look-out to help Dipper.
  • Most importantly, the trio karaoke song they sang as a family defeating the zombies.
    Dipper: I'm sorry about this, guys. I totally ruined everything.
    Mabel: Dipper, are you kidding me? I got to sing karaoke with my two favorite people in the world! No party could ever top that.

Into The Bunker
  • While also a bit of Tear Jerker (due to possibility of ShipSinking, not to mention the circumstances beforehand), Wendy admitting she's super flattered by Dippers crush on her and gently lets him down.
    • The glowing praise she gives Dipper about how much their friendship means to her:
    Wendy: Lemme tell you something: this summer was SUPER boring until you showed up. I have more fun with you than, like, practically anybody else; and if you ever stopped being my friend, I would, like, throw myself into the Bottomless Pit!

The Golf War
  • Grunkle Stan giving Mabel a "U Da Best!" sticker before her mini-golf duel with Pacifica. Sure, it ends up causing more trouble than its worth, but he didn't know that!
    • Stan is generally a big sweetheart the entire episode, to both the twins and to Soos. His Character Development is kicking in and it shows.
  • The ending, where Mabel offers Pacifica a ride home in Grunkle Stan's car and one of the tacos she found in the back-seat, and Pacifica seems to slowly move towards being, at the least, Vitriolic Best Buds with Mabel.
    Pacifica: And Mabel, I can't believe I'm saying this, but... I had fun.
    • Also, in spite of calling him a "servant" while doing so, she gives a sincere compliment to Soos about his fashion update, which pleases him greatly.
  • Big Henry bravely sacrificing his life to push the ball through a deadly gas leak. In his last moments, he even looks at a drawing Polly made of the two of them together and tears up with a proud smile before he dies. Of course, the absurdity and low stakes of it all is Played for Laughs.

Sock Opera
  • Mabel basically giving up her chance to impress her Crush of the Week by preventing Dipper!Bill from taking the book, destroying the set she worked so hard to build in the process.
    Dipper!Bill: I mean, who would sacrifice everything they've worked for just for their dumb sibling?
    Mabel: ... DIPPER WOULD.
    • By this same token, Mabel coming to the realization that her obsessions and boyfriend-of-the-week habits, as well as her expectation of Dipper to just roll with them, is actually very draining on Dipper and selfish of her to boot. It really goes to show how talented the writers are that they were able to take one of Mabel's negative character traits and turn out an episode based solely on that that lets her learn from the experience and become a better person.
    • The long, heartfelt apology Mabel gives Dipper after they had defeated Bill and accidentally destroyed all the sock puppets:
    Mabel: Well, one of them survived, and she has something to say to you: *talking through her sock puppet* Sorry, Dipper. I spent all week obsessing over a dumb guy. But the dumb guy I should have cared about, was you. *bops him in the face with the puppet* Bap!
  • If the puppet show is any indication, Mabel wants Stan to give her away at her wedding—instead of either of her parents! Guess she wasn't kidding when she said he and Dipper were her two favorite people.

Soos and the Real Girl
  • After a season or more of helping the kids, they decide it's their turn to help Soos with one of his personal problems. It's so sweet and utterly adorable seeing the two coach Soos on getting a girl. Especially the pep talk before the date.
  • Melody and Soos. Their interactions are so awkward and cute together.
  • Wendy lifting Soos' spirits by calling him a sweet guy.
  • A small one, with Mabel wearing a pink-heart hat to match Dipper's blue pine hat. Even if it's just for one episode, it's sweet to see her taking after her brother a little.

