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[[caption-width-right:350:"SHOULD I BE ONE, OR THE OTHER? [[TakeAThirdOption HOW ABOUT]] ''[[BodyHorror BOTH]]''?"]]

->''"Heheh, good luck sleeping tonight!"''
-->-- '''Soos''', "Into the Bunker"

''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'' is a town best known for the paranormal and supernatural findings. Of course, since this IS a NightmareFuel/{{Disney}} show that we’re talking about, there’s about to be a lot of those frightening moments that make you wonder, [[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids "Disney actually MAKES shows like this?"]] It’s considered one of Disney’s [[DarkerAndEdgier darkest]] shows for a reason.

'''Beware of unmarked spoilers!'''

[[NightmareFuel/GravityFallsJournal3 Click here for Nightmare Fuel]] from ''[[Literature/GravityFallsJournal3 Gravity Falls: Journal 3]].''

[[folder: General, Shorts, and Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained]]

[[AC: General]]
* Right off the bat, it's worth noting that the entire show tends to maintain a ''vaguely'' creepy tone at all times, even when it's being lighthearted, heartwarming or funny. The general mystery of what's going on in Gravity Falls is all there, in the background or the foreground, constantly hanging over the show like a grim reminder of everything you know, [[NothingIsScarier or don't know,]] about this weird little town in the middle of Oregon.
* The [[BlackSpeech creepy whispering]] in the intro, along with those unsettling chords and flickering subliminal imagery, and the dying/fading on the last note, from the intro will never cease to send a chill down your spine.
** It's "Three Letters Back" in reverse -- the cipher for the initial end-of-episode codes. It eventually switches to other messages when the cipher changes accordingly. Still pretty creepy, though.
** Before figuring out that the message was in reverse, many fans assumed that the phrase was, "I'm still here".
* [[EldritchAbomination Bill Cipher]], full stop. Introduced near the end of the first season, he's described as the most powerful and dangerous being in Gravity Falls, and while a very strong target of LoveToHate among the fandom, everything about him is unsettling at best and horrifying at worst. To elaborate:
** He's a [[OurDemonsAreDifferent demon]]. No kid-friendly minced expressions here; he's explicitly identified as a [[OhCrap demon]].
** He's '''completely insane''' and '''impossible''' to predict. Besides talking, his very first on-screen action was randomly ripping the teeth out of a nearby deer, showing them to the person who summoned him just to give them a scare, and then putting the teeth back in and acting as if nothing happened.
** However, despite this, he seems to have near-omnipotent intelligence. The casual way he talks to the characters makes it seem like he's constantly one step ahead of them; like he can predict every individual thought and motive that goes through their heads and always knows the exact words to say in order to play them like a fiddle. He may have very limited power over the physical realm, but every time you're near him, you get this underlying feeling of helplessness.
** He has the power to enter your mind and read as many of your memories as he pleases. And if you want to defend yourself from this, you're apparently going to need something as drastic as a metal plate embedded into your skull.
** If he's able to persuade you (which, again, is very easy for him), he can [[DemonicPossession take over your body]]. And he has ''no'' regard for your body's physical well being when he does so; quite the contrary, he [[TooKinkyToTorture goes out of his way to abuse it as much as possible]].
** [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou I'M ALWAYS]] [[SinisterSurveillance WATCHING YOU]] [[TakeThatAudience NERDS]]. [[ParanoiaFuel ALWAYS]].
** Bill answered a bunch of questions [[http://www.reddit.com/user/_BILLCIPHER/comments/ from the show's fans on Reddit]]. Some of his replies were funny, others were darkly comedic, and there were a fair number that... weren't very nice.
** This little tidbit from the Reddit AMA is especially unsettling, considering there are images of Bill freaking ''everywhere'' in Gravity Falls (you just have to look carefully to find them, they're easily missed). And that's not counting all the [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou Bill merchandise and fanart]] and such in RealLife...
** When asked on that thread what his long term plans were, he responded "I'M THINKING OF BRING BACK MKULTRA" [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra This does not bode well at all]]...
** Want a little more ParanoiaFuel? Pay close attention to the pictures of Bill on the journal page Gideon uses to summon him. It's at 0:10 seconds of [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvWFY6mJpWA&feature=youtu.be&t=1m this video]]. There's a picture of the triangle symbol that's on every dollar bill in America, with the caption "HE'S IN MY WALLET!" That's right. You have bills on you? Then you ''literally'' [[IncrediblyLamePun have Bills on you]] - he can see you through all of them.
** In "Dipper and Mabel Vs. The Future", he finally achieves a goal he's been working towards for a billion years: being the harbinger of the apocalypse.
*** Also, in the preview for the next episode, Bill is missing from the end of the opening credits! As in, there's a blank spot where he usually is...
** Another point from the AMA. Bill opens it after his introduction with a video giving proof that it's him. What is the video? ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6sFP_7Vezg# A timelapse of a real life decomposing rabbit]]''.
*** As seen in "Weirdmageddon III", He has no problem with harming children and even claims he "wants to make corpses out of the twins" and was about to kill Mabel for the heck of it!
** Bill has always been a weird mix of [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou knowing he's an animated character and being summoned from the real world]] He only talks to the viewers via the cryptograms (sometimes threatening the viewers, sometimes just adding in fun info) , and by taking over Alex Hirsch. There is a physical Statue of him in Oregon. A few times he's looking at the viewers through the screen. He's not all the way like Deadpool where it loops back around to being fictional. Nor is he openly fictional like Dipper. It's a weird, unsettling, mix between the two that makes you wonder if he is, somehow, actually real.
* The "Shop at Home with Mr. Mystery" shorts, while amusing, have one or two creepy points. In two of them ''Bill Cipher'' somehow manages to call the Mystery Shack! And his offer to Stan in the ad for the [[FandomNod Nacho Necklace]]…
-->"How about you keep the necklace, and I'll take…'''YOUR SOUL…'''" ''(Ominous sting)''

[[AC: Shorts]]
* We get to see Gideon in prison. He's clearly got a huge amount of influence, and the people he's lording over are clearly pretty unstable, and coordinating a mass breakout is hardly beyond his means...
** That aside, the fact that a child who might be no older than 10 would be put in a maximum security prison with people who have probably done some horrifying things to end up there seems like a [[AdultFear big concern]]. [[TruthInTelevision Even worse...this can happen to kids in real life. Look it up.]]
** We get more {{Yandere}} antics from our favourite CreepyChild in Creepy Letters from Li'l Gideon. He sounds rather unhinged when he mentions counting the bricks in his cell, and says he hopes he'll see Mabel "real soon".
** [[https://youtu.be/HlHE77GYhzs There's a sequel out now;]]
--->'''Gideon:''' I'll be getting out of here before you know it. Can't wait to together with the ol' book club: you, me and Bill Cipher! Let's see how YOU like being tickled... in your soul.
* Octavia the 8-legged cow from "Mabel's Scrapbook". She looks harmless enough... until she zaps a passing eagle with her LaserEyes and eats it with her OverlyLongTongue.
-->'''Stan:''' ''Run.''
* The promotional short, ''Creature in the Closet'', ends with Dipper slowly opening the closet door...only for the creature to lunge out of the closet, and attack him and Mabel (off-camera). The sudden JumpScare, as well as Mabel's voice becoming distorted and glitchy as the camera's batteries die out, likely scared a ''lot'' of small chidlren who were watching Creator/DisneyChannel when this aired, and proved that this show was ''not'' going to be your typical Disney show.

[[AC: Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained]]
* "Stan's Tattoo" has Stan go berserk when Dipper tries to look at his tattoo.
-->'''Stan''': I'M GONNA FIND YOU KID!!!!
** This one's HarsherInHindsight when you find out in "A Tale of Two Stans" Stan's "tattoo" is actually a ''burn scar'' from part of the machinery powering the Interdimensional Portal. It's no wonder [[BerserkButton he's so touchy about it]].
* "Lefty": Dipper spies upon a man who never turns right and literally does everything left. Then Dipper later gets him to turn around and he's not human, but a robot controlled by tiny little creatures. TheReveal was both creepy and unexpected (if also a bit hilarious).
** And then ''they all [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar commit suicide]].''
--> '''Creature 1''': The time has come, brother!
--> '''Creature 2''': I can't! I have a family!
--> '''Creature 1''': You signed the oath! ''(both swallow poison and die)''
* [[https://youtu.be/96FEhn_N76Y The "Tooth" short.]] Dipper finds a giant tooth on the shore, and tries to figure out where it came from. As he and Mabel row out into the lake to find out, it's revealed that the tooth came from a huge monster with an ugly human-ish face disguising itself as an island, which then rises up from the water to attack the twins.
** [[http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/gravityfalls/images/7/70/Short5_Giant_island_head.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20131019215723 Here's]] what it looks like. It's not pretty.
** If you look closely when it chases after the kids, you can see a SKELETON hanging off the bottom of it.
** It also speaks backwards, and here's what it says:
--> "''You have awoken me from my slumber! '''Enter my mouth, children! ENTER YOUR DESTINY!!! RAAAGH!'''''"
** Bear-O, Mabel's creepy and disformed bear puppet, is also pretty creepy.
* [[https://youtu.be/NXrmRW_v1s8 The Hide Behind]], a mysterious creature that no one has ever seen, as it is always living up to its name and hiding behind everything. It has a rather creepy design, although fortunately it doesn't do anything harmful or malicious.
* Watching all of the shorts and then putting the pieces at the end of them together nets [[http://gravityfalls.wikia.com/wiki/File:Shorts_the_hidden_page.jpg this wonderful image]].
** When you decrypt the Red Code along the edge, it spells I WAS SO BLIND, HE LIED TO ME, THE DARKNESS IS NEAR. Becomes even more chilling after watching ''The Last Mabelcorn'', and realizing that "he" refers to Bill.

[[AC: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets]]
* A conversation with Grunkle Stan has him recount being present for the twins' birth, recalling the day fondly. That said, while he happily mentions that Mabel came out swinging, having punched the doctor that delivered her, he also reveals that Dipper nearly ''died'' from asphyxiation as a newborn, having been strangled by his own umbilical cord to the point that his face was blue.


[[folder:Season 1]]

[[AC: Tourist Trapped]]
* A bunch of [[FairFolk gnomes]] wanted to kidnap and marry Mabel, a ''twelve year old'' girl, which is unsettling as it is. That's not even considering the fact they can be ''old'' even by human standards.
** They were rather feral when Dipper comes to rescue Mabel, one of them attempting to eat Dipper's face off.
*** And then there's the big gnome monster that they all form together...

[[AC: Legend of the Gobblewonker]]
* [=McGucket=] has made [[KillerRobot these robots]] before, and has used them on populated areas just to get attention. As is hinted later, this is probably him being ''nice.''

