Fridge / Metalocalypse

Fridge Brilliance
  • Nathan's introduction shows him sipping a drink from a comically small mug. This might not just be for comedic effect, though—Nathan did say he wanted to "make coffee metal...blacker than the blackest black". If we assume that's how he takes his coffee, then it must be extremely bitter-tasting, as the darker the roast, the bitterer the beans. Nathan's cup is just a smaller espresso cup, which is already served in small portions to combat both the bitterness of the espresso and the caffeine content of the drink.
  • In the Metalocalypse episode "Tributeklok", Dethklok forms their own tribute band, Thunderhorse, which is described as sounding almost as good as Dethklok. No one seems to recognize that they are the same band members, however. Months later, it finally occurred to me that Thunderhorse and Dethklok wouldn't be identical since Skwisgaar and Toki swapped guitar parts (it still doesn't explain why they're not recognized on sight, though). -Tombcannon
    • Also, at the beginning of Fatherklok, it's stated that Skwisgaar has fathered "literally thousands" of children. Given his preference for MILFS and GMILFS, it seems like a safe bet that at least half of his lovers were past menopause. For "literally thousands" of children to be conceived when half of his lovers are incapable of conceiving, I think we can also assume that he seldom if ever uses condoms. Therefore, shouldn't Skwisgaar have contacted AIDS and died long ago? Later in this episode, it is revealed that his own biological father was one of the Norse gods, making this a justified example of STD Immunity. -rocknrollchick
      • All of the band's groupies are screened beforehand by a specialized team of Medical Klokateers, known as Skank Patrol, for STD's, according to one of the DVD extras. Unless they caught something before they joined Dethklok, all the boys are most likely clean.
      • Though Skwisgaar brags about having STD's at one point in Doomstar.
  • The reason why Toki is diabetic? It was because of all the candy he ate during Swissklok.
  • The Season 4 finale sheds a new light on the Tribunal saying "The Dead Man!" over and over in Doublebookedklok... Salacia realized that Offdensen was "The Dead Man" from the prophecy!
  • Toki's confusion of the phrases "nosebleed" and "blowjob" suddenly makes a hell of a lot more sense if you realize that he might have heard the term "nose job" for rhinoplasty, perhaps without knowing what it meant. That phrase as a logical (to him) intermediary step, plus his usual Funny Foreigner malapropisms combine to make him proclaim "I can give myself a real cool blowjob!"
  • The season 2 finale has the infamous Deth Spiders scene, where Offdensen gets beaten to death by the Metal Masked Assassin. He's got an army of employees at his disposal, so what was the point of trying to outrun the MMA? Simple: Offdensen wasn't trying to save his life, he was trying to lead the Assassin away from the band.
  • The Lyrical Dissonance of Abigail's Lullaby in The Doomstar Requiem, and Toki's peaceful smile despite the high levels of Gorn could simply be written off as Black Comedy combined with Toki's own clueless nature, but Fridge Brilliance sets in when you recall that Toki is in a death metal band. Not only that, said band is also the only family he's ever known. Lyrics about violent torture and cannibalism wouldn't just not bother Toki, they would actually comfort him, because they remind him of his beloved brothers.
  • How is Jean-Pierre even alive? First he gets chopped to bits, then he lives a nightmare of constant pain as the bits he was chopped into get poked and annoyed by the band, then he gets sewn back together wrong, and he still lives. This is Metalocalypse, where even the must mundane accidents can kill hundreds, so how has he kept on for so long? Simple: The chefs are cursed. JP willingly kept his job after being directly told that all the previous chefs had been hideously killed in the line of duty. The curse wasn't stronger than his loyalty, and it broke.
  • As the show progresses, it becomes more and more obvious that they're all connected to, or are themselves, some kind of Cosmic Horror, and eventually discovering the Church of the Black Klok. Think back, to the very first episode, the very first scene: Jean-Pierre is praying in the name of Dethklok.
  • Nathan giving a hurricane a dumb name like "Scrambles" in the episode Dethgov may have been Rule of Funny, but it also was a Meaningful Name in a literal sense, considering the sheer amount of damage hurricanes often do whenever they hit land (Hurricane Katrina for instance).