Little Gift Shop of Horrors
  • Disembodied hands braiding Mabel's hair. It's actually much cuter and sweeter than it sounds.
  • Despite having the opportunity to magnify his increased intelligence even more and help to solve all the problems of the known world, Waddles realizes that getting to meet high-ranking officials and scientists will mean missing out on the good times he's had with Mabel, who's lonely and depressed without her best friend, and promptly flips the switch on his machine to drain his IQ back to that of a normal, lovable pig.
    Waddles: What good is helping the world if I can't help my favorite person in the whole world?
    • In the last eight seconds before his IQ snaps back to normal, Genius!Waddles gives a heartfelt speech to Dipper that it's the pursuit that makes science great, not basking in the achievements.
      Waddles: I want you to know that science is a horizon to search for, not a prize to hold in your hand...
  • Stan protecting the twins from Gumby Soos.
    Stan: We're safe now, kids. (grabs them) We're safe.
  • Twice during this episode, Stan calls Mabel "sweetie." Given how salty he usually is, it's incredibly sweet.
  • In a sort of twisted way, Mabel taking time to play Tic-Tac-Toe with the person trapped in The Cheapskate exhibit during the outro short. Sure, it was Played for Laughs and all, but it was still a nice gesture for a person who was probably having a very, VERY bad day.

Society of the Blind Eye
  • Mabel and Wendy defending Lazy Susan when Soos mocks her mascara.
    Mabel: I think she looks beautiful!
    Wendy: She's trying the best she can!
  • By the end of the episode, McGucket is starting his way down the road to recovery, and it's implied that the Mystery Shack gang will help him through it.
    • Dipper tricking the former Blind Eye society members into donating some money to Old Man McGucket. Lord knows the guy needs all the help he can get.
    • The first two times McGucket "speaks" with hambones are played for laughs, but the third and last message, after he learns who he was, is pure Heartwarming:
    McGucket: Thanks for opening my eyes.
  • Wendy and Mabel bonding. Special mention to Wendy pretending to be a dude so Mabel could practice her approach.
  • Mabel giving a new identity to Blind Ivan that he could actually find joy in. It was pretty adorable to hear her tell him he was something so innocent and lighthearted, and he was genuinely happy with this persona.
  • Mabel sticking with Dipper despite being depressed over her crushes. Before, she might have run off to try and find a new romance, but she ran around with Dipper the whole time, doing something he was excited about. She really has learned from Sock Opera!
  • A bit of Fridge Heartwarming here—Old Man McGucket can't remember anything that happened prior to 1982 due to repeated memory wipes causing brain damage, but somehow, in spite of this, he remembers that he has a son who he loves, as we see in "Legend of the Gobblewonker." This makes it all the more of a Tear Jerker that his son doesn't want to spend time with him.

Blendin's Game
  • Dipper and Mabel going through all that they did to try to make Soos happy on his birthday. They even endure gladiatorial combat to get a wish so he can see his Disappeared Dad.
    • And after realizing what did to try and make him happy, Soos uses his Time Wish to patch the twins up, and says that they're his family.
      • How about the fact that they gave him their time wish as a present? No, really. Think about it. They had the chance to wish for ANYTHING they wanted. Anything. Dipper could have finally figured out the mysteries of Gravity Falls. Mabel could finally find the perfect summer crush. But neither of them think about either of that for a split second. The only thing they got on their minds is Soos' happiness. That, right there, is true friendship.
  • While acknowledging that Blendin tried wishing them out of existence, Dipper and Mabel also realize that what happened to Blendin in the first place was their fault, so they get the Time Baby to give Blendin his job back (and nice hair).
  • Stan petitioned the government to have Soos's birthday removed from calendars, since he hates it so much. He really does care.
    • The ending credits take it even further by implying Stan's the closest thing Soos has ever had to a fatherly-figure.
  • A small one, but when Wendy finds out the twins threw Soos a surprise birthday party and tells them he hates his birthday, the very first thing she says is "You guys didn't know, so this isn't your fault." And Soos at no point gets mad at the kids about it either, just stating that he's not up for the activities they try to set up for him. Considering how often conflicts rise from simple lack of information in some shows, this is seriously nice to see.
  • Soos's family is nice in general. His Abuelita adores him and his cousin consoles Soos.
    • In a sad way, Abuelita declaring that if Soos's deadbeat father ever shows his face around Gravity Falls again, she'll rip him limb from limb. Never Mess with Granny, especially not where her beloved grandson is concerned, even if you do happen to be his father. (Especially if you happen to be his father!)
  • That adorable moment where Dipper and Mabel see a five-year-old Wendy hanging out with Tambry, and she blabs that Wendy thinks Dipper is cute.
  • Soos states that he'd do anything for the Pines family (which Stan then confirms by demanding Soos help him scratch two places at once.) In the show's stinger, we see that Stan gave Soos his handyman job at the Mystery Shack on his depressing birthday, and he was likely the first thing resembling a stable, semi-positive father figure in his life (Jerk with a Heart of Gold or not, this is still Stan we're talking about here).
  • What would Dundgren, one of the Time Guards, want to use the Time Wish for? Retire so he can spend more time with his family, his children in particular.