[[AC: Headhunters]]
* As Mabel and Dipper say, the wax figures look very lifelike. Later on, they "kill" every single one of them.
* Wax Sherlock Holmes tries to outright ''murder'' Stan with an axe.
* [[FridgeHorror Had Mabel not made a Wax Grunkle Stan, the real Grunkle Stan might have met his demise...]]
* [[BodyHorror Wax Sherlock Holmes melting, and his half-liquid head dripping off the roof as he speaks his last words.]]

[[AC: The Hand That Rocks the Mabel]]
* Lil Gideon, [[NotGoodWithRejection after he shows his true colours.]] He's unstable, violent and [[VillainousCrush seems to believe that Mabel is secretly in love with him.]] This kid's just three years younger than Dipper, and yet he's so far gone that [[GreenEyedMonster he attempted to cut out Dipper's tongue and ''kill him'']].
** It doesn't help for the fact that Gideon has the voice of [[WesternAnimation/TheMarvelousMisadventuresOfFlapjack Flapjack]] and while he sounds a tad goofy, it also proves to be quite unsettling.
** One has to wonder if he was born this deranged or if his contact with the forces in the Journal caused him to be this way.
*** Later [[AllThereInTheManual materials]] reveal that the amulet Gideon used for telekinesis [[ArtifactOfDoom corrupts the soul]], and it appears that Gideon had '''no idea''' because this information was written in a journal he didn't have. Likewise, he probably had no idea how dangerous Bill is, since Journal 2 was written before the author had found that out. Not only does this [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation potentially]] paint Gideon as a TragicMonster, it also adds a layer of FridgeHorror as to what could have happened if Dipper or Mabel had stumbled onto something similarly dangerous.
* Toby asking Dipper if he's noticed anything unusual around town [[CerebusRetcon becomes a lot more menacing]] after we learn he's a member of the Society of the Blind Eye.
* The ending. Gideon makes toys out of Mabel, Stan, and Dipper, making them say things that aren't true. (ex. [[MadLove "Gideon, I still love you!"]]) This kid is '''seriously''' messed up.
** It gets worse. The last shot of the episode reveals '''he has Journal 2.''

[[AC: The Inconveniencing]]
* Mabel becomes possessed by a ghost, which is pretty creepy to witness.
* [[http://i.imgur.com/7MFPwlA.png The cooler monster.]] WordOfGod says [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment it'll never be explained]].
* When Dipper turns around and sees that his and the others' reflections have become ''skeletons''.
* The fates of the teenagers that the twins venture to the store with: Being trapped inside a television screen, a video game, a cereal box cover, and a hot dog ''[[AndIMustScream that's being cooked]]''.
** And judging by the sound effect and reactions of the characters watching, the cereal box one was a GoryDiscretionShot.
--->'''Cereal Box Bird''': I'm bonkers for eating you alive!
* More "GettingCrapPastTheRadar" than NightmareFuel. But it's really really surprising the show was allowed (being Disney) to get away with using the word "Murder" and showing two corpse outlines. DarkerAndEdgier Disney indeed.
* How about the fact that two innocent people DIED just because of some teenaged douchebags harassed them? Granted, its played for laughs, but its not exactly a far stretch from some of the shit that happens in the real world.
** Considering the "harassing" consisted of playing mildly rebellious music outside the store and dancing, the couple's double heart attacks from shock were too absurd to take seriously. If anything, their own inflexible attitudes killed them.

[[AC: Dipper vs. Manliness]]
* [[ColdBloodedTorture The pain hole.]] Whatever it is down there, it makes even the biggest Manotaur scream.
* We get introduced to the apparent leader of the Manotaurs... only for him to be devoured on screen by the real leader mere seconds later. This scene is bad enough, but it's implied that this is a regular occurrance.
* The leader of the Manotaurs pulls a spear out of his chest, with screaming and [[{{Squick}} blood]] and everything.

[[AC: Double Dipper]]
* The copy of Dipper's dismembered arm. It crawls towards Dipper, with unnerving music playing, and then it just bubbles and melts away.
* Paper Jam Dipper, an irregular and deformed copy of Dipper. While PlayedForLaughs, it still doesn't feel, look, or sound... normal, unlike the other copies. And then it welcomes its death.
* The mere possibilities of a machine that can produce clones of anyone without limit. Suppose Gideon found it? Just one of him was almost enough to take over the entire town, imagine an army of Gideons.
** Although, given his nature, they would probably get even less done than the Dippers did.
* The fact that Dipper's CloneArmy assaulted him when they realised he wasn't going to follow the plan. Are the clones just inherently aggressive? Or is this a direct result of someone with Dipper's trust issues and neurosis being placed into a closed echo-chamber of identical voices all validating his decisions and his fears? If so, just how unbalanced is Dipper?

[[AC: Irrational Treasure]]
* [[ThoseTwoBadGuys Blubbs and Durland]] become surprisingly competent (even if they're still VERY dense), giving our heroes the fear that the people they trust to protect them can turn on them the moment they least expect them to.
* For that matter, the fact that the whole town can be controlled by a horrible family and there are no limits to what the police can do to uncooperative citizens.

[[AC: The Time Traveler's Pig]]
* [[https://youtu.be/2ltJnhoTKZ4?t=40s The way time travel apparently works.]] The twins press the backwards-button, and everything reverses: Waddles, who ran away in fear, is pushed backwards again, Soos gets an unsettled look when he stops eating his sandwich as if he's aware of something strange happening, the ball flies back into the mans hand, and all while eerie, reversed music plays.
* The Time Baby, a huge baby with a large head and [[RedEyesTakeWarning red eyes]] that seemingly controls all of time.
* Even though it's PlayedForLaughs and parodied, the idea of actually time-traveling to the end of all time, where nothing exists anymore but you, is actually kind of unsettling.

[[AC: Fight Fighters]]
* Dipper ends up in a [[AdultFear shockingly realistic]] "fight with a bully" scenario, especially by Disney Channel standards.
** Rumble [=McSkirmish=] on a rampage in the real world has some of this too, in retrospect. He's acting exactly like you'd expect a character from a fighting game to act when loosed in the real world (i.e. attacking everything in sight.) [[FridgeHorror Who's to say how many people might have gotten accidentally killed or maimed during this?]]

[[AC: Little Dipper]]
* Gideon returns to thwart the Pines family to come after the Mystery Shack. He really loses his grip and has some pretty {{Yandere}} tendencies and {{Nightmare Face}}s.
** [[EnfantTerrible The way he screams at his parents,]] demands [[PushoverParents his father]] look him in the eye and grabs him by the face, etc., are all ''strongly'' reminiscent of a habitually abusive parent lashing out at a child rather than simply an outrageously bratty kid acting out.
-->'''Gideon's mother''': ''[[MadnessMantra Just keep vacuuming just keep vacuuming just keep vacuuming...]]''
** Speaking of his mom, we see that she's very neurotic and dead-set on just vacuuming all the time. [[FridgeHorror Did Gideon drive her up the wall?]]
** Then he decides to shrink Stan...
-->'''Gideon:''' [[LaughingMad Heh heh heh... Hahahahah!]] ''WHAT AM I DOIN'!?'' I don't need ransom! I have ''this!'' I'll just shrink Stan and take the Shack by force! And if the rest of you get in my way... ''(Rips heads off Pines family figurines)'' SMASH!
** And this kid's only ''ten years old''. What will he be capable of when he's an adult?

[[AC: Summerween]]
* The Summerween Trickster is a monster who tasks Dipper and Mabel to bring him candy, or he'll eat them. He's scary enough at first, but his transformed state is even scarier.
** To demonstrate his seriousness, the Trickster grabbed a random kid and just ''ate him whole'', in the first five minutes of the episode.
** The Trickster's actual face and his overall true appearance looks like [[Anime/SpiritedAway No-Face]].
* Stan's attempts to scare the two Trick-or-Treaters are kind of scary, even if the kids don't think so. His first attempt is to wear a mask that makes it look like his '''face is melting off his skull'''.
* Gorney as he's being eaten alive.
-->'''Gorney''': REMEMBER ME!
* "Knock knock..."
[[AC: Boss Mabel]]
* Dipper caused a couple to go insane by having them look into the [[DeadlyGaze Gremloblin's eyes]]. They're last seen carried away on stretchers in catatonic states, with their eyes wide in frozen terror.

[[AC: Bottomless Pit!]]
* Stan's little speech about life in "Truth Ache".
* The cowboy skull in "Soos's Really Great Pinball Story" can be both funny and terrifying. Such as when he uses his VacuumMouth to suck in Dipper and Mabel to who knows where.

[[AC: The Deep End]]
* The [[http://i.imgur.com/SWCWqA1.jpg dead, mummified looking merman]] seen in episode 1 becomes extremely unsettling now that the twins have learned merfolk are real, intelligent beings.
** Most likely it's intended to be a reference to the Fiji Mermaids, a common carnival attraction about a century ago. Mind you, they were nightmare fuel in their own right, and usually consisted of a mummified ape sown together with a fish. Of course, the one shown in this episode IS human sized... and could be a fake considering this is Grunkle Stan we are talking about...
* The kid in the pool filter is PlayedForLaughs, but to keep a kid stuck in there all year is just needlessly cruel.

[[AC: Carpet Diem]]
* Soos's body is switched with Waddles, and while he's being hunted by Old Man [=McGucket=], Waddles is off screen. Whatever he was doing, it resulted in a marriage proposal with a woman being so unbalanced that a mute, bumbling man with no indication of sapience can go from total stranger to marriage material in the space of a few hours -- and when he ''does'' start behaving like a human being, she's no longer interested.
** Some of the expressions that Waddles makes in Soos's body is pretty creepy. At one point, he puts his whole hand over Stan's face and just...stares, understandably freaking him out.
** When Soos tells [=McGucket=] that he's a man trapped in a pig's body, [=McGucket=] replies: "That's what they all say..." in a very unnerving manner, suggesting he's [[FridgeHorror eaten other talking animals.]] Of course this is [=McGucket=] we are talking about. He may have hallucinated that they were speaking. Still creepy but in a different way...
** [[ImAHumanitarian [=McGucket=] telling Soos he'll still eat him in his human body.]]

[[AC: Boyz Crazy]]
* The producer of Sev'ral Timez genetically engineered the band and keeps them locked in an oversized hamster cage, like lab rats.
* The clones were kept in test tubes. There was an adult, an older kid, a younger kid, a baby... and a fetus.
* Robbie brainwashing Wendy with his song. The backmasked message itself it pretty damn creepy, too:
--->'''Low Voice''': You are now under my control. Your mind is mine.
** Plenty of scare chords related to that above message.
** The shit-eating grin Robbie has on his face before he brainwashes Wendy with his song. He ''knows'' damn well that what he's doing is despicable and disgusting.
* Sev'ral Timez is released as babes in the woods. Candy says casually, "They won't last a week."

[[AC: The Land Before Swine]]
* When our heroes come across the pterodactyl's nest, ''several skeletons are seen nearby''.
* As the gang runs from the pterosaur, they pass a ''T. Rex'' stuck in amber that wriggles its arms, suggesting that it might free itself someday. And earlier, they see a trapped dromaeosaurid wiggling its free finger.
* Old Man [=McGucket=] getting swallowed alive by the baby pterodactyl, and implied to have eaten his way out of it at the end.
* There's also the general fear of having a beloved pet being snatched away by a predator.

