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Fridge: Family Guy
Fridge Brilliance
  • Lois has revealed before to be bisexual, and went back to men because of the games women play, as well as being a total nymphomaniac. Peter has been shown to be a repressed bisexual himself, with several different relationships with men. So, it's no surprise that at least one of their children is either gay or bi, and Meg and possibly Stewie are transgender. It's all genetics.
  • In "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein" when Max Weinstein says, "Hey!" when Peter finished his song by singing "Now my troubles are all through/I have a Jew". But it actually makes sense- the Jews had been subjugated throughout history - of course the topic of "having" a Jew would be sensitive to Max!
    • Speaking of Max, it's worth noting that when Lois wants to speak to a Jew about Judaism in "Family Goy"(having recently discovered that her mother Babs was Jewish), they bring Max out of mothballs instead of using Mort Goldman. There seems to be a subtle, almost unconscious message from the creators of FG here, one that goes some distance(not all) to reconciling their political liberalism and their constant straddling of the line of bigotry: Mort is meant for jokes and stereotypes, but when it's time to actually have a serious discussion of the Jewish faith, they bring out the Jewish character who is normal-looking and competent.
  • In "Bigfat", after the plane crash, Peter guesses correctly that a Predator is stalking them, but it doesn't attack. Why? 1. They're obviously nonthreatening, 2. The Canadian climate calms it down.
  • When I first saw the Family Guy episode "Barely Legal", I thought the ending where Quagmire "straightens Meg out"... by having a heart-to-heart talk with her about how she doesn't need a boyfriend to have fun as a teenager (he even gives her a copy of Shel Silverstein's The Missing Piece) was pretty funny in that it subverted our expectations about what Quagmire would do, but it did seem like a subtle Meg bash, since it seemed like suddenly, even Quagmire didn't want to sleep with her anymore. But later, I realized that scene was Quagmire's one and only Pet the Dog moment: he, a heartless sex maniac saying genuinely kind words to her, the show's Butt Monkey. Now for me, it is a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming and a much better episode ending than her just being used and thrown away by him! Now if only she were treated as kindly by all the characters all the time...
    • On that same note, Meg is the only girl that Quagmire seems to be actively waiting to hit 18. He has implied, and even said outright, that he has indeed had sex with girls younger than legal age (a sixteen-year-old cheerleader tied up in the bathroom, a twelve-year-old crossing-guard even though it was accidental, and when Connie D'Amico said she was 16, he pretended he heard "18" [though that was part of Lois' plan to get back at the popular kids who bullied Meg].) Yet when Quagmire approached Meg in one episode, he asks if she's 18, she says no, and he just says "Alright," and walks away. Shocking as it is, he actually does respect her enough to wait until she's legal!
    • Think about the book he gave her, though. Do I have a dirty mind, or does the plot and title of the book seem like a metaphor for something? That was the true fridge brilliance, in this troper's opinion.
      • The message he's passing on to Meg here is that just like the circle with the missing shape, she doesn't need a missing piece to 'fill her wedge', as it were. Her happiness is where she decides to find it and doesn't have to be inside some guy's pants.
      • But later in "Jerome is the New Black", we find out the true reason Quagmire is a heartless sex maniac is because the woman he truly loved (Cheryl Tiegs) left him before he could tell her he loved her and the void she left in him is the missing piece that Quagmire tries to fill by having meaningless sex with women. So that adds a deeper meaning as to why Quagmire has the book "The Missing Piece" and why, in the episode "Emission Impossible" from season three, he has a poster of Cheryl Tiegs on his refrigerator.
    • Something struck me about Quagmire's hatred of Brian. At first, it seems out of nowhere. But remember the "New Brian" episode? Quagmire let him stay at his house, but he asked him to be respectful to a woman he was hoping for a serious relationship with that had a messed up leg. When she shows up, Stewie comments on it, sending her running off crying and Quagmire following yelling "Dammit Brian!" Quagmire thinks Brian ruined what might have been a lifelong relationship, which is probably causing him to let his other flaws get to him more than they should. And obviously he thinks it was Brian, because he can't understand Stewie talk.