The Love God
  • Wendy reassuring Dipper at the beginning. It's just a nice friendly little moment.
    Wendy: When you're with us, you're in.
  • Upon finding Robbie wallowing in misery over a breakup, most of the character's reactions are uncomfortable at best and completely apathetic at worst. And many an audience member would probably react the same way; he's been almost nothing but a Jerk Ass since his first appearance and few would argue that the breakup was undeserved. All except for one character: Mabel. Her immediate reaction to seeing Robbie is desire to make him feel better, and it barely takes her a minute to get her heart set on getting him a new girlfriend to cheer him up. Why? Because no matter who they are, she can't stand seeing another person miserable if she can help it. For all of Mabel's faults, that takes serious character.
  • Robbie and Tambry hooking up. Not only do they make a surprisingly adorable couple, but they actually help one another become better people: Tambry finally steps out of her phone-devoted shell, and Robbie is not only genuinely happy for the first time in ages, but he actually manages to show warmth to his other friends.
    • A lot of their interactions as a couple are treated as gross PDA In-Universe, but it is pretty sweet. Special mention goes to them gently putting eye liner on each other. A match made in broody goth heaven.
    • If the look they exchanged means anything, Wendy and Robbie have finally forgiven each other.
    • Everyone in the entire social group, even Robbie, become friends again thanks to Thompson.
  • It's short but we see that Soos and Melody's relationship is going well.
    • At Waddles' and Gompers' wedding, Soos dives for the bouquet (shoving Wendy out of the way), catches it, and looks absolutely thrilled to have done so. It's played for laughs, but it's also a fridge "d'awww" moment.
  • While this isn't in the episode, check out the original storyboards for the introduction of the titular Love God. In the aired show, the sequence showed LG making an old woman fall in love with an old man. In the original storyboards? It's a lesbian couple, and everyone present was immediately accepting of it, nobody questions it, nobody bats an eye at all. Alex Hirsch and co. may not be able to get that past the radar quite yet, but it's good to see they're at least trying.
  • In a weird way, Dipper and Mabel's horrified concern when Love God hasn't come out from under the burning Stan balloon yet. He's fine, of course, but their worrying about a man who was just chasing them down and gloating to their faces is sweet.
    Mabel: *while crossing her fingers* Please be immortal. Please be immortal. Please be immortal.