[[AC: Dreamscaperers]]
* Gideon wants the shack so badly that he summoned a ''demon'' to do the job for him. And he summons him with backmasked words, while his eyes glow and the scenery turns greyscale. While the words being said is literally just "Backwards message", the scene is still pretty creepy.
* The page in Dipper's journal for Bill's entry is bloodstained, and the author's note warns not to ''EVER'' summon Bill. Out of all the horrible things that haunt Gravity Falls, this being scared the author the most. It's entirely possible Bill is the "Him" the author speaks about in the first episode that is watching him.
** Not to mention the fact that the page of the Journal 2 describing him says that he's appeared in the author's dreams every night for weeks, and the page before his entry in Journal 3 says "Can't sleep can't sleep can't sleep" leading to some interesting implications.
** The (real-life) third journal also gives us the reason ''why'' the page is bloodstained - Ford's prolonged bouts of letting Bill possess his body [[EyeScream started causing his eyes to bleed]].
* Mabel losing her cuteness and temporarily becomes {{Gonk}}, isn't a pretty sight.
* Dipper getting a hole blown through his body.
* Bill Cipher, the most deranged and scariest being in the entire show.
** He knows [[https://youtu.be/TvWFY6mJpWA?t=1m lots of things]]... '''[[VoiceOfTheLegion LOOOOOOOTS OF THINGS]]'''
** Remember how Gideon was once angry enough to try to cut out Dipper's tongue with lamb shears? Bill [[TheToothHurts tears out the teeth]] of a deer and hands them to Gideon, who shrieks in horror and drops them all.
---> '''Bill:''' Deer teeth! For you, kid. [[LaughingMad Ahahahaha!]]
---> '''Gideon:''' Ah- ahhhh! You're insane!
---> '''Bill:''' Sure I am, what's your point?
** Bill when he gets angry, with his VoiceOfTheLegion being taken to great effect when he's foiled.
---> '''Bill:''' [[YouWouldntLikeMeWhenImAngry Do you have any idea what I'm like]] '' '''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis WHEN. I'M. MAD?!]]'' '''
---> '''Bill:''' '' '''EAT NIGHTMARES!''' ''
** Bill leaving was incredibly creepy as well, complete with flickering and flashing imagery, and a healthy serving of scary sounds.
** While he was leaving, his last words were "I'LL BE WATCHING YOU..."
*** Worse still, the way in which he repeats it. The first time, he's clearly bent over the gang, addressing them. The second time, he's assumed his zodiac form, which is oriented outward, ''at the viewer''.
** Hell, just the fact that Bill wasn't ''actually defeated'', he decided to just leave, because he thought the Pines were amusing and worth keeping an eye on.
* TheStinger is the icing on the creepy cake. It's a view of a forest scene with "To Be Continued" written at the bottom, with an eerie remix of the theme song playing in the background.
** If you look, you can see Bill's eye on some of the trees.
** You can see his eye ''[[http://greenwithenby.tumblr.com/post/54901151462/hes-always-watching everywhere]]''.
** Take a look at Dipper's cap. [[FridgeHorror It's from the first episode.]]
* Before the episode even aired, Bill was a source of unnerving content. On Disney's website for ''Gravity Falls'', the game "Rumble's Revenge" yields twelve special cryptograms. When transcribed, they read:
-->"i bet you're wondering who I a'''M'''."
-->"i don't give up answers easil'''Y'''.."
-->"i k'''N'''ow things. Fascinating things..."
-->"your reality is a game to me. And I like g'''A'''mes...."
-->"mischief is my '''M'''iddle name, but not my first....."
-->"th'''E'''re are six hints I will give you......"
-->"1. there is a secret soc'''I'''ety in Gravity Falls......."
-->"2. the Handyman know'''S''' more than he thinks........"
-->"3. gideon has '''B'''een searching for something........."
-->"4. what goes up '''I'''s sure to come down.........."
-->"5. dipper is p'''L'''aying with fire..........."
-->"6. i will be returning to Gravity Fal'''L'''s............"

[[AC: Gideon Rises]]
* [[BadPeopleAbuseAnimals Gideon screaming at Waddles to get back in the corner, coupled with his terrified expression.]]
* The giant robot Gideon definitely falls under UncannyValley.
* Gideon's as {{Yandere}} ever, and uses the aforementioned Gideon robot to grab Mabel and demand she be his queen.
* Dipper nearly gets himself killed trying to fight a giant robot, and the twins would've died [[JustInTime if Mabel hadn't used her grappling hook in time.]]
* TheStinger: We see Stan work on a mysterious portal underneath the Shack.
--> '''Stan''': Here we go...
* The fact that someone so twisted [[VillainWithGoodPublicity can have the support of an entire town]] until his true colors and acts at their expense are revealed, to the point where no-one will stand up for the heroes even when it is obvious who the monster is, is a more mundane kind of horror, and because of this it is also the worst for some people.
* Stan had Journal Nr 1 ''the entire time''. He always knew about the secrets of Gravity Falls and had been secretly searching for Dipper and Gideon's journals for years. He stealthily stole Gideons journal when the little brat was arrested, and Dipper unknowingly just handed Journal 3 to him while confessing about how he found it at the start of the summer. Remember the cipher from episode 1- ''STAN IS NOT WHAT HE SEEMS''.


[[folder:Season 2]]

[[AC: Scary-oke]]
* This episode has a zombie invasion, and poor Soos gets infected and becomes a zombie. Although it's made less scary since he's still as goofy as he normally is.
** Soos still being a goof makes it even more unsettling since he's as obsessed with eating Dipper and Mabel's brains as the other zombies are.
* The glove Stan puts on in the bunker has ''six fingers''.
** Which may be foreshadowing to TheStinger at the end of "Not What He Seems," because the Author/Stan's brother Ford has six fingers.
* The black light reveals that there was blood on the journal's cover.

[[AC: Into the Bunker]]
* The Shapeshifter, which does [[VoluntaryShapeshifting exactly what its name implies]]. It tricks Dipper into thinking he's met the author of the journals, before revealing its terrifying, somewhat [[EldritchAbomination eldritch true form]] and trying to kill Dipper and take the journal. Dipper even discusses the fact that [[ParanoiaFuel if it got loose, it could turn into anyone and you would never know it.]] What makes it worse is that it is actually malevolent, unlike the other creatures which are usually TrueNeutral. The Shapeshifter is a horrifying monster who taunts Dipper about what may happen to him if he goes too deep, transforming into a horrified Dipper before he is frozen in a chamber. Soos even lampshades it with a "Good luck sleeping tonight!" All of this is a pretty good reason why one of its most terrifying forms is the page image!
-->'''Shapeshifter:''' ''(In Mabel's form)'' Should I be one, ''(takes Dipper's form)'' or the other? How about both? ''[[http://i.imgur.com/wQyGkDs.png (transforms into an BodyHorror mixture of the two)]]''
** The buildup to the creature's reveal was well done and very creepy. Dipper and Wendy, separated from Soos and Mabel, apparently run into "author of the journals". Everything's going fine, Dipper is happy they managed to find him and everything seems to be going okay. Then Wendy realizes that the man they're talking to is the [[OhCrap Mascot on the can of beans down in the bunker]]. Realizing how bad this is, Dipper tries to head out. And then the Shape Shifter takes quite a lot of [[BodyHorror notes from]] [[Film/TheThing1982 another certain shape shifting alien...]].
** One of the worst parts about the Shapeshifter? He makes the exact same sound effect as the [[WesternAnimation/BuzzLightyearOfStarCommand Zurg-a-Tronic Megaray,]] the source of many kids from the 90s nightmares.
** The overall similarities to [[Film/TheThing1982 The Thing]] also add a lot of FridgeHorror. Wendy's ''bleeding'' after the initial fight with the monster...
** A closer look at its [[http://gravityfalls.wikia.com/wiki/Shape_Shifter/Gallery#Concept_and_production_artwork transformations]].
** Its last words.
-->You think you're so clever, don't you Dipper? But you have no idea what you're up against. You will never find the author, and if you keep digging, you'll meet a fate worse than you can imagine, and ''this'' will be the last form you'll ever take! (''As the shapeshifter is frozen it takes the form of a screaming and terrified Dipper.'')
** All its lines are made even scarier thanks to it being voiced by [[Creator/MarkHamill the Joker and Fire Lord Ozai.]]
* Whatever that monster in the shadows was. It appears to be a spider, but [[UltimateEvil we never actually see it in full form.]] It's also mentioned to have regenerative properties... This is assuming, of course that the monster wasn't Experiment 210 and the "author's" battle with it wasn't some sort of ruse to gain Dipper and Wendy's trust, such as shapeshifting part of itself into the "author" and ripping out the monster's tongue.
* Long before any of the monsters showed up, this episode managed to make TheWallsAreClosingIn ''scary'' again. Unlike the traditional version, this one has little steel cubes pushing in from ''every'' direction, meaning that instead of just squishing you in one painful but (hopefully) short go, it will probably [[AndIMustScream catch and mash up your body parts one by one]]. And if, by some miracle, you hit the four-button OFF sequence? [[OhCrap That doesn't stop the mechanism.]] All it does is open the emergency exit, and reaching that exit is still ''your'' problem.

[[AC: The Golf War]]
* The Lilliputtians tie up Pacifica because they think Mabel would like them best if they ''murdered'' her. Then, when they all decide to work together they plan to ''cut Mabel open''.
** Franz in particular, as performed by Creator/PattonOswalt, is just so cheerfully sociopathic in everything he says, and - unlike many of the other villains - [[BlueAndOrangeMorality barely seems to understand he's even doing anything wrong]].
* There is a bit of existential horror at the thought that Big Henry, an obviously beloved and valued member of his community, not only ''dies on screen'', but dies for a ''sticker''- one that they ''didn't even win''. And on top of that, no one outside his tiny community ''will ever even know he existed''.