      • Or Quagmire's the sort of guy who'd buy into the idea that people's legs have their own appeal to dogs. ~ Aaron Hong
      • I thought it was because Quagmire harbored a sort of resentment for Brian since the beginning, becuase he can be smitten with Lois and still be pals with Peter and live with them, and Lois still treats him good. Quagmire can't even get that much, but since he's friends with Peter AND Lois, he might as well try to be civil. This incident, with the girl with the bad leg, might've sent him over the edge, rationalizing that Brian just keeps getting in the way of people he cares about. Dibdobs
      • Looking back at the earlier episodes, I felt that Quagmire didn't hate Brian, as most of their very few early conversations were rather civil. Course, as time went by in the series, Quagmire could have heard or seen Brian's various flaws and grew to hate him as they build up, which finally blows up on Brian once he demanded to know why Quagmire hates him once he found out and its been stuck ever since.
      • Note that in "Forget Me Not", when suffering amnesia and convinced they live together, Quagmire's treatment of Brian is still somewhat rocky, showing an annoyance for his dog like instincts and implied to treat him like a second class citizen. In contrast, the short time he adopted a cat, he pampered and dotted over it endlessly, treating it like his best friend. Quagmire's dislike for Brian makes more sense under the implication he's a "cat person".
      • Add to that Quagmire's hatred fades significantly after "Tiegs For Two". In that episode Brian gave up trying to play nice with Quagmire and was openly hateful and obnoxious back to him. After letting off steam due to pressing a huge Berserk Button, Quagmire's qualms with Brian may have been calmed slightly due to him finally ditching his 'good guy' front and at least being an honest jerk (not to mention his former sweetheart pointing out he could be equally pretentious).
  • In the episode "The Big Bang Theory", Stewie goes back in time to the episode "The Courtship of Stewie's Father" and steals Brian's banana suit and does Peanut Butter Jelly Time. This cheers Peter up despite the fact it didn't work in the original. Why? It's not because Stewie could do it better, but because Peter was upset that Stewie was angry with him. With Stewie doing it, Peter no longer has anything to be upset about.
    • Also counts as Heartwarming In Hindsight.
    • It was implied to work with Brian, just "not doing it today", further implying it was specifically Stewie's upset mood that brought him down, and actually more exceptionally than other times Brian had to cheer him up.
  • I have a theory why Peter acts like an asshole all the time: he believes that, being the main character, he has an Omniscient Morality License. - Metal Shadow X
    • There's also the fact that Status Quo Is God usually negates his actions. Or, y'know, the fact that he's legally retarded and as such really doesn't know any better.
  • I think I know why Stewie went from an Omnicidal Maniac to a metrosexual. It wasn't because of Character Derailment. He just moved from one phase to another.
    • Added bonus if you realize that the last phases of the Freudian model of child development involve the anal and phallic phases...if you know what I mean...
      • And look back to the episode with his first birthday. Peter got him an erotic cake with a naked man on it. It explains so much!
    • Also: when Stewie started out the series he was stuck with the only family in the world whose members didn't understand him, so he always got treated like an infant. Since then he's joined a preschool, bonded with his father, became pals with Brian, and got his time machine. He used to be so bored it made him angry, but now he's not.
  • Jillian is the only girlfriend Brian's had for more than one episode. I just noticed her necklace looks like Brian's collar, red with a little yellow tag in the middle, so Brian must've bought it for her.
  • Joe Swanson broke his legs on Christmas Eve. Several years later, his son was supposedly killed in Iraq - on Thanksgiving.
    • But later, we find out that Joe breaking his legs while fighting the Grinch was a lie (and that he actually got shot while going undercover to bust a drug runner). And where's the Fridge Brilliance in this? So both guys got injured during the holidays? Big deal.
  • While it was horrific (to the point that I looked away for most of it) Brian's shroom trip showed a lot about how he views the family, for example:
    • Peter is a butterball turkey (fat idiotic guy with an eating habit)
    • Meg is a cockroach (small, pesky, insignificant creature, often neglected, stepped on, and constantly running from its tormentors)
    • Lois is a serpentine, succubus-type creature (Brian is sexually attracted to her, and she is considered very sexy, yet very evil)
    • Stewie is a giant demon (this should be obvious)
  • Another one involving Quagmire and why he has such a Leisure Suit Larry circa 1960s-70s aura about him. It's revealed that he's actually in his mid 60's in an episode where Peter obtains his birthdate.
    • I think that might be retconned on the account of one episode showing him high school during the 1980s (I think that episode was Fistful of Meg and the year stated was 1986), thus that would make him close to the same age as the other three or four, unless Quagmire ages slower in comparison
  • In one episode it was revealed that Brian had a son. The problem here is that Brian's son is 13 years old and human while Brian is a dog (albeit one who doesn't act like one) and seven (which is 49 in dog years), Stewie notices it and after Brian gave him a Bullshit anwser (dog years), Stewie refuses to accept Brian's (il)logic. Time-travel can be the answer.