Northwest Mansion Mystery
  • Dipper and Pacifica bonding, and maybe even sharing a moment or two.
    • Especially at the end, where they gleefully trash a carpet Pacifica was terrified of dirtying, to the point she would rather face the ghost than her parents' wrath.
    • Earlier in the episode, Pacifica hugs Dipper! That's right, the character we've come know as a giant Alpha Bitch actually hugs someone! Sure, she tries to pay him off to forget that it happened, but that doesn't make it any less sweet, especially since even so she wants him to stick around at the party instead of going off to exorcise the ghost.
    • When Dipper returns to the party after initially leaving with the ghost, Pacifica immediately cheers up and shouts "Dipper, you came back!" It's really adorable and it makes what follows so much worse.
    • When Dipper again returns to the party, he finds out that to placate the Lumberjack a Northwest must open the gate and let commoners join the annual party. Dipper instantly thinks of Pacifica, even after telling her she is no different than her parents he still subconsciously sees her as better, then after seeing how down she is about finding the truth of her family he apologizes for earlier, and tells her she can be better than her parents and that it's not to late to prove it.
  • Pacifica defying her father and getting some Character Development. Specifically, she does what she does not just because it's the right thing to do in that moment alone, but as a start to changing her whole lifestyle because she knows and is remorseful for her family's terrible crimes. As she says, "Our family name is broken! And I'm gonna fix it!"
    • Because of the above, the Lumberjack Ghost telling Pacifica she isn't like other Northwests.
      • As this happens, you can see she's smiling. She clearly feels much better after letting the townsfolk into the party and giving the ghost justice
  • Grenda of all people getting a love interest.
    • Plus, the fact that once Marius shows interest in Grenda, neither Candy nor Mabel show a hint of jealousy and are nothing but happy for her.
  • Dipper's only condition to help the Northwests with their ghost problem? Party tickets for his sister and her friends. Dipper will do anything for Mabel's happiness, even working for people he openly dislikes.
    • Made more sweet when you realize that Mabel got him into helping the Northwests and get tickets because it's Candy and Grenda's dream. Mabel cares a lot about her friends and Dipper can't say 'no' to those adorable, expecting, geeky gals.
    Candy and Grenda: DREAAAAAM~
  • It's minor and mostly overshadowed by the reveal of the coming apocalypse however as the end of the episode shows McGucket really has managed to recover (at least) a reasonable amount of his former competence and sanity.
    • Not only that but when Dipper sees McGucket, he smiles at the old coot and asks him what's up. You can definitely tell they are becoming good friends, assuming they have not done so already.
  • The lumberjack ghost rejoicing in seeing Gravity Falls' common-folk finally entering the gates of Northwest Manor; all he wanted was the well deserved reward the Northwests have negated to those that made them great in the first place, and finally getting peace.

Not What He Seems
  • Even though it's clearly a setup for everything to go horribly wrong, watching the twins playing with fireworks and water balloons with Stan was really sweet.
  • Its finally revealed what Stan has been working on for the last thirty years, why he went to all the trouble of managing the portal. What could justify all the lengths he went to? After stealing radioactive waste from the government, lying to the people he loved and cared about, years of work, planning and scheming, climaxing in him risking potentially destroying the entire world, and all for what? To bring his long lost twin brother back home. Stan risked everything out of love for his brother.
  • An overlooked moment: when Dipper is about to push the button to stop the portal, Stan bursts in and begs him not to press it. Dipper actually turns and demands to know why he should trust his uncle when he could've pressed the button instead. Despite his (legitimate) reasons to distrust Stan and go for the pragmatic decision— push the button first, hear the explanation later— Dipper gives his Grunkle a chance to explain. If the countdown weren't so close, and the last anomaly hadn't interrupted Stan, the explanation may have placated him.
  • Despite everything, including the accrued evidence the twins have found against Stan, Mabel listens to her gut and trusts that her Grunkle really does love and care for her and makes the right decision in not axing the portal.
  • Even though it nearly ruined all of Stan's efforts to bring his brother/The Author home, Soos' genuine desire to protect the kids was really precious.
    Sorry Mr. Pines, if that is your real name, but I have a new mission: PROTECTING THESE KIDS!!
    • Earlier, when Soos is guarding the vending machine and Dipper and Mabel start pushing past him, he still does nothing that might hurt them, only trying to block it and pleading with them to stop.
  • The end credits scene, that shows a young Stan and his brother, on a swing-set, quietly watching the sunset.
  • In an odd way, Stan's cussing in the security footage is this as well. He gives a nonsensical exclamation before specifically noting that his being alone means he can let rip with the foul language. This means that he actually takes the thought and time to censor himself around the twins.
  • The fact that while Soos was guarding the vending machine, he mentions wanting Stan to adopt him. It says a lot that he sees Stan as a father figure, especially considering his own issues with his father...
  • Even after they crash his Humvee, getting him trapped under a tree branch and left to die, Trigger still feels bad for the twins, thinking they're trusting the wrong guy.