[[AC: Sock Opera]]
* Bill Cipher's back. And true to his word, he has been [[ParanoiaFuel watching the twins]], and returns in this episode while being [[UpToEleven even creepier]].
** Dipper's trying to find out how to crack the laptop's code, and wishes for some clue or hint. Then the full moon rolls over, and it's revealed to be Bill's eye.
** [[ParanoiaFuel "I've been keeping an-"]] ''*Bill briefly turns massive, red, and [[EvilSoundsDeep Satanically deep-voiced]]*'' "'''EYE ON YOU''' [[ParanoiaFuel since then..."]] This [[https://images.discordapp.net/attachments/322591969853308929/326139778254766090/image.png?width=400&height=226 animation error]] [[BlankWhiteEyes didn't really help]].
** When Bill shows up to taunt Dipper, he conjures up an ''eternally screaming head'' for no reason other than to frighten Dipper. Then he snaps his fingers and the head unravels, stripping away hair and skin, then flesh and eyes, and finally pulling the skull out of frame. [[http://i.imgur.com/tlyhbje.gif The head is, of course, screaming the entire time.]] And its tongue ''ties itself in a knot'' as it unravels.
** Dipper tries to make a [[DealWithTheDevil deal]] with Bill to get some information out of a laptop, but Bill ends up double crossing him and possesses Dipper's body. While it's quickly PlayedForLaughs as Bill gets used to a physical body, but the music that starts playing combined with Dipper's screaming combined with Bipper slowly climbing to his feet as all the lighting goes red is pretty terrifying.
** Bill!Dipper, or Bipper, is both hilarious and terrifying. Bill enjoys causing Dipper's body pain [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything way too much]] and his expressions when threatening Mabel are cruel in ways Dipper's face should never get.
** Bipper wears a wicked grin on his face, half CheshireCatGrin, half SlasherSmile, and it's exceptionally creepy to look at. The animators made his face more frightening than it should be, as in close-up, you see ''actual individual teeth and gums'', which rotate with the angle of the head and everything, as opposed to the usual nondescript white bar you usually see in characters' mouths. It makes him look [[{{Understatement}} more than a little]] [[UncannyValley disconcerting.]]
** Seeing him dressed as a reverend makes for an incredible contrast; coupled with the dark clothes, unnatural eyes, and a SlasherSmile, it makes him look especially sinister.
*** WordOfGod says that his mannerisms and reverend costume were based on two sources, Reverend Henry Kane of the ''{{Poltergeist}}'' film series and Reverend Harry Powell from ''Film/TheNightOfTheHunter''. That's right, an eldritch cult leader and a serial killer who threatens children. Seriously, all he needs is Reverend Powell's iconic "LOVE-HATE" tattoos to make the ensemble complete.
** Our heroes were lucky that A, Dipper was still able to possess a sock puppet to communicate, and B, Dipper's physical body was worn out. The thought of Bill, this total sociopath, running around in the real world, is not a pleasant one.
** His fantastic NightmareFace when he asks, "But how can you stop me... [[http://i.imgur.com/1sIG0kT.gif if you don't exiiiiist?]] *[[LaughingMad echoing laughter]]*"
** One unnerving thing is how nobody finds ''anything'' strange about how Bipper acts, although WordOfGod stated that we dont' get to see this because of time restrictions.
** The sheer amount of body horror. Bill inhabits and ''damages'' Dipper's body, while Dipper watches helplessly. There's ''nothing he can do.''
--> ''"Race you down the stairs!"'' ''[falls down steps]''
--> ''"Boy, these arms are durable!"'' ''[slamming arm repeatedly in drawer. When he removes it it's stuck full of forks.]''
*** When Dipper finally does get his own body back, what is his first reaction: "Ooooooh everything hurts..." "No seriously I really think I need to go to a hospital..." Has Bill been experimenting with his body offscreen too?
** Even the episode's code, once translated, makes an incredibly creepy poem. Just what the hell is Bill planning?
* This one is subtle. Observe the room right before Bill appears. After the flash, very faintly there's a rubics cube in the corner. ''It was not there before.'' Later episodes have shown a rubics cube in Dipper's possession.
* Here's another one; the phrase Bill says before taking Dipper's body ("Eenie meanie miney... YOU!")? It's the exact same one Grunkle Stan used in the first episode.
* The release of the third journal reveals that, had he succeeded in his plan, [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness Bill was going to]] ''throw Dipper's body from the water tower so that everyone would think he'd committed suicide''. And probably do the same to Mabel afterward...though the passage could also be read as him just anticipating she'd do it naturally [[TogetherInDeath to be with her brother]], which is hardly better. Even for a creature that delights in causing chaos and pain, it's a sickening new low.

[[AC: Soos and the Real Girl]]
* The animatronics at the SuckECheeses knockoff restaurant were pretty creepy to look at even before they were taken over. It doesn't help that one of them looks disturbingly like Mabel's puppet Bear-O.
** On a similar note, some of the things that they have built into them don't really make a whole lot of sense, like the clawed hands on the Barrel Rat Robots. Considering that they looked like they were all endoskeleton they obviously weren't meant to be seen, making one wonder why they were even put on to begin with.
** While it is a complete coincidence, as the episode was finished long before the game came out, the animatronics have reminded many of the indie horror game ''VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys'', which also had killer animatronics.
* The episode centers around Soos coming across Giffany, a {{Yandere}} in a dating sim that ends up possessing the aforementioned animatronics to get Soos and ''delete'' Dipper, Mabel, and Melody.
** She has a split second NightmareFace seen [[http://i.imgur.com/GnEN96c.jpg here]] when she's going full {{Yandere}}, and even resembles a face that the {{Yandere}} queen herself, [[Manga/FutureDiary Yuno Gasai]] would pull.
** The camera cuts away from Soos playing on the dating sim... only to reveal that his computer is unplugged.
** It's revealed that Giffany killed her creators, and they show that she electrocuted anyone who tried to destroy her.
** [[UncannyValley Giffany herself]] has an unsettling and shaky pixelated art style that clashes with everyone else on the show, ''especially'' when she starts showing off her ContagiousAI powers and combined with her AccentOnTheWrongSyllable voice. Worse, apart from her brief screaming fit when she realized Soos was putting her up for a while, she never loses that [[FauxAffablyEvil cheerful, polite tone]].
*** The aforementioned screaming fit is accompanied by the game music turning from a cheerful tune into an eerie beeping, which adds to the creepiness of her breakdown.
** Her death is also nothing to sneeze at, complete with a horrifying scream while the robot she was possessing melts.
*** Worse than that, we actually see Giffany get deleted ''before'' the scream. So who's screaming? Well, the other robots she controls maintain personalities and sentience of their own... so it's very likely that the beaver robot she was possessing woke up ''just in time to horrifically die.''
** Game companies needed to produce many, ''many'' copies of a game to recoup the expenses in creating a game in the days before direct download. How many other players are dead, trapped in the game, or forever under Giffany's digital thumb? And what happened to the three people who owned the game before Soos?
*** We're told that they returned the game to the store, which implies that they freaked out before Giffany had the chance to get into the serious assault phase. So it's possible that ''Romance Academy 7'' failed miserably as far as sales went, and Soos is the only one unlucky enough to have Giffany around long enough for her to build up to "YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE ME". Still a disturbing prospect, though.
** This episode is frightening because unlike Rumble [=McSkirmish=], Giffany ''thinks''. She's not locked into a set of rules like Rumble is. She's a living, thinking entity capable of complex planning and emotional manipulation. Move past her screaming match when Soos says he's leaving her to the end of the episode; she goes right back to being her charming self, gleefully describing to Soos how no real woman would ever be with him, but how she's always predictable no matter what. You can tell by the look on Soos' face that Giffany knew exactly where to hit, and that, even for a brief second, Soos really considered giving his mind to Giffany.
** As if to prove a point how different Giffany and Rumble are, she rather casually vaporizes him in passing when her programming moves through his game.
** The worst part of it all, though, is that the entire episode is a ''massive'' dose of TruthInTelevision as far as the emotional manipulation that occurs in abusive relationships is concerned. Giffany telling Soos that no real woman will ever love him the way she does, stalking Soos wherever he goes, and going out of her way to destroy Soos's relationship with Melody (even willing to go as far as outright ''murder'') are all textbook examples of ways abusers manipulate their victims into submission. For anyone that's actually been in an abusive relationship, the entire episode hits a little too close to home.
* Take a closer look at the dumpsters when Stan is being attacked by the badger robot. One has Robbie's "explosion" painted on it, but the second has a much more [[http://i.imgur.com/9uV2LZL.jpg sinister symbol]].
* Goldie, an old coin-operated machine in the Mystery Shack that malfunctions and spews oil from its face while screaming, terrifies a poor unfortunate little boy to tears.
-->'''Wendy''': It's time to throw that thing out. Its face reminds everybody of the inevitability of death.
* That random woman that Soos accidentally bumped into is unnecessarily creepy, even if it was also funny at how absurd the scene was.
-->''You can't undo who you are.''
* Giffany brings all the animatronics to life... including the one Stan was stealing. The way Will E. repeats his {{Catchphrase}} right before attacking Stan was especially creepy.
* It's been said that Giffany is STILL ALIVE! In ''Gravity Falls Journal 3'', it says that Giffany somehow survived! Only she's at the arcade and is dating Rumble so I suppose we don't have to worry about her anymore. [[ParanoiaFuel Unless she dumps him and leaves the arcade. which raises an important question, if we saw Rumble out and about again during Weirdmageddon, where did Giffany go now? Did she escape the arcade? And what would she do if she escaped into the real world?]] [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou Or even worse, OURS?!]]

[[AC: Little Gift Shop of Horrors]]
* An unnamed person is greeted into the Mystery Shack late at night. After Stan tells three different stories about some of the items he's selling, the person decides not to buy anything. Then, Stan gives them a "potion" that knocks them out. They wake up in the shack the day after, trapped in a case and apparently glued to the stand, being shown off as an exhibit called "The Cheapskate".
** Made worse by Stan's continued creepy smile as the person's vision blurs and they fall over.
--->''"You shoulda bought something while you had the chance..."''
** Then, Mabel and Dipper see the person in there and don't seem to care ''at all''. There's a thin line between RuleOfFunny and RuleOfScary. At the least, this episode is hinted at to be non-canon.
* One of the items Stan talks about is this some... blob creature... with an unnatural appearance and high amount of eyes and other orifices.
* The swarm of disembodied hands in the Hand Witch story.
* If you're scared of stop-motion/claymation, like Mabel is, then seeing the claymation monsters won't be a nice sight. Worse yet, is Mabel's creation: Shimmery Twinkleheart, somehow even '''more''' terrifying when rendered in claymation than in regular animation.
* Somehow, Soos still ended up turning into a clay creature, resembling WesternAnimation/{{Gumby}}. Despite doing nothing dangerous and just being creepy-looking, Stan ends up ''[[OffWithHisHead decapitating him]]''. Even worse, Soos didn't appear again after the segment, which can give creepy implications. Be thankful it's non-canon in the same vein as ''WesternAnimation/TreehouseOfHorror''.
* This comment from the AV Club's review of the episode brings up some FridgeHorror about the series in general;
--->''The final part (and post-credits tag) was great because it made me realize for the first time how much the Pines family is like the creation of a horror movie- this weird old man with secrets living in a shabby, sporadically-visited menagerie of stuffed and wax things, with a pair of twins who know way more about the supernatural than they should. If you crossed the Pines family by, say, failing to spend the necessary amount of money at the Mystery Shack, I'm pretty sure it doesn't end well for you''

[[AC: Society of the Blind Eye]]
* This episode features a secret society that has been erasing the memories of people in Gravity Falls, making them blissfully unaware and ignorant to the horrors and mysteries of the town.
** To take it a bit further, it seems that various people of Gravity Falls suffer a bit of brain damage because of it.
** Lazy Susan is seen on a payphone trying to call for help, when she's suddenly abducted by two members of the society, then they tie her down and erase her memory.
** The scene where the main characters get to watch [=McGucket=]'s memories is really unnerving, as it shows his [[SanitySlippage descent into insanity]], leading up for him to be the crazy old coot that we know him as now.
** The credits scene shows Grunkle Stan, and he's working on his mysterious machine. A portal is open, sucking some things in, even a pipe which manages to hit Stan's hand (and we even get to see blood as he patches it up). Then there's some cryptic possible {{Foreshadowing}} as he says that no matter how dangerous this is or how long it takes, he will pull something off and no one will get in his way... right as the camera focuses in on a picture of Dipper and Mabel.
** The first video journal of [=McGucket's=] shows that something he worked on becomes more and more unstable as time passes. And at the very end, Stan comments that the portal is "growing stronger every day." The video diaries also reveal that [=McGucket=] worked on the portal with the author of the journals. This is a disturbing example of how erasing your memory many times due to denial can lead to complete and utter insanity.