    • That actually makes a whole lotta sense in that several times him and Stewie had gone into the past.
  • Lois' poisonous demeanor to Meg may not be random or out of the blue as one may think. Looking back, Lois' family wasn't exactly sunshine and roses either. It was revealed that Babs (Lois' mother) had an affair with Jackie Gleason (which traumatized Lois' brother and got him sent to a mental institution) years ago and by season 9, Carter (Lois' father) had an affair with an Asian woman, to which Babs found out. Not only this, but Carter is a stereotype of the typical 1950s male of being racially, sexually, and culturally insensitive and had suppressed Babs' Jewish identity. As Lois was growing up, she wanted to be a fashion model, which Carter forbid her to do and it most likely caused Lois to always rebel against her father's wishes. In the various flashbacks of Lois' teenage/young adult years before she met Peter, Lois led a very wild party life filled with sex, booze, and drugs. Lois in her younger years had also stated she had maxed out her credit cards several times, which caused her father to force her to work for her tuition instead of bailing her out. Then there was Lois' one night stands with the rock band, KISS, Jerome, and whoever else. Lois' past never quite left her as she is seen doing crazy stunts such as going on a shoplifting spree or trying out modeling again (which causes her to become dangerously thin) because her current life with the family is making her very bored. While Lois tries to prevent Meg from making the same mistakes, she goes about it the wrong way due to how she seems to be able to do anything she wants and expects to be forgiven for her actions.
    • A lot of cutaways show that Peter didn't have the happiest childhood either. His mom's way of fixing a toothache was chucking a wine bottle at him and she was a pretty mean drunk too. His extremely devout Catholic father (who was later revealed to not be his father at all) was extremely harsh to him and all he ever did was try to seek his approval. No wonder Peter's so messed up!
  • In a lot of episodes it's shown that Brian is racist against black people but treats Cleveland like a friend. After last night's episode of The Cleveland Show it dawned on me since Cleveland is declared the whitest black man in the world, Brian views him as a white man. No wonder he never barked at him or made racial comments in his presence!
    • Cleveland is actually a black character voiced by a white actor (Mike Henry).
    • It however doesn't explain how Brian had no problem dating a black woman in one episode.
      • There's nothing to explain. First, Brian's philosophically anti-racist but instinctively/subconsciously racist. Secondly, plenty of racists date people of the race they're racist against.
      • It's also worth pointing out that Brian is consistently depicted as being subconsciously prejudiced against black men specifically, with Cleveland being the exception. Well, Cleveland and O.J. Simpson (though he hated O.J. because he was one of many people in Quahog who believed that O.J. murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and that he should have been found guilty for it).
      • Could it be possible that since Brian claimed he got his racism from his father Coco... could it be really possible if Coco was one of those dogs who attacked black people during those Civil Rights marches? If so then that could explain everything!
      • A police dog who attacked Civil Rights protesters would be Brian's grandfather or great-grandfather.
  • In one episode, Quagmire points out he's a fan of Wings. One could think its just another FG pop culture joke making fun of a forgotten sitcom, but it makes perfect sense as Quagmire is a pilot, so its natural that he would enjoy a show about an airline.
  • In "Stewie Griffin The Untold Story" there's a cutaway of Gandhi doing stand up and he makes some jokes about black people. In real life, Gandhi was a little racist against black people.
  • In "Space Cadet", when Peter watches Breaking Bad, the TV hypnotizes him into telling people how great it is. And we aren't affected because Peter's TV screen is facing away from ours!
  • In "E Peterbus Unum" when Peter is at the IRS, he screams because of Party of Five being canceled. He eventually screams because of his tax audit and asks "What the hell's Party of Five? In a later unrelated episode, "Stuck Together, Torn Apart" he meets Jennifer Love Hewitt, and when she names off projects she's been in she mentions Party of Five and Peter mentions he never heard of it. Seems like one of the few times the show had continuity.
    • In a similar instance, in "There's Something About Paulie", when Peter doesn't understand the importance of it being the don's daughter's wedding day, Lois asks "haven't you seen The Godfather?" Then, in "The Griffin Family History", Peter says he hadn't watched the whole thing because he wasn't enjoying it.
  • Why would Peter make a church dedicated to The Fonz ? This may seem like Peter being obsessed with pop culture and old TV shows, but remember a few seasons earlier he had a vision quest and the Fonz was his spiritual guide. He sees the Fonz as some sort of deity, thus making it less random.