A Tale of Two Stans
  • This bit when Stanford finds out what he missed during the 30 years he was gone:
    Ford: Stan, you didn't tell me there where children down here!
    Stan: They're your family, Poindexter. Shermy's grandkids.
    Ford: I have a niece and a nephew?
  • Dipper instantly forgiving Stan for lying to him, and Stan acknowledging his own mistakes.
  • Dipper (especially Dipper's) and Mabel's joy at meeting Grunkle Ford. Ford himself is happy to meet Mabel and even gets along with her. It's a nice departure from the bitter, angry man he's been since stepping out of the portal.
  • The little, short-lived moment at the end of the episode where Stan and Ford look at each other in a mirror. Stan reflects on how old they've become, and Ford jokes that Stan looks like their father. They share a laugh and a nudge. They're still brothers, despite their bitterness towards one another.
    • Despite Stan telling Ford to stay away from Dipper and Mabel and considering them the only family he has left, the expression on his face as he walks away indicates he's still sad about something between them.
  • Even after several years isolated from each other, Stanford still trusted Stanley more than anyone else.
  • Stan describes their father as being not one to be fazed by things. Said father's first words when he hears Stanford is so smart he might get into a top tier university? "I'm impressed." Stanford's proud smile only adds to it.
  • A retrospective one, that makes Stan's pride in his overpriced tourist trap so much sweeter. It's made obvious throughout the episode that Stan's life was a colossal failure, and he turns up at Gravity Falls with barely a dime to his name. His attempts to make money by giving tours of his brother's lab looks to be going horribly wrong... until he tells a joke, whips up a funny exhibit and pulls out the charm. As the tourists all laugh you can just see it in his eyes, the dawning realization that he's finally found something he's good at.
  • Several fans wondered if Dipper was going to mistrust Mabel after she ignored him in the previous episode, but it turned out not to be the case; he realizes he was wrong before, and is as close to Mabel as before. Of course, it's possible hearing about how Stan and his brother fell out might've had something to do with it, not to mention the fact that the end of the episode absolutely screams foreshadowing.
  • During the confrontation that led to Ford getting sucked into the portal, the Stan twins apologized to each other over their strikes. Ford got concerned when Stanley was burned and when Ford started getting sucked in, Stanley's immediate response was to try to help. Despite everything the two of them had been through, even in their darkest moments they still cared about each other.
  • "Those bullies may have been right about us not making many friends, but when push comes to shove, you only really need one."
  • Stan and Ford shouting "Pines! Pines! Pines!" like Stan, Dipper and Mabel did in Scary-Oke.
  • In retrospect, Mabel saying that Ford's six-fingered handshake is a whole finger friendlier than normal, because Ford had always been made fun of for having six fingers and this is probably the first time he's been complimented on it.
    • Not to mention Stan calling a high-five a "high-six" when he high-fives Ford.

Dungeons, Dungeons, and more Dungeons
  • The beginning seems to imply that both Stans at least agree that Ford should stay away from Mabel and Dipper for their own safety, when he turns down answering Dipper's questions, and Stan then pointing out how dangerous his work is.
    Dipper: Great Uncle Ford! 'You need any help with that? I learned all about these creatures in your journal, and I think I know how-
    Ford: No. I'm sorry Dipper. On the dark weird road I travel, I'm afraid you cannot follow. Well, call me for dinner!

  • From Mabel's Guide To Dating, Soos gives us this.
    Soos: How many kids do I want to have? Seven, preferably. That's one to love for every day of the week!
    • Mabel's "masterpiece" at five years old was a squiggly stick-figure drawing of Dipper.