[[AC: Blendin's Game]]
* While a tame episode overall, it was not above showing the loser of a gladiator tournament screaming in agony as his body is disintegrated.
* During the time travel segment, the Gleefuls can be seen walking by in the past, looking like a perfectly normal family... but there's also an advertisement that shows Bud having a 'just had a baby' sale. But someone drew on the advertisement, referring to Gideon as a 'demon' while drawing horns on him.
** Beyond painful Foreshadowing, it just raises the question... ''What the hell happened?'' How did everything go ''so'' wrong...?
* Blendin was going to ''RetGone Dipper and Mabel out of existence if he won''.

[[AC: The Love God]]
* This episode is pretty light hearted, although it does place this show in rather stark perspective to realize that an episode that begins with an angst-ridden teenage boy moaning at the bottom of an open grave could be considered comic relief. Or that said comic relief includes a pair of cheerful undertakers who place plates of cookies on top of ''occupied'' glass caskets.
** There's also Robbie's parents giggling as they exclaim that they hope nobody died in the balloon crash. [[SarcasmMode Sure you do]], your dread of the extra business is written all over your faces.
** That open grave scene? It features the Mystery Shack kids encouraging Thompson to look inside by chanting "Gaze upon death! Gaze upon death!"
* It's subtle, but the model of the town Mabel makes while trying to find a date for Robbie has [[NotSoDifferent a slightly unsettling resemblance]] to the one seen in Li'l Gideon's bedroom in "The Hand that Rocks the Mabel".
* That horrible, HORRIBLE balloon created by Stan. It's deliberately over the top and darkly hilarious, but it just looks... ''wrong''.
** His original blueprints are also pretty creepy. And let's not forget a mother and child's reaction to the balloon heading toward them:
-->'''Kid''': Mommy, is the floating head going to eat us?
-->'''Mother''': Yes he will Charlie, yes he will!
* Robbie has a picture of Dipper on a dartboard. This isn't too weird, we've seen Bud Gleeful with a picture of Stan on a dartboard, the same with Pacifica Northwest and Mabel's picture. But Robbie's dartboard is filled with ''knives and shurikens'', and there's writing next to it reading '''DIE DIPPER DIE'''. It's quite unsettling, especially when you consider their age difference...

[[AC: Northwest Mansion Mystery]]
* The Lumberjack Ghost. He's got a big, menacing, and terrifying design, including an axe sticking out of his head.
** To herald his arrival to Dipper and Pacifica he had the mounted animal heads bleeding out of their mouths and eyes as they ominously chant, "'''[[MadnessMantra Ancient sins... Ancient sins...]]'''"
*** The rhyme the trophies chant is pretty creepy in its own right
--> ''"Ancient blood and blackened skies,''
--> ''[[VoiceOfTheLegion The forest dark shall once more rise!]]"''
** When all the taxidermied animals come to life during the party, we get lovely sights such as [[RaisingTheSteaks the front half of a deer dragging itself forward and a goat stiffly flailing on its side, as well as various animals attacking people while bound to pieces of wood.]]
** After escaping from the mirror, he starts ''turning people into wood!'' And as if ''that'' weren't over the top enough, the final act of his rampage was to ''set the house on fire with all of the people turned wooden statues in it!''
** While everyone turning into wood by the Lumberjack Ghost was horrifying enough, we get a rather disturbing CallBack. When Dipper was turned into wood, his position and scream mirrors exactly how the Shapeshifter froze after transforming into him from Into The Bunker. What's even worse is that might not even be "his fate".
** The fact that the Northwest parents and their butler were gonna ''let'' the ghost rampage and burn everyone else. Also, while it's more of dark comedy due to the delivery of the line, the fact that Preston was seriously planning on ''eating the butler'' once food ran out is still disturbing and just further shows what a depraved man he is.
** The ghost's backstory. Did ''anyone'' expect to see that axe go flying at his head?
** His first appearance is a flaming skeleton crawling out of the fire. While his final form is terrifying, its cartoony beard and eyes soften the blow. The skeleton, however, is rather realistically drawn.
* There's some disaster that's coming in 21 hours, and a terrifying tapestry hints that Bill may be behind it!
** Said tapestry seemingly depicting people worshiping Bill while being ''consumed alive by flames!''
** Worse, on his AMA, Bill revealed that the tapestry is a PROPHECY.
* We see why Pacifica is the way she is: her father is treating her like a dog and has her at his beck and call with the ring of a bell. Considering how scared she was of tracking mud on the carpet and how scared she is of her parents in general, [[FridgeHorror they must have left some pretty deep scars on her]].
* The [[FreezeFrameBonus Page Cryptogram]] at the end reads [[MadnessMantra STANISNOTWHATHESEEMS STANISNOTWHATHESEEMS]] [[RuleOfThree STANISNOTWHATHESEEMS!]] Now what is the name of the next episode? Not What He Seems. OhCrap!

[[AC: Not What He Seems]]
* We finally find out the "truth" behind Grunkle Stan: [[DeadAllAlong he's been dead for thirty years.]] The Stan that the twins have been living with all summer, the Stan that we've grown to know and love, [[ParanoiaFuel might be an imposter]]. This is somewhat mitigated by the fact the following episode revealed that Stan faked his death in order to impersonate his brother.
* [[FridgeHorror If Mabel had been wrong, the universe would have been destroyed]].
** Highlighted by Dipper saying, "Are you insane?! We're going to [[NeverSayDie d-]]". That is a huge AdultFear that you're facing your mortality and your sibling sealed the deal.
** The BrokenAesop set up by this is terrifying. ThePowerOfTrust is a beautiful thing, kids, so it's okay to put trust in a felon who has lied to you for as long as you knew them, [[DeadPersonImpersonation impersonated someone who (apparently) died a highly suspicious way]], and is currently enacting plans that, as far as you know, may harm or kill others, [[FamilyUnfriendlyAesop because they really aren't as bad as they seem.]]
*** Thinking about the episode in that light, this does double-duty as AdultFear as well, and is a pretty untimely message considering the currently problem the US has with people ignoring warning signs in dangerous individuals, often leading to tragedy. Talk about a "Do as I say, not as I do" aesop.
** Made worse by the fact that, apparently, she ''was'' wrong. She was right about Stan not ''intending'' to destroy the Universe, but even his brother is disturbed by the fact that he actually opened the portal. He asks whether Stan read the warnings, and Stan responds that he did but decided to go through with it anyway. The portal apparently is capable of enormous destruction. Mabel was just very lucky.
* The moment where Stan's machine starts activating. [[RedSkyTakeWarning The sky goes red]], [[GravityScrew gravity begins to distort]], [[DivideByZero and it appears that the very fabric of reality is tearing itself apart.]] Though it actually didn't cause the apocalypse, it sure as hell ''looked'' like it was!
* The scene when the countdown reaches zero, gives us a closeup of Dipper, Mabel, Stan and Soos being engulfed by the machine's energy, making it look like they were ''vaporized''.
* A bit mundane compared to the rest of the episode, but Mabel's escape plan was ''seriously'' risky. If the humvee had crashed in any other way, they might not have been able to walk away like they did.
** Following that thought, Agent Trigger is lucky that tree branch only kept him in place rather than [[ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice the alternative]].
*** On that note, if Trigger hadn't gotten out of there [[FridgeLogic (however he did it)]], nobody knew where he was except Dipper and Mabel. [[FridgeHorror He could have starved to death out there, or worse.]]
* The Author has been trapped in a dimension where [[NarniaTime he hasn't aged for thirty years]] from Earth time. [[AndIMustScream Think on that]].
** He actually has aged, as he looks far older than he did when he was thrown into the portal. He just looks younger than Stanley.
** Also, the Author is shown to have gotten on Bill's bad side before, and the Author has just returned as well as being revealed to be Stan's brother. If Bill wasn't angry with the Pines already...

[[AC: A Tale of Two Stans]]
* An accidental screwup made in a fit of frustration gets a still-underaged and still in high school Stanley completely disowned by his entire family and thrown out to live in his car with no money and a single bag of clothes. A frighteningly realistic nightmare for a lot of teenagers.
* Remember Stan's tattoo? The one he claimed didn't exist despite the obvious evidence to the contrary? Well, as it turns out, he actually ''isn't'' lying, because that ''isn't'' a tattoo- It's a ''scar''. A scar from a ''hot metal brand''. And during the flashback to the night his brother disappeared, they actually ''show'' him getting it- during a fight with Stanford over Journal 1, Stan claimed Ford left him behind and ruined his life. Ford, in retaliation, pushed Stan onto the side of one of the portal's controls- where the mark was - accidentally in the struggle for the Journal, all the while claiming that Stan ruined his ''own'' life. You can hear Stan's scream and see his shoulder ''steaming from the heat''. It's ''incredibly'' painful to watch.
** The whole fight is pretty scary at the end. Stan and Ford are pounding away at each other, taking out their pent-up anger over perceived betrayals. Then, Ford knocks Stan into the hot computers, burning him. The look on Ford's face is one of a man who's realized he's gone too far. And when Stan retaliates, Ford is sucked into the Portal; Stan's expression is that of confusion and fear, as his brother is pulled into the weird thing he didn't understand. All he can do is watch as his brother is taken away from him. The last thing Stan hears before Ford vanishes? "Stanley! Do something! Help me! ''Stanley!!''"
* Seeing Stan and Ford going from close-knit brothers as children, to borderline hating each other and coming to blows in their adulthood is quite shocking to see, and frightening in its own way.
* When Stanford and [=McGucket=] were first testing out the portal, [=McGucket=] was partially sucked in. Although he was completely unharmed, whatever he saw on the other side (from a recent convention, Alex claims he saw "the kinds of places Bill likes to hang out'', and [=McGucket=]'s mind wasn't as prepared for such surreal things and strangeness as Ford's was, as Ford had been preparing himself for quite some time) appeared to traumatize him, causing him to quit the project. Stanford then shouts after him, only to be answered by incoherent whispers, which led him to think he was going insane.
** Subsequently, whatever happened between [=McGucket=] quitting the project and Stanley arriving at Stanford's house. It apparently caused Stanford to undergo SanitySlippage and turned him very paranoid, to the point where Stanley is the only person he still trusts. In fact, it's likely that it was during this period of time where he encountered Bill Cipher.
** He's particularly suspicious that something wants to steal his eyes. Just the paranoia talking, or did he really run into something that tried to do it?
*** In ''The Last Mabelcorn'', it's revealed that Bill Cipher plans to create a bridge between the living world and the Nightmare Realm, so it might have been that [=McGucket=] had seen what humans brush off as "just a bad dream." And it turns out they aren't just real, but coming for the human race. That's enough to traumatize anybody.