  • In "Love Blacktually" Lois congratulates Cleveland for going from a black woman to a white woman without taking a Hispanic woman in between. It'd been a few years since he and Loretta divorced, but I remembered his girlfriend Bernice from the episode "Believe it or Not Joe's Walking on Air" who was Brother Chucked.
  • There's an episode of The Cleveland Show where Lester gets a pass at N-Word Privileges because he has a black friend. This could be why Peter gets away with it in "April in Quahog" when he says it in their neighborhood, in addition to it being the end of the world.
  • In "Turban Cowboy" Peter mentions every culture has its quirks, and he mentions Italians, Irish, and black guys. Meg, Stewie, and Chris have Irish ancestry, and according to the episodes "The Big Bang Theory" and "Peter Griffin: Husband, Father, Brother?" there's Italian ancestry on Lois' side of the family, and Peter had an ancestor who was a slave. Peter was simply describing his kids.
  • In "If I'm Dyin' I'm Lyin'", there's a scene where a TV executive says they're just doing "the same old thing" and suggests they try something different...and the chairman brutally beats him with a board. In other words, it's their way of saying: THEY DIDN'T RIP OFF "THE SIMPSONS". TELEVISION WAS ALWAYS THIS UNORIGINAL, YOU'VE JUST NEVER NOTICED IT UNTIL NOW.
  • Cleveland's girlfriend from "Believe it or Not Joe's Walking on Air" has an Early-Bird Cameo in "You May Now Kiss...the Guy Who Receives." She can be seen at Jasper's wedding.
  • "The Griffin Family History". Figures the one time Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male is averted is when it's at Meg's expense.
  • In an early episode there's a cutaway gag where Peter's cousin Kathy Griffin visits and she's annoying to the point where they want her sedated. In a later episode Peter shows a list of celebrities he hates, and she's on it. Despite being family, he can't stand her.
  • Herbert the Pervert is an elderly pedophile. I just noticed his chin look like balls, and his nose a penis.
  • There's a cutaway gag where Peter gets kicked out of Coldplay. It could be why he hates Chris Martin so much in the list of celebrities from "420"
  • The reason Frances was probably so cold to Peter was because he's not Peter's real father, and that hurt. The same can be said about Peter's treatment of Meg (in "Screwed the Pooch", Brian said her real father was a man named Stan Thompson). In both cases, the fathers are constantly reminded that their wives cheated on them, and they subconsciously take it out on their children. ( Peter is just so Too Dumb to Live, he takes it Up to Eleven)
  • Another reason Meg is abused could be that it's Disproportionate Retribution for how she was such a "whiny runt" (as Brian put it) in earlier seasons.
  • A Stealth Pun appears at the beginning of "Mr. Saturday Knight" when Mort Goldman tells the kids about being a pharmacist at career day. He starts off with the phrase "On the whole" and ends his presentation with telling a student how his dad had hemorrhoids.
  • In "Jerome is the New Black" it's revealed that Peter's black friend is an ex boyfriend of Lois. We also see that Lois's dad is racist again black people, so it appears Lois went out with him to get back at her dad.
  • The episode "Padre de Familia" had a joke about a movie called Superman V: the Broken Condom. The events of that made-up film involved Lois Lane being pregnant and Superman leaving for Krypton, despite it being destroyed, and saying they should see other people. Pretty much everything that happened between Superman II and Superman Returns.
  • The reason why The Cleveland Show and American Dad! did not air new episodes the same day as Yug Ylimaf. It's already been established that they're all in the same universe, so time would be going backwards for all of them. This also leads to Cleveland moving back at some point before we see his bathtub falls up.
    • Additionally, American Dad! aired a new episode on the same day as Back to the Pilot, but The Cleveland Show didn't. It probably already got cancelled after it started in this alternate timeline where 9/11 was prevented.
  • The reason why Stewie said that "black guys usually don't promote themselves" in The Big Bang Theory. Cleveland couldn't promote himself in the space-time continuum, so he had to go outside the space-time continuum (most likely inherent powers from the large, brightly-colored promo) so that no one could see him promote himself. Too bad he went back during the commercial without Brian and Stewie.
  • In Ready, Willing, and Disabled, I thought Joe might have been overreacting to failing to catch the criminal. But, in Joe's Revenge, we find out the last time a crook got away was because the crook was the one to cripple him in the first place. Harsher in Hindsight indeed.
  • In "Former Life of Brian," Brian's son calls Peter a bastard, and Peter tells him he's technically the bastard. Dylan was right as well since Peter's real dad lives in Ireland and Francis was his step dad.