  • Nathan's vomiting up blood and his liver surgery in "Mordland" seems like a one-time thing since it was never mentioned again, but there's the revelation that he had gone through hundreds of liver transplants, which implies that the blood puke and subsequent surgeries were a recurring problem for Nathan. As someone who once took health classes, this troper has learned that Native Americans are the most vulnerable to a large variety diseases and are less tolerant (body-wise) of alcohol. Combined with months upon months of heavy drinking, drug consumption, unprotected sex, and wild parties, it's a wonder that Nathan is still walking and singing, much less standing!
  • Skwisgarr and Toki making fun of acoustic guitars such as calling them "grandpa guitars" has some truth to it: acoustic guitars were used way before electric guitars were invented, so that makes them ancient in the eyes of some death metal musicians even though people still use them in the present day.

Fridge Logic
  • If Dethklok is one of the largest economies in the world, why do they need a record label?
    • Fridge Brilliance: They don't, but Offdensen wouldn't want the band to spend money they didn't have to; having a record label to foot the bill and provide deadlines for the boys to keep producing music keeps them from squandering their own money.
  • Why the *guitar riff* hasn't Dick Knubbler mentioned to the boys that the Tribunal exists and is out to kill them?
    • Maybe it's due to all the Pop Rocks and Coke.
      • But you'd think that the attack on Dethklok by the Metal Masked Assassin, Crozier and Ravenwood at the end of Season 1 would jog his memory. Even if he wasn't there, he probably would have been told. If not, he was definitely there during the Tribunal/Revengencers' siege of Mordhaus at the end of season 2 - surely the sight of Salacia mindraping general Crozier would have jogged his memory?
      • Is he aware of the Tribunal? He was hired and contacted by General Crozier, after all. Or maybe this is foreshadowing that he's still on retainer.
      • Dick Knubbler's a prick. Oh, sure, he loves Dethklok because they ROCK, and he's good at what he does... but he's also kind of a psycho. He probably hasn't bothered mentioning the Tribunal (if he knew about them to begin with) because, in the wake of all the other shit in his life, they just plain don't matter.
      • Knubbler doesn't know about the Tribunal, he was recruited by Crozier, so he probably assumes that it was just the U.S Government looking for a way to control the most powerful group on the planet. With all the crap Dethklok deals with on a daily basis, he probably doesn't think it was anything out of the ordinary.
  • The Metal Masked Assassin was right near Offdensen when he got arrowed by the Teenager, so shouldn't he also have witnessed Salacia brainwashing Crozier?
    • Fridge Brilliance: Being half-dead allowed Offdensen to see the half-man when no one else could.
    • More Fridge Brilliance: The Assassin and the Teenager are both wearing masks, and Offdensen's glasses were off. Offdensen is the only person who saw him with his own unobstructed eyes.
  • If the elite Klokateer made it all the way to the Revengencers' lair, then why didn't they just track his location from GPS data? He had enough gadgets on him, he should have had a tracking device.
    • It would have been too dangerous. The Revengeancers have sophisticated technology too, presumably they would have picked up anything that gave off a signal on their own grounds.
Fridge Horror
  • In the episode "Dethcarraldo", we learn about Nathan's grandmother, who was shipwrecked with her husband Walter in the Amazon where they discovered the cannibalistic Yaneemango tribe. According to her, she "fell in lust" with Otoe, the tribe's chief and Nathan's biological grandfather. When you think about it, Nathan's relationship with Abigail is pretty similar to the story of his grandmother; in this case, Abigail was the subject of Pickles' crush in "Going Downklok, but she chose Nathan because her vibrator died. Now take the song "Bloodlines" into account. How is this all related? Simple: Nathan repeated the actions of his ancestors in taking a woman who "belonged" to someone else, which effectively tore his band apart.
  • Had Toki lost the guitar duel against Skwisgaar, it would have been a lot worse than just not getting in the band. Toki was, according to his lyrics, homeless and wandering before meeting Dethklok—if they didn't accept him in to the band, he'd have to go back to a life on the streets, in a place where he didn't know anyone or how to survive. Worse, if it got bad enough, his only other option would be to return in disgrace to the parents who beat and damn near killed him as a child.