[[AC: Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons]]
* The creature that Ford wanted to contain before it could eat human flesh ended up eating some flesh off of his face later. This does not spell good things...
* Stan's attempt at a fan sculpture of Ducktective, made of spare taxidermy parts. Complete with artwork that's a bit more detailed than usual to send it straight into the UncannyValley.
* There's quite a lot of BodyHorror in this episode. First, we have the Cycloptopus, whose eyeball is also its mouth. Then there's the centaurtaur, which is a centaur with an upside down horse's body where its torso should be. And then there's the Impossibeast, which is a creature that's practically MADE of BodyHorror.
** Of course, the centaurtaur (a creation of Mabel's ''unique'' imagination) is also made into a combination crowning moment of funny and crowning moment of heartwarming by Stan's comment:
--> '''Stan''': Mabel, I am so confused and so proud right now.
* A bit of Cosmic Horror for you: according to Stanford's wording about the nature of the Infinity-sided Die, there are beings or organisations [[SufficientlyAdvancedAliens capable of policing thousands of reality at once.]]

[[AC: The Stanchurian Candidate]]
* Gideon is back, and while well over the MoralEventHorizon still manages to be completely despicable. His most heinous action is ''mind controlling his own father'' and using him to win the election. This kid is all kinds of fucked up.
** And as of the end of the episode, it looks like Bill will be making his return very shortly...
* The twins themselves crossed straight into CreepyChild territory with how quickly they took to and delighted in mind controlling their own family members. Posted reactions to this on Tumblr consisted mostly of three words and ended in [[PrecisionFStrike expletives]].
** In particular, Soos is terrified by the experience, and his reaction isn't portrayed lightly ''at all''.
** In addition, the fact that Ford not only ''invented'' said mind controlling tie, but also turned it over to two children to control his twin brother. And clearly has no compunction about doing so.
*** Ford also nonchalantly revealing that: "A long time ago I designed a prototype for Ronald Reagan's masters." Master's Thesis?
** Even more horrifying is Gideon ''complimenting'' them on [[CreepyChild becoming]] [[MoralEventHorizon just]] [[MindManipulation like]] [[NotSoDifferent him]], a fact that they do not even acknowledge or deny!
* The mind control itself is portrayed in quite a creepy manner. When Stan is being controlled his eyes look as if he has been concussed. Gideon's possession of Bud is even worse, he's screaming for his son to stop as his eyes turn white and his son takes hold.
** With Bud the possession is more seamless, but it is very disconcerting to see a grown man behaving like a sickeningly cute child. Things don't get any better when Gideon abandons any pretense that Bud is acting under his own free will and Bud becomes a zombie.
* Gideon literally ''tearing his hair out'' when he loses.

[[AC: The Last Mabelcorn]]
* The entire episode is rife with nightmare fuel.
** Just the introductory sequence alone has a dream between Grunkle Stanford and Bill. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
*** The dream ends with a [[ArtShift very realistic]] shot of Stan's hand and eye. It's incredibly unsettling.
** The later scenes with the unicorns, with the fact that one of the unicorns BLEEDS after Mabel punches it, after learning the whole "pure of heart" thing was a lie.
** The scene with Grunkle Stanford where it's revealed Standford had been working with Bill in the past to help further his research.
** The credits scene where Bill Cipher starts looking for someone in Gravity Falls to possess so he can get into the shack. The fact that in ''The Stanchurian Candidate'' Li'l Gideon decides to make a deal with Bill Cipher at the end, means it can only go so well.
** The fact that Bill Cipher's plan is revealed to be bringing the Nightmare Realm into the world of the living is terrifying in and of itself.
*** It gets worse when you think about what this specifically means for Bill. The episode shows that the Real World and Nightmare Realm are linked by the Dreamscape, which is ''why'' Bill can interact with others through dreams alone. It requires an unconscious body. What does this mean? It means that all of Bill's powers --his limitless omnipotence, the ability to warp, rewrite and conjure reality in dreams as he sees fit? '''''They're all REAL.''''' Everything, every single thing he has ever done within the Dreamscape, he can actually ''do''. If he gets through that rift, there is no question about it, he ''will'' be a godlike force of ultimate power.
*** Even worse is the fact that Ford said that TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt is all fun and games to Bill.
** There are other things like Bill lurking in the Nightmare Realm. [[NothingIsScarier We don't know what they are yet]], but it can't be pretty.
--->'''Bill''': Let's just say that when this portal finishes charging up, your dimension is going to learn how to '''party'''! '''[[ForTheEvulz Isn't that right guys?]] ''
---> [[UltimateEvil Nightmarish laughter from a realm of fire, showing the dark silhouettes of countless demonic beings.]]
** The scene where Dipper believes Ford is possessed by Bill and Ford backs him into the wall is incredibly tense, and thanks to ScaryShinyGlasses it's easy for the viewer to forget that Ford already said he's immune to being possessed thanks to a metal plate in his head. And if Ford didn't have that metal plate, Dipper would have accidentally wiped his mind with the Blind Eye gun.
* Speaking of the metal plate, the scene where Ford reveals he has it is not played for laughs. And think about how terrifying Bill really is when a guy is willing to undergo the dangerous procedure of having metal put into his skull.
** FridgeHorror makes it even worse; it's very heavily implied that he had it implanted in a frantic, last-ditch attempt to keep Bill out of his head. Having metal implanted into your skull is ''not'' the kind of operation that should be done in a rushed moment of desperation.
* At the end, the unicorn hair Mabel got gets used to draw a protective ward around the Mystery Shack, protecting the minds of those within. All solved, right? WRONG. Bill is watching and is already picking out a potential candidate to possess and set his plans in motion... [[NothingIsScarier And the worst thing is]] [[ParanoiaFuel we never do see who he picks. It could be anybody. We can't even be sure if Soos and Wendy, two people who ''work'' at the Shack but don't ''live'' there, are safe.]] Even worse, the next episode involves Dipper, Mabel, Stan, Candy, and Grenda going on a road trip, meaning that they'll be out of the Shack...

[[AC: Roadside Attraction]]
* Darlene. Being a spider-person with a knack for deceiving flattery, she's claimed the lives of many men before (Dipper, confused, even questions just how a cheesy roadside museum in the middle of nowhere can promise "fresh mummies daily"), and with her being still alive by the episode's end, she isn't going to stop any time soon.
** While her human form is unsettling enough in its NonstandardCharacterDesign -- garishly loud makeup, arched eyebrows, over-tanned skin with freckles and premature wrinkles, and a permanent sultry grin -- the episode shows in full detail just how she removes her disguise: by wrenching her lips apart, ''turning her elastic dermal layer inside-out like rubber and stretching it across her body''. Stan is rightly terrified.
--->[[LampshadeHanging "Allow me t' change into somethin' more horrifyin'."]]
** Plus, the fact that she's far outside Gravity Falls, meaning that either the influence of Bill's dimension has a much further reach than we thought, or this kind of thing just exists in our world on its own.
* The fact that Darlene's mummy museum is a gallery of corpses. Not fake props, not hundreds/thousands-of-years-old people that got preserved naturally: they're all people that were alive until a few weeks/days ago and were killed by what is effectively a SerialKiller.
** No mention of the lair she brings Stan to? You can see the ''corpses'' of her previous victims in the background among the webbing. ''Yeesh''.
* One thing the animators of this show have shown themselves to be unnervingly good at? Spider movement. Don't like spiders? Several episodes of season 2 will leave you squirming in a corner.
* By the end of the episode, Darlene is '''still alive'''. She is left temporarily trapped, but she does not seem to have sustained any damage and she can still shapeshift. It's only a matter of time before new visitors to the park find her and come to her rescue, and Darlene's gruesome business continues as usual.
* An easily missed tidbit: Darlene refers to herself as part of a "weird species". If there is a "species" to speak of, that means Darlene is not a singular anomaly - and she never said she was the LastOfHerKind either. '''How many more spider-creatures like her are out there right now, preying on the unwary?!'''

[[AC: Dipper and Mabel vs. The Future]]
* A distraught Mabel runs off from the Mystery Shack and into the woods. She meets Blendin Blandin, who talks to her about something... He apparently noticed her plight of wanting things to stay as it is and offers to keep time as it is, if she just gives him the pocket dimension that Ford and Dipper have been trying to protect. She hands it to him, and he drops it on the ground. Blendin was possessed by '''Bill Cipher''' and has unleashed the apocalypse on the world, with a dimensional rift showing up and cracking the sky open. The apocalypse has begun.
** Mabel's so afraid of the future that she offers up the Rift, believing it will stop time and make everything and everyone remain the same in Gravity Falls forever. She may not have intended for it to jumpstart the ''apocalypse,'' but her express intention to force everyone to live in the same bit of stopped time forever has some [[FridgeHorror pretty horrifying implications]] in and of itself, if it had worked!
** Mabel jumpstarting the apocalypse is enough NightmareFuel on its own. A near-thirteen-year [[{{Adorkable}} old]] [[BadassAdorable girl's]] first act as an almost-teenager, after her [[BreakTheCutie whole world came crashing down right before her birthday]], is to indirectly cause an ApocalypseHow by listening to her emotions rather than to reason. This is also the SECOND time Mabel made such a decision! Someone is [[NiceJobBreakingItHero going to be]] a bit scarred [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone for life]].
** Added FridgeHorror when Bill possessed Blendin, unlike when he was possessing Dipper, his voice ''stayed the same''. Thus aside from a few ''suspicious'' hints, there was no giveaway that he was taken over. Additionally, keeping in mind that VoicesAreMental, it demonstrates just how powerful Bill has become since the beginning of season 2.
* Blendin taking off his ScaryShinyGlasses to reveal Bill's slitted yellow eyes. (Not even the somewhat rounded, cartoony eyes that Dipper and Ford showed when possessed, but the disturbingly realistic ones with lashes, wrinkles, and lacrimals that [[http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/gravityfalls/images/b/ba/S2e4_red_eye.png Bill often gets when angry or excited]].) And Bill ''bursting'' out of his chest a moment later.
** Listen to Bill's voice: it gets even ''crazier'' and at times [[EvilSoundsRaspy raspy]] once he pops out of Blendin. Bill has ''already gone'' DrunkWithPower.
--> '''Bill''': At last! At long, long last! The gate between '''worlds has opened'''! The event [[TimeAbyss one billion years prophesied]] has come to pass! The day has come! '''THE WORLD IS FINALLY MINE!'''
** As if this moment isn't scary enough, Bill [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou looks straight at the camera as he said this]].
* Ford, knowingly or not, is emotionally manipulating Dipper in a very similar way that Bill did to him.
* Even for a show that is ''very'' liberal with horrifying imagery, the credits clip is a new high for them. The end credits show nothing but a close up of a crumpled invite for Dipper and Mabel's party, while [[NothingIsScarier the screams of the entire town can be heard in the background]], leaving it up to the viewer to imagine the kind of nightmares Bill has just unleashed upon the world. Whatever he is doing, it is living up to the idea of it being TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt, with sirens blaring in the distance, helicopters flying about presumably trying to rescue people, and all we can do is just ''imagine it''.