  • It's revealed in "FOX-y Lady" Quagmire is in his mid 60s. It makes more since he'd pretend to be Peter's dad in "Tales of a Third Grade Nothing" when he tries to get Peter out of school and the teacher doesn't question his age. (Instead she notices one of the kids in the class looks like him.)
  • Shamus the Sea Captain when he was at the spa told Peter and company that his father was tree when they saw his head was literally on a log. Later we find out his real "father" so to speak is James Wood, not a bad joke.
    • But didn't he also say he was kidding and he and James just did acid together and James thought he was a steak and tried to eat him?
  • After a couple viewings, I just noticed Stewie's mixtape at the end of "Whistle While Your Wife Works" is the one the babysitter gave him a season earlier at the end of "Eight Simple Rules For Buying My Teenage Daughter."
  • Of course Stewie isn't trying to kill Lois anymore. That time bomb he mentioned in "Lethal Weapons" is going to go off in a little under 7 years anyway.
    • How come she's alive and well in the future in "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story?"
      • Best guess, the bomb malfunctioned.
  • In "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story" there are some continuity errors such as Dianne Simmons being alive in the future, as well as Francis Griffin and Cleveland lives in Quahog in thirty years. This was written years before those episodes and The Cleveland Show aired. It can be assumed that Stewie altering the past changed the future so those could happen.
    • The Cleveland Show got cancelled and it's confirmed that the Browns are moving back to Quahog so one of those things in the future did happen after all.
  • In "Finder's Keepers", Peter's excuse for not going to Meg's play is "I like to spend the weekend with my kids". He said "MY kids". Remember what we found out about Meg in "Screwed the Pooch"?
  • Also counts as Heartwarming In Hindsight: "New Kidney in Town" involved Chris plagiarizing a speech about hope from Meg so he could meet President Barack Obama. Chris says, rather plainly during his interview on the news, that he got the essay from an angel. He was speaking more in a religious sense, but think for a second about from where, or rather who, it actually came.
  • The episode "Don't Make Me Over" has the family going on Saturday Night Live and features a few Mad TV references such as featuring Miss Swan. Another subtle Mad TV reference is in a The Wizard of Oz cutaway gag where the Tinman finds out he's gay because there was a sketch on Mad TV where it was All Just a Dream, and the Tinman wakes up next to his boyfriend.
  • While Brian's liberal views may be an Author Avatar, they make more sense since New England is politically liberal.
  • The end of the episode "Road To the Multiverse" had Brian's alternate universe self die by getting hit by a car. Foreshadowing much?
  • Stewie trying to get Matthew Mc Conaughey's plane to crash in the gay marriage episode makes more sense after you've seen "Former Life of Brian" where there's a cutaway where he tells him he sucks.
  • The opening crawls for the Star Wars episodes make a lot more sense when you remember Peter is telling the story. So that's all him talking.
  • In "Valentines Day in Quahog" all of Brian's ex girlfriends point out his flaws, which he point right back at them, including telling a Mogwai it couldn't get wet. This is a joke about lubrication.
  • In one cutaway, Brian convinces Stewie to watch 2 Girls 1 Cup. For those who know what happens there, it pays to remember that Stewie would later force Brian to eat his own poo.
  • In "We Love You Conrad" when Stewie calls Brian the odd man out for not getting an invitation to Jillian's wedding, he calls him a nonpraying mantis. Since Brian's the atheist of the family, that adds another layer to the joke and makes sense why Stewie would make the comparison.
  • In "Friends of Peter G" we see Bruce at the AA meeting. This could be why he orders a Ginger Ale as opposed to an alcoholic beverage in "Tales of a Third Grade Nothing" when he's sitting at the bar. He wants to go out and have a good time, but not relapse.
  • Stewie's sexuality changing between episodes is him just being a baby and being unable to make up his mind.
  • Chris was right in "German Guy" when he said that Franz Gutentag was his favorite person who was gonna die soon, which was meant as an old person joke. Franz dies fighting Herbert at the end of the episode.
  • In "April In Quahog" [1] Tommy Lee shows up and tells Peter that if Lois gives him a hard time, punch her in her Hepatitis. It's a joke about how he was with Pamela Anderson who had it, but keep in mind Lois was promiscuous before she married Peter.
  • The reason for Brian sucking up to Jerome in "Baby Got Black" was that some people find him racist against black people due to his father side of the family and trying to prove he isn't racist.