[[AC: Weirdmageddon Part 1]]
* This is by far, the scariest episode in the entire show. How about we start with [[https://youtu.be/Zh95qwyZ2oQ this promo]]? It looks like something straight out of a CreepyPasta, but at least you go into a Creepy Pasta knowing it can be scary. This promo is the equivalent of a JumpScare: It starts out normally, using the shot of the water tower from the show's opening. Then suddenly, Bill cuts through the promo and says, "For one trillion years, I've been trapped in my own decaying '''[[VoiceOfTheLegion dimension!]]''' ''Physical form?'' Don't mind if I DO!" While Bill may be prone to using a VoiceOfTheLegion, it is the sudden shift to a higher pitched voice, the maniacal laughter in the background, and the disturbing and glitchy imagery that makes this one of the scariest things to have ever come out of the show. When Bill shows up in the trailer, he is made of ''flesh'' and is ''[[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou right up against the camera]]''. The screen glitches into images of Bill on top of backgrounds, like the page with the [[ArcSymbol Cipher wheel]] depicted in the previous promo (the very same one where Bill's drawing ''escaped''), a black background containing some three dimensional blocks (which is jarring considering the show's two dimensional format), and what looks like Hell, but is most likely ''[[HellOnEarth the remains of Gravity Falls]]''. Something else to consider is that the Creator/DisneyXD logos glitch and flash at some point in the promo, [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou which suggests he has invaded our side]]. Bill, in his terrifying fleshy form, mentions a physical form, which could imply that [[FridgeHorror this]] ''[[FridgeHorror is]]'' [[FridgeHorror Bill's physical form]], unless it was his three dimensional form he was referring to. Finally, '''[[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids this made it on the air]].''' Creator/AlexHirsch presumably approved of this promo too, [[DarkerAndEdgier despite this being the darkest, creepiest, and most terrifying promo yet]]. Suffice to say, this one promo has shocked and scared many people. And all this in just ''nine seconds''!
* Bill has entered the physical plane, and [[https://youtu.be/kZJGrukiOGY has a new three-dimensional form]] and [[BalefulPolymorph a whole set of new powers!]]
* The title of the episode. It can be deciphered to "Weirdmageddon" using the Vigenere key "BLUEBOOK", but... There is just something alien and eldritch about it, due to how strange and different it is, compared to past episode titles. [[TheUnpronounceable One has to wonder how to even pronounce it]]...
** The title being [[TheUnpronounceable encrypted within the Vigenere cipher]] has been revealed to be [[SubvertedTrope subverted.]] The title is actually "Weirdmageddon Part 1." However, we didn't know that for a long time. After all, Gravity Falls went to [[GoshDarnItToHeck poop]] in this episode, and we knew that before the episode aired. Some people may have thought that the supposed title was encrypted because ''[[WildMassGuessing Bill had]] [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou become able to manipulate our side as well.]]'' In that case, the nightmare fuel may still apply.
* The episode has a [[https://youtu.be/uWvdqkl2UH4 new intro.]] It's a glitchy, eerie, distorted version of the regular theme, starting with the image of the waterfall vista transformed into a burnt-out wasteland with a river of blood falling into a hole in the sky. It then proceeds to show [[EldritchLocation Gravity Falls]], destroyed by Bill, and Bill himself, along with his [[EldritchAbomination eldritch buddies]], replace the Mystery Shack in the intro, except for one part where you just see the terrified citizens of Gravity Falls. There's a shot of a skeleton wearing Dipper's hat, and the photographs that appear near the end have all the characters in them replaced by Bill. The kicker? The end says "[[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou Created by: Bill Cipher]]", instead of Alex Hirsch.
** Also, Bill has a [[http://i.imgur.com/uf45GNV.jpg mouth]]. It's just ''wrong.''
** And, the very last shot of the intro is notably different. Bill's picture was torn out. Bill has ''escaped''.
** Also, the backwards message. It's not a hint from a random voice as to the code in the credits like normal... it's ''Bill'' saying, "[[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou I'm watching you, nerds!]]" Implying ''[[ParanoiaFuel Bill knows about us]].''
* Preston tries to ally with Bill. What does Bill do? He decides to twist Preston's face into... something... '''[[NightmareFace horrible]]'''. [[http://i.imgur.com/KD6Oi15.jpg View at your own risk.]] More specifically, Bill rearranges the functions of every orifice on his face; his mouth becomes a giant eyeball, his eyeholes become a set of ears, and both his ears become a pair of noses. To make matters worse, his muffled screaming and anguish indicates that this is '''NOT''' pleasant at all. Even worse is that he is suggested to have died in the aftermath after collapsing and not being seen after the time skip, meaning that Preston could've suffered the most brutal death shown in a Disney cartoon. One has to wonder how this even got past the censors.
** [[FridgeHorror It becomes even darker]] when you realize that his new face [[AndIMustScream doesn't have a mouth]] (which explains why his screaming is so muffled.) If he can't find a way to reverse it, he's bound to starve to death.
*** Bear in mind that we don't see the ear on the other side of his head, so it could be that his mouth has been moved over there.
* Ford tries to fire a disintegrating ray at Bill, but misses due to the weirdness seeping into the town startling him and throwing off his aim. Bill seizes Ford quickly, and offers to let Ford join his freakish group. Ford refuses, so, what does Bill do? Trap him in gold to use as a ''backscratcher''-and when Bill sees Dipper has the journals, he ''burns all three of them'', all the while claiming Dipper "shouldn't be a hero", uses Ford as an example of what happens to "heroes" in his world, and that Dipper's "not so much of a threat now'' without them.
** Backing up a bit, Ford may have missed Bill's body but what did he hit instead? His ''hat'' which, instead of puncturing a hole cleanly through cloth, graphically shows exposed ''[[{{Squick}} flesh and bone]]''. This means Bill's hat, his bowtie, and possibly his cane aren't just accessories: '''[[BizarreAlienBiology they're part of his body]]'''. This may also mean that shooting Bill was a lost cause all along since hitting him '''anywhere''' may just have had the same effect.
** The journals wouldn't have helped anyway. The last we saw of them was the blacklight message on Bill's page. "IF HE GAINS PHYSICAL FORM ALL IS LOST!"
** Then, when Dipper tries going up against Bill, Bill suddenly grows in size to intimidate Dipper.
--> '''Bill''': "Well, isn't... this... '''[[JumpScare INTERE]][[VoiceOfTheLegion STING?!?!]]'''"
* Bill ''incinerates Time Baby'' [[TheWorfEffect without breaking a sweat.]]
* During the chase scene where Dipper and Wendy are fleeing from Gideon and his men, the giant head with an arm growing out of it catches one of the convicts' cars and shoves it in his mouth. And then begins eating it, with the driver still inside.
* When Gompers destroys the prison walls, allowing Gideon and his prison mates to escape, you notice the art teacher was ''crushed to death by falling'' debris.
* Dipper was alone for ''three'' days in constant danger from monsters before he found Wendy. '''[[AdultFear Imagine something like that happening to you, or someone you care about]]'''. And Dipper is still a kid.
* The Weirdness Bubbles, described by Bill as ''Bubbles of pure madness'' can be very jarring, to say the least. When Dipper and Wendy drive right into one, it ends up transforming them into things like Birds, [[ArtShift anime caricatures,]] ''TALKING MEAT'' and their live action voice actors.
** Their ''Meat'' forms stand out in particular, as they have essentially taken the form of butchered animal parts and are still screaming while Dipper waves his 'arms' about. [[FridgeHorror Are they both]] [[FateWorseThanDeath in unbearable pain when this happens?]] The heavy metal music playing in the background doesn't help in the least.
* The ending cryptogram is (by now) standard creepy gloating from Bill, but its last line? Now let's see which Pines survives.