  • A possible reason why the Griffins are the exception to the "dead characters die for real" exception to Negative Continuity-Peter once filled in for the Grim Reaper. This might be Death's way of repaying the favour.
  • In earlier episodes Brian isn't shown to be an atheist. One reason that could contribute to his change of heart is in "Wasted Talent." The Chumba-Wumbas throw Joe out of the factory due to it not being wheelchair-accessible, and even mention that God may've forgotten him. Brian's liberal, and could see a lack of a higher being for why the handicapped and less fortunate get treated like crap.
  • Peter's Healing Factor in "Meg Stinks" actually explains a LOT of his Amusing Injuries.
  • In "I Take Thee Quagmire". Why was the ridiculously contrived video their Plan A for faking Quagmire's death and a simple fake heart attack Plan B? Because, as Peter himself said, Plan A didn't leave a body.
  • More brilliance on Brian's racism: In "Jerome is the New Black" Quagmire doesn't want Brian to be their fourth friend because he doesn't like him. Since Brian is subconsciously racist, letting a black guy be the fourth friend is a subtle way of getting back at him.
  • All the show's Black Comedy suddenly makes perfect sense when you remember that, as the Shout Outs and Cutaway Gags show, the series is basically one big love letter to 80's television. The show's dark and gruesome style of humor is to show you how bad modern TV is and how great 80's TV is by comparison.
  • In "Chick Cancer" Stewie thinks sex is some kind of cake. When he's eating pancakes in "Love Thy Trophy" he says it's better than sex. He probably thought that sex was a cake (such as the erotic cake in "Chitty Chitty Death Bang) and was saying pancakes were much better than regular cakes.
  • It's thought that Leonardo da Vinci was gay. In "The Big Bang Theory" we find out he's one of Stewie's ancestors and he looks just like him. This could be a partial explanation for Stewie's Ambiguously Gay orientation.
  • "Brian & Stewie" is widely despised for its lack of humour or taste. While locked in the bank vault, it's revealed that Brian has a gun in case he wants to kill himself, Stewie's vomit and poo are both eaten by Brian, they have a serious argument in which Brian hits Stewie, and the bloody attempt to pierce Stewie's ear causes panic. None of these things are treated humourously, but the brilliance is that in a normal episode they would be. "Brian & Stewie" takes all the violence, black comedy, shock value and grossness of a normal FG episode and shows the audience how unfunny it really is.

Fridge Horror
  • Peter and Lois attacking Quagmire in "Meg and Quagmire" would seem like a Yank the Dog's Chain moment to some, but consider this... when Peter and Joe were pranking Quagmire, it turned out he had every known disease to man. Yeah that's right, Glenn has EVERY DISEASE KNOWN TO MAN, did he care the slightest that he would end up infecting Meg? How would the already emotionally frail and love deprave Meg react when she realizes that her closest friend was willing to infect her just to appease his own sexual desire?
  • In the episode "Petergeist", Stewie meets "Jesus", who is "Chinese, and named Hong". Evidently, Word of God has confirmed that, indeed, it is a reference to this guy: Hong Xiuquan. So, where is the horror in this? Ultimately, "Chinese Jesus" was responsible for more deaths than any other war in history other than the World Wars. So...what part of the afterlife did Stewie end up in, exactly?
    • Fridge Brilliance when considering Seth's negative views towards religion, suggesting that it is a major cause of world violence.
  • On the season 3 episode, "Screwed the Pooch," there is a cutaway showing what Brian's life will be like when he gets neutered — he'll be fat, effeminate, and eating chocolate all the time. Chocolate is known to be very lethal to dogs, so if this show followed reality, Brian would be killing himself (and Brian did die when he accidentally ate a piece of chocolate from the trash, as seen in the movie Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story when Brian was shown in Heaven with Ernest Hemingway, Kurt Cobain, and Vincent van Gogh, the three of whom were Driven to Suicide for deeper reasons: Hemingway, because his genius was wreaking havoc on his sanity, Van Gogh, because he felt like an outcast in his own society, and Cobain, because he didn't want to see his music be usurped by bland, money-making corporations). All of this becomes worse when you see such later episodes as "Not All Dogs Go To Heaven" (which reveals that Brian is an atheist, meaning that, if Brian does die, there's no chance of him meeting Hemingway, Van Gogh, and Cobain, since he doesn't believe in God and, as any Bible will tell you, Heaven is only for those who believe) and "Brian and Stewie" (which played the fact that Brian is suicidal for drama, when Stewie finds a gun in the locked vault and Brian tells him that he keeps it there for the day when Brian will actually go through with his suicide plan).
    • While still on the topic of Brian committing suicide, this troper suddenly realized something. The ending of "Dog Gone" is much Harsher in Hindsight upon realizing that if Stewie hadn't shown Brian that his life had meaning, Brian might have killed himself. And after seeing "Brian and Stewie", it's clear that Brian was still considering killing himself after seeing how much it would effect his family. There are times when Aesop Amnesia is somewhat understandable, but this is not one of them.
    • There's no reason to necessarily think that heaven in Family Guy and heaven in the Bible are the same thing, so Brian being kept out of heaven through his atheism isn't a certainty.
      • "Family Guy God" is divorced from Jesus's mother and sleeping with a woman named Susan. He's probably a little more lax on sinning than Old Testament God.
  • In a recent episode, Quagmire stated that he has every single venereal disease known to man, and in another one, he thinks it's a joke to use condoms during sex. Suddenly, the jokes about Quagmire scoring with chicks don't seem so funny...
    • If it helps, Quagmire has likely become a walking vaccine against ST Ds. Hence why he isn't writhing in agony, and the women he scores haven't shown similar signs.
      • Then again, that is what we see, which doesn't necessarily mean that they aren't suffering offscreen.
  • In "Tales of a Third-Grade Nothing", Quagmire meets several of his children in different classes, one being in a special-ed class. Now, in "Quagmire's Baby", he quipped that he'd have no problem with sleeping with his daughter (whom he gave up for adoption) when she turned 18. Put two and two together...
    • It also doesn't help that in an early episode, he almost tells the Griffins that he couldn't care for the kids in accordance to Megan's Law, but forgets about it and offers to care for the kids anyway.
  • The episode where Brian goes back to the mill he was born at. Let's just say that if you know anything about taxidermy, you'd know that Brian's already a little too late towards giving his mother a burial (except symbolically). In fact, this applies to any comedic use of the practice, such as the cutaway in SpongeBob SquarePants of Mr. Krabs mounting Spongebob and Patrick's butts and the one-shot joke on the Christmas episode of American Dad! (where Stan, Roger, and Francine are left behind when the Biblical end of days happens) of Klaus being up on a plaque.
  • In "Fox-y Lady", the Fox exec states that his grandparents died in the Holocaust, before laughing it off and stating they actually didn't die, but they were there. Given how evil Fox is implied to be in this episode, you have to seriously question what side they were on?!
    • In "Episode 420" Peter and Carter make an anti-cannabis video by making Adolf Hitler a pot smoker, but Fox News told them to not air it because they own Hitler's likeness and don't want him slandered. Make of that what you will.
  • Quagmire has hinted that he plans to sleep with Meg as soon as she's legal. We already know that Quagmire will basically say anything to get women in bed with him, and given how young and desperate for affection Meg is, she would probably believe him.
    • That's been dealt with.
  • According to Meg in "Seahorse Seashell Party", Meg mentions that "If people in the outside ever saw how Peter treats me, he would've been put in jail along time ago." Does that means that Joe (a police officer) is OKAY with how Peter treats his daughter? This is messed up, even for Family Guy!
    • I think Joe just doesn't know. I don't recall them abusing her in front of him.
      • He is aware that they don't like her (The "Not Meg, not Meg!" from one episode) but he has never seen them abuse her, so frankly he may not
  • Stewie has Survivor Guilt over destroying the time machine. It's not just that he'd be able to save Brian if he still had it; if he hadn't destroyed the time machine, he and Brian never would have found that hockey net, so they wouldn't have been in the street that day. Destroying the time machine directly led to Brian's death, and he knows it and blames himself for it.
    • Another dose of Fridge Horror from that episode: Since Brian was a Nay-Theist in the show despite it being established that, not only do God and Jesus exist in the show, but also the concepts of Heaven and Hell, does this mean he went to Hell when he died for his Atheism, or enter into complete oblivion?
    • At the end of the episode Death is a Bitch, Death tells the Griffins that he'll be seeing them very soon. Death's last words in the episode become more disturbing when it turns out that Brian dies.
  • Brian's life is saved by Stewie in "Christmas Guy", which means that the Griffins won't adopt Vinny. Given the circumstances of how he got there, and what usually happens to dogs when they're not adopted from the pound, the question remains: What's going to happen to Vinny now?
    • Vinny could still be alive somehow...
      • Also, it wasn't an animal shelter they adopted him from, it was actually a pet store, if memory serves.