[[AC: Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality]]
* The episode starts with a cute little squirrel going about its business- and then the mailbox shoots out its ''prehensile tongue and EATS IT.'' Welcome to Day 4 of Weirdmageddon folks!
* [[http://i.imgur.com/KlSGjbi.jpg The creature with 88 different faces.]] Talk about BodyHorror.
* Bill's "throne..." Which is made of frozen humans. It's left ambiguous as to whether they're conscious. Even Bill doesn't know.
* What is Phase 2 of Bill's master plan? Weirdmageddon goes global with his friends helping out to spread chaos in his conquest.
** Though it fortunately turns out they cannot leave Gravity Falls thanks to a protective field, Bill is furious about it and says "Maybe ''someone'' needs to come out of retirement..." in a tone that bodes ill for Ford.
** Although it can come across as [[NightmareRetardant Nightmare Retardant]] if you thought it was already that way.
* Bill's joy and {{pride}} when he hears Dipper, Soos and Wendy are in Mabel's bubble. He is confident they will never leave what he describes as his most diabolical trap ever, claiming "You'd need a willpower of TITANIUM to resist its temptations!"
* After Bill finds out that Gideon let the Pines escape into the bubble, he simply tells Keyhole to fetch Gideon for him. [[NothingIsScarier We never see what happens to Gideon, but knowing Bill, Gideon can be in for a world of pain, despite Bill gleefully celebrating Dipper and co. being trapped in what Bill considers to be the perfect inescapable prison.]]
** Actually, if you look closely when the throne is shown in more detail, you can see Gideon and Ghost-Eyes stuck in it. Still pretty terrifying, though.
*** [[FauxHorrific He makes Gideon dance and act cute for all eternity.]]
* Dipper, Soos, and Wendy enter the huge bubble that Mabel is trapped in. At one point, Wendy talks to Dipper... She tempts him in staying in the bubble so he can be [[OvernightAgeUp aged up]] and date her. Dipper realizes this is a trick, and [[https://i.imgur.com/gz4KLE4.jpg then Wendy]] [[TheWormThatWalks disintegrates into a bunch of cockroaches]]. The environment turns dark, just as it was outside the bubble, and the stuffed animal tree and all of the stuffed animals horrifyingly become dark as well, all with one eye just like Bill, saying that Dipper's being watched and that he should stop trying to get everyone to escape the bubble. And then it all just snaps back to normal like nothing even happened!
-->'''Stuffed Animal Tree:''' You shouldn't have done that, DIPPERRRRRRRRRR! ''We're watching you...''
-->'''Stuffed Animals:''' [[http://i.imgur.com/KVXv2Oe.jpg THERE ARE EYES EVERYWHERE...]]
* Bill's bubble is 50% GildedCage, 50% LotusEaterMachine. It gives those within whatever they want, from allowing Wendy to trash the school with her friends to giving Soos his DisappearedDad and offering Dipper a chance to be with Wendy. (See above) And it almost ''works.'' ''Two'' characters are ensnared almost immediately by "Mabelland", and if Dipper hadn't realized his irresistible offer wasn't real, they would have all just sat around in the bubble with Mabel while Bill ''conquered the world.''
* How willing Mabel was to stay in the bubble. She herself admits that she didn't actually make Mabelland or the rules but just "woke up there". While she was hanging out in her glittery false paradise with Zyler and Kraz, her entire family ''and'' her friends could have died and she'd never know.
* The backwards message in the end of the theme song has changed into "I'M WATCHING YOU!" said in a more threatening tone than Bill's initial "I'm watching you nerds!"
* "Don't worry; they're not conscious any more. Probably."
* Dippy Fresh, funny and stupid on the outside, horrifying when you think about it: Mabel was perfectly content with throwing her brother away and replacing him with someone... better. The fact that SHE made him makes it all the more creepy, and she wasn't even hypnotized, she just went crazy with power. Mabel can be a creepy little girl.
** She was [[MoreThanMindControl somewhat hypnotized]], as once the illusion begins to break she complains about the brightness and how the same song plays, which is pretty scary on its own. Delves more into TearJerker territory upon realizing that the creation of Dippy Fresh was more likely a way for Mabel to cope with Dipper's rejection of her.
* Bill's lovely little temper tantrum when he realizes he can't leave Gravity Falls due to a mysterious ForceField. And the fact that he almost certainly isn't going to nicely ask Ford to help him get out and wreak havoc on the rest of the world. Though considering Bill already turned him [[AndIMustScream into a ]]''backscratcher'' just because, whatever Bill does is probably going to be incredibly unpleasant ''at best'' and at [[NothingIsScarier worst...]] do we really even ''know?''
* The fact that Dippy Fresh, rather than being disintegrated in the bubble like everything else, [[https://twitter.com/Roweyourboatz/status/669329367718203392 was originally]] going to be directly ''[[KilledOffForReal murdered]]. On screen. Via NeckSnap''... by '' Dipper''. Not to mention the line that's said by said character—''[[NotSoDifferent doesn't it sound much more like something that]]'' '''''[[NotSoDifferent Bill]]''''' ''[[NotSoDifferent would say?]]''
-->'''Dippy Fresh:''' Your hat's on backwards.
-->'''Dipper:''' Your ''head's'' on backwards! ''(snaps Dippy Fresh's neck backwards, killing him)''

[[AC: Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls]]
* Near the start of the episode there are some quick shots of the characters sheltering in the Mystery Shack. Three of them - the woodpecker's husband, a unicorn, and a gnome - are partially turned to stone. The woodpecker's husband just has a stone woodpecker and a patch on his shoulder, he's clearly still able to move, part of the unicorn's neck and most of its face is stone so maybe it can't ''eat'', and the gnome is all stone but for a waving arm. Assuming stone people aren't aware that's rather worse than being changed completely. If it was the eye bats hitting at a wrong angle they must have been rescued before the job could be finished. Or are they turning back to flesh like Lazy Susan, but more slowly?
* A minor example, but Ford tries taking a seat in the penthouse that Bill trapped him in, only for Bill to reveal that the couch was made of human skin. Then it becomes alive, with eyes and a mouth, and you can even hear a faint heartbeat.
* Bill needs to learn how to escape Gravity Falls to the rest of the world, and since he destroyed the journals, his only immediate source is Ford. Of course, Ford has the metal plate in his head, so the knowledge can't be gained unless Ford offers it willingly. Except that we've seen that Bill is capable of transmuting materials at will. Had he kept his rage in check and thought on it a moment, what would have stopped Bill snapping his fingers and transmuting the plate itself into living tissue and negating its protection? Bill was one epiphany away from complete conquest.
* Bill [[ColdBloodedTorture tortures Ford]] [[ElectricTorture with blue lightning]]. On-screen. With Ford gaining numerous burn marks. [[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids On a Disney show.]]
--> '''Bill''': Okay guys, hows about another 500 volts?
--> *henchdemons cheer*
* Bill has an ImagineSpot of him growing to planetary size and playing with the Earth as if it was his own plaything. He draws a smiley face on North America with his finger and we get to ''see'' the giant finger run through the cities, destroying them, and then he takes a bite out of the planet. His Henchmaniacs playing around with the other planets of the solar system isn't a pleasant thought either.
** How about said ImagineSpot showing Ford laughing like a maniac while standing in the middle of a galaxy swirl? Bill offered Ford a WeCanRuleTogether scenario, and would have made Ford an OmnicidalManiac just like himself and his henchmen if he had accepted.
* Bill's eye gets ripped out of the socket!
* Bill turning into a multi-tiered, multi-armed, pyramid-spider ''thing'' that calls back to a lot of wall-climbing horror film tropes and has MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily. He uses this form to chase down the younger Pines Twins with the full intent of ''[[WouldHurtAChild killing]]'' them to ''punish Ford for not giving him what he wants''.
** This VillainousBreakdown Bill has in this episode is far different than in "Dreamscaperers" or "Sock Opera". Bill does not have the VoiceOfTheLegion anger that we are used to. This here folks is ''[[OOCIsSeriousBusiness 100% genuine anger]]''.
** Gravity Falls has never been one to [[NeverSayDie beat around the bush with saying 'die' or any form of the word]] but in this episode, Bill has cemented himself as [[UnderStatement a pretty bad dude]] with these jaw-droppers of lines: "I'VE GOT SOME CHILDREN I NEED TO MAKE INTO CORPSES." and "When I get my hands on you kids, I'M GONNA DISASSEMBLE YOUR MOLECULES!"
** Also, the sheer AdultFear reaction from Ford and Stan when this happens, combined with Tearjerker.
** After capturing the twins after they gave him the runaround in his pyramid, he storms back into the room as a giant and clutching the kids and threatens "Time's up Ford! I have the kids! [[WouldHurtAChild I THINK I'M GONNA]] ''[[WouldHurtAChild KILL]]'' [[WouldHurtAChild ONE OF THEM JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT!]]" and begins to slow roulette between Dipper and Mabel's symbols with his eye, while booming [[CallBack "Eeny]] [[IronicEcho meeny]] miney...", only cut short before the "you" by Stan (dressed as Ford) agreeing to let Bill into his mind.
*** Bill was already saying "YOU", and had pinched his fingers together to make good on it; they were ''fractions of a second'' from tragedy.
*** Bill's eye [[KillTheCutie landed on a shooting star]] when he went to snap his fingers.
* Bill slowly devolving into {{Angrish}} and SuddenlyShouting. [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness It's unnerving to see a normally composed villain start screaming and ranting once their plan goes to hell]], especially once said villain [[AdultFear targets their wrath on two children]].
* Bill turning everyone except the Pines family into a series of tapestries with faces of frozen horror.
** Also, HOW he goes about in doing so: by possessing everyone except the Pines. And there’s the face that they have those same Bill pupils just... ugh!
* Bill's defeat. His last moments are of him frantically breaking down as Stanley's mind is erased - with him still inside - and offering Stan whatever he wants, before his body starts to violently [[ShapeshifterSwanSong distort, glitch, and collapse on itself]]. Bill proceeds to turn black and lunge at Stan with a final cry of "'''''STANLEY!'''''" before Stan finally finishes him off. It's compounded by his petrified physical form appearing as a tombstone outside the Mystery Shack, assuring once and for all that Bill is dead.
** Bill's scream as he disintegrates into the nothing from whence he came. It doesn't just cut off, it sort of echoes out...
** Keep in mind, the Bill that was destroyed was Bills dream-form, aka his REAL SELF. That's right, this is Bill being DeaderThanDead. The physical form he had in our world is just a construct inhabited by his metaphysical self.
** During this sequence, before turning into the black and red version of himself, Bill seems to rattle off what, [[https://youtu.be/Rp6CCdtfHwg when translated backwards,]] seems to be invoking a spell to regenerate himself. [[CameBackWrong The context makes it sound like he was just barely able to pull himself back together before Stanley put him down for good.]]
---> '''Bill:''' A-X-O-L-O-T-L[[note]]Or possibly "Hey X-O-L-O-T-L"[[/note]] MY TIME HAS COME TO BURN, I INVOKE THE ANCIENT POWER THAT I MAY RETURN!
** Another interpretation of this message is that Bill is only defeated for now. He will come back, and if he does, he will be REALLY PISSED.
*** Though, probably not. According to the Axolotl (The thing Bill called out to), if he were to call out his name, it'd mean Bill ''knew'' he was going to die and him calling out his name would possibly reincarnate him into something else.
-->If he wants to shirk the blame,\\
He'll have to invoke my name.\\
One way to absolve his crime.\\
A different form, a different time.
* Robbie's parents are putting zombies back in their graves where they belong, one of them being the former mayor all while being their usual cheery selves. Also, keep in mind that this was AFTER Bill was defeated.
--> '''Mayor''': Brains, and so forth!
* [[http://gravityfalls.wikia.com/wiki/File:S2e20_real_Bill_statue.png The statue of Bill at the end, which unlike the one shown during the credits is in ''live-action''.]] Even worse, the final code visible on the bus and Dipper's final speech on the show about finding Gravity Falls for yourself gives one the impression that the statue is ''[[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou real]]'', and ''something's'' hidden out there with it, somewhere out in the woods of Oregon...
** And then about half a year later it was confirmed that the statue is indeed real, and Alex Hirsch sent the fandom on a worldwide Cipher Hunt to find it, leaving clues all the while. When it was finally found, the streamer's baby brother named Bodhi shook his hand. Alex's response on Twitter than has one wonder—what could potentially result from Bill ''possessing a child if he were able to do so?'' Fan art quickly ensued, ranging from Bodhi being possessed by Bill much like "Bipper" to having Bill as a NotSoImaginaryFriend. The fact that Bill seems to blur the line between fiction and reality is just enough to make it unsettling.
---> '''Alex Hirsch:''' [[https://twitter.com/_alexhirsch/status/760689120758857729?lang=es BILL'S SPIRIT NOW LIVES IN YOU, CHILD!]]
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZLlk24mM8E Stan's congratulation speech in the USB]]. Many people found that him saying "My statue" and "shake his hand" (which is something Alex specifically said ''not'' to do) [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and his mention of gold]] led people to believe that it wasn't ''Stan'' talking, ''[[ParanoiaFuel but Bill.]]''

''[[spoiler:[[ParanoiaFuel I'M WATCHING]] [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou YOU NERDS!]]]]''