  • In "3 Acts of God" when they discuss finding God, Joe thinks it means suicide and even texts Bonnie who blows up their house. Were Kevin and Susie killed? We never hear about it again for the rest of the episode.
    • Bonnie didn't stay in the house, so presumably she didn't listen and had the kids out of the house.
  • This one is going to hit you hard in the episode "He's Bla-ack!": How did Peter come into possession of hundreds of pictures of baby wieners, and how did he hide this from Lois? Worse yet, are any of the pictures of his own children?

Fridge Logic:
  • In the episode "Quagmire's Dad" after Dan's sex change operation, Dr. Hartman says, "Whew. That thing was ON THERE." But later in the episode, Ida says that all the doctor did was turn the penis inside out to simulate a vagina. So...what was "ON THERE"?
    • I think the joke is that since he's a Quagmire, his penis probably put up a fight. It's been shown Glenn's seems to have a mind of its own, so that could've been the case as well here.
      • What I mean is, the procedure apparently didn't involve the REMOVAL of the penis; instead, the INVERSION of the penis. So it doesn't make sense that his penis being "on there" would be a problem.
  • Rule of Funny aside, in the episode where Brian dates a blind girl and Peter falls down the stairs, why the hell would Peter make a nest UPSTAIRS? He could've made one downstairs and never have to worry about falling down them again.
  • Another Rule of Funny aside, if Quagmire was born in 1948 why does his dad look like she's in her late 50s/ early 60s? It was also mentioned his father fought in Vietnam.
    • It could be that Quagmire's father also knows the secret to looking young for a very long time carrots, so she could also be a lot older than she looks. As for fighting in Vietnam, most likely she felt a call to the war effort and signed up. Back then, the military wasn't so stringent with their age-checking of soldiers (the youngest soldiers killed in Vietnam got as young as 14), and besides, are you going to turn away a young-looking, healthy, willing soldier?
  • If Peter's father is a religious fundamentalist, why is he seen at Brian's gay cousin's wedding?
    • Not all Christians hates gays.
      • In this show?
      • Yeah, but Peter's father is shown to think pretty much everything is a sin, he doesn't seem like a very open-minded person.
    • Forget gays, doesn't Christianity frown on interspecies relationships?
    • Not all Christians hate interspecies romances.
  • It's been proven that in this series humans can breed with animals... how exactly does this work and I know the results are Dylan (Brian's Human son) and Quagmire having a Giraffe that looks like him and Seabreeze's litter being fathered by Ted Turner and Quagmire in the video game. I hope they don't do a mythbusters episode involving humans breeding with animals and seeing what the results are.
    • Somehow, I doubt they would make a 6-month episode, and besides, that's kind of illegal. Also, where is the fridge logic here?
      • Actually, the fridge logic here is that I just want to know how does this even work and how is it legal in Family Guy's world?
      • Well, if the animal is sentient, maybe it qualifies as a "human" for purposes of Family Guy logic. No explanation re: Seabreeze/Ted Turner and Quagmire's giraffe, though.
  • If Quagmire was in the navy how come he's not in uniform at the Naval Ball in "Quagmire's Dad?"
    • I believe he had been dishonorably discharged at some point.
  • In "I Dream of Jesus" Peter's "Surfin' Bird" record is destroyed, and Brian and Stewie go around town buying all the records to prevent Peter from buying a new one. Why couldn't Peter just download it to an MP3 player or listened to it on YouTube?
    • Cause downloading it would be a pain to pay for it (unless it's from iTunes) and YouTube would clamp down hard on anyone who would put it on that website.
  • On The Cleveland Show, Justin Bieber is shown to be a robot controlled by remote. The Family Guy episode "Lois Comes Out Of Her Shell" aired almost a year later and shows him to be a human. Is this Rule of Funny or is the Family Guy continuity separate from its Spin-Off?
    • Justin Bieber impersonator.
  • Why has Joe not arrested Quagmire yet? He's shown to be a very by-the-book cop with few exceptions (The family shown in "Thanksgiving"), who by no means should tolerate Quagmire's rampant sexual actions, which according to the show would qualify knowingly spreading every STD that exists and numerous counts of rape (also, a psychic who was not played as a fraud called Quagmire out for being Jack the Ripper in a past life, but that's not technically a crime) in addition to having God knows how many illegitimate children. If not for the fact that Family Guy is an out and out Sadist Show, Quagmire would be buried in child support debt and likely in prison for life, if not on death row.
    • In April In Quahog, Quagmire tricked Joe into allowing him to have sex with Bonnie. Joe's only response was to say: "Who else but Quagmire?"

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